Cheering My dear Dyane all the way with love

As I write this, my friends, I’m still working on my book until tonight – this is called, um, neurotic. But why not, right?

I rarely reblog, but I felt compelled to share this beautifully written post by Marie Abanga. Here’s what I wrote on her blog:

“I can’t thank you enough for this beautiful, beautiful post, Marie.
You’re gonna make me cry, girl!
(Okay, you just did!)

I’m going to reblog it! And you’ll see I re-tweeted it, although Twitter got rid of all my contacts and my old handle! Mean Twitter!

This is a truly amazing post and it has touched my heart like no other. Thanks again from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.
Lucy loves you too!

p.s. I’m thinking of Ulla today. Wish she was here to read this. Xo”

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DearDyaneLeshin-Harwood, sadly I don’tknow how to properly link from a phone, but I tried my best…

It all started 9 years ago with your courageous decision to not bottle it up and pretend it never happen, your painful and challenging crawls and strides to get a book deal and submit a draft…

Today, as you finally get to submit that draft, which is a big big step to the fulfilment of your dream and desire to see your exceptional story and advocacy message out there in the literary and psycho-scientic world, know that am rooting for you. I am so proud of you because as an author I know some of the frustrating and yet rewarding pumps of it all…

I am sure dearest, that several member of our e-family as well as your actual family, are equally so supportive and super proud of you…

As I board…

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21 thoughts on “Cheering My dear Dyane all the way with love

    • Just now, before I read your comment, I sat here and I was crying about Ulla.
      Big, fat tears complete with a snotty river emanating from my nose. (nice, eh?) As I’ve mentioned before in other posts, it’s extremely rare for me to cry because of the fucking lithium. It’s really a compliment to how awesome Ulla was and is….
      My two girls were so freaked to see me cry like that, they came over and hugged me.
      They get it, you know?
      As do you, of course.
      I wish Ulla could be here to give me a hard time, and throw a bunch of curse words at me and make me laugh.

      Sending you a (snot-free) hug, Pen Name! 😉 XO

    • I’m finally reading these comments. Thanks so much for writing.
      As I shared with Kitt, your comments make me laugh (in a good way!) and I really need that zap of giggles more than ever.
      Thanks for the wonderful congrats – Ulla would totally approve of your “colorful” 😜way with words!

  1. Second attempt
    Congratulations daughter on this next step for publication of your forthcoming book. It is an exciting time for you after so many years of writing and researching and living your dream . Analogous to giving birth to a baby. You carry it for 9 months and then hope and pray that a healthy little child will be born.
    I wish you much success in your efforts. Love and happiness to you.

    • Thanks so much, Mom! 💜💚💙
      Yes, there are major similarities between pregnancy/ labor and writing a book/getting it published. I’m tired, but excited!

  2. Beautiful loving cheer letter from Marie. You are blessed to have her as your friend. Congratulations on getting your manuscript to your publisher!!! Nombre de la pluma’s cursing is hilarious. Have to tweet that, too!

    • Thank you, Kitt! 💖Nombre de la pluma has a colorful way with words, eh? He makes me laugh…😝
      It has been a week since the big submission day & I’m still wiped out. I’m resting today, & I’m so glad I don’t have to go anywhere!

  3. Dyane, this is such a beautiful (and deserved) tribute to you. I am so happy for you about your manuscript and can’t wait to read the book. I wanted to tell you that next weekend I am attending my 40th high school reunion and have been asked to speak about three friends who are not able to join us – one is Terry Fox (Marathon of Hope Cancer runner), the son of family friends who shot himself leaving a wife and two little ones (he shared his pain with me often in high school as we both had successful fathers who expected more of us than we could give) and, my dear friend Dyane). I just wanted to share that with you as you grieve for Ulla. These three people will forever be in my heart as Ulla will be in yours. ❤

    • Dear Lydia, I apologize for taking so long to reply. Thank you for your heartfelt, moving comment! This is the big weekend in which you go to the 40th high school reunion (wow!) where you will be speaking about the three friends who can’t be with you. You’re amazing to do that, and it will be incredibly meaningful to many. I’ll be thinking of you! 💗

  4. Well deserved praise and celebrations are in order as you pass this impressive milestone! Congrats and hugs and cheers! 🎉💐😻

    • Thank you so much, Martha! I wish I could be at the library today to hear you speak, but I’ll be there in spirit. I hope it’s a great experience. 🙂 hugs right back at you! 💜

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