Twenty Years Ago




Dyane, 2013

Twenty years ago…

1) I was twenty-four years old.

2) I worked at a special event production company, where we produced huge annual events including the San Jose Jazz Festival and the San Jose America Festival.

3) I had two angels with fur, a.k.a. dogs: Tara, a Sheltie/Wolf mix, and Shera, a fluffy white American Eskimo spaz who I adopted to keep Tara company.

4) I lived in a studio in Santa Cruz, California that I suspected was haunted.

5) I was depressed, though not clinically yet.

6) I was considered to be “sane” by everyone, even by myself.

7) I didn’t know the actual definition of “manic depressive” (bipolar) despite the fact my Dad had that mood disorder.

8) I didn’t exercise regularly or eat very well – I worked from 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. in a stressful job, and I was too exhausted after work to do much of anything.

9) I didn’t have use of the internet.

10) I had no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

11) I had given up on the idea of romantic love and marriage ever happening in my life.

12) I didn’t think I’d have children except for my fur children.

13) I didn’t take a single pill for anything.

14) I had no problem hopping in my car at a moment’s notice to drive seven hours to Los Angeles.

15) I went to the movies every week.

16) I was untouched by the death of a parent.

17) I was untouched by the death of a grandparent.

18) I traveled solo to New Zealand and Australia.

19) I felt that I was meant to something special with my life.

20) I had never seriously contemplated suicide.