“Just Don’t It!”



As I’m sure you noticed, I’m using a grammatically incorrect title, but I couldn’t resist using it.  May my seventh grade “Grammarcram” English teacher forgive me!


Many of you will be too young to recall the trendy Nike ad campaign of the 80’s with the tagline “JUST DO IT!”  I think it was a brilliant campaign, as that catchphrase has stayed with me ever since those days.  I wish I was the one who cooked up that idea.  Then again, I’ve seen the hit television shows Mad Men and The Crazy Ones.  On second thought, I wouldn’t want to work in the advertising industry!

I’ve had a rough few days, as an unexpected family crisis popped up that has tested me in many ways.  I wanted to blog about the gory details but unfortunately I held back, as the person involved asked me to refrain.  Since I love this person and I don’t want yet another estrangement in my life, I’m honoring the request.

The good news is that I got enough sleep each night thanks to Seroquel.  That medication has been key in keeping me on the straight and narrow path of relative mental stability.  Even so, I’ve been amping up some of my bad habits which I need to reduce.  I wonder if any of you do them too? 

Here are my “Just Don’t Its”:

1) Yelling at my family, especially at my kids.  (I often have bona fide reasons to yell, but I’ve been overdoing it.)

2) Eating a pint or more of gourmet (a.k.a. ultra-high fat) ice cream or gelato a day. Yes.  As a former American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer, I don’t recommend consuming this much ice cream if you want to maintain your health and weight!

3) Spending too much time on Facebook at the expense of my other projects and duties.  It’s fun, but I need to cut down.  Facebook has become my social media version of ice cream.  (I can see you mumbling “Hunh?”)

4) Not asking people who I’ve helped frequently this past year (i.e. providing childcare) to return the favor…and I really need them to return the favor now that I’m with the kids almost 24/7!

This is an incomplete list, but you get the idea.  It’s better to have a short list to focus on anyway, so I don’t get overwhelmed.  


As far as “JUST DO IT!” is concerned, Nike was right all along in their message to cool it with the excuses and break a sweat.  I’m happy to say that I’ve been very consistent with exercise over the past year.  I know we’ve all heard a zillion times how exercise is essential if one has a mood disorder.  It’s true, though – it makes a big difference in my mood.  I’ll keep exercising, and hopefully that will help me “just don’t” as much of my list as I can.  

I wish you strength in getting rid of some unhealthy habits of your own.  I hope to read a juicy comment or two below.  Go for it!

As always, thanks for reading…


p.s. here are some pics of me with our furry puppy/therapist Lucy!  She’s almost four months old – I can’t believe how fast this hound is growing!!! fun  

And here’s  “old soul” Marilla with Lucy – I love their expressions.  Lucy loves so many things such as feasting on chicken droppings – eeeew – chewing on socks and underwear, and as you’ll note in this shot, nibbling a stick.  We did pull this one out of her mouth after the photo was taken!


p.p.s. On Monday I blogged about random acts of kindness, & I claimed that I would commit a random act of kindness soon.  I wasn’t sure what it would be. While I browsed among the many creative ideas on the Random Acts of Kindness website, I like the coffee shop idea because it’s simple, & my favorite shop Coffee 9 is a second home to me.  

Coffee 9 also has “colorful” customers who live in our small mountain town. It’s not quite Northern Exposure-land, but the population is eccentric. It would be particularly fun to observe the reaction to this type of kind act.  

The following blurb is from the Random Acts of Kindness Website about the coffee exercise:

BUY COFFEE FOR A STRANGER http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/kindness-ideas

“Someone gave me a $10 tip the other day so I took a friend for a coffee. The guy behind the counter was a trainee and having a hard time so it was really slowing things down. The girl behind me was getting a little agitated. When it was my turn I asked her what she was going to order and I paid for it. It turned her around and pointed her day in a more positive direction. She left with a smile on her face.”                         imgres