WordPress Followers Range from Active to Silent



Hi everyone – I hope this finds you well!

I encourage you to read this reblog “WordPress Followers Range from Active to Silent” when you have a spare few minutes.  I’ve written before to declare that I’m choosy about reblogging posts and I don’t do it very often.

I must admit that it’s very nice to be mentioned in my Aussie friend Glenn’s blog “Glenn2Point0” today.  Glenn also acknowledges my kindred spirit/blogger Kitt O’Malley in this post as well.

While that’s all fine & dandy, I’m reblogging it because I love his message. Glenn discusses topics close to my heart which I’ve written about before, such as the relationship of blogger to follower and the level of involvement one takes in being active (or passive) in the blogosphere. Everything Glenn touches on is something I find relevant to my own life and blog habits.

As far as his blog goes, I really enjoy reading his straightforward “slice-of-life” posts. Glenn’s blog includes a wide range of deeply personal issues such as bipolar disorder, loneliness, and much, much more. I never know what to expect from Glenn, which is fun. It’s truly an honor to be virtual friends with this thoughtful, inquisitive blogger.

While I’m thinking of it, why is it that most of my favorite people live in Australia and New Zealand? I’ve felt that I was born on the “wrong” side of the world for a a long time. At least I have the internet to keep me connected with my Aussie and Kiwi friends, right? And on that note, have a good day and take a peek a Glenn’s blog when you can.

Please be sure to comment that “Dy” sent you his way! :))