Super Secret Surprise!! Breaking News!!!

Hello my friends!

I’m so proud of my remarkable, resilient friend Jess, of Jess Melancholia, and I want to share her good news with you! Please read her post for details. (Jess, you better remember me when you hit the big time!) 😉

I’ll be back here at the end of the week – I’m cooking up a post for you, and so far all of my ideas have been too tame for my new vision! Stay tuned…


p.s. I promise you, there will be no nude memes in my next post, or any other for that matter! That comment was directed at Bipolar On Fire, a fabulous blogger. Take a peek at her “An Open Letter to Meme Posts” if you dare!


The Bipolar Compass

Ready. Set. Sail!

So far so good. I have to say that this is the longest I’ve been Stable in God knows how long. Years. Either it’s Depression or Mania with me. NOT THIS TIME!! I have been Stable for a solid 3 weeks. Thank God! That’s seriously the longest amount of time I haven’t felt undeniably horny or overwhelmingly distraught. I love it. I can think clearly and basically there is no sign of Mania on the horizon. I’m not bored either. Well. Work has been slow so there’s that. Other than that, no drama.

I want to just say how amazing this is. I want to treasure this while it lasts. God I don’t want to go back up again. I know I said that already but I mean it. It’s more trouble than it’s worth.

The only problem I keep facing is the constant reminders of what…

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