The Sweetest Birthday Yet…

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“We want to welcome you to this world, and yes there will be days and nights, when  you’ll wonder is the world right?  We want to welcome you to this world, and yes, there will be days and nights when you’ll know the world is alright!”  Toni Childs, “Welcome to the World”

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Chillin’ like a villan!

Ever since my Dad died in 2009, my birthdays have been bittersweet.  I wish he was here to call me and sing “Happy Birthday” the way he used to do.  A friend wrote on my Facebook wall this morning that he is always with me, and I know he is.   I’ll still have fun on my special day, and I know he’d want me to do just that – he’d also want me to treat myself to gourmet chocolate and that is definitely happening!

Apart from missing my father, I’m thinking a lot about the music I love that lifts my spirits.  Toni Childs is one of my favorite singers.  She’s also a humanitarian and fellow dolphin lover.  Any birthday or birth reminds me of Toni Childs’ powerful song “Welcome to the World”, which I’ve listened to literally hundreds of times.  I didn’t think there was an accompanying video since it wasn’t one of her big hits such as “Don’t Walk Away”, “Zimbabwe”, or her duet with Peter Gabriel “I Met A Man”.  Luckily I was wrong!  Yesterday, on impulse, I checked YouTube and I was so excited to find Toni’s video of “Welcome to the World”.  I watched it and found it to be very beautiful and moving. Here’s the link:

Right now, despite rough days and anxious moments, I’m finding the world “alright” as Toni sings in her song.  I’m especially grateful to hit 44 as a woman who has reached a hard-won recovery with bipolar disorder.

I know that inevitably hard rains are gonna fall down once again.

All I can do to deal better with deaths of loved ones, or serious illness of those I love (or God forbid, myself)  is to take my meds, exercise, eat (much) better, get enough sleep, see my pdoc & counselor, and stay productive.  Meditating would be nice, but I’m still not there yet! 😉

There’s more…there’s always more I can do, but that laundry list is a good foundation.

I already woke up this morning with the best birthday gifts.  I know it sounds corny, and I’m sure you’ve already guessed what these gifts are – my two daughters and my husband. It doesn’t get any better than that.

When it’s your next birthday, I hope your wildest dreams come true!

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