Hitting HUFFPO as an “Agent of Change”!

Mara hair

I’m in shock as I hurriedly write this, but I wanted to publish this post right away because I’m so thrilled!  There will probably be typos and syntax errors, but I’m so over-the-moon I don’t care!

I had no idea that a brilliant writer/editor friend of mine, Greg Archer, was planning to include me in his regular Huffington Post Blog column called “Agents of Change”.  

This afternoon Greg casually asked me via Facebook if I’d be interested in participating as an “Agent of Change” subject, to which I answered “YES!” in no uncertain terms.

Fast forward an hour later.

I found a link in my email in-box from Greg leading to the Huffington Post.  After opening it I scrolled down a bit, spotting a selfie I took after visiting my friend Mara at her awesome, certified-green The Green Room Salon.

Yep – there I was in the Huffington Post alongside four incredible, inspiring women!

I can’t tell you how moved I am to be profiled about my struggle with bipolar in any publication, let alone one like the Huffington Post!  As soon as I realized this article was live, I emailed my husband Craig and my mother with the link.  Craig is usually verrrry mellow, but he called me right away to congratulate me and I could hear pride in his voice.  Two minutes later my Mom called.  While we’ve had some differences when it comes to bipolar & stigma, she too was so proud of me that she wanted to share the article with her friends on Facebook!  

I was astounded.  

At the end of the day I’m grateful…grateful that someone who I respect immensely found my story relevant enough to share with an audience, and I’m thankful that the people I love are happy for me.

Here’s the link to the Huffington Post article: 


Thank you for reading!!

Wishing you all happy surprises when you least expect them…


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