6 thoughts on “Birth of a New Brain: Review

  1. Congratulations, Dyane, on another stellar review! I’m so proud of you for putting yourself out there so consistently. I only wish I will be able to do the same! We miss you in the blogosphere, and hope that you are doing well and can come back soon.

    • Thank you, sweet Cass! It’s soooooooo *hard* to put myself/my book (are they separate, LOL!!!!) out there. Holy $*%*&*&^. I’ve been ignored and snubbed and ghosted by other moms who have bipolar disorder who have HUGE folllowings. I simply asked them to share my tweet about my free book offer & they blew me off. I don’t get it. If I had 17,000 followers and I was a mommy blogger w/bipolar, I sure as hell would want to share a free resource that wasn’t only good for being a doorstopper, you know? 😜 Ahhh, can you tell I’m about to get my period? Anyway, Amber’s review is really tugging at my heartstrings. I actually teared up reading it – it moved me so much.

      I promise you that you will be able to promote “Committed” when the time comes. And I will help you!!!!!! I mean it.

      I’m off to score some vegan chocolate! Thanks for writing, my dear. Your supportive, insightful comments always make me happy, Cass. XOXOXOXOX

  2. Thank you for checking out my blog! I just started and am debating on starting to make this a regular thing. I am a teacher and a school counselor who has been divorced after my “break” 10 years ago.
    What do you think? I know I have a lot of honest insight into the illness as well as mental illness in general. I like reading your blogs. I haven’t bit the bullet and started to pay yet. I do find it therapeutic.

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