“Birth of a New Brain” awarded 5 stars by JenChaos Reviews!


Hello everyone! 

The following link will lead you to a unique review written by Jennifer, a blogger who specializes in book reviews and book news. 


Please go visit her blog, take a peek, and comment telling her she sure knew what she was doing when she reviewed my book. 😊  (Just kidding!) 

Take care and thanks for stopping by my blog.




Ah yes, here’s the latest Lucy picture wearing a scarf styled by yours truly.  

It stayed on her for about 10 seconds.

Lucy Scarf


15 thoughts on ““Birth of a New Brain” awarded 5 stars by JenChaos Reviews!

    • “Awwww, shucks” sounds so silly but it’s really how I felt when I read your kind words. Thanks, Cass—praise coming from such a gifted writer is extra-special to me!

    • Sending you love always, my friend – I miss you too! I’m drinking a HuuuuuuuGGGGGeeee mug of coffee right now & I wish you were here to join me!!! TY for stoppin’ by. Happy New Year!💖💖💖

    • I loved your comment!!!!! I gave Lucy a bath yesterday and I brushed her fur out this morning as she sheds like no one’s business. She looks more like the Cowardly Lion than she ever has before. Your comment’s timing was spot-on! Have a wonderful weekend, Peregrine Arc. 💕

    • Your dog is sooooooo cute and I love that playful pose!! She’s a Scotch Collie, yes? How old if you don’t mind my asking….

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