Au Revoir, Fat & Dr. Benicio Frey’s Webinar

Dear Friends,

If you’ve read my book Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder, you’ll know I was an A.C.E.-certified personal trainer and worked in a gym for a few years.


This was me, “B.B.D.” (Before Bipolar Diagnosis) 

At college, I gained the “Freshman 20+” instead of the typical “Freshman 15.” Ever since my uni days, my adipose tissue (the fancy term for fat) has fluctuated in quantity due to a variety of reasons; bipolar depression and stress/anxiety have been the main reasons for my weight gain.


Last year was one of the most stressful years I’ve ever experienced.


I was under a deadline with Post Hill Press to deliver my edited manuscript. At least writing my book didn’t almost kill me (During that same year, Bipolar Burble blogger Natasha Tracy published a post called Writing a Book about Bipolar and Depression Almost Killed Me), but what did happen was that I gained almost 30 pounds in only a couple months.


If I kept up that rate of weight gain, I’d turn into Jabba the Hutt!


On a serious note, I’d risk developing very serious health conditions and complications.



I realized I had to come to terms with my emotional stress eating once and for all.

“Coming to terms” sounds nice and granola-y, but what does that really mean?


Well, for me, it begins with enlisting my counselor’s support and making a commitment to myself stop this vicious cycle.


It means bringing my shame out into the open, which is why I’m publishing this post despite having second, third, and fourth thoughts.


I’m also a fan of self-help books, although I admit I never do the exercises they usually require. Nevertheless, I just started reading a self-help book and a healthy food cookbook. Both of them are inspiring me and I’ll share those titles here after I finish reading them.

The only thing that has ever helped me lose weight has been using a free tracking app called Lose It!

Last year I wrote about using Lose It!:Losing a Mirror Carp Feels Good.


If you’re like me—an emotional, compulsive overeater/binger/midnight fridge marauder—and you’d like to join me and get healthier, please consider joining Lose It! I keep reading that pairing up with others when embarking on weight loss greatly increases your chance of success. 


On Lose It!, I belong to two groups where we cheer one another on. Once you’ve signed up, go to “Community”, then select”Find Groups” and type one (or both) of these in:

Moms with Bipolar group

Bipolar Battlers group

And now for something completely different….


Dr. Benicio Frey

Apart from my weight woes, I wanted to let you know psychiatrist Dr. Benicio Frey will present a free webinar about perinatal mood disorder research next Wednesday, January 17th from 9:00 a.m.- 10:00 a.m. PST.  

The webinar is sponsored by the International Bipolar Foundation and it’s not too late to sign up – just go to this link!

The following section is just part of Dr. Frey’s impressive bio.; you’ll find the rest of it on the IBPF link:

“Dr. Frey is Associate Professor at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University, Academic Head of the Mood Disorders Program, and Director of the Women’s Health Concerns Clinic at St. Joseph’s Healthcare. 

In 2008, Dr. Frey received a CIHR postdoctoral fellowship award to study brain imaging in perimenopausal women with depression, at the Women’s Health Concerns Clinic, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. Currently, Dr. Frey has over 100 articles published in peer-reviewed journals.”

Lastly, I want to share a cool new resource with you – it’s run by John Emotions, the charismatic podcaster and founder of Bipolar Style. John wanted a “private, more focused area to talk about Bipolar” that will surpass Facebook forums, etc. He created Bipolar Party on Yammer and I really like the layout – it’s original and it has great potential. 

Come join us! If you’re interested, email me your email address so I can send you an invitation: 

And on that note, have a good weekend, and I’ll see you next Friday. (I hope I’ll see some of you on Lose It! too. Feel free to ask me any questions about it in the comments!)

Take good care & lots of love,



Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder

Foreword by the acclaimed perinatal psychiatrist and author Dr. Carol Henshaw.

Please visit Amazon to order a Kindle or paperback version—thank you!

21 thoughts on “Au Revoir, Fat & Dr. Benicio Frey’s Webinar

  1. I corroborate (fancy word for I agree or add my voice lol) the Lose It magic of a group. I did belong to one with Lady Dyane herself and tracking and cheering each other helped me loads with my adipose garbs. I did read your memoir and envied your gym work and celebs you saw and of course how sexy you must have looked then lol. You still are sexy but just chubby chubby some dear. So on that note, cheers with starting again with the Lose In carousel. I loan you my 3 D with love, whoop whoop whoop

    • I love how you use fancy words!!!!!!

      You can return to Lose It! anytime, you know!
      Not that you need it, Ms. Gorgeous, but please remember thatr I’m there if you’d like to keep track of workouts and/or food.

      I’m feeling more like myself because I’ve lost 1/3 of the weight. I returned to Lose It! a couple weeks before the New Year and celebrated being back at the Munchkin in beautiful Lake Tahoe by taking those daily walks with Miss Lucy Esquire.

      It feels better on my knees to carry around less weight, and best of all, I feel like my body is my home again – that’s a huge motivator. Lucy is joining me in my quest as I allowed her to get a little too chubby for my liking!
      I’ll take some pictures of us and share them here soon.

      Thank you for always cheering me on and thanks for loaning your 3 D too – whoop whoop – you always make me smile! XOXO

  2. Good luck with your weight loss program! Your motivation is great. I have always been in a see saw with weight problems and empathize with your problems. You already lost 10 lbs so you are in your way.!🎼🎼❤️

    • Thanks, Mom – I feel a lot better already. I think I finally have changed my perspective about this problem in a profound way; that just might be what helps me break the cycle at last. 💜

  3. Honey I’m with you on the whole weight and weight loss issue!!! Maybe I will look into that app this weekend. BIG HUGS!!! I’m proud of you for writing about this!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • You are such a sweetie and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you join us on Lose It!
      I can hear you saying “Us???? Who is Us”????”
      Yes, Us! You know the other super-awesome person on Lose It! I’m talkin’ about, but I’m not going to say who it is.
      Join it, friend me, and I’ll reveal who she is! 💖

  4. Dyane, I completely understand what it’s like to gain tremendous amounts of weight in a short time! I have every faith in you that you’ll be able to drop the pounds! Best of luck, and let us know how your progress goes!

    • At first, I was feeling pretty hopeless about it but now that I have a few weeks of non-emotional eating behind
      me, I’m feeling a lot better. It’s still hard, though, so comments like yours really help me more than you know!!!
      Thank you, thank you! (And yes, I’ll write about it more, that’s for sure, and hopefully it will be about progress!!)

  5. All the best with your quest, Dyane! I too put on weight last year – it must be something to do with new books and all that sitting down (and in my case, much too much chocolate). I’ve vowed to be healthier this year!
    Have a great week xxx

    • I try to stick to small amounts of dark chocolate. (But last night bought a slice of red velvet cake. Luckily, my son asked for half of the slice, and my husband had the last two bites (after I said I felt sick from sugar overload).)

      • I’ve only had red velvet cupcakes and they weren’t very good (yes, I’m a SWEETS SNOB as you know!!!!!!) – sticking to small amounts of dark chocolate is great…….if you can do it. Sadly, I cannot.

        I don’t think a happy medium is possible in my life when it regards chocolate, but maybe I could reframe that & actually, um, change. Miracles happen all the time, right? 💜

    • Sara!!!! Thank you so much, my dear – yes, my weight gain was directly associated with the book launch – I wish I could’ve dealt with the stress better, but that’s water under the bridge now, right? 😩

      How is your new year faring in terms of your vow to be healtier?

      I miss reading your blog posts – did you post recently, perhaps, and I didn’t see it? (I’m lazy and should just go check, LOL!) In any case, I hope you write your fans soon with an update! 💗

  6. Great minds think alike, O Empress Percolatia–I was just brainstorming a post about Battling the Writer’s Butt! 😀 xxxxxxxxJavaJeaneyBeaneyxxxxxxxxxx

    • It’s the belated Empress here, my lovely one.
      If you wrote a post called “Battling the Writer’s Butt” I’d scream with glee!
      I see in my WordPress Reader you published a post a few days ago about writing…gotta jet over to your world and see what’s what, my loyal subject!

      Yours in caffeinated bliss always,

      Empress Percolatia

      • Caffeinated bliss indeed! Bo’s taking the kids to visit family so I can have a day to just edit and work. If I can tackle this stuff, I’ll be able to crack on bunch of blog posts, including the writer’s butt! 😀 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJean of the Lean Bean 😛 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Ugh, I have gained so much weight recently and it’s not helping with my depression… Good on you for taking action! I will have a look at Lose It, but I am wary of trying this kind of thing as I have a long Eating Disorder history and can find myself suddenly falling back into obsessive thought patterns. Oh also, I have nominated your lovely blog for the 2018 Liebster Award. Here is the link if you would like to participate 🙂
    xx Kate

    • Thank you SOOOO much for the nomination!!!!!!!!!!! I’m honored, especially since it’s coming from you!

      I understand(only to some extent) about the eating disorder history and to be honest, I’d imagine that Lose It! could cause you to go into obsessive thinking patterns. So there’s absolutely no pressure from me, my dear! I have emotional eating/compulsive binging disorder and it has been going on a long, long, long time. It’s an insideous condition; while it’s not the same as anorexia, binging and other forms of ED,, it’s still awful.

      So far Lose It! has helped me over the past 5-6 weeks, and it did in the past. But when major stress enters my life, then I resort back to the compuslive eating patterns. I reached a particularly low point with the binging in December, 2017, so I’m going over with my counselor (again!) and reading books.We shall see…..

      And more thing – you are WONDERFUL & so damn talented!!!!

      That’s “DEADSET” (The Aussie slang website I just found said that means the truth!)
      Your kangaroo is definitely not loose in the top paddock!!!!!!

      And my personal favorite: PIECE OF PISS – the website says that means EASY TASK. I just love that.
      Ha ha ha ha hhhhhhaaaaa
      You wacky Aussies!
      Sending you a big hug!!!! XOXOXOX

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