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Dear Friends,

I’m writing this post from the beautiful snowy mountains of Lake Tahoe, and I plan to take some pictures to share with you next Friday.

I can’t resist sharing one more review of my book. I don’t care if you skip the review – you have my blessing, but just make sure you check out the awesome blogger Ashley’s Mental Health @ Home” – I love her tagline:


Sign me up for that foundation, Ashley!

Here’s the direct link to Ashley’s review:

By the way, Ashley has worked as a nurse and pharmacist and she’s the author of numerous medical articles. She has some excellent posts about different meds—take a look.

I’ll be back next year (on Friday, Jan. 5th, that is) and in the meantime, please take good care of yourselves.



Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder With a foreword by the acclaimed perinatal psychiatrist and author Dr. Carol Henshaw. Please visit Amazon to order a Kindle or paperback version—thank you!


Mental Health @ Home

Birth of a New Brain book coverBirth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder chronicles author Dyane Harwood’s journey with postpartum onset bipolar disorder.  The story’s rich, vivid descriptions draw the reader along on the intense roller coaster ride of the author’s illness experience.  Many elements of her story will be hauntingly familiar to those whose lives have been touched in some way by bipolar disorder, including mood symptoms whose true nature only became apparent with hindsight and well-meaning attempts to get off medication that result in disaster.

Mental illness was a part of Dyane’s life from the beginning, as her father had bipolar disorder.  When she first began to struggle with her own mental health, she was diagnosed with depression.  Glimmers of hypomania made occasional brief appearances, but as is so often the case with hypomania the symptoms were only recognizable as such upon later reflection.

Depression is the most recognized postpartum…

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24 thoughts on “Another Book Review from Another Awesome Blogger!

    • I’m SO glad the review introduced me to you and your awesome blog, Ashley! 🙂 Thanks again for giving me such a great opportunity to spread the word about my book, and for your wonderful review.

    • I’m drinking a local coffee called “Blind Dog Coffee” – the title is actually not inspired by a dog, but by the roaster’s experience. At age 48, Mark Berry’s eyesight failed due to a childhood cancer he suffered. While I only know some of this father of 5’s (!) complete story, he created “Blind Dog Coffee.” He gives $ from his coffee sales to childhood cancer charities!

      And the coffee is ***good***!
      So I dedicate this morning’s cup to you, my lovely friend.

      Today I wish you, as Mark writes on the coffee bag, “a smile on your face and a wag in your tail” and when those cuties of yours challenge you (mine do every day) I give you permission to go take that bathroom break. As many as you need!

      Empress Percolatia of the Milky Way Galaxy

      • Oh, that’s just made my day after a long,long, LONG day of editing and school stuff. Thankyou so much, Empress Percolatia! I bow in gratitude and reverence–and for a second cup! 😛 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Lady Marie, you definitely know an expert review when you read one! Although in my mom’s eyes, I think your’s is #1!!!!!! 💖 Happy New Year, my beautiful & gifted friend!!!!!! !

  1. A New Year approaches. Wishing you and your family continued happiness and good health. I have given your book to several of my friends and distinguished colleagues. All have commented to me verbally for the most part how much they learned about BP and how much they admire your ongoing advocacy in the filed of mental health. Mama

    • Thank you so much, Cassandra!
      I appreciate your positivity and support so much- they shine through all your comments and that means a lot to me.
      I promise when the time comes, I’ll promote your book as much as I can from the banana slug-filled (and possibly Bigfoot!) 😜 Santa Cruz Mountains! Have a wonderful New Year! 💖

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  3. Hey Dyane. Man it feels so weird commenting after all this time. I feel so embarrassed. I miss you so much. And I’ve been hearing left and right about the success of your book! I just came out of a huge depression and took a break from writing so that’s why I’ve been quiet. But I plan on getting back into it in the new year. And I my pre-ordered copy of your book came in so I plan on reading that ASAP. Hope I hear from you soon and congratulations on such a fantastic achievement!!!

    • Here I am at last!

      Remember the days when I used to comment on blogs within 24 hours? I haven’t done that in a year – please forgive me!!!!!!

      I’m VERY relieved to hear you’ve come out of the “cesspool of Hell” and I totally understand why you’d take a break from writing – I never wrote a word when I was down. You know I get it.

      And thank you so, so, so much for pre-ordering my book – your turn to publish is next, ok??? I know you’ll be amazing when the time comes for that. I hope you find my book a worthwhile read!!!! Let me know! XOXOXOX

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