“The Dr. Denise Show” Podcast (She’s an Awesome Holistic Psychiatrist!)

Dr. Denise and her beloved dog Boomer

Happy Friday, my friends!

When I received a confirmation email from psychiatrist Dr. Denise McDermott that I’d be a guest on her show, I was nervous. Then I freaked and considered canceling. You see, before I had contacted her to be a guest, I checked out her credentials and they were impressive and intimidating!

When I listened to her podcast archives I felt better. She was warm, personable, and nothing like 99% of the psychiatrists I’ve encountered. Dr. Denise believes in the mind-body-spirit connection. 

Dr. Denise believes in the mind-body-spirit connection. She’s traditionally trained—I’m not saying she’s a mega-granola-eating, patchouli-drenched physician-hippie (a “phippie”??!!), BUT she believes in combining allopathic and holistic approaches. She’s a proponent of using the least amount of meds necessary. That is very cool.

As soon as we began recording our podcast, Dr. Denise completely set me at ease. We just jumped right in and I felt like I was talking with a friend. There was none of that lofty “pdoc” attitude (i.e. “I’m an M.D. and I’m clearly better than you! You’re a M.D.-degree-less nothing!”)

We’re about the same age and we share some of the same cultural references, plus she’s based in Southern California and some of you know that’s where I grew up. 

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Dr. Denise’s E-Book

Dr. Denise shares how our thoughts, feelings, and actions coupled with our DNA determine our sense of happiness and wellbeing. We hope this ebook will inspire you to embrace your mental wellness and take a new stand for your mental health – feeling empowered and strong no matter what challenge you or your loved ones are faced with right now in your life.

My Amazon Review:

November 11, 2017: Verified Purchase

As a mom with postpartum bipolar disorder, I found Mental Health and How to Thrive such an uplifting, fascinating read. It was refreshing to read a psychiatrist’s perspective on spirit, mind, and body instead of taking of a purely clinical, boring approach. Dr. McDermott packs so much into this short book.
Learn about the word “neurostyle” Dr. McDermott prefers to use instead of other terms typically used for mental illness. She explains how it’s possible to thrive through crisis and go above and beyond surviving. She discusses a variety of mood disorders (a.k.a neurostyles) in children and adults, and she stresses the importance of incorporating mindfulness into one’s life. Other chapters examine how sleep affects mental health, a family peace plan (one of my favorites!) and essentials for mental health. I highly recommend this fantastic book to anyone seeking better mental health.

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Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder

Foreword by the perinatal psychiatrist and acclaimed author Dr. Carol Henshaw. Available on Amazon in paperback & Kindle versions!


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    • Thanks, lovely Cass! It’s hard to put myself out there – thanks for acknowledging that.

      Re: Dr. Denise— I have a great psychiatrist & he’s retiring in a couple years and when that happens, I want Dr. Denise to open a third location in this neck of the woods!

  1. Wee, look at you! You’re a chatting professionally speaking starry person, O Empress Percolatia! I bet you’d kick toast at the Toastmasters now! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • I’d kick toast 🍞 and then some, ha ha ha!!!!

      My daughter is taking Leadership class in 7th grade and the students have access to the full-size Panther school mascot outfit; they can sign up to wear it and walk around the campus to raise student spirit during recess.

      How I’d love to wear that thing for Toastmasters – I’ve always loved the anonymity of wearing masks, and being the Panther would take that to a whole other level. My speech would be about panther safety, of course! 😉

      p.s. yes, I know that was a very silly reply, but would you expect nothing less from your devoted friend?

      • LMAO! That’s just awesome, Empress, and makes my Sunday! And hey, why not wear the costume? It takes a lot of skill to project one’s voice through that costume head! 😉 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. A breathe of newness that Dr Denise is. Will definitely get her book. Neurostyles is so cool and definitely more empathetic. Glad you didn’t freak out and cancel…such is one of the consequences of dem neurostyles. Thanks for sharing lady

    • Hello beautiful Lady M.! I like the word “neurostyles” too!!!
      By the way, my Mom left me a voicemail message today and she mentioned she had re-read your Amazon review about my book this morning. She said how VERY smart and eloquent you are!!!!!

      You have another fan!


    • You are TOO kind….and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!👍
      Thanks so much for taking time to check it out! Will catch up on your blog this weekend & I’m looking forward to that! 🌞

    • Thanks so much, Kitt – I’m going to correct that duplicate section – I keep having that glitch happen & I appreciate your catching the latest one! Thanks also for sharing all the tweets – you’re supreme! 🌹🌹🌹

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