My “Psych Byte” Webinar for the International Bipolar Foundation


It’s the day after Thanksgiving at dawn. I’m watching a beautiful orange-gold sunrise while Lucy is chomping her dog food and everyone else is asleep. I hope your Thanksgiving went as well as possible. For those of you in other countries, I hope your week has been a good one.

This will be a short post, but you have the option of watching a “Psych Byte” YouTube video I recorded last month.

What’s a Psych Byte?

It’s a mini-webinar series produced by the International Bipolar Foundation. I was asked to participate last year and I nervously accepted because I was told my discussion could be as short as 15-20 minutes.

Pre-recorded webinars can be heavily edited or recorded in one take with minimal or no editing. Once I started recording the Psych Byte, I had to keep going—there was a little editing done, I believe, but not much. There are mistakes galore, but I like to think that makes the talk more interesting and authentic! At least I don’t think I used any potty language!

If you give it a listen, I hope you learn something new. If you could please “like” and share the YouTube link that would be awesome. The more positive response, the more likely the International Bipolar Foundation will note the need to share more information about postpartum bipolar disorder & how it relates to postpartum psychosis.

Also, if you’ve read my book and found it to be a worthy read, please review it on Amazon and/or Goodreads. I’ll be very grateful to you!

Take care & have a good weekend!!








Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder With a foreword by perinatal psychiatrist and author Dr. Carol Henshaw, now available on Amazon.

17 thoughts on “My “Psych Byte” Webinar for the International Bipolar Foundation

    • Thanks, my darling firestorm. I think Lucy had the best time of all – someone (cough, cough) snuck her pieces of free-range turkey & she was stoked! XOXO

    • I’m STILL groggy from Thanksgiving, even though I passed on turkey this year!!!! ;)))) But I pigged out on sugar-sugar-sugar…in the cranberry sauce, I had heaps of mashed potatoes, and….um…..tons of chocolate!!! (Our pumpkin pie, made by two inexperienced 12-year-olds, did not “jell” for some strange reason and was inedible!)
      Thanks so much for sharing the video – it means a lot to me. Xo

      • Too bad on the pumpkin pie not setting. Getting a custard to set can be both an art form and a science project. I remember my mom practically breaking down in tears when her creme brûlée didn’t set (we had company).

  1. Lady, I will listen and share from the office. Please lady, ain’t perfectionism an illusion? Don’t bother so much often explaining there may be mistakes cause that may just likely draw your readers or listeners to look out for those. I share this here just in çase it helps any in your tribe. Love you loads, you are really trying your best to put the word out about Postpartum Bipolar Disorder

    • You are so right, Lady Marie – perfect does not exist! I wish I didn’t bring up the mistakes because it is so TRUE, just like you wrote……when someone points out the “boo boo’s” in a video or book then the viewers/readers will search for those mistakes or be more aware of them. I’m really grateful to you for that welcome reminder! I love you too and I can’t wait for you to get my signed book & handout after its long journey!!! Once again, big congrats on that awesome donation to your epilepsy foundation!!!!!!

      • Thanks so much lady, can’t wait for the book too. I just returned from the trip to my village as mentioned and am simply put ‘trashed’ – hence, “self care mode activated” unapologetically. Thanks for our friendship

    • Your devoted Honey Pot thanks you!!!! It wasn’t easy recording that for several reasons – one biggie reason was that one of my girls was sick that day and she stayed home It was nothing serious, but I was a little worried and distracted all the same.

      Thanks so much for leaving the comment on YouTube – I looked for it,but I didn’t see it. If you have a moment, plase let me know if you see it! I’m curious what’s going on…… (Plus I’d LOVE to read it!)

      • So sorry for the delay…I’ve decided to return to the research for my ancient Ireland novel and haven’t been great about correspondence.I probably didn’t post it correctly but I’ll try to track it down. xo

    • Thank you, dear one!
      At least I got to hide behind the PowerPoint images, tee hee! I’m not ready to show ye olde visage just yet!
      I appreciate your always taking time to see what my latest freak-outs are about, and for your faith in me.
      You are one of the biggest gifts that blogging has given me. (I’m sure I’ve written that a few times already, but hey – it doesn’t hurt to write it again!)

      Yours in caffeinated bliss,
      Empress Percolatia ☕️

      • O my Lovely, Fair Empress, how can I not support one so awesome as you? 🙂 Answer: I can’t. 😛 Seriously, you’ve been such a vital support to me, too. Can’t imagine this online writer-sphere without you, and don’t want to. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I hope your Thanksgiving was a happy time, Dyane – I know you were treasuring memories of other Thanksgivings too. Will watch your YouTube video when I have some peace in the week – already looking forward to it (the video and the peace!) xxx

    • Hello sweet Sara!
      I admit I sometimes think of you as “Sarawendy” or even “Wendysara” —am I the only one who does that??
      Probably yes. Yep, I’m a little it out there, I admit it! 😜

      It has been so much fun to see the super-cute photos of you on Twitter at your recent book events. I’m super-proud of your putting yourself out there so consistently, and you definitely inspire me to no end!
      Plus you’re already working on the next novel.

      Do you want to ghost write a novel for me! 😉 And I could pay you in cake!!!!??? 👀

      Thanksgiving went fairly well – it went by SO quickly, that was kind of surreal! Thanks for mentioning it!

      I hope you’ve had peace this week so far and there’s no rush to watch the YouTube video.
      You could even listen to it while folding laundry, doing dishes, that sort of thing – and glance at the pictures. Let me know what you think when you get around to it! And if you don’t get around to it this year, I give you a grace period of a year, LOL! I want you to pour your energies into writing and doing the author events!!!! 💖

  3. As a member of your family I must admit to being partial when listening and writing my comments on your latest discussion. But I must say that I was truly motivated to listening to the entire presentation and learned a great deal as you went into details. Also I must complement you on how beautifully you speak and the inflections and intonations in your voice. Captivating. Thanks for sharing your experiences and research in the field of BP Disorders. Please continue on with your advocacy and writing. Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!

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