The BipolarStyle Podcast & Happy Halloween!

BipolarStyle Podcast, October 22, 2017

with host John Emotions & yours truly!  To listen to our chat, visit this link

Official Podcast Episode Description

“John and Dyane discuss her new book Birth of a New Brain about postpartum bipolar disorder. They discuss what the condition is, how Dyane experienced it, and how the book came to be. They also talk a little about their favorite Netflix shows including Black Mirror, Lady Dynamite, and Theo Vonn. Also, we include more talk of a #bipolarcabal on Twitter and lots of bipolar digressions.”

When John and I recorded the podcast, I was in a freezing room and I drank lots of highly caffeinated Tazo chai to quickly warm up. Although I had sworn not to become over-caffeinated again during a podcast recording, I must be honest with you: I broke my vow.

(I was fortunate that John not only tolerated my here-there-and everywhere digressions but ran with them like a gazelle—he was incredibly gracious.)   

John Emotions is such a breath of fresh air. Despite having bipolar disorder, John asserts he’s an optimist; his attitude truly amazes and inspires me. I’m so glad the internet brought us together.

John’s new Facebook page: Bipolar Creative Society  

The original Facebook page: Bipolar Style

On Twitter: @BipolarStyle 

Visit the Bipolar Style website to buy cool tank tops like the one I’m wearing. Go there to let John know you’d like to be a podcast guest! It’s also a place to network with other people with bipolar, connect with life-saving resources, access exclusive content & more; it’s ever-evolving! 

See you next Friday & have a wonderful Halloween!!!! 




p.s. Are you dressing up for Halloween? 


Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder

Foreword by the perinatal psychiatrist and acclaimed author Dr. Carol Henshaw.

Now available on Amazon in paperback & Kindle versions!

20 thoughts on “The BipolarStyle Podcast & Happy Halloween!

    • Thanks so much, Cass. He’s truly a nice & razor-sharp observer of mental health issues. It’s amazing how many cool people I “meet” on the internet, i.e. YOU! :))

  1. Hello and Happy Weekend!! You sure are making the podcast rounds!! Good for you!! You look lovely in the picture!!! Big hugs and lots of love to you!!!

    • Thanks for the sweet compliment, darlin’! I really am getting into the podcast spirit because I can be more myself in them compared to being in front of a TV camera! (THAT IS SCARY! I think it’s even scarier than spiders, can you believe that???) I’m so glad things have improved at work and I’ll be catching up at your blog for the latest & greatest post! Big hugs right back at you ! XOXOXO

  2. Hey, There! I’ve been so focused on my own book, kind of myopic. I’ve always enjoyed your posts and have some catching up to do.

    My bipolar experience in many ways is different than yours…my first ten years were perfect and I took my mental health for granted. 60 day stay…no revolving door. But that could still happen to me. Knock on wood.

    After ten years I had ‘Prozac Poopout,’ which is also called ‘Medication Fatigue,’ ‘med burnout’ or technically ‘Antidepressant Treatment Tachyphylaxis, (ADT).

    Also, you described a reaction to amytryptiline (sp?) that sounds like TD-related, transient movement disorder/suicidality syndrome called Akasthisia.

    That MOVED me. It happens alot with antidepressants and particularly Haldol.

    They are FINALLY beginning to factor akasthisia into suicide risk and warn people, but it took a big (recent) New York Times article about a successful, learned, family man to throw himself in front of a subway car. He didn’t realize the antidepressants (generic zoloft) was causing the problem. AstraZeneca settled for 5 million and typically, are appealing the decision to award damages.

    Allison Strong

    • Hey Allison! You have so much valuable information and experience to share with the world concerning TD. You really do have a special angle with which to market your book, and that’s no small thing.

      I’m really proud of you for keeping at it over the years with the book and making serious progress as of late. You have what it takes to see your book through to publication.

      Congrats on your article in the latest issue of BP Magazine – the picture of you wearing that adorable pink skull cap is my favorite one of you.I like how the background color is matching pink. (Hey, I pay attention & appreciate that kind of stuff, LOL!)

      I started watching the pilot of a relatively new TV show last night. I found it on the ABC TV’s website & it’s called “The Good Doctor” about an autistic surgeon who’s also a savant & it supposedly takes place right near me in San Jose!. Very compelling, but I had to stop after there was a disturbing scene involving animal abuse. 😦 I might watch more tonight. I wonder what you’d think of “Black Mirror” which I consider to be incredible, but it’s extremely alarming at times- have you seen any episodes? Then there’s “Lady Dynamite” (which hasn’t grabbed me yet, but maybe I need to give it another chance) on Netflix-I’d be curious about your take on that one too.

  3. Looking forward to listening to your latest podcast when I have a quiet house next week. I hope you enjoy your halloween weekend – I celebrated with a slice of pumpkin pie today xxx

    • Pumpkin pie? YUM!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed some of that!

      Halloween didn’t feel “Hallloweeny” this year. I prefer the great day to fall on a Friday or Saturday night. Oh well. I hope you had a good celebration, my friend. And when you have time to listen to it (no pressure!) I’d love your take on my podcast with John. I kind of went all over the ma, ahem, (scratch “kind of” LOL!) , and I haven’t been able to listen to it yet. I’m a bit scared, to tell you the truth! :00000 At least I didn’t say anything slanderous about anyone, so I’ll give myself credit for that. 👍

      Thanks so much for stopping by and oh yes, of course I must end with a bit of Welsh specifically chosen for you: Ydych chi’n berson hyfryd

    • Thanks for listening to the podcast, Kitt, and for signing up at John’s sites!!! I hope you’re having a good day, and happy belated Halloween! XoXo

  4. Dyan Cannon ??? How cool is that…who knew. I enjoyed the podcast, even if it strayed a bit, because that’s how it works when you are being spontaneous. And I need to catch up on Netflix.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the podcast! That makes me so happy!

      And yes, Dyan Cannon was the inspiration for my name’s spelling. I read Cannon’s daughter’s memoir; her book is “Good Stuff: A Reminiscence of My Father, Cary Grant” by Jennifer Grant.

      Although, wait a minute…..whoa, in searching for Jennifer Grant’s book I found her mom’s book & I didn’t know that Dyan Cannon wrote a memoir about her marriage to Cary Grant —— now I want to read that! I’m so glad you commented about her because I wouldn’t have found out about this! Thank you so much. 🙂

      There’s one more thing- apart from Netflix, I’ve found a really cool site called Acorn TV. They have all sort of British & Australian shows (and other countries too, I think, but those are the primary countries) and the cost is the price of a mocha – $4.99/month. (They should pay me for advertising!) I love watching “800 Words” with my older daughter – it’s one of our very favorites and it’s about a widower who transplants his family from Sydney, Australia to a tiny town in New Zealand. It kind of reminds me a bit of “Northern Exposure” in that the characters are quirky and live in an isolated area. Plus the main character, the widower, is a newspaper writer whose column is always 800 words long. What’s not to love? 😉

      Hope you had a great Halloween and thanks again for your comment! XOXOXO

  5. Huzzah! I knew your caffeinated chillified podcast would still go well. A safe and happy Halloween to you! It might snow here tomorrow, sooooooo I’m not dressing up. But, I will wear a mask! I’m not sure which kind: I’ve got a Spiderman one, a regular spider one, a batwing one, a pumpkin one, a butterfly one…decisions, decisions! 😀

    • Snow???????? Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I hope you’re cozy and warm this very minute. I wonder what mask you wound up wearing! It’s hard to find a comfy mask, you know? I have 3 – a cat, a Mardi Gras-style one, and a cobweb one and they are all painful to wear. At the last minute, I bought some cheap black makeup and I attempted to make my face look ominous & pitch black. However, the “effect” basically sucked and it just looked terrible, so off came all that nasty black makeup. Next year I must do some preparation and work at it! Maybe I could be Princess Percolatia? And I’d carry around my Bodum filled with espresso and drink it all day & evening long! What do you think? 🎃


      • (gasp) you should totally dress as the Empress–EMPRESS!–Percolatia! When Biff refused to choose a costume earlier this month, I picked up a few cheap felt masks as a failsafe, so I ended up wearing the black and purple felt hat. It was comfy! 😀 So, if you need a comfy mask, go for the felt!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. How do I access your podcast with John?
    I am an 81 yr old granny who is not computer literate!

    • Hi Sachin. I’m not sure if my blog will be right for you as I’m very pro-medicine, but I also believe in respecting others’ choices to be med-free if they can remain stable. I wish you the very best! 🙂 So glad you’re free of bipolar depression!

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