Recap: 1st Book Signing/Educational Presentation @ BC Library!

Reflecting about last night’s daunting educational presentation & book signing….

Here are some pictures from last night’s event at the library – I wish you could have been there with me & I hope you enjoy them!

I had a great, attentive audience. Not a heckler in sight! The highlight was having my daughter and most of my Toastmasters club members there to cheer me on!

My daughter Marilla did an amazing job – she not only set up 40 chairs, she arranged the cookie table and sold books!


And here’s a picture of my wonderful friend & longtime supporter, Β the author & columnist Merry Ruthe Wilson! (Visit her Amazon Author page for info. about Merry’s memoir Waaaay Beyond Lemonade & her two beautifully illustrated children’s books)Β Merry’s picture by Blaine Brunelle

Book Signing Pictures by George Haas Photography

Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder

Foreword by perinatal psychiatrist and acclaimed author Dr. Carol Henshaw, now available on Amazon!

22 thoughts on “Recap: 1st Book Signing/Educational Presentation @ BC Library!

    • Thanks so much, Cass! I still can’t believe I got through it….it was surreal! I get to test myself one more time this year; thankfully it’ll be in December, so there’s time to work on it and overcome at least a few of my jitters! πŸ˜‰

  1. Lady love made it and will do more big time hurray! Marilla is my heroine of the day, I love your blue dress and sublime panty hose lol. Indeed you look yummy

    • Thanks soooooo much, Marie! :))))

      Those pantyhose were pricey and I KNEW I was going to rip them, and guess what? I did!!!!!!

      I need to buy black tights instead because they don’t rip the first time (or the 20th time) you wear them!

      Marilla was an absolutely amazing help.But in my haste to get everything ready, I allowed her to do too much, so next time I’ll make sure she only has one job. Still, it was a treat and a tremendous honor to have my little girl help me out with getting the room ready, and what was far better than that was that she said she was proud of how I talked to everyone. I only wish you (and a well-behaved Lucy!) could have been there too. XoXo

      • Lady darling, sometimes in life, those ‘pricey’ things aren’t worth it. I think it is a marketing strategy that they be pricey so the ones who can ‘afford’ feel elite having them; and secondly that they ‘rip’ easily so you go for more and end up walking around like on toothpicks for fear of ripping them again hahaha (one big reason I don’t go for pricey, fashion, heels etc lol)
        I therefore agree you should keep your gead and wallet more relaxed and get the simple black tights hahaha
        I did find Marilla more poised in your foto and you hugged a little hard to get some of her energy hahaha She must have been super prowd of helping out and watching you be the best you can . Maybe if next time she is assigned say only the chairs to set up, then she could video tape with your phone or something who knows huh! Am not sure about Lucy handling that crowd or any for the matter and I don’t know if she can sit through and participate properly in a CBT session. Whatever be the case, she is lovely as is. Where was Avonlea? and what was Craig’s feedback?

    • Lovely one, Avonlea was at her good friend’s house doing homework (it was a school night) – I didn’t pressure her to go, but I’m hoping she’ll attend a weekend gathering! Craig gave me high marks!!! He’s a very understated guy so it was very wonderful to hear his enthusiastic praise. :))) I only wish you were there because I would’ve been more fired up to see my Lady M in the audience!!!!!

      • I thought as much about Avonlea and I can only imagine Lucy chose to follow her hahaha. I was indeed hovering spirituality around Craig and saw him make some notes. He was candidly glad you made yourself proud especially by talking with invitees after the presentation .(before the presentation wasn’t as challenging as after if am intuitive enough). Bravo really my fair Lady you DID IT πŸ‘‘

    • Thanks so much, Kitt!
      It was an honor to have you attend (well, in photo form only, LOL!!!!) as an integral part of my PowerPoint presentation.

      3 days later, I’m still tired from the evening. I learned that at my next talk I must delegate as far as the refreshment arrangement goes. I got sweaty and tired from making trip after trip from my car to the library, carrying supplies by myself. Control freak no more!

      DuhhhhhhhhhhhH!!!!! Never again!
      Hope YOU are having a good Sunday, my dear. Sending you lots of love, always!

    • Many thanks, Carol! I still need to get to the post office to mail your book, but the good news is that I have high hopes that will be tomorrow! πŸ™‚

      I’m much more active now that the air has cleared up from smoke/ash from the horrendous fires, although I learned that the fire closest to us is 75% contained, not 100% contained as I had thought. Luckily there are no winds, and we have amazing help from firefighters who have come here from all over the state. Please keep those prayers going…… Xo

  2. The talks and book signings will get easier! Your dress is gorgeous…love how the color coordinates with the book cover. Loved the video and POOP ON the disgruntled woman who wanted you to read from your book! That is TOTALLY your decision. I never read from my novel, only from A FLAMINGO NAMED FLANNIGAN to elementary school children! Marilla is a little angel. Snuggles to Lucy! As I scrolled down, my jaw droppedβ€”un million de gracias for that awesome acknowledgement! Love and congratulations to you…again and again!

    • Thanks so much for this comment, sweet Merry!

      I do love that dress and that blue color would look spectacular on YOU!

      As far as the disgruntled woman is concerned, the interaction was so weird! I’ve never walked up to an author at an author reading and asked her/him what she planned on doing!!! I was prepared to go with the flow. Plus, my event description made it clear I was giving an educational talk, NOT a reading! So I tried! πŸ˜‰ Can’t please everyone, I know!!!

      I love your gorgeously illustrated children’s book covers – that’s very cool you read from A FLAMINGO NAMED FLANNIGAN to kids!!! I was SO happy to include your beautiful photo and links to your books!

      Once again a BIG thanks to purchasing a copy of my book and donating it to your libraryβ€” you’re the BEST!!!!!!!!

  3. A million Congratulations on your talk and book signing! You looked gorgeous in your pretty blue dress! So happy that it all went well! Don’t worry, be happy! What an accomplishment! Very proud of you and Conratulations again! πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

    • Thanks so much, beautiful Samina – you’re the best! Your support ***always*** lights up my heart! πŸ’–

      Now, if only I could’ve really stunned the audience by speaking in an authentic-sounding, crisp Downton Abbey British accent–wouldn’t that have been a hoot !!!! πŸ˜›

      • You’re the best Dyane! Amazing woman! Yes, yes, Downton Abbey accent for the next talk and make a video, that would be fantastic! πŸ’–

  4. Well done, Dyane! It looks like a great event and a good crowd too, even if not everyone you were expecting made it. You look right at home standing at the podium and it suits the importance of the topic you’re addressing. I think you’re right, giving a talk about the issue is more relevant than doing ‘a reading’, and that lady can read it all herself anyway!

    It’s lovely that Marilla was so involved with the evening – I bet she loved selling your books. The dress is gorgeous, even if it’s now eternally inside-out (loved your wrange with it on the video!) – blue is my favourite for book events too.

    I hope you’re feeling really happy with how it all went now, but I know exactly what you mean about feeling insecure right after an event. That’s a tendency I have too, but I’ve gradually learned not to be too self critical and to concentrate on the positive comments people have made. I tell myself that it’s good to reflect on what could be done differently next time, but it’s just as important to remind myself of all the things that went well too. Now your first one’s over, it’ll get easier each time. All the best with recording the next podcast – you’re getting lots of useful experience at that. You’re a natural communicator, Dyane – it shows on your YouTube videos, on the podcast I heard you on and when you write, so keep reminding yourself of that.

    You know, I didn’t realise you were so near the fires until I heard you mention that in your video – what a nightmare for you all. The pictures on the news are just so shocking. I hope it’s all starting to calm down now and that you’re well out of harm’s way.

    Enjoy your Sunday – you can relax now that your first talk’s done. Btw, loved Lucy’s walk-on role in the video! xxx

    • Thanks so much for this amazing comment, Sara! (I must admit I think of you as “Sarawendy,” LOL!)

      I was so caught off guard by that lady who clearly wanted the typical book reading; it was —almost— funny, you know? Since I’m a highly sensitive type who soaks up other people’s vibes like a giant loofah, I need to not let stuff like that get to me so much. Oh well. Something MUCH worse could’ve happened so I should be grateful! I’m glad you got a kick out of that diabolical dress – I finally was able to get it back into shape! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your incredibly kind support. & lovely compliments I soaked up every word.:)))))))) I hope the next talk (Dec. 7th) is better – at least it won’t be my first! Plus, you gave me great advice as usual that I’ll keep in mind.

      Today I’m attempting to regroup and I hope to catch up on exciting things such as laundry!

      Once again, many thanks for writing such a great comment!
      Every blogger should be so fortunate as to have a Sarawendy (or Wendysara) in her life! πŸ˜‰
      XOXO, Dy

  5. You looked lovely and I am sure your presentation was informative and well presented.
    When I hear your voice on your blog videos or on the phone I love your cultured tone and sweet quality.

  6. Ooooooooooooooh what an awesome event! How cool your family could help out–I think daughters make excellent sales folk. πŸ˜€
    Aaaaaaaand how cool you got an attentive group who WANTED to hear you and see you. I think the disgruntled person probably wanted a “sample” to make sure the book was worth investing in. Your presentation clearly made it worth investing in; otherwise, she wouldn’t have bought a copy. πŸ™‚ You deserve a day of rest after getting yourself ready for that talk. You shared, you talked, you answered, you didn’t turn around and talk with your backside to the crowd–you were GREAT!!! You’ve been getting stronger and stronger with those podcasts, and now you know you can talk about your book with people who don’t know you and can rock that room!
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Java Jean of the…Capital X button,apparently…. πŸ˜›
    PS: I think that dress looks cute! Lace is always elegant. πŸ™‚

    • You crack me up (in a good way) so much, especially with “you didn’t share your backside to the audience” – ha ha ha!!!!!! Thank God for not-so-small blessings, eh? I do like the dress, although it was a challenge to reverse the thing from inside out…as my rather embarrassing struggle in the videeo shows, I eventually got it! I just wish you could’ve been there! I would’ve plied you with plenty of Peet’s & cookies!!!!!! We only served regular coffee that night – death to decaf! (I’m just glad I wasn’t the one who had to tell people we weren’t serving decaf, the coward that I am!) XOXOXOOXOXOXOXXO

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