Alexis Zinkerman’s Review of “Birth of a New Brain” + Our Interview!



Alexis Zinkerman is a gifted poet, author, journalist, blogger, plus she’s a mental health advocate. I’ve blogged about Alexis’ powerful, poignant novella “Brooklyn” (That blog post was titled “My Life-Affirming Alternative to 13 Reasons Why”) and her stunning poem “Metronome” she wrote specifically for lucky me! 

In turn, Alexis interviewed me and reviewed my book Birth of a New Brain for her  blog “A Mile a Minute.” I threw a lot of information at her during our lengthy conversation, but she took it all graciously, professionally in stride.

Alexis has a great, diverse blog in which she shares all kinds of cool resources, and I encourage you to check it out when you have the chance.

I’ll see you next Friday and let you know how my first podcast recording with Dr. Katayune Kaeni’s Mom & Mind Podcast turns out. Yes, I’m nervous, although it’ll be easier than giving a Toastmasters speech!

I’ll also share a little info. my psychiatrist emailed me about a new, low-cost, alternative method that might help lift depression. Stay tuned. It’s important to know about every tool that exists that might help us, isn’t it? I’m back to using my Sunbox DL bright light in the mornings as we ease into colder, darker times.

Have a good weekend, friends, and please let me know how you’re doing if you feel so inclined…



p.s. My book finally became available on Kindle!  I was excited to see it made Amazon’s Top 100 bestsellers list in the “bipolar” category. While that sounds groovy, I knew the list fluctuates wildly and I’ve been told by published authors the ranking system is inaccurate and worse. So, while I don’t take the list seriously, I couldn’t help feeling thrilled to see it near Carrie Fisher’s #1 book!

Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder, with a foreword by Dr. Carol Henshaw, will be published by Post Hill Press on October 10th, 2017. Birth of a New Brain is available on Amazon for Kindle and paperback pre-sales.

new brainDyaneHeadshot

I first came across Dyane Harwood’s blog after she left continuous comments on my blog and we began a conversation through email and in the comments. Dyane writes her blog after being diagnosed with peri-partum bipolar 1 disorder to help others make sense of their condition and find resources. Dyane’s bipolar was triggered by childbirth.

“It was a trifecta of hormones, genetic predisposition, and sudden sleep deprivation,” she said during a fifty minute conversation we had over the phone.

Dyane’s father was also bipolar. And even though she lived though a childhood of moodswings, her own mood shifts were not treated until the births of her daughters. She said that today there are medication studies by perinatal psychiatrists about how to treat women who have been diagnosed before becoming pregnant.

Her new memoir Birth of a New Brain takes one through her journey and how she learned to treat her…

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20 thoughts on “Alexis Zinkerman’s Review of “Birth of a New Brain” + Our Interview!

      • Thanks so much for giving it a go regarding the review – you can bet I want yours up there immediately! Now we know it’s Oct. 10th – boo!

        ! I thought the pre-order price was $7.99 – if it’s only $2.99 then I want to buy one! 😉
        p.s. thanks for the sweet retweet too! :))))))

  1. Great review and very good to be in the top 100, Dyane. Whatever your doubts about Amazon’s stats, everyone’s in the same boat on there. So enjoy it, and big congratulations! xxx

    • Thanks so much, Sara – it was fun to see that Amazon stuff, but I know I can’t get caught up in it. I’m working on thickening my skin for reviews and you’ve been such a fantastic example about how to be gracious and pragmatic about reviews no matter what they say – you’re my Review Queen!!!! 😉 It means a lot to me you stopped by the blog in the middle of so much excitement with your book. It definitely earned that 5-star review I gave it on Amazon. Too bad I couldn’t give it six stars!!!! Looking forward to reading about the cover design at your blog over the weekend….. Xo

    • Thanks so much, sweet, sweet Van! 🚐 Yes, it’s fun to see it near her book. I tried getting in touch with
      her “people” a few weeks before her passing to see if she might want to endorse the book, but it was not to be. Hope you’re doing well! I send you a big hug and my fervent prayers you’ll never wind up in a van down by the river! 😜

      • Thank you SO much!!!! I hope you like it!
        Working on my “motivational speaking” now to promote it! My “muffin top,” actually, more like “cake top” belly is getting plumper this very moment…and I’ve got the clumsy thing down pat. 😆

  2. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Yeah, those lists do fluctuate, but what matters is that people are still buying your book. You don’t shoot up in rankings for no reason at all! 🙂

    I have a feeling you’ll like the podcast style. It’s one of the reasons I don’t mind teaching on the internet–my students don’t see me, but only hear me through my headset. Granted, they miss all my flailing gestures, but it also means I’m not nervous about how I hold myself physically, which takes a lot of pressure off. You survived Toastmasters, so you’ll definitely handle this!

    Time to check out your interview–more hugs! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Java Jeany-Beany-Boo

    • You were right – the podcast style was really a good fit for yours truly! I was lucky Dr. Kaeni (Host Extraordinaire of “Mom & Mind”) had already recorded 69 podcasts to date with some heavy hitters in the perinatal mood and anxiety disorder world – and she certainly knows her stuff!

      I want to thank you so much for your comment! All your comments are caffeine-rific, but this time you ***really*** helped me…. you truly soothed my anxiety as I read about how you thought the podcast format would be up my alley (and I enjoyed reading about your experience teaching on the internet) and how you reminded me if I could get through Toastmasters, I could get through this.

      The podcast will be available next Monday, so if you have to drive anywhere or do tedious chores, maybe you could give it a listen. I’ll post details this Friday.

      Of course after I taped it, I remembered important things I should have said and a few things I probably *shouldn’t* have said, but oh well! That’s how it goes!

      Sending you lots of love 💖, you javarific human coffee bean! ☕️XOXOXOXOXO

      • OH HUZZAH! I’m so happy it went well! There’s always a little forgotten or rushed through, but you were being interviewed, too, so there’s no telling where another person’s questions can take you! I’m just so thrilled too because I know you’re always triumphant but relieved after Toastmasters, but now you’re just triumphant. THAT’S my Empress Percolatia! 😀 xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Thanks so much, lovely Sharon. The podcast recording went well! 👍 I was so lucky to have a great, experiencde host in Dr. Katayune Kaeni. She had done 69 “Mom & Mind” podcasts already, so she knew what she was doing! If you pre-order the book on Kindle it’s only $2.99! I didn’t know that – Kitt O’Malley, blogger extraordinaire (who is mentioned in the book) found that out. I’ll be incredibly grateful if you buy the book, let alone write a review. Thanks a million for your encouargement – I love it! 💖 Hope your day/night is going well. 👀😜

  3. Hello Dyane, thank you so much for taking the time to read and like my article Mood Disorders: Reality and Ignorance. After taking a look at your blog and accomplishments I am especially appreciative. I just started blogging so I am super “green”. I have been writing for years but just now started to really DO something with it. I take your “like” as encouragement. Thank you.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! My “like” definitely meant I wanted to encourage you. 🙂

      Welcome to the blogosphere! In the past year I got busier than I have in a long time (we’re talking years and years) so I cut down my blog reading from almost 100 blogs (!!!! yes, really! ) to less than 5 or 6, so please don’t take it the wrong way if I don’t get over there.

      I think you’re going to enjoy blogging, especially since you’ve written for years. One of my favorite bipolar-themed blogs you may wish to check out is Like you, she’s a longtime writer and wants to focus on writing more.

      Take good care and be proud of yourself for taking this writing step as a blogger!!!!

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