33 Days to Go!

You might be asking, “33 days to go to what?”

(Lucy already knows the answer—she’s such a smart Scottish collie!)

October 10th is my book’s official “birthday,” otherwise known as its publication date. That momentous day will be the perfect excuse to buy a super-yummy chocolate cake. Even if a snarky one-star review is posted, I can drown my freak-out in amazing chocolate!

I’m excited to tell you that at last Kindle pre-orders are now available! 

Thanks to Candice Curry for the image – her blog also has suggestions about how to launch a book heremy favorite is #6: Stand in your street and scream all about it.

This morning I read two great articles by fellow National Association of Memoir Writers author Lizbeth Meredith. Check out her blog’s About page featuring her truly incredible story here.

First, I read her insightful Independent Publisher article “Lessons Crisis Taught Me, Revisited During Publication.” 

Then I read Lizbeth’s blog post “Five Easy Ways to Launch My Book.” She gave excellent suggestions on how her followers could easily support her book launch. Lizbeth inspired me to reach out to you for your help!

(When your time comes, I’ll owe you one!)


These suggestions originally appeared in Lizbeth’s blog post. I edited them and added a few silly things of my own.


Please “LIKE” my author page on Facebook. Poor little me—I don’t have many likes. Apparently, it helps to look like you’re The Bloggess or Cheryl Strayed in terms of having a bazillion Godzillian likes. How does that really, truly help someone like me? I don’t know, but it’s easy, you’ll gain good karma if you believe in that, and I’d be grateful for your support!  

Here’s the link:


I’d love you to follow me on Twitter (@DyaneHarwood) – as some of you know, I’m a big Twitter fan. I invite you to share news about my book through tweets and via other social media of your choice. I haven’t used my #BirthOfANewBrain hashtag very much, but feel free to do that and tag me anytime!

2. BUY Birth of a New Brain: Please consider buying the book, especially now that it will be on Kindle and cost less $! Even if you don’t want to read it (which I TOTALLY understand!!!) you can give it to someone, donate it to a library, or give a copy to a nonprofit involved with mental health.

Anyone who gives a copy (or three) to Bipolar UK will get a very special gift from me!!!

3. REVIEW: After you’ve read the book, post a 5-star review of the book on Amazon. (Okay, okay, I’M KIDDING ABOUT THE FIVE STARS. Am I joking? Well, not really, heh, heh, heh! The old chestnut “There is truth in jest” comes to mind!)

Lizbeth wrote something very important about reviews: “If we’re friends or family, please acknowledge that or Amazon may erase your review. Full disclosure is the best policy.” Thank you Lizbeth!

4. GOODREADS: Please add Birth of a New Brain to your shelf on Goodreads and review it when you can. I’m still learning about Goodreads – I know I could probably do a lot more networking on there, but I’m lazy.

5. NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP: Finally, please sign up for my newsletter at my website: http://www.dyaneharwood.com (Scroll to the very bottom.) I won’t send you too much info. – in fact, I haven’t sent a thing to my whopping list of 5 members yet. But maybe I’ll have some cool giveaways, maybe I could promote your cause if it’s mental health related….who knows what I can do? Whatever it’ll be, I promise it will be good.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading my blog!




Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder, with a foreword by Dr. Carol Henshaw, will be published by Post Hill Press on October 10th, 2017. Birth of a New Brain is available on Amazon for paperback pre-sales.

26 thoughts on “33 Days to Go!

  1. I’m on your team!!! So excited, practically jumping out of my skin. (Maybe one cup of coffee was enough…) Can’t wait for release, for then I can post my review to Amazon. Plan to send my preordered copy to NAMI Orange County!

    Followed your link to National Association of Memoir Writers and signed up for A Taste of Memoir Writing: A Free Four Week Online Class. You’re inspiring me… Who knows…

    • Thank you so much for this wonderful, enthusiastic comment, Kitt!!!! You ‘re so funny!!!!! Yes, maybe one cup of coffee was good, although I’d love to see what two cups would do to you, hee hee hee!
      I can’t wait for you to post the release to Amazon as well! The more positive reviews the book gets, the better it will be for those anti-psych/anti-ECT “readers” that I’m preared to face via their scathing 1-star reviews. :(( Okay, I can hear you telling me to be positive so I’ll drop that!

      I emailed NAMW to see if they could extend the special to you, and I’m waiting to hear back from them.
      I told them how awesome you are and how successful your blog and social media ties are, and you’d be a good connection for them, hint hint!!!! :))))))))))

      I’m proud of you for signing up fro the free class—whatever you write will be amazing. It always has been that way. Linda Joy Myers (NAMW’s founder) new book “Song of the Plains: A Memoir of Family, Secrets & Silence” is truly incredible. I read it when we were in Tahoe, and I think you would more than enjoy it. You can find my review here:

      • You can get your writing done and then just read books at night or whenever your favorite time to read is…you can do both I know you can! I know you’ll enjoy Linda and Martha’s work which will inspire you to make your own contribution!

      • Finished Pieces of Me by Lizbeth Meredith. Reading a Song of the Plains by Linda Joy Myers. Right now I plan to publish my blog posts with a brief mental health history at the beginning instead of writing a full-blown memoir. Don’t want to lose writing I’ve done on my blog. Think my work is worth publishing.

    • Thanks so much, sweet Cass – this experience feels like running a 10K which I used to do (the toughest part: the home stretch) as well as nearing the end of a ten-year-long pregnancy, ha ha! If only I could stop pounding the chocolate and chips. :0

  2. Wow! Dyane, such exciting news! Here’s a question for you: would you prefer us to pre-order the book and bring one for you to sign to your launch party OR buy it at the event? Either way, I am totally behind you on this. You’re gonna be a best seller!

    • Thanks so much, Martha. Wow – that’s a great question! You can buy it at the event – we should have plenty, and it will be such a pleasure to give you a big hug before signing away! I wish you could sign your book on my Kindle, LOL! XOXO

    • p.s. you are super-awesome for reblogging it – I wrote something in response over at your blog. And also did you see that Kitt O’Mallet tweeted about your book? Woo hoo!

  3. Lady, I knew from the notification what 33 could mean here. I mean in my country we have a beer called 33 Export. Check the link just for cheer lol: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/33-export-cameroon/220696/

    Now and serious now, you are doing your best and I am on your team all the way. If you coin a tweet just the way you and your agent or etc would love it, count on me to tweet away as from October 7th. Thank Lucy Resident MD for me oh,

    loads of love ad infinitum

    • YOU, my dear, are SUPER-CAFFEINE-RIFIC! I must get over to your blog. I’ve neglected all my friends’ blogs and do I feel guilt! “The horror, the horror!!!!” 😱

      Sending you heaps of non-guilt-infused, sweet, java-scented ❤️,

      Princess Percolatia the 1st ☕️

      • Hey, you’ve got kind of a lot going on, yourself. You just stay percolato-licious, and hug that lovely family of yours lots and lots. Love, Java Jean of the Jungle Bean xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Great blog, as always, Dyane xxx
    P.S. It reminds me, I’ve been meaning to blog about launching a new book (for what my advice is worth!) and when I get a chance, I will. But until then my best advice is – there must be cake! (Sounds like you’ve got that covered already!!)

    • Thanks so much, Sara!!!! I’m sorry I haven’t been to the blogs much. I’m still not used to being a lot busier than I used to be…I know you understand!

      No pressure on the post about launching a new book, although I’d absolutely love to read your take on it. As far as cake goes, it turns out we’re going to sell cookies at the 1st one to donate to a couple awesome local non-profits. However, cake may still make an appearance. I shall keep you posted! 😊

  5. So excited my dearest Dyane! And so happy and proud of you for accomplishing this amazing task of writing a book! I’m getting the kindle version, can’t wait to read it! Just a few more days till the book comes out! And you won’t need the chocolate cake, although that sounds yummy! Lots of love and hugs.

  6. Hi my friend! I hope you’re feeling MUCH better. When I attended the Catamaran conference a few years ago, I met Nina Amir who wrote “How to Blog a Book” – I didn’t read it, but it might be a potential resource for you. Here’s the link, just in case….

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