Kitt O’Malley’s Review: “Birth of a New Brain” #PostPartumBipolar


This review of “Birth of a New Brain” by the blogger/writer Kitt O’Malley is one of the first ones I’ve read. I’m very grateful for her insights and impressions.

As a mother with bipolar disorder, Kitt has a particular appreciation for my experience. She has an outstanding blog so if you haven’t read it, I encourage you to look at the variety of her posts and be sure to read her “About” page – she’s a truly remarkable person, and I’m proud to call her my friend.

Kitt O'Malley

Birth of a New Brain: Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder by Dyane Harwood. Foreword by Dr. Carol Henshaw.

Dyane Harwood thrilled me when she sent me an advance copy of her memoir, Birth of a New Brain: Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder. (I pre-ordered it and was anxiously awaiting it’s October 2017 release.) Her memoir fills a much-needed niche in sharing the experience of bipolar disorder, peripartum onset (beginning during pregnancy or within four weeks after delivery).

With her friendly approachable writing style, her strong spirit shines throughout her memoir, even when describing the devastation of bipolar disorder. Her story shows how important it is to not give up. She had to undergo ECT and multiple medication trials to find what worked for her.

Dyane explains both the traumatic symptoms she experienced and technical psychiatric information clearly and accurately. She managed to inform and inspire the me. Her book is well-researched and includes useful and informative resources throughout and in her appendices. She even includes me as…

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16 thoughts on “Kitt O’Malley’s Review: “Birth of a New Brain” #PostPartumBipolar

  1. Great review Lady Dy! Can’t wait to read your book myself! Congratulations again on writing this much needed book on postpartum bipolar disorder!

    • Thank you, lovely Lady Samina! (That sure has a nice ring to it! 😜)

      It’s scary to read a review (at least it is for me!) no matter who the author is, but after I read Kitt’s remarks, I was SO happy and SO relieved, LOL!

      Thanks in advance for reading the book – I hope with all my πŸ’– you like it!

    • Aww, thank you so much, Martha!!!!! 🌺
      You brightened up my day!!!!! πŸ’ž Hope you’re doing well! 😍

      • I love following your progress. Your success is teaching me. Thank you. I’ve gotten great endorsements and have some Amazon reviews promised from some folks, but I was wondering how you found people to write reviews. Friends? Associates?

      • I was familiar with a lot of the most amazing psychiatrists, psychologists and authors in both the bipolar and perinatal mental health fields. I just contacted all of them with emails. πŸ™‚ a few of them were people I had corresponding with on the internet but we had never met, so I wouldn’t say we were friends exactly, but maybe like warm associates

      • Thanks again for your guidance. I’m looking forward to reading your book. Mine just “went live” on Oct 1, and it’s exciting to hear from people who have ordered their copy.
        Are you asking people to review your book on Amazon etc? If so, I would love to write a review. Would you be interested in reading my book and writing an Amazon review? I can send you a PDF or E-Pub, or a hard copy if you like.
        Congrats again and happy launch!

      • You’re welcome, Martha and big congrats on your new book too! October is a truly awesome month!

        I’m asking everyone I know to review my book, LOL, just here on the blog, but I’m not asking anyone specifically because I’m too busy to be able to read/review books in return and I’m going to be over-the-top busy until 2018 arrives. Thanks for your offer, though! And I wish you all the best with your book – that’s a wonderful accomplishment.

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