Spiders in the Night Make Me Tired

It’s 10:30 a.m. and I’m tired.

Yesterday evening I received a disturbing email from a relative. It was unsettling because its content indicated that the relative has some signs of Alzheimer’s. (Kitt, I plan on reading your Bipolar and Dementia blog post today!)

Later that night around 2:00 a.m., one of my girls woke me out of a deep-ish sleep (which in itself is extremely rare!) to tell me there was a big black spider by her bed and I needed to send it to Spider Heaven STAT!!!

When I got to her room,  I found not one, but two of the creepy crawlers, plus there were two other spiders in the hallway! (Bipolar on Fire, my fellow arachnophobist, I thought of you!) 


I do not like spiders!

As Dr. Seuss wrote in Green Eggs and Ham,

“I would not like them
Here or there.
I would not like them

Sorry, spiders of the world, it’s nothing personal. 

At least I can look on  the bright side here – at least the spiders weren’t as big as this:



Did I mention I have poison oak…the second time this summer!  I guess I need to be more aware of those “leaves of three (and) let them be” once and for all!

These are small problems, well, except for the dementia issue, but I’ll be okay. When I take Lucy for her walk later this afternoon, that will give me an attitude adjustment.

As long as I keep away from the poison oak, ticks, and of course, spiders!


What is it about Alice Cooper that’s so gosh darn likable? Hmm, maybe I could dress up as him for Halloween this year!


Thanks for reading and an extra-big thanks for your encouragement over the past few weeks!!! Have a great weekend!





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11 thoughts on “Spiders in the Night Make Me Tired

  1. So sorry about the possible Alzheimer’s in the family. You and your affected family members are in my thoughts and prayers. Nick is really sensitive to poison oak. Our backyard was full of it when we lived in Eugene. Spiders do great work, eating other insects, but they can be creepy and downright mean when they bite.

    • Thank you for everything, Kitt. ❤️ Once I had such a bad case of poison oak that I had to take prednisone for it. It worked but I became a “roid rager” and I lost out on any chances of doing well at a job interview with the now-defunct Crossing Press.

      This time it’s not so terrible, but it has turned me into a grump. 🙀 This too shall pass, right?…sooner rather than later, I hope! 😜

  2. Uf- it must be spider season! I had to dispose of a monster this morning.
    Alzheimer’s/Dementia is a hard one. We had a difficult case in our family- so sorry to hear that yours may be dealing with it as well.

    • Thanks so much, Anne Clare, for taking the time to write!
      Yes, it’s definitely spider season. :0 I love the warm weather, but it brings out our neighborhood spiders in full force – yikes! I’m so sorry you had a very tough case of Alzheimer’s with your own family – what a horrible, horrible disease

      I hope you’re having a good Saturday and that you got a nap in! 😉

      Take care,


  3. The Alzheimer’s diagnosis is very troubling, I know. I have an Aunt in the early stages and she is in complete denial. We see it, of course, but at this point we are powerless to do anything about it. She is still living on her own but she has some real “spells” of irrationality and perseverating that is trying for all of us. My thoughts are with you bigly.

    Regarding the spiders! My oh my how I am grateful to be out of the spider-filled basement at my sister’s. I am sorry you got woken up out of a deep sleep to deal with that!! So vulnerable and then so creepy and crawly! Get yourself a hand-vac, if you don’t have one! That is the best way to deal with those suckers!!

    Love you much, and sorry about the poison oak!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Hello there sweet Bipolar on Fire!

      I understand the denial aspect you mentioned with your Aunt because that’s what’s going on with our family member. 😱 Re: the creepy-crawlies – thanks so much for reminding me about hand-vacs!! I still need to look for a cheap one, if there is such a thing! These spiders are SO damn fast and tough – they’re zombie spiders – some of them are ridiculously hard to kill!!!! Ewwwww!

      Sending lots of love right back to you and your adorable birds!!! 🐧🐦

  4. Oh, those late-night wake-ups exhaust me too, Empress Percolatia, no doubt, but hard family news…ugh. Just hugs, and love, and more hugs, and nummy cocoa, and more hugs, and some of that Jiff whipped chocolate peanut butter that is GOOD LORDY SO YUMMY IT’S LIKE TERRIBLE-FOR-YOU-PUDDING. Ahem. Hugs! 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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