Thanks For Your Support – Good News!



bp Magazine has come to its senses!

Let me begin by telling you I had given up all hope of bp Magazine seeing the postpartum bipolar light!

Ironically, after I had unsubscribed to bp‘s Twitter feed and their email newsletter and closed off my heart to them, I got an email from bp’editor.

Lo and behold, I was informed there would be an opportunity for me after all. I was invited to write about postpartum bipolar for the “On My Mind” column in bp‘s Winter 2018 issue!

I wish I could say it was my magical, powerful “I’m disappointed” email I had sent to bp’s publisher that did the trick. But I suspect other actions came into play.

What I believe had the most influence was that some of you contacted the editor. (THANK YOU Kitt O’Malley and thanks to everyone else who wrote the editor and who retweeted on my behalf including Samina of the Bipolar 1 Blog and Bipolar on Fire.) Please let me know if you helped out in the comments and I’ll give you credit in the next post!

After I sent the publisher my “I’m very disappointed” email and didn’t hear back, I wrote a lengthy email to the editor. Then I did something I was sure was going to have bp’s staff place my name on their sh*t list.

I conducted a week-long Twitter Tantrum. Every time a reputable organization such as the UCLA Semel Friends, Postpartum Support International, or DBSA tweeted my SELF postpartum bipolar article link (which they all did numerous times) I retweeted it and tagged @bpmag.

It was a helluva lot of tweets!

For the record, I do not recommend doing this if you’re upset with someone or with a group. Remember, I had given up on hearing from bp Magazine forever!

I mega-tweeted to prove a point to them.

I knew that chances were very high I’d be burning a bridge with their staff, but as you guessed, I was past the point of caring about consequences. 

When I spotted the editor’s email in my in-box yesterday, my hands turned cold and clammy and I started to freak out. I was sure the email would say something like this:



When I forced myself to read the email, it was a very pleasant surprise.

So there you have it! I guess the moral of the story is really about how awesome the blogosphere and Twittersphere can be in one’s time of need. If I didn’t have amazing virtual friends (you know who you are!) then this dramatic turn of events wouldn’t have occurred.

The magic of the “I’m Disappointed” email can only go so far…

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next Friday, perhaps even with the post I promised to share about rich people and dog poop!




Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder, with a foreword by Dr. Carol Henshaw, will be published by Post Hill Press on October 10th, 2017. Birth of a New Brain is available on Amazon for paperback pre-sales. Kindle pre-sales will be available in early September.

16 thoughts on “Thanks For Your Support – Good News!

    • Thanks so much, Lovely Lady Samina! I love it when life surprises us in a good way – you and I know all too well how precious that is! 💖

  1. Oh lady, am glad my mite contributed to wake this people up from their own bipolar. I learn from you each day captain and winter series or not, 2018 or whichever freaking year, we got them

    • ***Thank you*** sweetness for that mite! I’m thrilled you learn anything from me! I’ll give you credit in the next post – an A+ for loyal fairy godmotherly support! 💗

    • This is a super-belated thank you, Cassandra! I don’t mean to sound like an ungrateful twit, but I didn’t want to write the article, LOL!!! I’m overwhelmed as it is!!!! I wanted *their* writer to do it! (She’s a great writer – I’ve read her work for years, and I knew she’d do a fine job.)

      But I guess I can’t look a gift horse in the mouth, can I? 🐴

  2. Congratulations, Dyane -they finally came to their senses. Well done for making them realise the error of their ways!
    I’ve got a feeling we may be ‘cut from the same cloth’ as my mum likes to say. Tell me something I really, really want is impossible & I’ll set out to make it un-impossible, if you know I mean.
    I’ve had plenty of experience of that this last week! I know you’ve been following from All the Way Over There –
    so thank you, Dyane. Should be updating my blog with news today.
    But enough of that. I hope you really enjoy writing your article for BP – you’ll absolutely knock their socks off!
    …And then I’ll be expecting that promised poop post. It’s just what my life needs now!
    Wendy / Sara – or whoever I am today! xxx

    • Dear Sarawendy,

      Your comment cracked me up, Ms. Not The Booker 2017 Short List Winner!!!

      I’m so incredibly proud of you!!!! I’m deeply honored you took the time to comment despite all the excitement that’s going on over there with your astounding book “Not Thomas.”

      It’s so cool when a writer you not only admire but find to be a kindred spirit achieves well-deserved success!!!!. I’m looking forward to finally catching up on your blog this weekend and I’ll find out the latest and the greatest!

      I’m very pleased for you, my friend!


      Dyane a.k.a. “Lady Percolatia of Javaland” ☕️

  3. Taking a quick break from the swamp that is the first week of a new term to see what you’re up to. That’s AWESOME news, Your Highness of Awesome, O Empress Percolatia! (oh for crying out loud, I can’t even remember how to spell your title. Gah!) Yours is a voice that NEEDS to be heard, and I’m so excited yet another group of professionals has come to their senses.

    Ugh, back to students. Thanks for being the inspiration for so many of us still struggling–and yes, seriously, Dyane, you are an inspiration to me. Java Jean of the College Freshmen Junglexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • It is Empresss Percolatia here! ☕️
      You may bow, my lovely brilliant court scribe! 😉
      I wish you all the luck in the UNIVERSE as you begin this term!

      You amaze me, oh caffeinated one. You’re such an adept mom/teacher/wife/writer etc. etc. etc.

      Thank you for your kind congratulations! You also inspire me, so we are the two glorious founding members of the Mutual Inspiration (and perhaps Perspiration) Society!

      I’ve written it before and I’ll write it again – the COOLEST people in my world live far away.
      Oh Java Jean of the College Freshmen Jungle, why is that, pray tell?

      Much love to you, my kindred spirit!
      Dyane/Empress Percolatia/Spy Dy



      Um. Maybe not! 👀

      • LOLOLOL! That’s the coolest name yet, co-founder of MIPS!
        Ah, but You and I have spirits bound to our lands. We may travel, we may share, but we are the products of our lands. But we’ll always have the Percolatia Jungles of the Five Beandoms! 😀 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Java JeaneyBeaneyBoyaMamaJammaDumDoodleydodeedah 🙂

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