Should bp Magazine Publish A Postpartum Bipolar Article?

The original topic for today was going to be “Dog Poop & Rich People” and believe me, I’ll cover that subject soon! It’s a subject very close to my heart. But there’s another topic I’m passionate about & I could use your social media support

I’d be so grateful for your help!

Some of you may have heard of bp Magazine, the world’s largest magazine that focuses on all things bipolar.

bp Magazine’s publisher Joanne Doan was kind enough to contribute this endorsement for my book. She wrote:

There is a distinct need for Dyane Harwood’s book Birth of a New Brain. Although Dyane had a specific trigger for her bipolar disorder, peripartum onset after the birth of her second daughter, her story applies to anyone who has been affected by depression, mania and anxiety, either firsthand or through caring about someone who lives with a mood disorder. Dyane’s perseverance in finding treatments and strategies to regain stability will offer hope to those on the same journey, whether they’re at the very beginning or somewhere along the way.

Joanne M. Doan

Publisher of bp Magazine | hope and harmony for people with bipolar

In 2016, one of bp Magazine’s writers contacted me to be quoted in her article – I think it was about anger. I asked if she would pitch her editor about writing a bipolar, peripartum onset/postpartum bipolar story at some point, and she said yes. I sent her my press kit which included all the wonderful blurbs by Joanne Doan, Kay Redfield Jamison, Dr. Verinder Sharma, etc and asked her to forward it to her editor with the pitch.

Recently she pitched the editor. The editor passed.

I was shocked. This pitch wasn’t all about promoting my book – it was mainly about bringing attention to a form of bipolar in a magazine dedicated to bipolar disorder! (There has never been an article written about it before.) Of course, my book would be mentioned, but not in depth.

By the editor passing on her pitch, it can be implied she thinks that expert opinions such as Kay Redfield Jamison’s are meaningless:

Dyane Harwood’s Birth of a New Brain is a gripping account of the awful juxtaposition of childbirth and the onset of bipolar illness. Her book is an informative and important contribution to our understanding of this triggering of mental illness that happens more often than is generally recognized.

—Kay Redfield Jamison, author of An Unquiet Mind and Robert Lowell, Setting the River on Fire

Ironically, SELF magazine asked me to write an article about postpartum bipolar. The article was published online last Tuesday. While that was wonderful, I’m so disappointed (!)  bp Magazine finds this topic unworthy. I’ve gotten great feedback from the SELF piece and from organizations that have retweeted the article (Intl. Bipolar Foundation, UCLA Semel Friends, Postpartum Support International, DBSA, and many others) indicating there’s a strong interest in this subject.

SO, my friends, I know I need to let it go, but before I do could you please consider contacting bp Magazine asking for a postpartum bipolar article? One idea is you could write something along the lines of:

“Hi. I read the SELF postpartum bipolar article and I’d like more information from the #1 bipolar magazine in the world!”  😉  

There’s nothing else I can do except ask you to help, please.

Here are the best ways to reach bp Magazine with your opinion:



You can write a Letter to the Editor!!!

Either email: mailbag@bphope


Send a general comment to:

If you’re a writer, pitch them YOUR idea about a postpartum bipolar article! (You will get paid!) Maybe you could interview me! 😉 Subtle hint, eh? 

How to query bp Magazine: Send your query letter in body of an email, not as an attachment. Your query should be accompanied by three recently published attached samples and a professional resume. Email queries all to

Look on their website for more details here. 

You can send a message on Facebook:




P.S.This is the first time I’ve shared a GoFundMe link in this blog. My friend Julie Horner could use $ support to save her home. She’s a writer and a wonderful person, plus she’s promoting my book events through her volunteer work for the local paper.

Every $1 counts. If you can give anything and/’or share this link, thanks from the bottom of my heart!



Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder, with a foreword by Dr. Carol Henshaw, will be published by Post Hill Press on October 10th, 2017. Birth of a New Brain is now available on Amazon for paperback pre-sales. Kindle pre-sales will be available in August.


39 thoughts on “Should bp Magazine Publish A Postpartum Bipolar Article?

  1. That’s awful! I’m so upset that bp magazine, a seminal publication, passed on such a brilliant idea for an article! I hope they’ll reconsider after your letter-writing campaign.

    • Thanks so much, Cassandra! I know you’re busy, but you’re one of THE most articulate bloggers I know so is there any chance you could contact them super-briefly letting them know how you feel? And hmmm, come to think of it, YOU could write such a fab fab article about the topic! Why not pitch them!

    • I was just telling Rilla how awesome you are; you’ve always been there for me. From day one.
      A truly special friend!! She got a kick out of the fact you got married at Tahoe! 😉 (I had to throw that in!) you know me….

      Thanks a million for sharing the SELF article with @bpHopeMag !I used to buy SELF every now and then back when it was a print magazine; now it’s onllne only. I never imagined any of my articles would appear in it! Especially about this topic!

      Sending you a hug from afar. Xo

  2. My other comment didn’t get posted. Anyway, I wrote a letter to Ms. Doanne asking her to print an article about post/peripartum bipolar as it would be very helpful. Hopefully she’ll listen to all our voices. Love and hugs.

  3. @bpHopeMag “Hi. I read the SELF postpartum bipolar article @DyaneHarwood more information from the #1 bipolar magazine in the world!” plz

    • To my one & only passionate, dynamic, determined, disciplined and dedicated & BRILLIANT friend. Love you & thank YOU!

      p.s. I’m about to read your new, amazing-looking maiden Gbm-em Foundation
      (A Non Profit for Epilepsy and Mental Wellbeing Advocacy) newsletter – you can get it at the website, yes?


      • Thanks lady, but am in tears cause working on that newsletter brought so much painful memories and his death anniversary is August 2nd and this bp hope magazine things a category of bp as important as perinatal or postpartum I beg your pardon should be left out…

      • Ohhhhhh……..I am so sorry. Will be praying for you on Aug. 2 and before then. Can’t imagine that pain, sweet friend and godmother. I love you.

      • And I was thinking a lot about Ull today, she helped me a lot especially in that week when I couldn’t sleep, eat nor walk properly. Strange I worked out twice a week and wrote until my fingers also went numbà

      • No dear newsletter not yet on the website thanks to some “bp hope kind of” web master mum retained. I do much of his work for him and have to stay up by him into midnight to follow him up and etc etc but next week after the storm or during if I find the strength to, I ‘ll get it on the website myself

      • I’ll pray for that to happen more smoothly too – especially so YOU don’t have to do it!!! I shared your newsletter on my Facebook! Still want to read it closely today.

    • It’s emabrrassing and of course DISAPPOINTING that other organizations thta have nothing to do with bipolar find the topic important, yet bp mag does not.

  4. I think some are truly overrated and it blows the last iota of decency and dignity and compassion they ever, would have or should have had out… excuse my fumming, they better be glad I don’t have the time to spam them emails and hack and all… they can even track me and try to sue so I have a field time doing one of the things I love doing… gimmie a break whatever, which hope they give?

    • They could do just one page or 1/2 pg or hell, a paragraph! I’m not crazy for thinking that, am I??? ; I even offered to ***promote the magazine*** at all my book events, and I’m going to do some HUGE ones, i.e. Jay Mohr’s podcast that has over a million subscribers. The editor, I believe, is a woman; she might even be a mom. Shame on her! If Dr. Jamison thinks this form of bipolar/perinatal mood & anxiety disorder is worth writing about (and that remarkable woman is a bona fide MacArthur award-winning “genius”- I’ll tell you more about that later) you’d think they might want to follow her lead. Right?

  5. Much as I support your efforts, I am loathe to tell a publication what they should publish. The editors must have had their reasons for passing. Did they pass those along?

    • No, they did not. Plus, it was odd the publisher thought my book’s topic worhty enough to endorse, yet her magazine editor didn’t. And as a faithful subscriber for 7 yrs or so, I find it unethical to not disseminate info. about this bipolar illness. As a subscriber who has promoted their magazine to my now 1700 followers over 5 years, I have no problem telling them what I think should appear in the magazine. I appreciate your sharing your opinion respectfully. Take care.

      • First, forgive me for (I think) double-posting. I worked in public relations and advertising for many years. In my experience, there is a firewall between the publishing side and the editing side. The publisher is responsible for the economic health of the publication and, therefore, advertising. In recommending your book, she may have been hoping for you to advertise in the publication. The editor may not be open to being influence by the publisher’s endorsement.

        That said, you might want to ask the editor why she/he declined the article? Most editors are willing to share their reasons and many will let writers know what they would be interested in. Good luck!

      • Again, great points, Janice, and what you wrote about publishing vs. editing makes total sense. I’ve been in touch (via email) with Joanne Doan about different things for at least several years. I’ve always really liked her and I was happy we had a good, respectful email rapport.

        This time it was clear by her email she simply wasn’t interested in backing me up on this matter. I didn’t feel like pursuing it that day because I had a million things going on. I still do have a ton of to-do’s, but what sparked my Twitter campaign and my blog post, ironically, was the SELF magazine piece coming out on Tuesday to over 500,000 twitter followers. I didn’t know when they’d publish it. They asked me to write it, which was cool since it has usually been your truly being the one to query magazine editors!

        When the SELF piece went live, I saw that people & big organizations were retweeting it. I noticed some validating comments too. It was great! So…..I’m sure you see where I’m going with this. If SELF gives a damn (pardon my potty mouth) BP should too. I haven’t even had my 1st cup of coffee, so forgive me for sounding cranky. That is highly unusual! to me to wait until 8:30 for java 😉

  6. Did bp give you a reason for passing on your pitch? If not, you might ask. After years of pitching articles as a public relations professional and being the editor of a mental health blog, I can say that there was/is usually a well-founded reason for declining a pitch, whether that reason is apparent to the writer pitching the story or not. Most editors will tell you why they passed, and many will also tell you how you might rework the idea to fit with what they are interested in at that time. Good luck to you!

    • Hi again, Janice. You have an amazing background! None of what you mentioned (and they are great points) took place. That’s what really disappoints me. It’s ridiculous. One person is making a ludicrous decision. Her head writer thought the concept was worthwhile – worthwile enough to stay in touch with me about it for quite some time. The editor’s boss, publisher Joanne Doan, thought my book’s premise was good enough to endorse. So what’s going on, I wonder. I’d love to write to the editor or even talk with her, but she makes herself inaccessible – she has good reasons to do that, but in the past I found many editors were far more accessible through phone, mail or email and our publications were better off for that. it’s a shame she or her assistant cannot be easily reached by loyal reader.

      It’s empowering to speak up even if she does nothing about it or even badmouths me. Thanks again!

  7. Dyane, when I saw your link about the Self Magizine publication on fb, I was so excited for you and proud too! Again, congratulations!
    It’s quite absurd that BP Magazine has passed on this important topic of which you are such a great crusader! I will be happy to write a letter regarding the issue.

    OT: You said to let you know how it goes: I wrote my 1st “I’m disappointed” letter this morning and got an immediate and satisfying result. So there! Yay

    • How I loved reading this wonderful comment of yours, Michelle! I can’t thank you enough for it!

      I’m SUPER-jolly that “I’m disappointed” worked for you! :))))))))))) Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I know you’re one busy bee – if you have time to write a few sentences to BP, that would be fab! Thanks for your fantastic support which arrived at just the right moment today. ❤️💗💜😇

  8. Dyane, do you think that if you resubmitted the same article (very important content!), co-authored by a professional in the perinatal mood disorder community, one with knowledge, respect, and lots of official looking letters after their name, that the magazine might reconsider? They could provide some clinical input and be the second author and add “credibility” to it. Just an idea. I can’t help but wonder if the editor has some personal agenda and that is why she turned your article down. Don’t let it stop you from getting it out there.Try the Canadian publication Moods Magazine. Hey, why not shoot for the moon? Oprah Magazine!

    • Hi lovey Marci, and thanks for your support yesterday!

      Your “Bigwig Co-author” idea is creative and an excellent one, but I don’t have the time or energy to recruit someone to do it. I also suspect the editor has a personal agenda, which is such a damn shame.
      I’m moving on…I need to focus on my book promotion: my 1st talk is in 3 months and I have to create a presentation, which I’ve never done before. I’m assisting the publicist @ my publisher w/ promotions too.

      “Moods” is a great idea! From this point on I’m sending out media kits/press releases for the book, not about a general article about bipolar, peripartum — maybe they’d be up for writing a book review? I’ll send a press kit to O too – why not! 😉

      Thanks for your awesome comment! Happy weekend to you!
      (((hugs))) Dyane

  9. How strange of bp to do that, Dyane! Maybe, and this is just coming to my head now because Bo’s watching a movie, did they already have an article too similar to your own? That’s the only justifiable reason I can think of for turning your piece down. Clearly they find your voice and knowledge important, so I can’t fathom why else they’d say no. But huzzah and happiness to writings and blurbs and promos and all that! Oy, I’m tired, so I’m sorry if I’m not making any sense…

  10. I just want to share with you this site:

    Probably the best source on MAOIs use on the internet. Also explains why depression is poorly treated in general. Reliable information is difficult to come by. Too much noise, too many “experts” claiming they know better.

    Diet recommendations are very through as well.

    Glad you were a MAOI respondant !!

    • I only took a quick look at the site but it looks like a fantastic resource!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with me, John! I’m guessing you might have seen my posts about MAOI’s (including the one titled “Don’t bash my MAOI” – I’m deeply grateful for the lithium/Parnate combo. I take and I look forward to reading the article on the site about MAOI combos as well as all the other MAOI articles there. Once again, many thanks! :)) Dyane

  11. I’m learning a lot about postpartum bipolar from your blog! I never knew specifically about it. Thank you for sharing, I think one day I will read your book! bp should definitely have an article about it. I’ve actually been looking to get published with them, for their “on my mind” section… I was wondering how selective they are.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! I’d be honored if you read my book. I’m not sure how selective BP is when it comes to “On My Mind” but you could query them. I was just sent the link to my 1st podcast about postpartum bipolar for the podcast “Mom & Mind” – I like listening to podcasts while folding laundry & sometimes I even listen to them when I’m walking my dog Lucy. Here’s the link below and take care – good luck with your writing!!!

      Take care,

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