Ssssetting My Sssights Lower for Ssssanity’s Sssake

I re-read this blog post today because I’m preparing for my next Toastmasters speech: ” The Relationship Between Postpartum Bipolar Disorder and Postpartum Psychosis.” Some parts of it made me laugh & that felt good. It’s rare for me to read an older post and not want to change much, but I stand by this one.

Things have changed so much since I wrote it — the book is done, I’ve received over 20 freaking amazing endorsements – every single one is from someone I think is brilliant — and with high octane brains backing up my writing including Dr. Verinder Sharma, Dr. Carol Henshaw, and Kay Redfield Jamison, I’m far more confident in my message and the veracity of my diagnosis.

I haven’t contacted Dr. Disappointment since this post was published, but I’ll be sending her my press kit very soon. I’m going to contact her bipolar organization one more time & encourage them to let their many followers know about my book – and the diagnosis itself, since they specialize in freakin’ bipolar!! 😉

Hope you like this one,


Dyane Harwood


This post will sound like I’m getting worked up over something minor, but it’s not minor to me. While it’s another diatribe about an attitude I’ve been faced with by the bipolar & postpartum advocacy groups, there are a few new, juicy tidbits to explore. (I’ve written about this before here.)

This blog was created first and foremost to write about postpartum bipolar disorder (bipolar, peripartum onset) and it’s where I feel supported and understood by so many of you! Hence, this post.

I’ve been repeatedly burning myself out after contacting various bipolar & postpartum nonprofits to ask them to include PPBD on their websites, etc. They’ve made it clear they don’t give a damn about my form of bipolar/perinatal mood and anxiety disorder.

Sadly, if a celebrity comes out with PPBD or if PPBD appears in a soap opera storyline, I’ll get my queries returned…


“Yes, I’ve been offered two roles in…

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12 thoughts on “Ssssetting My Sssights Lower for Ssssanity’s Sssake

      • we should work on together in writing a book together. My mother is a doctor, she can be a great asset to promote your vision and thoughts. I want to support you to bring awareness to you voice.

  1. Hi Dyane! With your book coming out shortly, PPBD is going to get a lot more attention in the correct circles! I think that will get you very much closer to accomplishing your goal of having PPBD included in websites, lists, etc. All your incredibly hard work will pay off! So proud and happy for you. Love and hugs.

  2. Just wanted you to know I have just started reading your blog. My daughter exhibits all the systems of being bipolar. Her father is bipolar. I believe she is too. Education about this disorder is important. Appreciate any information I can get. I think Liz is still not sure so afaird of what people will say or think of her. Hoping I can get her to start reading your blog and get strength and support that she doesn’t seem to get from her husband and in-laws. She lives with them in another state. I try so hard to help her. She has two beautiful daughters that love her and need her to be there . Thank you for creating a forum of support for those effected.

    • You’re very welcome, Barbara! Sorry for the late reply….I hope Liz might take a look here too! You’re a wonderful and loving mother.

      take care, Dyane

  3. I can’t wait to hear how ToastMasters go–and in that Pilot outfit! Just make sure you have a guitar strapped to your back. 😉 Seriously, though, looking back at this post and seeing how far you’ve come…daaaaaaaaamn, Empress Percolatia, you are my hero! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Empress Percolatia is the BEST BEST BEST title for me EVER! I want to make business cards with it. Toastmasters went a little better this week, but it’s still super-duper hard. I didn’t wear my Pilot outfit so that was a big boo boo! Even if I had donned the clothes, they wouldn’t have helped much! I need to improve 99% percent. Hell – I have 3 months to do that, no problem, right? 😉 Ahhhhhhhh! p.s. but thank you for writing about how far I’ve come – love love love YOU!

      • Hey, three months is a LOAD of time. Even in spring I wondered how the hell the boys could attend 4K when they refused to use toilets, let alone poop in a training potty. Now? Both use the toilet just fine. Now if I could just get them to pull up their pants and not run out of the bathroom bottomless…can’t have that at school. 😉

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