The Magic of “I’m Disappointed” Part Deux


 You must listen to this entire song. I bet you’ll be very disappointed with me afterwards! 😉 I might wear a version of the lead singer’s outfit for my 1st book talk – what do you think? 

First, here’s some essential 1970s rock education since most of you are way younger than I am. The song “Magic” is by PILOT – isn’t that a groovy name? Pilot was a rock group formed during 1973 in Edinburgh, Scotland by former Bay City Rollers members, David Paton and Billy Lyall. “Magic” was their first hit single and it reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1975 in the US when yours truly was 5, and guess what? ECT didn’t erase any of it in my brain!!! Take that, anti-psychiatry folk!

Speaking of MAGIC…

Last week the magic of “I’m Disappointed” happened again! Here’s the latest disappointment drama!

It was a mellow afternoon in beautiful Lake Tahoe.  I allowed myself a little Twitter time (okay, I allowed myself too much Twitter time!) and I decided to search for any recent postpartum bipolar-related tweets. Occasionally I’ll discover a valuable contact or resource.

I spotted a tweet from a man I’ll call “Mike.” Mike had read one of my postpartum bipolar tweets and he responded by tweeting something slanderous about me. Mike had no idea that his tweet was about to get me Very Disappointed, but oh, was he to learn he shouldn’t mess with the one & only “Dyane Disappointment!”

I reported Mike’s tweet to Twitter.

Alas! Twitter disappointed me too!  They found nothing wrong with Mike’s tweet, so I sent Twitter this email:

Subject: DISAPPOINTED: Re: Case# 62591680: Report about @”Mike” 

From: Dyane Harwood
Dear Twitter Staff,
I was very disappointed with your lack of action regarding my complaint.
Please allow me to explain:
I have a significant problem with Mike’s tweet.
Anyone can view it if they do a topic search for “postpartum bipolar” which is my field of expertise. His tweet is rude and slanderous – it implies I have been unfaithful to my
husband because of my mental illness. That is a total lie, but others reading it
might think otherwise and it could affect my professional reputation.
I have bipolar disorder and I’m an author and a perinatal mental health
advocate. This person’s slanderous tweet has triggered alarming symptoms of my
bipolar disorder, causing me to lose sleep, which can potentially send me
to the hospital. His tweet upset my family members which also triggered my insomnia.
I demand that you take IMMEDIATE action against this individual and remove his tweet
and his account or I will be forced to consult with my attorney. *
Thank you,
Dyane Harwood, B.A., C.P.T. @DyaneHarwood
Santa Cruz, California

*This is my attorney, but Twitter didn’t need to know that!

Miss Lucy Harwood, JD (“Just Dog”)

Here’s Twitter’s reply:

"From:    "" <>
Date:    Sat, 15 July, 2017 1:21 am


Thank you for contacting us about this issue.
We have reviewed the account you reported and have locked it 
because we found it to be in violation of the Twitter Rules:
<>. If the account owner
complies with our requested actions and stated policies, the 
account will be unlocked.

If you would like more information on how to control your Twitter
experience, see this help article:

Please continue to report any future violations of the Twitter 
Rules to us. We appreciate your help making Twitter better for 

Thank you,

Perhaps it wasn’t just the magic of “I’m very disappointed” but also the magic of “I’ll consult my attorney” that got Twitter to take a second look at my complaint and not brush me off like a flea. I was so happy they did the right thing in the end!

I haven’t looked to see if “Mike” is active on Twitter again and up to his old tricks, or if he has opened a new Twitter account. Who knows? But if he pulls the same thing with me, you can bet I’ll get disappointed. And if Mama is disappointed, everyone’s gonna get disappointed! (Groan, I know!) 

On a much happier note….

My friend Mel referred me to a very cool new site called BFFPetnet – a unique pet community. If you’re a pet lover like I am, check it out. I’m there under “Dyane” — if you could please tell your pet loving friends about it, I’d be grateful to you! (They’re on Facebook & Instagram too!)

Another happy note:

You can read the 1st Official Birth of a New Brain article here in Mental Health Treatment by journalist David Heitz!


For those of you who like to look at brief videos of my attorney dog, this twenty seconds of Lucy swimming in Lake Tahoe for the first time is too cute:


See you next Friday – I have some cool book-related updates as well as a section called “Dog Poop & Rich People” I want to share with you!

Have a great weekend, my friends!



Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder, with a foreword by Dr. Carol Henshaw, will be published by Post Hill Press on October 10th, 2017. Birth of a New Brain is now available on Amazon for paperback pre-sales. Kindle pre-sales will be available in August.

23 thoughts on “The Magic of “I’m Disappointed” Part Deux

  1. I’m glad you received the results you needed and all you said was true, how dare that individual say such a thing? Because of social media craziness individuals feel that they can hurt a person any type of way. And these social media sites do not really fully monitor posts other post on their site. I bet you, they heard you when you said, attorney though.
    Stay well n keep pushing through.

    • Thank you so much, Sharnetha! (Beautiful name!) I do feel sorry for Mike – what’s the saying? “Those who are hurt will hurt others” or something to that effect. But still, when I’m the target all I can say is “Hell, no!” 😉 Have a wonderful weekend & thanks again for your support – I’ll keep pushing through – you too! 💗

  2. Adorable video of Lucy swimming in the emerald waters of Lake Tahoe. Congrats on your success standing up for yourself with Twitter. Wonderful example of assertiveness and how to deal with bullies. Congrats on article quoting you. Tweeted it, referencing you.

    • Lucy had such a blast – you could see the excitement and concentration on her furry little face.

      That water was *cold* – and it was a “warm” day according to Craig. The lake is so high (it hasn’t been this high in decades) that it wiped out all the beaches in front of the state park, and it’s only a couple feet lower than all the docks along the west shore. I even got into the lake and it felt really good after the initial cold shock!

      It’s easy for me to stand up for myself as long as it’s online.
      But if it needs to be face-to-face assertiveness? I’m not there yet!!!! (That’s a huge understatement!)

      Big thanks for tweeting the article and referencing me – you always help me out – you’re one of a faithful few who do so, and I appreciate your being there for me SOOOOOOOO much!

  3. There is really a magic with I am disappointed and if need be we add very very very and bingo. Who the heck did that oga mike or twitter zumbach or whoever lords over there think they are? Did they even know who they were spooning around with? If I had to sit and pass the California Bar just to take on your case probono, I would have. One other thing I learnt is that sometimes we need to just let go of an excess say in your case the ‘too much twitter time’. If you hadn’t gone that ‘too much’, you wouldn’t have come across mikegate…glad the investigation didn’t require a special procedure. Now, that upsetting news almost overshadowed the good news but glad I calmed myself down to read till the end lol. Whoop whoop whoop lady and sure Lucy the master swimmer. Love to all

  4. Loved the Pilot song, brilliant. And the Lucy video. Youtube’s suggestions for what I might like to watch next were pretty guitar heavy. (one wonders why) But I wasn’t disappointed. (Metallica, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson, Zac Brown Band) I’m glad Twitter demonstrated empathy and respect. I’ve been disappointed in their allowances too, and they pushed back with the business line of bull, but I gave up figuring they were irredeemable. Should have written an “I’m very disappointed…” letter at the time.

  5. Well done for standing up to Mike – and to Twitter too! Hopefully they’ve both learned their lesson.

    Have a lovely weekend with the family and Lucy too xx

  6. Yay for you and your assertiveness with the Twitter!!! And my GAWD does Lake Tahoe look beautiful!!! I am very proud of you for standing up for yourself like that. Dear DyDy. You’re just a breath of fresh air!!

  7. Hey, you’re RESEARCH! That’s so neat! As for Mike, yeah, there are some people on Twitter who seem to just live on putting others down. I had to block a troll a few months ago, too, because he kept calling me dumb, foolish, ignorant, etc., because he didn’t agree with any of my writing–oh, it’s not like he READ anything I wrote. He just reacted to any Tweet I had and ignored the link to, you know, the WRITING. So yeah, you were totally in the right to threaten all with the most furry-ocious attorney your side of the Mississippi! xxxxxxxx

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