Tiny Toastmasters Breakthrough, Postpartum Bipolar Seminar & a Roving Gunman!

Dear Friends,

Hi there!

In this week’s vlog, I discuss my Toastmasters breakthrough. While it was only a wee bit ‘o progress, I got my first glimmer of hope I could be a decent public speaker someday! After I presented my “Thought of the Day,” I was lucky enough to receive kind, authentic encouragement from my mentor and the other Toastmaster members. That support will keep me going to this group despite my intense jitters.

Speaking of the jitters, in my vlog, I refer to Rescue Remedy, a homeopathic product used to reduce anxiety, but I neglect to explain what form I prefer. I’ve used the Rescue Remedy tincture, pastilles, the sprayand Rescue Plus lozenges. My favorite product is Rescue Plus and it’s the most affordable one at approximately $6.00 for ten lozenges. Rescue Plus has some healthy additions such as vitamin B5 & B12, hence the “Plus” in the name. For more information please visit this link.Postpartum Bipolar Education is Coming!

I’m deeply honored that Michael Pipich LMFT of the Bipolar Network is endorsing Birth of a New Brain. His feedback has been absolutely invaluable!
Michael will be presenting a session at the Postpartum Support International (PSI) Conference in July. It’s called “Peripartum Onset in Bipolar Disorder: Assessment and Treatment in a Three-Phase Approach Psychotherapy,” and you can understand why I’m thrilled a talk focusing on bipolar, peripartum onset is being offered! 
The description: “Childbirth has a strong influence on the development of bipolar disorder in women, however, many patients are misdiagnosed. Attendees will learn bipolar diagnostic techniques and a three-phase approach to treatment.” 
I wish I could be there! For those of you who plan on attending the PSI conference, it would be so cool if you could go to Michael’s talk, hint hint. 
Visit the PSI website at this link for more info. about others’ sessions and the keynote speakers. 

Did you know shock rocker Alice Cooper’s real name is Vincent Furnier, and he loves golf? Another fun fact: his father was a preacher!



School ended yesterday for the girls. I feel really thrown off during this time of year. It’s a challenge to switch from their predictable schedules to a loosey, goosey one. I’m thankful they took the initiative to arrange a last-minute playdate today – hurrah!

In addition to my feeling unsettled with school ending, the past two days have been extra-disturbing. On Wednesday night I was informed by a neighbor that a roving gunman was spotted on our road only a few minutes up the hill from my house. The neighbor saw the stranger fire his gun and take off towards my house.

Thank God the girls were at a friend’s house and Craig was several hours away, but I wasn’t jazzed it was just me and Lucy.

Yes, the police were called.

Yes, I locked all the doors as I was advised when I called to 911, but I felt helpless.  What would I do if this guy showed up? Offer him milk & cookies?

I didn’t even HAVE cookies because I gobbled them all after the neighbor called me. It was stress-bingeing at its worst!

I know what you’re thinking: Was the man ever found???


During this event, it hit me that I’d prefer my terrifying mountain lion encounter to being faced with a gun-toting man. Talk about a bizarre thought, right? 

I’m incredibly thankful he didn’t show up at this house. The various law enforcement personnel I spoke with were awesome. These are incredible people who put their lives on the line.

They’re cute when they’re little!


Today is gloomy, chilly, overcast and misty, and this weather affects my mood in a not-so-groovy way. On Wednesday I skipped my daily walk with Lucy because the gun sighting happened during our usual walk time.

I skipped our walk yesterday because I was flat-out exhausted.

But I’m determined to take Lucy out for a walk today because it will help lift my mood. Walking always does that for both of us, no matter how fatigued I am when we begin! We’ll head out as soon as I publish this post.

I encourage you to get some exercise too over the weekend. 

What will you do? (Moving one’s hand from the pint of ice cream up to one’ s mouth doesn’t count!)

Thanks for reading, and take good care of yourselves!!!






Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder with a foreword by Dr. Carol Henshaw (co-author of The Modern Management of Perinatal Psychiatry) will be published by Post Hill Press on October 10th, 2017. Birth of a New Brain is now available on Amazon for paperback pre-sales. Kindle pre-sales will be available later this summer.

8 thoughts on “Tiny Toastmasters Breakthrough, Postpartum Bipolar Seminar & a Roving Gunman!

  1. Oh, Dyane! The fact that a gunman was around your house is so scary! I hope he is found–or never comes back again.

    I’m not planning on exercising, though I probably could use a walk or two. 🙂 Maybe I’ll take the baby out in the stroller.

    • Not getting closure about this guy is particularly unnerving, so I just hope he doesn’t return either! :0

      If you take the baby out in the stroller that’ll be ***amazing*** but I promise not to nag or pressure you about it! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Martha – it cleared up beautifully and we had a great walk! Plus the high school was preparing elaborate decorations for the grad night & it was fun to check them out, i.e. the pirate ship, blow-up rides (yes!!!!) the gym decorated as a desert island….we never had anything like that at my high school! 😉

  2. Lucy was adorable in the video. Love how she covered her eyes. Congrats on the victories at Toastmasters. Someone shooting a gun nearby! Scary!

  3. Um, I’d rather deal with a mountain lion, too, and it’s no wonder you didn’t go walking! But you’re right–locking yourself away for months won’t do a lick of good either, so I’m glad you set out.

    AMEN to summer vacations! The day school ended, Blondie was whining, “So noooooow what to we do?” Biff’s taken great pleasure in antagonizing her with lazer pew pews, and Bash is determined to raid her Legos. Of course, all this is brought to me with the “fix it!” cry, but I’ve just been marching them back with a, “It’s a long summer. You HAVE to live together. Figure it out.” Yeah, there’s not been much figuring yet. Sigh…At least Monday marks the start of Blondie’s swimming lessons. The boys will be in daycare for the hour I have her at the pool every day for the next two weeks, which should give these three a nice break from each other.

    Now: YAY FOR YOUR DAY THOUGHT THINGEY! It’s just like dunking your head underwater–you just need to do it a few times to feel a bit less scared and a bit more confident. (Yeah, Blondie’s NOT excited about that. at. all.)You’ll be casually sipping coffee and whipping up witty repartee in front of audiences in no time!

    And that’s awesome about the conference! I wonder if something like that will be recorded on YouTube. It might make for a good talking point when you speak with others about your book, showing there is more and more professional awareness about bipolar, peripartum onset.

    Hugs and love from buggy Wisconsin. Hope your daughters learn to survive one another this summer–heaven help my brood! 😛 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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