Review — Birth of a New Brain: Healing from #Postpartum Depression by Dyane Harwood





I want to thank my writing mentor Wendy K. Williamson for writing this wonderful review of my book! I only paid her five bucks to do it! 😉

If it wasn’t for Wendy, I don’t know if my book would have been “born!” I’m forever grateful to this intrepid writer for her encouragement, humor, and wisdom.Wendy’s belief that my writing was good enough to share with others truly kept me going.

Be sure to check out her two books I’m Not Crazy Just Bipolar (an outstanding memoir that was ahead of its time) and Two Bipolar Chicks Guide to Survival (which I wish I had to read in 2007 when I was diagnosed); please follow her blog & Twitter too @bipolarwendy.

Wendy has some amazing blog posts – one of my favorites is her post called “Go Ahead Writer”:

Once again, Wendy, thank you. I’ll always be in your debt unless I win the California SuperLotto Plus jackpot – in that case, I’ll build a writer’s colony and name it the Wendy K. Williamson Center for the Literary Arts. It will have a cafe called “Diner Girl,” a bookstore heavily stocked with her books, and I’ll give you a million dollar stipend! How does that sound? (I wish I could do that!!)



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15 thoughts on “Review — Birth of a New Brain: Healing from #Postpartum Depression by Dyane Harwood

  1. I haven’t even received my copy of your book yet and I already know it will be awesome! However I am glad someone in the industry tossed in a good word, lol.

    • Intrepid (“fearless; adventurous”) is a great word – I don’t use it enough. It could be used to describe you and Ella! If I won that $, you bet I’d fly you out here for a vacation!!!

  2. A great review! She has summed up many people’s experience of the gift you share on your blog. Looking forward to buying an ecopy when it comes out

    • Awww, thank you so much! I’m so lucky to have someone like her in my corner, and thanks for the super-kind words as always!!!

  3. I can’t wait to read your memoir, to do a question with the author and to contribute my own modest review. I will equally need to buy a kindle version so I have it on the go o

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