A Woodsy Vlog: Endorsements & The Awesome Mohr Stories Podcasts

My Fall Creek Redwoods Vlog 

If you’re brave enough to listen (and braver still to watch my shaky camera work), you’ll be updated about my quest for book endorsements and other tidbits. I forgot to mention that my Scottish collie Lucy has the same birthday as I do: March 18th! She’s turning a whopping 3. (By the way, sorry for the abrupt end…)

Jay Mohr and “Mohr Stories” 

Jay Mohr in the hit show The Ghost Whisperer as Professor Rick Payne

Here’s Jay with Mean Jennifer Aniston and Kevin “Bacon Grease Hair” Bacon

Yes, America’s beloved “Jen” was very cruel to Jay during the filming of Picture Perfect. In fact, her atrocious behavior actually made him cry! 

If you want to hear the funny-yet-gory details, listen to Podcast #7 “The Rachel.” That podcast is in the archives, and you’ll need to download the free Mohr Stories app – it’s no big deal, but if you run into problems, just let me know.

My favorite picture of Tom Cruise 

I also love Jay’s podcast about acting as the villain sports agent “Bob Sugar” opposite Tom Cruise in Cameron Crowe’s classic film Jerry Maguire. Podcast #5 “The Legend of Tom Cruise” is fascinating.

Ever since I started following the comedian/actor/producer/advocate Jay Mohr on Twitter (@jaymohr37) I’ve listened to his acclaimed Mohr Stories podcasts while walking Lucy or in bumper-to-bumper traffic. These podcasts are entertaining, educational, heartrending, funny, raunchy (sometimes) and inspiring. What’s especially cool is that every podcast is unique. Rumor has it that yours truly might appear on a Mohr Stories podcast this summer – I’ll keep you posted!

Jay has recorded over 380 (!!!) podcasts. He has said he enjoys doing these shows more than acting or even stand-up comedy, which he has done since he was sixteen. When you hear Jay interact with his guests in his garage Fake Mustache Studio, you can tell he loves what he’s doing. It’s no glitzy, superficial presentation, but an authentic conversation.

These guests include Charlie Sheen, Jerry Seinfeld, Eric Roberts, Penn Gilette, Gabrielle Reece, Krista Vernoff (she’s a writer for Grey’s Anatomy & a mini Shonda Rhimes, and it’s a great podcast for any writer!), Tom Arnold, Perez Hilton, Kevin Pollak, Dr. Drew Pinksy, Illeana Douglas, Adam Carolla, Melissa Rivers, Henry Rollins, David Lee Roth, Rufus Wainwright, Ice Cube, Jay Leno, Colin Quinn, Stewart Copeland just to name a few…what an eclectic list, eh?

Jay has a special interest in mental health topics such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression. He had severe anxiety/panic disorder during his two years as a featured player on Saturday Night Live which he wrote about in his bestselling book Gasping for Airtime. Jay is a mental health advocate and a spokesperson for the “Keep Oregon Well” mental health campaign.

Logan Lynn

I encourage you to listen to Jay’s latest podcast he recorded with his close friend Logan Lynn, an incredibly inspiring person.

Logan is a survivor of multiple suicide attempts and childhood sexual abuse. He’s a musician, writer, producer, filmmaker, television personality, mental health advocate and LGBT activist from Portland, Oregon. Lynn’s music is most commonly classified in the pop, indie, rock, electronic, techno and dance genres.

In 2017, The National Council for Behavioral Health honored Logan with the prestigious “Award of Excellence” for “Excellence in Artistic Expression” for his music and for creating the “Keep Oregon Well” campaign and social movement to fight the stigma of mental illness through the arts. 

The Mohr Stories app is free, and here’s the link for the Logan Lynn podcast.

Take the time to listen to it. You won’t regret it!


And I thought I’d write a very brief introduction to the vlog. Ha!

Take care, my friends. Have a good weekend!

Lots of love,




Dyane Harwood’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder with a foreword by Dr. Carol Henshaw (co-author of The Modern Management of Perinatal Psychiatry) will be published by Post Hill Press in October.

It’s now available for paperback pre-sales on Amazon at this link!

25 thoughts on “A Woodsy Vlog: Endorsements & The Awesome Mohr Stories Podcasts

  1. What a pretty trail! I don’t have any advice, but your position about with the good comes the bad is spot on. I hope things aren’t too bad for you, so much so that they outweigh the good!

    • Thanks for watching that jumpy walk, Cass! 🙂 I didn’t have the chance to film the prettiest part due to the mud, but I will in late spring when the trail dries out.

      The bad thing is not outweighing the good, and I’m determined not to let it do so, but I’m having a tough time.

      I’m praying the situation gets easier to bear. I’m working on it with my longtime therapist & I’m lucky to have the support of my husband and close friends. Lest I foget, I also have my fur baby Lucy.I simply adore my “sweet beast” – her very presence makes me feel better. Thanks for writing, and I hope you have a good weekend & take some time for yourself!

      See you on Twitter & on your blog – I’m going over there right now!

      • Oh, Dyane, I’m sorry you’re having a tough time. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers and hoping that things improve for you. I’m glad you have Lucy and your husband and a good therapist to walk you through it. Best of luck, and have a great Friday night! Thanks for reading.

  2. Send you hugs to help,you deal with the bad. Feel free to text me if you’d like to discuss what’s going on. Haven’t listened to Jay Mohr’s podcasts yet.

    • Thank you, my dear friend.
      I very well might take you up on your texting offer.
      (I prefer texts over phone calls – what does that say about me? 😉

      I also need public speaking advice – actually, can you just give me your oratory gift somehow?
      Or should I go to Toastmasters? They have a meeting in Scotts Valley – I’ve never been to a meeting before and the thought of doing it terrifies me.

      Jay Mohr’s podcasts – I’d start with Logan Lynn so you can see the depth of these things – the Tom Cruise & Jennifer Aniston ones are more lighthearted and raunchy, which have their place, of course. Let me know what you think! XOXOOXOXOXOX

      • I’ve been to only one Toastmasters meeting. My friend mental health advocate Hufsa Ahmed goes to local Toastmasters. She has developed her skill to the level where she can charge for speaking engagements. My grandfather loved Toastmasters. Check it out. See if your local group is a good fit for you. Realize that your nerves are normal. Give yourself permission to be anxious. When I acted as a teen, I used my anxious energy as fuel, imagining myself harnessing it. Yoga and self-hypnosis helped me do so. Yoga was used in my schools as part of PE and in drama, to calm and focus the mind and ready the body.

  3. Beautiful scenery in the blog!!! I’m sorry that you’re dealing with heartbreak!! Whatever it is, if you want to talk, email me at BipolarOnFire @ gmail and we can exchange phone numbers. And HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, love!!!!

    • Thank you so much, my fiery friend! 🌋

      It means so much to me to know I can reach out to you, darling one, and I’m going to hang on to your email.

      I love birthdays, I love being spoiled, and hell, I’ll admit I’m a drama queen and I love all the attention! (I think you know that about me by now.) 😜 I might as well put a banner on my car that says “It’s her birthday” and drive around these crazy mountains full of Silicon millionaires and pot plantation owners. (Some of whom are rich, but not as many as you’d think!) Not sure if I got that grammar right, but you know what I mean.

      I will do all I can to have a great birthday 🎁and the fact that I can share it with my beloved hound Miss Lucy, JD, makes it even more special! I’ll let you know what we wind up doing – I might need to record another vlog that day to capture the magic. If I do, I promise I’ll be in one spot so I don’t make some followers nauseous.

      Lots of 💝to you!!! 🔥

  4. Good hearing from you! I actually enjoy your vlogs, especially when I get to see some great scenery where you are walking.

    Take care!

    • Thanks, dear Vic! I thought of you when I filmed that piece. It makes me happy to know you like them! I’ll film some really gorgeous spots this spring and summer and maybe stand in one spot to do it! 😉 Xo

  5. Hey, don’t you fret over shaky cams. It looks a glorious day! The 15lbs is a bummer, sure, but those edits were uber-important. You knew you could get back on track when the edits are done, and that’s exactly what you’re doing!
    Reaching out for endorsements sounds so agonizing–I’d be a wreck! But you’re doing it, and you keep doing it, and that’s what makes you amazing. 🙂 I’ll pray for a bit of joy to balance the heartbreak, and for an extra sunny day to bring the woods to life. Love to you, Dear SpyDy. xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hey, Java Queen! ☕️

      Thanks for the prayers and for the extra sunshine – I love ☀️ as much as a good cup of you-know-what. I’ve gotten rid of 10lbs, and I feel *much* better. Somehow I’ve stopped the midnight binges and that’s truly miraculous!

      As for the endorsements, I’ve received some lovely responses (I’m still waiting on the superstar) and I got one very gracious “thanks, but no thanks” from Andrew Solomon, who I emailed on a whim. He emailed me back that very same day – I love that!

      What reallllllyyyy annoys me 😠 is when someone doesn’t take the time to respond to my email. Now, I know it’s possible my email went into the person’s spam folder. Because of that possibility, I’ve called and left follow-up voicemails for a couple people, but they’ve ghosted me! 👻 You’d be fine at doing it – I know you would. Actually, you’d be better than fine and you’d channel your inner Gwen to get through every ask! 🍀

      There’s only so much I can do, especially when these folks live far away, but there’s always the free temptation of calling them again via this link:


      Listen to it when you get a chance! 😼 (please!) Immature? Yes. Funny? Yes! 😻
      Spy Dy

      • You naughty, naughty SpyDy! But that does sound like a most mischievous bit of espionage that befits your precociousness. 😛 Ooooooh gosh this is just bizarre. How did you find this?!?
        But hooray for you on that 10lb loss! And now that the weather’s warming up, you’ll be able to walk with Lucy more and get that last 5 off in a jiffy.
        And yay for some endorsements! It’s also awesome that the rejection was also polite and prompt. I HATE the eternal waiting and waiting for…nothing. I mean come on, a form letter would at least acknowledge the act that I sent something in the first place! So, yay progress there!
        Ugh, time to go back to the boys; Bash has strep, which means we’re all doomed. He threw up in the car on the way to Blondie’s school yesterday, andtoday I had to make sure Biff didn’t destroy the doc’s office while Bash got a penicillin shot. Long, long day. 😦 Thank goodness the weekend isn’t far away! xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Enjoyed the vlog, Honey Pot. I’m working on losing some poundage that has crept up over the past couple of months of neglecting my walks, eating sugar and other garbage labeled as “food.” So…yeah…sharing a bit of a slide here with you. . .Do e-mail me if you’d like to divulge any of that other heart-breaking subject you alluded to…Much love, Merry

    • I’m so glad you liked that vlog, lovely Merry!

      Thanks from the bottom of my toes for being there for me. I’m doing better this week, and I’ll meet with my therapist tomorrow – I know you’d like her!!! She incorporates traditional and alternative ways of dealing with the challenges of life. I wouldn’t want to meet with someone who only recommends one perspective and not the other! No way!

      I hope you’re no longer sliding and that you’re heading back uphill. Hope you resumed your walks and tossed the garbage-y food!

      However, I give you permission to eat a moderate amount of organic honey! 🐝Ever since I cut sugar, started walking, and resumed eating healthier food, I’m back in a good groove. I want you to BEE 🐝in a good groove too! (heh, heh!)

      Sending you lots of love, my friend!!!
      🍋🍋🍋💖 Dyane

  7. Ok Lady, I finally got good connection to watch your vlog before leaving a comment. You know am not only an email away, but also a fairy Gm. So now let me say some small stuffs I hope can help more than not
    1) Maya Angelo didn’t start out who she ended being. Her first memoir didn’t pick up at all when first published, but this mama has taught me some kind of persistence I can’t explain. For eg, she wanted to be a bus conductor and yet, not only was she a woman but also a Black, meaning double trouble – she kept going back until she got that job and as the first black female conductor in her city or even entire state, she paved the way for others . Now, I mean you can and shouldn’t give up. I applaud you because you are doing what even intrepid me isn’t ready to do yet. Traditional publishing and all it takes – bravo;
    2) You’ve got so much good in your life which could challenge the bad if you let them face each other in an open duel. You start writing just two columns and see who gets exhausted fast – surely Mr Bad stuffs;
    3) Your support network, come on lady captain just look at Lucy and you guys even share a birthday, and you name us all, even write us all down and see us beat the ‘distractions or unsupportive ones’ pants down.

    I told my mum today I don’t measure her success by what she has ‘achieved or accomplished’, but by who she has become or is becoming in the entire process of living.

    Loads of love now and always

    • Hello Fairy G!

      It’s your Lady Captain here. Your comment was 100% helpful -your replies are always illuminating. They never fail to provide a different perspective, they make me laugh (sometimes!), and they always inspire me.

      I’m happy you got to watch the vlog! I didn’t know that about Maya Angelou – she was an amazing woman for so many reasons.

      You could take on traditional publishing in your sleep – c’mon!!!! I know you could!

      And you’re right about the good things I have going on – I need to remind myself of that fact that way more often.

      I love what you told your mother, by the way. That’s how it should be.

      Sending you heaps of love from across the miles, my very wise friend!
      Dy a.k.a.
      The Captain

  8. I love Jay Mohr (I didn’t realize he was such a mental health advocate!), and Picture Perfect used to be among my top movies of all time!!! I haven’t watched it or thought about that in a while. Thanks for the memories.

    • He’s a truly wonderful person and he’s also quite religious (Catholic, I believe) and attends church regularly. I’ve only seen part of “Picture Perfect,” but I definitely want to see the rest of it! (I started watching it only a few weeks ago…) I didn’t know that Kevin Bacon was in it! That’s so cool that it was one of your favorite movies! There’s a chance I’ll be on Jay’s podcast this summer, so I’ll certainly keep you posted. I’d be nervous to do it, but at least I wouldn’t make him cry like mean Jennifer Aniston did! Xo

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