Tahoe Editing, Mount Everest & Adam Ant


Don’t hate Adam Ant because he’s still beautiful…at 56!


Happy New Year, my friends!

I’m still in Alpine Meadows in Lake Tahoe for a few more days, and we’ve had a very heavy snowfall. I must admit I prefer to visit here in August when the wildflowers are blooming and I can escape the confines of The Munchkin cabin to take long hikes, bears and all!

I’m wimpy when it comes to this kind of cold – perhaps it’s my Los Angeles upbringing. But this has been the perfect setting to hunker down and work on my editor’s feedback, which I’d like to discuss in next week’s post. It’s a workout, to say the least. My deadline is the end of this month and that’s a powerful motivator, as you can imagine. While here Craig and I have traded off taking the girls out so we can focus on our work; he has been very supportive when it comes to my “Other Man.” (I used to call his book his “Other Woman”!)


I’ve taken some breaks to sit in front of the roaring fire and watch movies, and I want to share a favorite with you: the documentary Everest. It’s an amazing film, and while I’d NEVER attempt to hike Everest even if you paid me ten million dollars, it’s fascinating to watch these intrepid souls scale the highest mountain in the world.

wp-1483632264427.jpgEverest is poignant because the filmmakers chronicle the ascent of the son of the late Tenzing Norgay; Norgay was the first Nepalese man who completed the first Everest summit with Sir Edmund Hilary. Everest is narrated by the actor Liam Neeson, whose lilting Irish accent makes me, oh, I’ll admit it…swoon just a little bit!

I also love the soundtrack, which has beautifully arranged versions of some of my favorite George Harrison songs – his famous hits and the more obscure tunes, such as This Is Love from one of my all-time favorite Harrison solo albums Cloud 9.



I brought along a Jack Bond documentary titled Adam AntThe Blueback Hussar, but I haven’t watched most of the film yet. I’ve admired Adam Ant for years; first during his 80s musical splash, and then when he went public with having bipolar disorder. He wrote the remarkable memoir Stand and Deliver and I had high hopes for this film, but I haven’t been able to get into The Blueback Hussar the way I expected I would.


However, I’ll definitely finish it and see how it all pans out. And I won’t miss the special features that include a duet with Boy George – oh yes, please! 😉 Have any of you seen it???


 Lucy was more enraptured watching Adam AntThe Blueback Hussar than I was!

There’s not much else to report – I’ve been pretty quiet on your blogs while we’ve been up here (we don’t have internet available at the cabin, and I hate using my cell for comments, don’t I, Marie?) but I’ll get noisier in your comment sections as the year rolls on.

Take care, have a great day, and I send you lots of love!



Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder with a foreword by Dr. Carol Henshaw (co-author of The Modern Management of Perinatal Psychiatry) will be published by Post Hill Press in October 2017.





16 thoughts on “Tahoe Editing, Mount Everest & Adam Ant

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog Dyane. Snow can be beautiful to look at but rough to get about in!
    Have fun with Lucy and your family!

    • Thanks, Mom – I only wish they had a garage – there was a TON of snow on the car the past few days. Craig got a good workout shoveling it off!

  2. Bitterly cold, snow but sitting in front of a warm cracklin’ fire….ahhhh, now that is my idea of relaxing!

    • Hey V, thanks for writing this. I went into SPAM again!!!! I just discovered it yesterday. SO weird. Anyway, hope you’re having a good week. I’m taking a bit of a break from reading my beloved blogs (I only read less than 10 these days compared to a huge number in the past, i.e.! You, Bradley, Marie, Kitt ,Samina and a few others) for a few weeks while I finish editing, but I had to vent about the latest thing today. So dumb! (((Hugs))) from Dy

  3. Ah, your vacation sounds like it was just what you need. I agree that cabin fever can have its impact–we’re certainly struggling to survive each other without the boys pulling the Christmas tree down on us! Bo took a few days off so I could try and catch up on work, buuuuuuuuut the cabin fever boys have made that catching up rather limited. Still, I have hopes to meet some goals tomorrow, and can’t wait to finally spend some time with just Bo on Saturday when my mom watches the kids for the day. I know you’ll stay on task with your edits, and will see them through without too many crises in play 🙂 Now, off to my red wine and pjs! Love to you and yours! Java Jean xxxx

    • Darling friend. I realized I spaced out on replying to these comments – that’s how out of it I am!
      I hope you and Bo had a GREAT Saturday!!!!!!!!!!

      Please, enjoy a verrrrrrrry generous glass of red wine (in your pj’s) for me tonight.

      You WILL get your little box soon, I swear. I stayed home the past 4 (was it 5?) days due to the horrific rain storms and floods that have ravaged our county. I’ll haul my ass to the post office before the next century. XoXoXo Your SpyDy

      • Ha! You sound like me–I had to brave an ice storm last night just to get my new computer from Best Buy. I HATE driving when there’s ice or heavy snow, especially with kids in the car. And guess what I get to drive home in? Oooooh, snow, you are so pretty, but so slippery…
        But thanks 🙂 We DID have a good Saturday, and tonight I plan on having a pint of wine. Puh-retty sure that’s no exaggeration. 😉
        You just take care with that editing–give your brain plenty of breaks and plenty of hugs and furry kisses! xxxxxxx Java Jean

  4. Now I remember why I got distracted while reading your post. I couldn’t resist checking out Liam Neeson interview with Conan O’Brien about Liam’s accent.

    Best of luck powering through your editor feedback. I’m impressed by your discipline while staying in touch with your hubby and girls and enjoying good reads and movies.

    • Thank you for being impressed by my discipline.
      Alas, it’s slipping this week in all sorts of ways, but at least I’ve still found time to edit & that hasn’t gone out the window. Deadlines motivate me.

      By the way, I thought of you on Friday when we drove past Berkeley on our way back from Tahoe! I’ve always been so proud of you for going to that school, my friend!!!!!!!!!!

      lots of love, Dy

      p.s. I haven’t watched the Neeson/O’Brien interview about Neeson’s accent, but I’d definitely like to do so. Thanks for the lead! XoXo

    • You are welcome – forgive me for only liking your recent posts instead of also commenting, and for sitting on my butt about your poetry – please scroll down and see what I wrote to ‘Ol Vic. Love you, friend! XOXOXOOXOXOXOOXOOXOXO
      p.s. Love to ELLA too! Meow meow!

      • Lady captain of mine, you know I’ll always understand because on the normal up side, you will comment. And now, I have kept up a steady steam of posts it might be difficult to comment on all them past now. This is thoughtful of you to ask for my forgiveness, but ain’t there nothing to forgive because I know our bond runs deeper than like and comments lol. The madam of the house is somewhere eating her fish and cleaning herself up. Hope Lucy is great, enjoy her cuddles especially in moments like these. Love all the way – fairy gm

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