Sour Grapes, Rejection, and Perspective



As I write today’s post, it’s a rainy, cold, and dreary day. The gloom depicts how I felt after I learned I wasn’t selected to be in a documentary called Be Vocal. The fifteen-minute film features people who live with bipolar disorder. It’s affiliated with singer Demi Lovato (who has bipolar), five national mental health agencies, and Sunovion.

I had been nominated by a Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) staffer to be a candidate. She read my Life Unlimited profile on the DBSA website in which I wrote about my postpartum bipolar diagnosis. I was honored; nothing like that had ever happened to me. Despite my anxiety at the prospect of the required  interview, I immediately scheduled it with the production team.

My hopes were high before my phone interview with the six-person panel. I bared my soul to those strangers (I eventually dubbed them “Team Voldemort”) during a nerve-wracking forty-five minutes. After I hung up the phone, my gut told me I wouldn’t make the cut. It was a sucky feeling that I couldn’t shake, and to be honest, I wish I hadn’t been nominated in the first place. As I wrote in last week’s post, this wasn’t a mere job interview but something much more personal; people were judging my personality, my way of speaking, and my life “story” instead of my typing speed.

While this post is basically “word vom,” I’m sharing it because this experience has tested me and triggered my ever-present insecurities. (By the way, I never heard of “word vom” until I read Raeyn’s The Scarlet B post “Death to Concern Trolls.” Thanks, Raeyn, for bringing a smile to my face. I needed it!)



2017 will be a significant year for me. My memoir Birth of a New Brain, nine years in the making, will be published in October. With that in mind, you can see why I was tempted to interview for the documentary after I read the following email sent to me by a Voldemort:

“One of the key projects for Be Vocal this year is to create a documentary that will include the stories of three individuals living with a mental health condition who are vocal in unique and powerful ways. The Emmy-nominated documentary film director working on this project is Shaul Schwarz.

The documentary will be placed on Demi Lovato’s Be Vocal website and shared widely with news outlets, online, on social media, through advocacy organizations/support groups, etc.”

You might already be familiar with Be Vocal. Recently the campaign announced ten portraits of people living with mental illness that was blasted all over social media.

Mental health awareness is such a worthwhile cause, in part, because stigma is still pervasive in our society. However, I was put off by this mental health awareness-themed photo collection for a few reasons. For example, one of the subjects with bipolar disorder has gotten a TON of media attention to date. Please believe me when I tell you she didn’t need yet another photo session. It’s time for her to move over and let someone else take a turn in the spotlight.


That was an imaginary sour grape I just flung at my innocent computer screen! 



Here’s an excerpt of my rejection email:

“Hi Dyane,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. As you know, we want to ensure that the Be Vocal documentary features a mix of individuals with different stories, experiences, backgrounds, ages, etc. For this reason, unfortunately, we need to move forward with other candidates to ensure we have this diversity. 

We think your story is incredibly inspiring and hope you will continue to share it with others… 


Team Voldemort”

Yuck! How I hate rejection letters! 

I’m going to have a hard time in February when Be Vocal is heavily promoted and released. I know the film will be all over the internet due to the Demi Lovato Factor. Did you know she has 30 million fans called Lovatics? Yes.

To that end, I’m planning on dialing down my bipolar social media subscriptions so I won’t see press releases everywhere. I don’t want Twitter and Facebook to remind on an hourly basis that, for whatever reason, I wasn’t interesting enough and my story wasn’t relevant to the Voldemorts.

After my blogging friend Vic read my last post he decided to write a post called Promotion? Perhaps about what helps him through rejection. He explains how it’s all about perspective. I encourage you to take a look. As you can see, I need to improve my perspective, and I’m glad Vic shared his positive, helpful insights.

Apart from developing a healthy perspective, something that helps me to lessen rejection’s sting is getting immersed in a new project. (And I’m not talking about “making a batch of brownies and eating all the batter” project!) 

I’m currently contacting authors and other notable movers and shakers about endorsing my book with a few lines known as “blurbs.” (How I love that word.) While this endeavor is guaranteed to involve plenty of rejection, I’m better-prepared thanks to the Voldemorts and Vic’s post.



Finally, I’d like to send out a big, ‘ol thanks to those of you who wrote such supportive, kind posts last week. Every one of your comments helped me.

I apologize for this post being whiny and, at the end of the day, superficial compared to the problems we face in living with bipolar depression and mania, etc. I hope you’re still reading! If so, I’d like to create a blogging award & cute meme just for you, but I’m not sure what to call it. Hmmm.

Do you have any ideas for an award bestowed upon faithful readers who read your blog posts no matter what topic you ramble about???

Let me know!

Thanks for reading, and see you next week!





Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder with a foreword by Dr. Carol Henshaw (co-author of The Modern Management of Perinatal Psychiatry) will be published by Post Hill Press in October 2017.



40 thoughts on “Sour Grapes, Rejection, and Perspective

  1. So sorry it didn’t work out for you this time, Dy. Their loss. But, it will no doubt lead to something even better. Rise of the phoenix. We’re still here, still reading your stuff. Stay strong. You have loyal eyes on you. 💕 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝

    • Thanks my lovely Emoji Queen! 👑 There was some relief that a film crew wouldn’t be coming to my messy house, that I’d need to be “on”, I wouldn’t have to deal with social anxiety, etc. (I meant to write about that too – whoops!) Anyway, you’re awesome. Thanks for reading and for your fabulous support!

      Lots of love, 💞 and have a great weekend, dear Van! 🚐
      Dyane “Phoenix” H. 🐲 (That’s not exaclty a phoenix, I know – those emoji designers need to get with the program and offer us phoenixes!!!!)

  2. Dyane Dear,
    Just read your blog and sorry to hear that this group did not choose you as a participant. Please do not let this concern you and in any way affect your work and writing innyiur forthcoming book.
    Who is Demi Lovato????
    In a world such as ours where people cannot discern between intelligent and experienced people and megalomaniacs to lead our country nothing surprises me.
    Go forward and enjoy your life and family.! You have written a book which will help many who read it! Be proud!!!🎼

  3. Hi Dyane. Surely this stings a bit. Understandable. I love Granny’s comment…who is Demi Lovato? Your book sounds tremendous and is going to reach just the right people, much more so than a special backed by Ms. Lovato. I think your personanility is big and vibrant through your writing and your knowledge of bipolar vast as well. I’m going to assume you would have stolen the show 😉 and that’s why they chose to move on. I acknowledge it probably hurts just the same. But thought I’d give ya my little 2 cents.

    • Thanks for your uplifting comment!
      Yes, I got a kick out of my Mom’s comment, “Who is Demi Lovato?”
      While I wouldn’t have stolen the show (but thanks for writing that!!!!) I thought I’d add to the piece due to my experience with ECT and multiple hospitalizations….and making it. Hopefully they will select people who can inspire those of us struggling with bp. Thanks again for taking time to write, and have a great weekend!

  4. Hey Dyane, I would like to also toss out this perspective:

    “Hollywood” wants stories that is can sensationalize and draw people in. Not to say your story is not good but perhaps it isn’t lurid enough compared to others, perhaps that is the diversity they speak of.

    On another note, I am glad my post struck a chord for you and was able to help end. At the end of the day, what you do and how you interact with your family & friends is worthwhile and fulfilling. Enjoy those many blessing you have!


    • Hi Vic!

      I’m so glad I un-spammed your comment, LOL!

      I’m curious to see who they will select. Of course, comparisons can be odious, but by the time they promote and air the documentary, I’ll be caught up with editing the book and pre-promotion duties.
      Not to mention everything else in my life! I’ll be busy and that will be a good thing.

      I have a feeling they wanted more colorful (literally & figuratively) subjects.The director mentioned he just finished shooting a subject who had been incarcerated. Hmmm. I have no idea why the person was incarcerated, but hopefully it wasn’t for anything too lurid. 😧

      Perhaps if I had a swanky, sleek car like yours, they would’ve selected me in a heartbeat. ❤️
      JUST KIDDING!!!!!!! 🚘

      In the meantime, I shall do as you wisely suggest and enjoy the blessings in my life.
      As you know, blogging can be so cathartic and it has most definitely been that way for me.
      I feel MUCH better after spilling the beans here, and the wonderful and helpful comments have been a major boost.
      Thanks for being there for me yet again!
      You’re my virutal 😇

  5. Hi Dyane. So what if the Be Vocal thing comes out and doesn’t have you featured. They missed out on a fantastic person to feature. I’m honestly super excited for your book release this year. It’s going to be amazing!!! You’re such a talented writer and I’m going to love reading your story. Lots of hugs and kisses to you during your time of rejection. Don’t let it get you down. Team Voldemort sucks anyways.

    P.S. This paragraph shows up twice in your post, “I’m currently contacting authors and other notable movers and shakers about endorsing my book with a few lines known as “blurbs.” …”
    Just in case you wanted to edit that. HUGS!!!!! XOXOXO

    • Hey Lady J, thanks for spotting that repeat paragraph. That stuff BUGS me, so I was happy you caught it! (I think I fixed it!)

      And thanks for always being in my corner. Your comments truly rock – I really sense you’re there for me! I feel so much better after spilling the beans about this experience and reading comments like yours. The passing of time helps me when it comes to rejection. Last week I was ruminating about this documentary crap, and now I’m not thinking too much about it.When I do think about it, my head no longer turns around in circles and I don’t vomit green waterfalls a la “The Exorcist” – hurrah!

      All I have to do to remember that I’m not a complete loser is to cuddle with sweet Lucy. She’s such an affectionate dog. Those big brown eyes of her, full of unconditional love, seem to peer into my soul, although I know she’s just jonesing for her next Blue Dog Bakery doggy treat!

      Thanks for being excited about the book release – I’ll keep everyone posted on how the process unfolds. The publisher is supposed to assign me an editor in the next few months 😱 & the cover will go up on Amazon sometime in early 2017 for pre-sales – I can’t wait to share it all with you!

      Hope you’re having a good weekend, sweetie, and thanks again for everything! 🌺

  6. Not a whiny post my love bug, just awesome and honest. Don’t worry about what you’re not chosen for because you are the chosen. Oh how I love you you are great

    • Hey sweet peach!
      I’m so glad you thought this post wasn’t a whinefest….I really was worried about it but I needed to write what has been brewing in my weary brain.

      Just a few years ago my biggest problem (which I had for a long, long time) was about how was I going to get out of bed in the morning to interact with my kids. And also how was I going to stay on the planet.

      To come from that state of mind to how I’m doing now (although life remains hard and I believe it always will) is nothing short of something I’m grateful for and I acknowledge all the time.

      I LOVE how you wrote I’m the chosen, LOL!!!!!!
      That’s right, Ms. IT Goddess!
      And if Voldemort wants to pass on a chosen one, it’s really Voldemort’s loss. 👿
      love you!

  7. As someone who used to make her living in The Biz — meaning that for many years I went to between three and five auditions a week, and believe me, MOST of them I did not get — I know the sting of rejection very well. However, that experience has helped me enormously as a writer, because writer rejections are so much nicer than actor rejections! Having said that, having to sit through a 45 minute personal interview and then be given the “we’re going in a different direction” speech is brutal. Of course that smarted. I have a feeling that writing that post did a lot to quell the burn, though. And I can offer you this: they didn’t reject you because you weren’t interesting enough or cute enough or fill-in-the-blank enough.They rejected you because you’re TOO interesting to let Whatshername shine as the star. So there. Also, every rejection you bounce back from makes you stronger, and I double-darn promise that’s true.

    • Dear Jan,

      I loved reading your comment!! Thanks so much for writing about working in the entertainment snake pit, I mean industry! 😜 I can’t imagine going through actor rejections…talk about brutal with a capital B! 😱

      I grew up in L.A., and I interned at the American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women. I wanted to be on the *other* side of the camera. I never thought I had acting chops, although I was told I was talented when I won the lead role for a 6th-grade play produced by a professional theater company, ha ha! While my directing career didn’t pan out, I’ve kept in touch with friends who work in television and film. I’ve read memoirs by actors who depicted their audition rejections, and I’ve always been fascinated by their recollections. I know I’d melt from the “You aren’t pretty enough/thin enough/talented enough etc.” in a heartbeat. You’re amazing to have tackled that process. I’m impressed!

      Moreover, I’m inspired to learn how those brutal-sounding rejections informed your writing!

      Writing this post about my rejection helped me. It always does help to “write it out” as the protagonist/writer Emily Starr explained in one of L.M. Montgomery’s “Emily” books. Reading these supportive comments is a balm to my bruised ego/soul.

      I wish you the best with your writing, and thanks again for sharing your perspective through such an insightful comment. I feel stronger already! 💪🏽

      take care!

  8. My Dearest Lady Dy, I am so sorry and so annoyed at the Vodemorts for not accepting you in the film. You did have a unique perspective as far as you had postpartum bipolar d/o. Who knows what they were looking for! Please don’t take it personally and allow them to sour your mood, sometimes people in power are idiots! (Hmmm who else comes to mind?) I love that you are taking positive steps, getting blurbs for your book. So amazing!! Your Book!! With lots of love and many hugs, Samina.

    • Thank you, thank you, sweet Samina!

      Your comments never fail to cheer me up, and the following sentence got a big a chuckle out of me: “sometimes people in power are idiots! (Hmmm who else comes to mind?)”
      Ha ha ha!!!!! 😂 (I think that emoji is tears of laughter…at least I hope so!)

      I’m feeling better today about the Voldemort ordeal. I’m still somewhat fragile, but the “thick skin” is beginning to grow. While it’ll be hard to see the ubiquitous announcements of the documentary when they’re rolled out, I’ll get through it.

      I could have asked my contact why, specifically, I was passed on. She wrote I could ask her questions. Honestly? I wasn’t strong enough to get that kind of feedback, plus she might have not been upfront with me. I need to let it go and move on. Sigh. That’s not always easy to do, is it?

      Lots of love to you!!!! I’ll be reading your latest post this weekend when I play catch-up!!!!

      • You are a super success, with your blog, your new book, your support groups, your parenting of your two sweet daughters who love you immensely, and your long lived marriage! It would have been nice to be in the project, but not being in it takes nothing away from you, believe me, you already have a fantastic life! Love you girl, and sending you zillions of hugs!

  9. Allow yourself to have those sour grapes. Allow yourself to be angry, and sad, and hurt. It’s all natural and I don’t believe in stifling your feelings. The key is to accept them, but don’t allow yourself to stay there. I know it’s easier said than done, but I have faith in you, Captain. Big Bipolar Bear hugs to you!

    • THANK YOU Bradley!
      I’m the kind of gal who absolutely has to go through anger, sadness, and hurt. The anger might be a TAD excessive given the situation, and I hope I don’t need to get quite so angry when future challenges occur.
      As I write this, it comes to mind that I could’ve made a dart board with Team Voldemort on it! (Just kidding. But that would’ve been a welcome activity last week.)

      I’m following your wise advice, and I’m not staying in the pity pot or stewing in rage any longer. I’m moving on. Blogging about what happened, and reading everyone’s comments helps me to no end.
      Knowing you have faith in me, The Captain, is a beautiful gift! Thanks, matey!

  10. Dy, they rejected you due to target demographics, not because of you or your story. No need to feel rejected.

    Your idea of creating a meme reminded me of the Lucy logo Ulla made you, which both brought a smile to my face and made our loss, my loss, of her real. No more Ulla to create unique memes and logos. I’m thankful I had the opportunity to know her and read her blog while she was alive. I’m glad her work continues as it remains online. Forgive me for grieving now on your site.

    Your work, too, stands on its own. You do not need to be interviewed by Be Vocal to be of value. You are my friend. You are my hero. You inspire and support many of us. Thank you.

    • I love reading your memories of Ulla!
      There’s no need for me to forgive you of anything- you have carte blanche on my blog to write about anything, anyone, you like! Oh, you know that I was so thrilled when Ulla created the Lucy meme and I was honored she took the time to do that, too. I still intend to put the image on a t-shirt and/or coffee mug someday.

      Her blog comments about my struggles, big or small, always helped me, and they often made me laugh.

      I miss her too.

      And you….you are my friend, my inspiration, hero, and much, much more.
      Guess what else you are?
      My tattoo artist to-be!
      Well, you may already know this scintillating news, but if not, please read what I posted on your Facebook page. According to my dream last night, you are now my official tattoo artist and you’re very much in demand!

      Ulla, a tattoo aficionado if my memory serves me correctly, would have gotten a kick out of my
      “Kitt’s Bakery/Tattoo Parlour” dream. I forgot to add in my Facebook comment (which obviously had nothing to do with your 2016 year in review; sorry!) that I chickened out when I visited you at your parlour for my first tattoo. My bailing out had nothing to do with your talent! You were very busy when I showed up, and, well, I waited quite a while to talk to you. The whole time I waited, I stared at your case of pastries. I told you that I was going to return to have you do one when I mustered up enough courage.

      💖 YOU!

      your silly pal

      • Wonder what the meanings of tattoo artist and pastry chef were. Hopefully I leave a positive indelible impression and offer joy and hope. You do both for me.

  11. Dear Dyane,

    I once heard of an author who papered an entire bathroom with rejection letters. After awhile, the letters became badges of courage–indicators that he’d been out in the world, trying to be published.

    I hope that you can reframe the letter. You are out there in the world, trying and pushing up against your own fears.

    We hear your voice!

    Thank you for sharing authentically,


    • Dear Extremely Cool Carol!

      Oh yes, I’ve heard of authors who tack their rejection letters to the wall, the bathroom (ha!) and other places. I think one of my favorite authors (Madeleine L’Engle) even did that! I bow to all of them with deep respect.
      There’s a British actor/author I admire, John Nettles of “Midsomer Murders” who wrote about papering his bathroom with reviews that skewered his performances in various plays . Hilarious!

      Since writing this post, I’ve begun to change my perspective about the experience. I’m proud of myself for giving it a try, despite the aftermath.

      I’m so grateful to have a wonderful, warm, witty, and brilliant social media entrepreneur/organizational guru such as yourself for a neighbor and friend, Carol.

      Thanks for being a steady source of inspiration (You know how much I love your tweets and I want to start reading your blog regurlarly) and for your positivity.

      Oh yes – I wanted to take Lucy to the Fall Creek area today. I could’ve done it, I suppose, but it’s raining 😽 & 🐕, isn’t it? Tomorrow we’ll get out there.

      Hope you have a cozy and lovely evening!


  12. Hi! I’m finally here! (insert dramatic waving and panting and collapsing in the doorway)
    Gosh, don’t I know that feeling. The three times I summoned the nerve to send a manuscript to an agent, I got a polite letter “no thanks” and two no responses whatsoevers. Your experience actually takes me back to college, where I really liked doing theater. One fall the production was MEDEA (not an uplifting play, but whatev.). I tried out. Got called back.
    Didn’t make it.
    While that stung, what REALLY hurt was that people kept congratulating me on making it. I had to keep saying over and over, “I didn’t make it.” One friend–who did make it, but he’s always brilliant onstage so I do NOT hold it against him– looked at me and said, “What? I thought…” paused. “Why didn’t you make it?”
    And that’s exactly what I’m thinking for you right now. Your story’s unique, filled so much struggle, but perseverance and love and successes and failures and successes again. That was a horrible sentence, but you get me. 🙂 Well, that’s what we’ll keep doing right now, right? Move on and show those poopheads who’s unique and awesome and kickass. 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (HUGS)
    PS: If you have another gloomy day, watch the movie CLUE. So perfect for the weather and the grumps. 🙂

    • Welcome, welcome, Sweet Java Goddess! ☕️I’m always thrilled when you stop by, and I don’t care when it is as long as you have a gander at the latest mama drama.

      “MEDEA” – first of all, what a play there, eh? Can you say D-I-S-T-U-R-B-I-N-G? I can! 🔪😱
      They should’ve cast you, gosh darn it! And how weird that everyone kept telling you congrats and rubbed salt into your wounds! Ugh. That would super-suck. 👎🏼
      I’m sorry you had to go through that hogwash. 😢

      What IS hogwash, exactly, Lady JL? Oh Dictionary.coooooom, c’mere & help my weary brain! “hogwash= refuse given to hogs; swill” And your dork friend here thought hogwash was the water that comes from hosing down a very dirty hog! Jeepers, I gotta sip some more icky coffee. We ran out of all the good stuff. So I’m drinking old, ground Starsux Italian Dark, and (imagine my whine starting now… I don’t like Italian, well, not Starmucks. Um, I kind of went off the deep end there….sorry!

      Anway I shall definitely keep your “Clue” film recommendation in mind! Merci! Gracias!

      Thanks for the affirming words about what I’ve been through lately with the documentary silliness. When I got the pass, my 2nd and 3rd thoughts were that one or more of them might have been anti-ECT (don’t get me started on that) or they might have thought I’d plug my book too much (I wouldn’t have done that) OR they might have wanted a person of color (which is understandable) OR they thought I was just too damn boring. Whatever.

      As I wrote somewhere else, there was also relief in not being chosen. Now I won’t have the stress of feeling like I need to be “on” and (enter goofy chuckle) “normal-ish” to these strangers. I won’t have to worry about what to do with Lucy because that WOULD have been a problem. (They would have been here two-three days, and for at least one of those days, in our messy-ass house.) My social anxiety level would have soared no matter how cool these people would be.

      Plus, on a lame, completely superficial note, a few weeks ago I had over 1/2 my hair chopped off because over time I damaged it using a flat iron, which I no longer use! I feel so unattractive these days. Go figure. I wear a hat a lot of the time to hide it. At least it will grow back & I learned a lesson to be nicer to my hair rather than melt it with a 410 degree crappy QVC flat iron. So being on camera when I have this ugly hair would not be the ideal time!

      Hope your Sunday is a good one, my friend! Much love to you! 💕😘


      Your superficial-yet-devoted pal,
      SPY DY 🔭

      • Oy. Tired. Eating peanut butter with a spoon, which I’ll always prefer over Starsux. Do you have Collectivo coffee you at all? Their Blue Heeler blend reminds me a lot of your Rocket Fuel. The weekend was a good one, just a very full one topped with a major snow storm (and we were traveling, of course).
        Oh no about your hair! I never know how to do my hair, so I always feel unattractive, especially when the kids are terrors in the morning (I know you know how that goes! Ugh). I think you’re right to feel relieved, too–you can address the media for your book on YOUR schedule, when YOU are ready. You’ll be able to balance you message and your help withyour book YOUR way. That sounds pretty good to me.
        UUUUUUUUUUUUUGH SO TIRED. At least Biff and Bash weren’t too terrible this weekend despite not nappingand waking up at 3amto just gab at each other for a while. How are your little ones?
        Oh, and yes, MEDEA is sooooooo eerie, and theres just no happiness at all! I can handle Shakespearean tragedy better for some reason–I think because there is still hope for redemption for at least one of those characters.
        Ok, definitely time for bed. G’night, Dearest SpyDy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. They are undeserving of the awesomeness that is you, friend. Rejection aches – slow, dull, mammoth, but acute as a snatched band-aid. Swim in the pain as long as you need…and then move forward to something more fitting and better. As always, I applaud you for putting yourself out there. Xoxoxo

    • Thanks so much for writing,Viv!

      I’m sooooo done swimming in the pain about this thing. (I love that sentence you created, by the way!) There is some substantial relief in not having to deal with stressors that would have accompanied such an event. These would have been big stressors, i.e. feeling pressured to be “on,” having strangers come into my house (which still needs heaps more organization, not to mention a deep clean!!!) and then there’s Lucy. Lucy would not have been thrilled about a film crew coming into her abode for at least a day. Craig said we could handle it somehow, but it would have been a pain. So all those worries are moot. Silver linings and all! 😉

  14. Vic is so right about positivity! I think you know by now that this wasn’t meant to be. If they don’t see the value of your story, then they are not a good fit for you – not the other way around. So keep powering through like the bipolar-fighting warrior you are!

    • Thanks, my dear!

      I’m doing much better this week. It’s amazing how time can truly heal matters such as this, and at least I won’t have to deal with the stress that would’ve accompanied the shoot.

      There are new, more promising goals and projects to focus upon now. I’m super-grateful for the shift in perspective. 👀

      I just retweeted your new post – woo hoo! I’ll enjoy reading it tonight. 😊

      Sending you lots of love, Michelle! 💗

  15. Oh my, and to say I didn’t see this post captain? Ok, we are moving on… what next since we’ve ticked the voldermonts out of list? So much to do lady, so much to think about, so many to look up and down to… we take a deep breathe, remember the 4 agreements, have a chocolate bar if that’s what we feel up to, go for red bath in the redwoods with Lucy and Ella could be on the next flight if you just say so my captain 🙂

  16. and oh forgot to say how sucky I found that 45 precious minutes of one’s time is spent in an interview for a 15 minutes documentary? Come on u americanahs give me a break I beg oh 🙂

    • My friend, it would have been 2-3 DAYS!!!!!! They would be here for that long….and Lucy would be JEALOUS! 😉 XoXo It’s all good now! Love you Marie!

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