My Movember Forward Debut @ MakeItUltra!


This is an interesting biography about Split Enz, a New Zealand rock group I’ve loved for over thirty years. Co-founder/artist Phil Judd, who created the “Mental Notes” painting on the cover, has bipolar disorder. The Enz’s late drummer Paul Hester (who eventually joined the internationally acclaimed group Crowded House) allegedly suffered from bipolar disorder as well.

Stranger than Fiction popped into my mind since it describes what my life has been like lately…I’ll fill you in on Friday.



Good morning my friends,

I hope you had a good Halloween!

I was honored to have my post The Found Girl kick off the blog MakeItUltra!’s Movember Forward series. Thanks to MakeItUltra! founder Eric and editor Cait for their support.

My month has gotten off to an amazing, surreal, and heartbreaking start. All I can do is keep on moving and visit the redwoods with Lucy for a daily mental/physical reboot. 

Now it’s time for Dia de la Sugar Detox in my house! 😉

Love to you all,


p.s. Several years ago my I changed my original blog title “Proudly Bipolar” (a phrase inspired by Anthony Bourdain’s description of his intrepid crew in his book No Reservations) to “Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder,” the title of my upcoming Post Hill Press memoir. 

13 thoughts on “My Movember Forward Debut @ MakeItUltra!

    • Thanks Kitt! I wrote another version of this last year; it clocked in @ 1500 words. Had to chop it down to 500 words (per the blog’s guidelines) and I must admit it was a better piece after I figured out which 1000 words to delete. 💓 Hope you had a good Halloween!!! 🌹

  1. Loved this post Dyane! Very well written! Sounds like you had an awesome day. So glad you are able to overcome your anxieties in order to have fun and enjoy life again! You are inspiring as always! 🙂

    • Thank you, thank you, my friend!
      A writing compliment from you is precious indeed – I don’t take it lightly! 😉
      It was a fun day, but I wish I had discovered high caffeine coffee back then! 😱☕️👍

  2. Just a really quick hi and can’t wait to read and this is a run-on but I have essays to grade but I really want to read your guest post so I’ll get to it this weekend and EEEK your coffee is SOOOOO AWESOME and okay time to breathe and dive into my sons’ candy because Biff doesn’t like candy like some weirdo because let’s face it ANY spawn of mine’s a sugar fiend and anyway this is beyond absurdly long so I’ll say toodles and blow and kiss and get back to the grind!
    🙂 xxxx

    • I think that Emerson, the very cool owner of Coffeol Roasting, should have you do a TV ad for his company.

      Maybe I can direct it!!!??? 🎬 (I interned at the American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women for about five minutes when I was sixteen!)

      First you’d need to drink at least one pot of their Rocket Fuel.
      Then you will speak in one very fast “monosentence” as you run around in circles, high on glorious
      Rocket Fuel caffeinated goodness!

      You’d be the personification of the run-on sentence – a delightful one, I may add! What do you think?
      What music would be fitting to such a display of java enthusiasm? You would know! 🎵

      Ahh, my precious Rocket Fuel. It truly tastes divine!
      I ran out of it today – the horror, the horror!!!!!!!!
      Gotta get more STAT!)

      XOXO to you,

      p.s. I’ll catch up at your blog this weekend – you’ve been one busy writing bee 🐝, I mean ☕️ bean!

      • Gosh, I don’t even know when I sleep some days. 🙂 Good thing there’s this (dramatic gesture to cup and bean bag on counter) delightful coffee to keep me awake! (holds up cup, winks, sips, sighs, winks again) That’s good coffee!
        And just for that, here’s a song I heard a LOT at boarding school. 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • “Espresso My Love” –

        OMG, the lyrics are clever & too funny because they are all true! Thanks for passing that groovy tune along.

        I’m dealing with an enormous crisis this morning. I’m completely out of “Rocket Fuel”- there’s not even a single bean to be had, and there’s no “Wicked WakeUp” (which, as you know, pales in comparison as far as taste is concerned.)

        I must make a pilgrimage today – fortunately the market down the highway sells it. This is priority #1. The girls can get their own food. Lucy got fed, of course. Who could care about anything else, really? ☕️


        Dyane “Tchai-coffee-sky ” Harwood 🎼

        p.s. I state for the record that Folgers is GROSS and Sanka is revolting too! My parents liked it…..what plebeians!

      • LMAO! Yeah, your kids can definitely fend for themselves. I’ve snuck out the house many a’time for a quick run for the sake of caffeine. 😉
        PS: I TOTALLY AGREE. My mom always asks why I bring my own coffee. “I’ve got some in the fridge.” “How old is that coffee, Mom?” “…” “Yeah, I’m good, thanks. ” xxxx

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