Psychiatrist Dr. Manipod’s “Have You Been Hit With Autumn Anxiety?”

Dr. Vania Manipod is an incredible psychiatrist. I’ve been following her blog Freud and Fashion for quite a while because it’s fascinating to read her insights about psychiatry.

I particularly appreciate her willingness to share her challenges and insecurities, both personal and professional. I can’t stand arrogant psychiatrists who prance around thinking they’re better than their patients. Dr. Manipod is the opposite of the big-headed pdoc, and because of her humility, I’ve been pleading with her to open a Santa Cruz practice in two years when my psychiatrist retires.

Dr. Manipod wrote an excellent post about autumn anxiety, a unique topic, & it’s definitely worth the read…let us know what you think!



Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder with a foreword by Dr. Carol Henshaw (co-author of The Modern Management of Perinatal Psychiatry) will be published by Post Hill Press in October 2017.

Freud & Fashion

I noticed a pattern in several of my Instagram posts the last few weeks: a sense of being hard on myself, feeling like I haven’t been productive enough, lacking any sense of accomplishment, feeling as if there’s no time in the day to get through my task list, etc.  Such a surge in self-criticism didn’t sit well with me, so I wanted to gain more insight and determine the trigger (as if I don’t psychoanalyze enough in my day to day life).  It wasn’t until I started noticing the anxious tone in my voice each time I told some of my patients to schedule their next appointment in 3 months (which would be around January 2017) and went on to wish them an early “Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas/Hannukah/Qwanzaa,” etc, that an a-ha moment occurred in my mind — Oh my goodness, it’s almost 2017!

So I started researching if there was…

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8 thoughts on “Psychiatrist Dr. Manipod’s “Have You Been Hit With Autumn Anxiety?”

  1. Hey Dyane,
    Your story may have saved my marriage, family and my life. Got diagnosed with bipolar and postpartum Mania today. My daughter Iris is just over 3 weeks old . Would like to talk to you some day and learn more. Feel free to email me to connect

    • As you know, Leah, I emailed you and I’ll definitely email again today or tomorrow – I’ve been out of it because I’m on the edge of getting a cold like I do every October. :0 We could set up a Skype time soon! Lots of love, and please know you’re in my thoughts. Xo Dyane

  2. Lady, thanks so much for sharing this post. I have been in such a state recently and I think even if we don’t have autumn here per se… it’s that period of the year. I was just musing to myself before getting to your post how I have such a back log of emails and was chastising myself that I have 2 posts from you I haven’t read and commented on whereas I had made myself promise myself that if only one blog to read and comment on; it should be yours. I then clicked on this post, and almost shut it off since I realized it was a reblog sort of… but since I know you hardly do reblog, I knew it was worth reading. I am glad I did and I want to via you thank Pdoc Manipod… oh lady thank you so much and here’s to you 🙂

    • Oh Marie, I’m so glad you read the anxiety post here – I’m the same way with reblogs.
      You’re right – I rarely reblog, although, ahem, I’ve been known to reblog your fabulous blog posts, eh?
      Oh my, I’m truly honored that you want to read my blog. I’m humbled about that promise you made to read it regularly!!!!

      Speaking of which…..I had fun writing today’s post – I didn’t take it so seriously, and some of the photos I used are funny. (I hope you’ll agree with me!)

      Meanwhile, I’m so excited to hear more about ELLA! You must take pictures of her and share!!!!!

      Lots of love, always,

      p.s. don’t get a scale – you don’t need it!!! We had one sitting around. In the past when I used it, it would really discourage me. I’m only using it daily because of that study, and because I reached my goal, but it’s not essential whatsoever

      • Lady I just shared first pictures of Ella… more reply to your awesome comments later… can’t even afford a scale now anyway and well caring for Ella and Co is more natural scale and motivation… ah plus you two… xo xo to all

  3. Just stopping by for a quick hello before I go back to grading. I love meeting the network of support you’ve created, because it clearly helps others find what they need.

    You’re awesome, is what I’m saying. xxxx

    All hail Lady Dy, the Coffee Queen! 🙂

    • You’re the best, you truly are!

      Wish I had YOU as a writing teacher!! God knows my writing would be much improved…

      While I’m not God,* I* know if I gave You a belated “thank-you teacher” gift, you’d thank me, eh? (I’m terrible, I know!) I really do need to get over that!

      I’m proud of you for working so hard juggling the two SUPER-demanding jobs of teacher & mom. You never cease to amaze me!
      XoXoXo ☕️👑 Java Queen

      • Aw, shucks. 🙂 You’re such a kickass friend!
        And yes, I’d have thanked you. TOTALLY thanked you. That’s just good manners!

        Ugh, back to coffee and grades. A pre-dawn hello, and now back to the grind! (Ha! Get it? “griiiiind”? Cuz of coffee and beans and….ugh, I need more sleep.


        Love to you and yours, Your Royalness! xxxxx

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