The Heat Is On!


It has been a long time since I’ve skipped writing a weekly blog post, but I almost took a break from writing today. However, I couldn’t resist the blogosphere’s lure – it’s strong, and I always feel better after I write a post.

As you can guess, the reason I came close to skipping is that I’m struggling on several fronts – it’s nothing bipolar-relapse-related or tragic, thank God, but life has been extra-hard since I last wrote. That’s why you might’ve noticed I haven’t commented on your blogs yet, but I promise I’ll do my best to catch up.

Throughout the recent stress I’ve been able to remain binge-free, I’ve continued eating healthy food, and I’ve been taking my redwood walks with Lucy, and all of that is awesome. I know it sounds pompous, but that’s not just awesome – it’s truly miraculous. In the past, the ridiculous, unethical bullshit I’ve recently suffered would’ve led me right back to inhaling my Talenti double chocolate gelato. But dammit, I’m 130 pounds of strength, and I’m on a mission to keep those extra, unnecessary 40 pounds away for good!

Meanwhile, I’m almost to the finish line with my October 1st memoir deadline. I’m using every bit of my free time to work on the manuscript. To that end, I deactivated my Facebook account, I’m taking a “virtual leave of absence” with my email, and I’ve begun weaning myself off my beloved Twitter all so that I can focus my energy where it needs to go: my book.

It feels positive, healthy and empowering to do such things. (It makes it easier to take these breaks knowing that they’re temporary.) If you haven’t ever done so, I highly recommend it. Remember you don’t need any specific reason to do it! Or you can blame it on me! 😉

So yes, this week has been a particularly strange, disturbing and draining one. I definitely plan to write about it when I’m not so charged; most likely next week because I’d greatly value your take on what happened. 

As I leave you with that ‘lil cliffhanger, I hope you’ll return to read Birth of a New Brain next Thursday or Friday!

In the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful weekend.





Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder will be published by Post Hill Press in 2017.


43 thoughts on “The Heat Is On!

    • You seriously made my day, Eric.
      Thanks so much for lifting my (always insecure 😱) spirits!
      I hope your weekend goes really well! 😊

    • Thanks a million, Leslie – that’s so cool you’ve taken a Facebook hiatus too!👍

      Ironically what has been more challenging is taking the Twitter hiatus. However, once I deactivated m cold-turkey on Thursday, I was fine. It was only the days leading up to it that were hard. Go figure.

      I think what makes the whole thing do-able for me is that I’m hanging on to my blogging. If I gave that up it would be too much!

      I hope that you’re having a great weekend, and thanks again for your encouragement! 🌻💖

      • Yeah I think the blogging is much more important than twitter or facebook. It’s a much more substantial connection.

    • Thanks so much, darlin’! Each day I’m less freaked about the matter and I know it will feel really good whining, I mean —writing—- about it 😜and sharing my anger/outrage here with you and my other amazing, loyal virtual friends!!!!

      Thanks for the support – lots of 💗 back at you!

  1. Yesterday was the first time I heard you could temporarily disable your Facebook account. Sounds like something I should do to get some things done around here. Congrats on not masking your stress with food. That is a big deal

    • I was tempted to overeat (I also had my “monthly visitor” the same week – talk about bad timing! That compounds the problem…) but I’m so thrilled I didn’t. It makes me happy to read your words because I know you get it.

      Re: Facebook – yes, you can deactivate your account so that you don’t lose all your friends, but your profile won’t show on Facebook until you reactivate it. Facebook won’t notify your friends about deactivating, as far as I know, though – that’s my only complaint. So you’ll need to let those who matter to you that you didn’t unfriend them! Maybe they will change that – I’m surprised they haven’t done so yet. It’s easy to do it, well, once you know what to do, ha ha!

      To Deactivate Facebook Account:
      1/Click the account menu at the top right of any Facebook page.
      2/Select “Settings”.
      3/Click Security in the left column.
      4/Choose Deactivate your account then follow the steps to confirm.

      • I don’t think I can deactivate it because my blogs Facebook page is linked to my primary account and would likely be deactivated too.

      • I think you’re absolutely right, Bradley! I have a “Birth of a New Brain” Facebook page linked to my regular Facebook page and it was deactivated…thanks for pointing that out! 🙂

    • Thank you Sharon!

      I finally got caught up on your blog – at last, I feel complete! 😛

      And I’m looking forward to reading your book as well; as you can imagine, I’ve enjoyed reading the updates you’ve posted about its progress! 😊

      have a great Sunday!
      💗 Dyane

  2. Now I REALLY can’t wait to hear what happened. Good job focusing on finishing your book and keeping to your healthy eating and healthy living.

    • I still can’t wrap my head around what happened, and I’m full of revenge fantasies that I’ll write about, but refrain from doing. I even started writing a song about it. Sigh.

      Anyway, big thanks for your enouragement and for always writing such thoughtful, helpful, relevant comments. They really do rock, Kitt. You’re a hell of a blogger! 😉 I just know you’ll love the BlogHer 16 conference – it’s coming up quick, isn’t it?

      • Yes! Less than three weeks! Yikes! Been busy ramping up for it (not ramping up, as in hypomania, just busy networking with BlogHer bloggers).

        Look forward to reading or hearing more about your revenge fantasies, but only after you finish your book. Focus…

      • You’ll have a total blast at that conference – just take extra-good care of yourself!
        And yes, ramp up the proper way, LOL!

        Blogging 1/x week, no more, no less, serves as my reward for working on “Birth of a New Brain”.

        i.e. If I edit a certain amount of pages per day (I’ve had all 28 chapters complete over the past year) I’ll reward myself with writing a blog post. In August we’re going to Tahoe for 2 weeks. There’s no internet at the cabin & that will help me focus too. Craig agreed he’ll take the girls out on numerous day trips so I can be cabin-bound with plenty of food, so I’ll abstain from eating my assistant editor Lucy (stupid Donner Party “joke”) and work away! He’s a good guy – I’m lucky.

        We shall see if I earn my reward this week!:0

  3. Hello Dyane, so glad you’re staying positive and strong! And can’t wait to read your book, I know you’re going to do an amazing job! Xxxooo

  4. Stay positive! Stay strong! Rooting for ya in my little neck of the woods!

  5. Good luck on the book!

    Taking a break from social media, etc, is healthy, in my opinion. God rested on the seventh day after six days of hard work creating the world, and I think he was setting an example for us, too: rest on a regular basis! We can’t ALWAYS be connected and working and switched “on”; our bodies and minds need breaks!

    • Hi again!:)

      This time I’m actually replying in a timely manner – miracles can and do happen, don’t they?
      It’s very refreshing to get up and not feel (self-induced) pressure to be in the Facebook & Twitter loop!
      I despite “F.O.M.O.” – fear of missing out – when it comes to those social media channels, and to completely extricate myself from them for a while just feels right. My method isn’t for everyone, but it works.

      I just responded to your other comment that you wrote in response to “Farmer’s Market Anxiety” – thanks again for taking time to write. It meant so much to me especially in light of what you’ve been dealing with over the summer.

      take care and once again, MAGNIFICENT job on your recently published piece “Empty Spaces” at Altarwork (link below) – everyone should read it!!!
      You got awesome comments and deserved them, my dear.

  6. Love you loads Lady; We all do struggle every now and then though at different proportions and etc. Having a support netowrk be it made of rewood, Lucy, even half a pint of gelatino and of course an on and off lone family helps tremendously. whoop whoop whoop to the finish line, xo xo xo

    • Love you right back, Fairy Godmother!

      Yes, that October 1st finish line is so close!!!! I’m determined to have a Happy Halloween (my favorite holiday) no matter what happens!

      I still haven’t touched that gelato in over 4 months now, but I did have a bunch of chocolate chip cookie dough the other night. Oh my, my friend, I felt so gross while I ate it, and of course afterwards.

      But that’s how life is, right? We make mistakes and start over again and again. At least I was able to visit to the redwoods the next day with Lucy and forgive myself for being human!

      I hope with all my heart that this finds you well, and Lucy sends you her love too!

      • Lady, I am hanging in, trying not to go down, so tough, wish I even had the energy to write you an email— you can guess about what; but I have such strong faith it shall come to pass. Reading your blogs and even clicking like or just finishing and smiling, trying to focus on my other self and my boys… ah am just human too

      • Will be thinking of you today & you’re in my prayers, Fairy G! You’re one of the strongest women on the planet – you can and will get through this……faith is everything. Love love love to you and your boys!

  7. Keeping us “on pins and needles” now? haha. 😉

    I kind of assumed you’d take a blog break the closer your deadline came, but you seem pretty determined to keep us up-to-date and that’s awesome. Everyone needs a social media break, though, once in a while – that’s for sure. So glad you’re staying stable regardless of everything that’s going on!

    • Thanks, my lovely Michelle! Yes, you know how I love to keep you on pins & needles; I’m such a meanie!
      Blogging once a week is my treat, and it’s fat-free and non-GMO, LOL!

      Blogging has been more meaningful to me than Facebook or Twitter, so I’ve allowed myself that one luxury! 😉 Well, maybe I’ve been allowing myself a few other luxuries (heaps of Kindle books, ahem! Designer coffee…) but please don’t tell anyone!

  8. Oh hooray, Dyane! I was wondering why I haven’t seen you online much, but this makes SO much sense. Of course you should focus on your book! I’m glad you’re checking in, giving us a chance to smile, hug, high-five, and then shoo you back to your book. 🙂 Keep getting out for those walks–that technology-free time is SO helpful. One of the reasons I survived graduate school was that I walked for an hour every day. Ignored phone, computer, all of that, and just GOT OUT. Granted, I only got to walk around a lousy subdivision rather than a breathtaking park, but still. 😛 You are going to finish this book, Dyane, and it’s going to be kickin’ brilliant! Loves and hugs, and now shoo–back to work! 🙂 xxxxxx

    • Here I am, finnnnnnaaallllly replying to this lovely comment of yours! Thanks so much for the kind words about the book, my friend!

      Re: the “Virtual Leave” I’m on:
      Apart from blogging, I’m on Instagram (I’m a relative newbie & I only follow a few friends – are you on it, hint hint?) and that’s it. It’s so odd – I don’t wake up and think, “Oh, how I miss Facebook and Twitter”. When I quit them in my cold-turkey fashion, my brain detaches from those worlds.

      Lucky me! 😉

      Speaking of worlds, I finally saw the preview for “Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them” and it looks amazing! Yes, let’s see it on the same weekend, LOL!

      I hope whatever you’re up to this weekend will be fantastic as well, but perhaps beast-free!

  9. Just wanted to drop by, say hello, and check out your space in the blogosphere. I Love your voice and the couple posts I have read so far are wonderfully relevant to my own journey. Such a joy!

    Thank you again for stopping by and introducing yourself!

    Sorry to hear about your tough week, but I will say it appears you have a phenomenal network of friends & family and you won’t be kept down for long! I, too, take long walks with my 4-legged therapist each night and these walks with him have become absolutely Essential! Good luck with your social media “break” and reaching your book goals. I will be looking forward to its release. Have a great (and productive) day!

    • Please forgive me for being so late in replying to your very kind comment! I always prattle on about how important it is to reply promptly to followers, and then look at me – I’m a big, ‘ol hypocrite. 😜 I have a feeling you’ll understand that sometimes life gets in the way.

      I’m thrilled you read a few of my posts and I’m even more thrilled you found them relevant to what you’ve experienced. Thank you so much for reading them!

      That’s super-awesome you have a dog (4-legged therapist – I love that!) and I look forward to reading more of your blog posts. Have a great weekend!!!

  10. Been popping in and out over the months keeping track of what’s going on with you and your life and book. Sounds like you’re really buckling down with the whole unplugging from social media. I’m not writing a booking but getting off Facebook for awhile sounds tempting. You have inspired me. Good luck with your writing. Looking forward to hearing more as always.

    • Please forgive my late reply – I’ve been terrible when it comes to prompt responses all summer long.
      I aim to repent for my sins come this fall! 😜

      I was so happy to see that you stopped by this blog and that you’ve been visiting now and then.

      I can’t tell you how good it feels to be off Facebook – it’s very strange though, because when I’m active on it, I do enjoy the exchanges and connection for the most part. I guess I simply get burned out on a (mostly) good thing! So I encourage you to take a mini- break and see how you feel.

      Thanks for your support and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I’m also just about to publish my memoir, this one about my childhood and how I overcame dysfunctionality (mine and my family’s!). I’m taking the brave (foolish?) step of uploading it to Amazon! Good luck with yours.

    • I wish you (and your memoir) all the luck in the world, Anne! Your book will help others; be proud of that! You’re anything but foolish….you rock!!!!!! 👍

  12. All the very best with your future edition . Hope you’re doing good ? I’m really very eager to look forward to your future posts . Browsing your feed is wonderful . U are inspirational! Thank u for allowing me this privilege

    • Thanks so much for the beautiful comment & follow, Fatma – I’m thrilled & truly honored that anything here might inspire you, and I hope you find more inspiration! :)))) Sending you all my best and I hope you have a wonderful day! Xo Dyane

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