My Farmer’s Market Social Anxiety & “I Don’t Feel The Magic”!


Ever since I recently reached my goal of losing thirty pounds, I’ve felt like my old self in some significant ways.

Before I was diagnosed with postpartum bipolar disorder in 2007, I worked at a family-owned gym as an A.C.E.-certified personal trainer and circuit training instructor. I didn’t attend college with the intention of working in fitness, but I found that I loved helping gym members achieve their goals. During those years I maintained a healthy weight which was fairly easy to do as I didn’t take care of two kids and a dog! 

Then the shit hit the fan when my postpartum bipolar disorder erupted like a dormant volcano.

From then on, my weight went all over the place: up, down, backwards — you name it — thanks to my depression-fueled binge eating and meds, meds, meds galore – around 30 of them.



This was me.


Now that I’m finally doing better, I decided to face one of my fears. Thanks to my post’s title, you already know what it is. (So much for creating suspense!)

Fear of the farmer’s market sounds ridiculous, but we all have our silly phobias, don’t we?  Although I don’t feel that my spider phobia (arachnophobia) is silly whatsoever! 


A Santa Cruz Mountains resident


“If you want my body and you think I’m sexy, c’mon sugar let me know!”


Just for the heck of it I looked at the Wikipedia list of phobias to see if there was a specific one for farmer’s markets (you never know!), and the only phobias that fit are:

I planned my first farmer’s market foray of 2016 with my older daughter. She wanted to accompany me so we could buy fruit to make smoothies. Santa Cruz County has a thriving farmer’s market scene, so I picked the smallest one. It was in a town where the chances were extremely slim that I would run into anyone I knew, and that’s exactly what I wanted.

My intrepid girl was well aware of my social phobia, and she was awesome about that in every way. When we got to the farmer’s market at 9:00 a.m. there were very few people, and my eye immediately spotted someone I knew. 

“Oh, shit!” I blurted out.

The one person who I couldn’t handle seeing was there:



X’s presence made absolutely no sense. X doesn’t live in that town; moreover he lives near the best, biggest farmer’s market in this area. Of all the people in the world, I never expected to see X.

I couldn’t help but surmise that this was a test by the Universe, and I got a big, ‘ol F! 


Avi and I turned around and made a beeline for my car. We went to a park and a couple hours later we returned to the market without any incident. We got some yummy peaches and plums which didn’t even make it into the planned smoothie.

Although that farmer’s market experience didn’t go well (cough, cough – understatement!) I decided my next step would be to attend our local farmer’s market. I couldn’t imagine running into X again, but after a session with my counselor, I was prepared to stick around if that event occurred. 

On the appointed day we had a major heat wave. I love the heat, but this heat wave reached the mid-upper 90’s, and perhaps it wasn’t the ideal afternoon to face a phobia. I did so anyway, and this time both girls came with me. 

When we arrived I felt more relaxed than I expected. I saw a few familiar faces, but no one who triggered me, i.e. no reminders of blown-out friendships to wince over. (I’ve had quite a few of those since 2007, which merits another post or three.)

In the tradition of this blog, I digress.

So, there we were, strolling away in the heat and dripping sweat. We sipped ice water that was kindly given out for free by the market promoters. Despite the soaring temperature, I felt a nice sense of well being that I hadn’t felt in a LONG time.

Until I heard his voice….

Hey Dyane! Is that you?”

It had been over two decades since I last heard him say my name. I’ll call him “Spicoli” because the first time I encountered him he was stoned out of his mind.


We met over twenty years ago, when my Sheltie dog Tara ran away from my studio. I frantically ran from door-to-door in the neighborhood asking people if they had seen her. Spicoli was one of my neighbors, and after he answered his door, he asked me for my phone number. At that point in my life I was single and very lonely, not to mention hysterical that my beloved dog was missing, and I gave my number to him.

We dated for only a few months. From the start I knew he wasn’t the one for me. Not by a long shot. He dropped hints that I wasn’t pretty enough for him, and that he had dated someone in the past who “looked like a supermodel”. That wasn’t great for my weak self esteem. Oh yes – he also frequently said some rather creepy things about how gorgeous one of my best friends was. Yep. A real winner!

One evening I made him a nice dinner and afterwards we sat on his couch.

“Dyane, I just don’t feel the magic,” he said.

And that was that.

So long, farewell.

I just wish I had been the one to say it instead of him.

Fast forward to the magical 95 degree Felton Farmer’s Market!

I had no idea Spicoli now lived in my neck of the woods. The good news is that I was able to talk to him without freaking out. It helped to have my beautiful girls by my side, wondering who the hell their Mommy was talking to – I must admit the scenario was pretty funny. Spicoli had been a talker when we dated, and he shared that he was divorced and dealing with a really sad situation. I felt sorry for him, to tell you the truth.

While Spicoli was not someone I loved, seeing him brought up a vivid memory of my being rejected. He commented on how good-looking my daughters were, but he didn’t make a peep about my appearance. After losing weight and carrying myself with renewed confidence, I didn’t feel like chopped liver like I did when we dated!


“Spicoli, I ain’t no Cindy Crawford, but I ain’t no chopped liver! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!”

After he walked away and I caught my emotional breath, I told my girls a little bit about our past. Without thinking, I mentioned Spicoli’s “I don’t feel the magic” phrase and they found that absolutely hilarious! As we visited the various vendors, they took every opportunity to say “I don’t feel the magic about this carrot, Mommy!” and “That ice cream over there might make me feel the magic – can we get some please?”

Next week we’re going to the popular Santa Cruz Farmer’s Market located next to the gym where I used to work. Who knows who I’ll run into there? 


thanks so much for reading!

love, Dyane

p.s. I started a  Lose It! Wondrous Writers Weight Loss Group. The insightful blogger Bradley of Insights From A Bipolar Bear is a group member. His encouragement has helped me so much – it’s far better than going it alone! I can send you an invite if you include your email in a comment, or sign up for free at and find us under Groups. 


Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder will be published by Post Hill Press in 2017.

51 thoughts on “My Farmer’s Market Social Anxiety & “I Don’t Feel The Magic”!

    • You’re always a beautiful bright light, Merry – thank you for taking time to encourage me here and on Facebook!

      Anytime I see a comment from you I get a litte hit of serotonin or somethng good – I forget the right word this early in the morning & I’m too lazy to look it up. 😜

      XOXOXOX to you always,
      Honey Pot

    • Thanks so much, Merry!

      My bright light of the internet! 🌞

      I wrote another comment but it vanished! Drat. I wrote that every time I see a comment from you here or on Facebook, I get a little hit of serotonin.

      Sending you lots of love 💖 always,

      Honey Pot

  1. Congratulations on your achievements and your journey to Farmer’s Market . Sorry you ran into someone who sounds so ugly. I personally do not go to our Farmer’s Market here in PP. Do not like to see the wealthy families sit around and eat and gossip!!!!

    • Thanks Mom!

      You shouldn’t let those uber-rich, superficial dorks keep you away from strolling the Farmer’s Market – you’ve lived there since the 60’s.You have more right than any of them. I’m sure there are other long-time residents who visit the Market who feel the same way as you do, i.e. a town needs to have a bookstore instead of a stupid “boutique” that sells ugly $300 g-strings.


      p.s. Check out this Los Angeles Philharmonic concert with Zubin Mehta – I haven’t watched all 4 minutes yet & I haven’t spotted Dad, but I’m sure he’s in it. XOXOXO

  2. Holy shit! Look at those abs!!! You rock Fry! Sorry you had to bump into those guys at the Farmers Markets. Nice that Spicoli wasn’t awkward.

    And I hate that I had to read this knowing there was a terrifying spider in the post!!😨. I faced my fear and read this and very much enjoyed it.

    You ain’t no chopped liver. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

    • Jess beat me to it – was gonna give you a big 👍 for those abs! Glad you were able to turn a potentially bad memory into something positive (and funny) with the kiddos.

      As always Dyane, you totally rock!

      • Awww, thanks Vic!

        I don’t even do anything for abs, ha ha ha! How weird is that? I just work on my arms every other day for ten minutes 💪🏽and I walk Lucy 🐶 for 1/2 an hour.

        Maybe stress creates stronger abdominals, LOL! 😛

        Thanks, as always, for your support, especially now.
        Hope you get some R&R ths weekend – you deserve it! 💙

    • Girl, look at the reply I just wrote to Vic – it’s so bizarre that my abs look like that. I swear I didn’t Photoshop anything – I don’t even have Photoshop on my laptop, at least I don’t think I do.

      Okay, as far as spiders go, seriously – I HATE THEM! I hate them as much as you do!!!!!!

      I didn’t want that crazy-freaky photo to show up on Twitter – what’s the trick in selecting the photo you want to use for social media? I tried using on WordPress option (I forgot what they call it) but it didn’t work! If you know the secret, please tell me so I don’t subject you to any more gruesome spider pics!!!!!!! 💗 you and I’M PROUD of you for facing your fear & reading my post despite knowing there was that nasty arachnid photo coming up….. 😱

  3. With abs like that… who wouldn’t feel the magic? Not that you need abs of steel to be lovely. You always were. Just stronger and leaner now. Congratulations! I know you put the work in. Congratulations on facing your fears, too!

    • I’m feeling the magic reading your comment, Kitt, and thanks for the retweet too! I love ’em – you know I do! I do absolutely nothing these days for abs, so I’m baffled they looked like that in the photo. I wrote to Vic & Jess that maybe stress creates ab definition! 😱

      It feels good to be strong & back in my size 10 Target Denizen’s. (Denizens are not exactly Guess or Chemin de Fer jeans – remember those? I never owned Guess, in fact, I never could even fit in Guess jeans back in the 80’s) In any case, I like my Target brand for now!

      Thanks for the congrats – I’m savoring each and every one.

      I’ll need to face another fear soon enough; one that you excel at – can you “Guess” what that is? I’ll be coming to you for pointers…..

      • Not so sure I excel at whatever fear you are alluding to. Do know that I’m a bit nervous about visiting in-laws and sister. Traveling in and of itself can be stressful, adding to that BBQ party this weekend at Oregon coast and wedding in Portland next week…overwhelming and over-stimulating…

  4. I think its great that you actually tried to go. Given how busy markets can get it certainly can be a big challenge!! Sorry to hear it didn’t work out so well but I’m really impressed that rather than let it completely stop you from doing it, you managed to go to the local one instead 🙂 well done!

    • Dear Phil,

      I read your comment late last night and it made me so happy! 😊 Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post and for sharing your encouraging thoughts!

      I might brave the biggest market tomorrow – I’ve never been there before. It’s award-winning and so popular that the producers have a two-year-long waitlist for vendors!

      Thanks again for your fantastic comment, and I hope that you have a wonderful Friday, weekend and oh yes – 4th of July! 🎆

      take care,

      • Sounds a lot bigger than my local farmers market, from what I understand you guys in America have been at the whole organic trade a lot longer than we have here in Australia.

        Glad I could make you smile 🙂 you made me smile! 🙂 smiling is contagious even on the internet!!

        Hope you make it back to that market, what helps me is always knowing that I have the option to leave if I want to. Sounds like you got great kids who will support you aswell.

  5. OMG OMG OMG!!!! I knew we were twins separated at birth, but this post proves it. Oh…sorry, I just realized I have too many blogs and am not commenting from typical Grief Happens. But….It’s me. Viv (aka — J)…my phobias are too vast to count, but I have MAJOR farmer’s market phobia, anxiety, all of that. In an aforementioned post on GH where I laid out the shitty (can I cuss here? I’m doing it…forgive?) experience with my EX-friend, “Liza” who LOVES nothing more than a Farmer’s Market, and I should have seen her comment about my real and valid phobia as a giant red flag early in our “friendship” but she basically told me I wasn’t right in the head because I had problems with the very thing she LOVES — the F’n farmer’s market. So…first I am super-proud of you for facing your fears and rock on the way you shared your challenges with your girls (awesome and real mom that you are — cause, WE all know everybody’s got something), and I laughed out loud at the carrot/ice cream commentary –carrots don’t do it for my sweeties either but ice cream, naturally makes them feel the magic all day long. You might have inspired multiple future posts for me. You are doing so well and I’m happy to hear you’re feeling more like you’re pre-PPBD self. You are an angel in the human form and deserve so much contentment. xoxo

    • AND…I just committed my own personal writerly cardinal sin…and I’m neither religious nor Catholic and can’t figure out how to edit…so we’ll just both scream HOMOPHONE!!!! Get your you’re and yours right, Viv!!! …I feel much better now. Thank you for enduring my freakout.

      • Happy to endure your freakout anytime! I’ll allow you one per post! 😱 (Maybe two if I’m feeling ultra-spiritual!) 🙏

    • First of all you can cuss here as much as you like and I won’t even bill you! 😘 I guess angels in human form can’t be greedy, can they? 👼🏻 (You’re too kind!)

      I can’t believe your ex-friend went off at you about your challenges. Well, actually, on second thought I can believe it, unfortunately. I have an ex-friend who said a thoughtless remark to me about my fear of walking around my kids’ school and doing the carpool line instead when she *knew* I had major anxiety. While it wasn’t a super-horrible statement,it hurt me all the same, being the ultra-sensitive gal that I am.

      Anyhow, you’re right – everybody’s got something (s!!!!!) and it’s not cricket 🇬🇧 * to judge others, is it?

      I think that a helpful rule to live by would be “What would J.P. Sears do?” His guidance might help us – here he speaks of “Curing Approval Addiction”:

      Thanks for your spectacular comment – I hope I’ve inspired future posts in you because I luuuuuuuuurve your blogs.

      💓 to you!!!!!!!

      * “It’s Not Cricket” is an English language phrase meaning unsportsmanlike conduct in sports or in life in general. Who says this blog isn’t educational??? 😼

      • Yes to JP Sears! This is a spot-on, fantastic video. YES!! on get comfortable with discomfort! Again…feeling inspiration for future posts. I believe my own approval-needing/seeking is HIGHLY situational and I thank my awesome/complicated/off-beat parents for raising me to not give too many damns about what others think, though it wasn’t always fun living this mentality growing up. A lot of my needing approval came after becoming a mother — and of course the sociologist in me knows that modern, unrealistic expectations of mothers (especially here in the US) fosters these feelings. In other words, it’s no wonder so many modern moms are anxiety-ridden with what we’re expected to be. Sigh…

        You might dig Brene Brown’s work — JP referenced her here. Her book The Gifts of Imperfection is pretty much my bible. Some are put off by her, often because she is ALL over the place, but honestly, it’s because she is so real and her stuff is SOOOO good — she studies in so the intellectual aspect is there but she’s willing to share her personal path and she pretty much did everything wrong before learning better and it’s still a process with her. She’s big on getting comfortable with discomfort.

        Okay, I have to return to parenting. Love them so…but they’re wearing me out. So much in this post and further discussion that made me think — and you know how I love thinking and obsessing. LOL

  6. Dyane, look at you! You have a six pack – and not the drinking kind. Congratulations on losing so much weight and reaching your goal. And especially for facing your fear, for persevering through the initial fear. That took real courage. Its something I’m trying to gear myself up for. You will inspire me

    • Hey sweet Pieces – if you have a sec, look what I wrote to Vic, Jess & Kitt in the comments – I do abs-olutely (hee hee) nothing for abs!

      It was a trick of the light; I’m serious!

      Well, that, and perhaps lots of stress makes one’s abs appear more six-pack-ish – who knows? 😨 (By the way, I loved how you clarified that I didn’t have a boozy six-pack – God knows I don’t – I gave up alcohol when I started taking the MAOI Parnate; otherwise, well, I’d most likely have more than a “Seroquel Spider Belly”….)

      I’m honored if I can inspire you in any way. I *know* you can and you will face your fear too – I really feel that in my heart.

  7. Ok, everyone beat me to the abs comment, but Damn girl you look smokin’!

    Good for you for facing Spicoli and apparently Karma still is a bitch.

    I’m glad you got out and went to the farmer’s market. They drive me nuts, too, because of all the people. I always walk around all hunched in on myself.

    • Thank you so much, Leslie! 💐

      I’m cracking up reading these comments (In a good way, thank God!) for I do nothing for abs. If you look at some of my replies to Jess, Vic, & Kitt you’ll see that I now think it was a trick of the light and stress. 🙀

      Thanks again for the kind words you wrote! I’m truly impressed that you attend farmer’s markets – that in itself is awesome, so please give yourself a lot of credit. How I wish they didn’t drive either of us nuts! 🌰

      I hope you have a great weekend & 4th of July! 🎆

  8. I would focus on the adorable nature of those kids, who have found the magic in their words. They get you, and that is true magic !! 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝

    I love Farmer’s Markets, but I rarely ever run into anyone I know there…just amiable strangers, and good food ! 🍎 🍐 🍊 🍌 🍉 🍇 🍓 🍈 🍒 🍑 🍍

    • OMG, dear Van 🚐, I got such a huge kick out of what the girls were saying at that farmer’s market.

      They uttered *many* other “magical” phrases that afternoon, and the fact they thought the whole thing was ridiculous really helped me move through my anxiety 😳, let me tell you!

      I’m happy that you enjoy Farmer’s Markets! I know that the more often I go to them, the less freaked-out I’ll be – “exposure therapy”, right? Plus I have my “wing-girls” at my side, and I should enjoy them to the fullest while I can! I take them for granted more than I should, so I’m working on changing that. Writing this post helped me see this tendency! 👍

      So, lovely 🚐, I wish you a wonderful weekend & 4th of July, my friend! 🎆🇺🇸

      💗 Dyane “Magical” Harwood!

      p.s. I’ve become such a massive emoji aficionado – I just wish there were more choices, LOL! 😜

  9. That story of the ex-boyfriend cracked me up. He wasn’t “feeling the magic”?! Sheesh. His loss, your gain: you’ve got a great husband and kids and a dog for your muse. 🙂

    Good work on the weight loss. You look great, and you look happy! I’m trying to get back into an exercise routine; I think I may have chronic fatigue syndrome, (which a doctor diagnosed in me years ago) since all my bloodwork has come back normal, yet I feel so tired and achy and confused. That’s why I haven’t been online very much this summer. I’m afraid of what disastrous thing I might write in a tired, confused, and depressed mood.

    • Dear Laura,

      So sorry for not seeing this comment until now!!! I’m so glad that I did – I’ve been dropping the ball blog-wise and I loathe doing that.

      First of all, thank you for the kind words!

      I’m very curious to hear how you’re doing with C.F.S.- & if you got a 2nd opinion or if there are any developments about it. Two longtime friends of mine have it, and it sounds beyond devastating. 😦 It totally makes sense why you’d abstain from writing over the summer. You’ll return to an exercise routine when the time is right. I’ve been walking with Lucy and that’s plenty for me. I don’t want to do anything more than that except sit on my butt! :0

      I miss your writing and you know how blown away I was by your recent, exciting publication. I hope that you are feeling better and I look forward to seeing you more online. You’ll be in my thoughts!!!! XOXOOX your “literary” cheerleader! 😉 Dy

      • With the CFS, I have had ups and downs recently. I’d been diagnosed years ago at the Mayo clinic, but didn’t ask enough questions or follow-up with my local doctor. (I was more passive with doctors back then.) Right now, I’m doing research, had a bunch of bloodwork done (we’re hoping to compare the current bloodwork with the things done at Mayo), and trying to get my psychiatrist to realize that I really don’t want to add another medicine to my regimen. Between the prescriptions, the fish oil, the kelp, and the vitamin D (I take the OTC stuff to combat some of the side effects of the prescription meds!), I take about 13 pills a day. Tired of that!!

  10. You handled that situation swimmingly, Dyane! So very proud of you. Like you, there are those moments when a single sentence from someone just cements a feeling inside that takes FOREVER to break apart. More than once in my childhood, I was told I’m liked by no one, that no one wants to have me in their game. “Not HER.”

    And even though I’ve made amazing friends since then (cough cough like you cough cough), there’s still that inherent cringe whenever there is a group gathering. I have no clue how to step in, feel that to be there is to intrude and they don’t need me and how can I possibly meet their standards of ___ and feel it far better to just bolt for me figurative car and take off.

    So yeah. Not fun. Especially when you come face to face, as you did, with someone who helped validate that wrongness you’ve spent years eradicating from your insides. What a blessing your girls are! Kids have that beautiful way of taking a really dark moment and reminding you just how awesome you have it, like when I lost my wallet and I had to drive the boys to school. I’m panicking, Bo’s panicking, we’re talking about canceling cards and stuff. I yank Blondie into the bathroom to brush her hair quick, and she says in her small voice. “Mommy, you can have my wallet, cuz then you’ll have some money to get gas.” And I started crying right there, because this sweet girl of mine reminded me that a wallet’s just a wallet. Just a bunch of paper and metal shoved into something leather-ish.

    (we found the wallet in the garage 10 minutes later.)

    So yeah. There’s plenty of Spicolis out there, but you don’t have to deal with them for more than a few minutes. You’ve got amazing girls. In fact, I’d say I could feel the magic with them. 😛

    • Loved this comment – I knew I would!

      What a beautiful story about the wallet and your sweet Blondie girl.

      I relate to the friend issue you brought up. I’m so sorry you were subjected to such painful exclusion/ickiness. I’m pretty friendless at the moment. My closest friend moved 2 hours away, and she’s busy-busy-busy and my other closest friend has been dealing with an ongoing, longtime crisis that keeps us from hanging out. 😳

      Not having close friends in my neck of the woods was a primary reason I started my support group. I hoped I’d make a “bosom friend” as Anne Shirley said in “Anne of Green Gables”, but so far nothing has gelled. That’s okay; I still benefit going to meetings, although my social anxiety flares up every time, but I’d like to find another kindred spirit who has kids at the same schools that my tater tots attend.

      How I wish I could import you and we could have green tea parties! 😉
      And go to the farmer’s market together with the “magical” kids, LOL!

      And, lest I forget, perhaps watch the other series John Nettles became famous in: “Bergerac” – I can’t remember if you’ve already told me if you seen that one.

      p.s. the theme….ah, where do I begin? Is it trying to be Magnum P.I. with a French twist?

      • AH! Okay, I’ve GOT to try an episode or two of Bergerac. No I haven’t seen it, but this is officially on me evening relaxo-time. 🙂

        I know what you mean about kindred spirits. Oddly enough, I don’t live *too* far from longtime friends–many live just an hour away or less. But life, you know? Many have kids and/or work fulltime, plus have their own family goings on. An old highschool friend had flown in from Arizona for a family wedding, and we took the opportunity to organize a get-together. I hadn’t seen some of those other gals in ages, and we live, like, thirty minutes apart! The only reason I’ve been able to see my friend Rachel (from the Polish Fest adventure) is that she’s single and doesn’t mind journeying across the state to hang out.
        Friendships are hard. But, the ones who know you, REALLY know you, are the ones worth working for. That’s why I make a point of hanging out with Rachel.
        and that’s why I love hanging out here in our virtual green-tea room. 🙂 These are the friendships worth nurturing, even when they can’t grow in the same state. xxxx

  11. Gosh I Feel the Magic all the way across all the oceans. Oh my look at those abs! Seriously if it be light tricks and plenty stress, then I wouldn’t mind over doses of both for a few seconds while the photo is taken. Hmm, your girls could really feel and are themselves magic. Spicoli says he’s divorced? Of course his missus couldn’t feel the magic after all 🙂 Congrats Lady, whoop whoop whoop all the way…

  12. Well done you! I can’t count the number of things I’ve tried to attend and then sat in the car park for ten minutes fighting with myself before going home …

    • Awwwww, thanks Laura! You truly “get it” – and you must be from across the pond, yes?
      (Your “Car park” vs. our “parking lot” – I’m an Anglophile 🇬🇧 and one of my dreams is to visit England. If I have goofed up the country where you live, please forgive me!!!)

      You’re doing really well 👍 I love reading about your progress on your blog, and as I’ve written you several times, you’re such an inspiration!
      Keep it up!
      have a great day,
      Dyane 😊

    • Thanks so much, sweet Brenda & thanks also for the Twitter message (I understand!!!!)
      I hope you’ll blog in the future – I love your posts. You’ve been so kind to me with your encouragement! I also hope that you’re doing okay. (I know there’s a lot on your plate with the health concerns, etc.)

      I’m sending you a HUGE hug! take care 💜 💚 Dyane

      • Thanks, Dyane! I was just getting annoyed with all the notifications from twitter and I’ve been getting a ton of other emails. I just decided to back off from social media and other things.

        I’m kind of feeling lost at the moment and just want to back off from things for awhile. It’s a long story.

        I always look forward to yor posts and will try to get back to posting myself in the near future.

        Take care, you sweetheart, you. 😊

  13. Dyane, how I have missed reading your posts! I am so glad to be back getting in touch with my favourite bloggers and you are definitley one of them. I love this post. I understand being afraid in crowded places. I have been that way all of my adult life. And meeting people you know. Oh, I feel for you but you handled yourself very well. And thanks for the tip on the writer’s lose it group. I am going to check it out.


    • Hi Lydia!!! I can’t thank you enough for your heartwarming comment. And welcome back! I’m totally honored that you enjoy my blog. 😻Today is Farmer’s Market day and I’m planning on going with the girls…and wondering who I’ll run into – I have very few ex-boyfriends, LOL! Never did play the field! I was what my friend called a “barnacle” and stuck to whoever would have me – so sad. Thank God that phase is over….ANYWAY, I hope this finds you well and please do check out the Lose It! Group. Only two of us are active, but that’s all it takes to really make progress. Take care and keep in touch. XOXO Dyane Lydia

      • My list of ex’s is pretty short as well. In the 18 years since we split, I have seen my ex-husband a total of 2 times. One I was able to not have to talk to him and the other was in the grocery store and we were both in a hurry. We stopped long enough for him to tell me that my cat and his mother both passed. Then I was out of there! When I see you write Dyane Lydia it makes me smile. We are both Lydia’s and your spelling of your first name, as I have mentioned before, brings back wonderful memories of my dear friend who is no longer with us. Hugs as you go to the market!

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  15. Entertaining post with a good message and happy ending! So glad you got out there. I’m struggling with weight, but not ready to make any major changes just yet. I’ll keep that site in mind though.

    • Aww, thanks for such kind words, Tina! When you’re ready to make changes, let me know! You could always try it and go from there…… 😉

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