Losing A Mirror Carp Feels Good

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Soaking up the sun with my John Cena-worthy 3-pounders. 😉


     30 pounds is the equivalent weight of this mirror carp!




Dear Friends,

I’ve been writing about my weightloss journey, and I appreciate your sticking with me, especially if you have zero interest in the topic. Rest assured, I’ll soon return to expoundng on other important subjects including Bigfoot and my Scotch collie Lucy’s career.

Now that I’ve reached my goal of losing the equivalent weight of a mirror carp, I’m proud of myself. I didn’t think I could lose 30 pounds, especially becuause I take lithium and tranylcypromine/Parnate, a MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitor) for bipolar one disorder. I took Seroquel from 2013-2015, and that medication affected my metabolism, causing me to gain weight in the stomach area.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been a compulsive overeater for decades. During the past year, I downed a pint of Talenti chocolate gelato every night, so I couldn’t blame all the changes in my body upon my bipolar medications.

Anyway, here I am, feeling so much better despite my black hairy tongue, hoping that I can keep up my new lifestyle, especially when the sh*t hits the fan.

Weight loss veterans know that the truly hard work comes after one’s goal is achieved.

I can’t loop too much about the future. No matter what happens, it has been awesome to take care of myself. It’s even better being a positive role model to my girls and Lucy. 


Where’s my treat?

Little efforts add up. I bring a big bottle of water everywhere I go. When I take my kids out somewhere to eat, I don’t order a bunch of grub even when I’m not hungry the way I used to do. I’ll drink water or order a black coffee, and joke with the server that I’m a great tipper. (True.)

I haven’t returned to my 30-45 minute-long workout yet because I’m not ready, but every other day I lift my fearsome Target dumbbells for ten minutes. Bicep curls and tricep lifts – that’s it. I put on Pandora 80’s music channels which makes the ten minutes go by fast.

Yes, it’s all about baby steps. 


The Groovy Ketogenic Diet Update


I’m halfway through reading Keto Clarity: Your Definitive Guide to a Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet and while I want to try it because it allegedly helps with bipolar disorder symptoms, I find the logistics VERY daunting. 

Despite my intimidation, I found an interesting article about this diet’s affect upon bipolar. Check out Dr. Georgia Ede’s website Diagnosis: Diet – Nutrition Science Meets Common Sense: “Bipolar Disorder and Diet Part II: Low Carbohydrate Diets”. There are almost 100 comments, and I’m curious about what they say. In any case, I’ll keep you posted about what I wind up doing.

Do any of you follow the ketogenic diet? I’d love to know about your experience.

Even if you’re not ready to make a major change in your lifestyle (it took me almost two years to stop eating junk) please know you can lose weight while taking bipolar meds. I’m not claiming this credo applies to every person under the sun, but I think it’s true for many people with bipolar disorder. 

The free app that helped me achieve my goal is called Lose It! which is simply a food tracking/logging device. It’s easy to use and it woke me up.

If you want to try it, I’ll send you an invite if you include your email in a comment. You can also sign up for free at www.loseit.com 


170 pounds and so unhappy that I couldn’t even look at the camera.

Most of what I ate back then was Talenti gelato, countless packages of the Immaculate Baking Company’s raw chocolate chip cookie dough, and Häagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream.


Sorry for the blur – this pic has selfie-itis syndrome.

While I still have my Seroquel Spider belly, I can live with it because I’m feeling much healthier and happier. Three months ago I cut out 95% of the sugar I was inhaling. I began eating mostly organic food, and kept preparations as simple as possible. My husband supported me, thank goodness; he didn’t mind my doing my own thing. I stopped bingeing cold-turkey and started drinking lots of water and green tea. I also joined Scientology to follow my idol Tom Cruise. (Just kidding! Can’t get too serious about this healthy eating stuff…)


You can do it!


As always, sending you lots of love, 


Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder will be published by Post Hill Press in 2017.

52 thoughts on “Losing A Mirror Carp Feels Good

    • Thanksmy dear – I even took Lucy out for a good, long walk last night, which sounds dumb, but it was a big deal for me. Craig is her walker, not me, but I want to be part of it now. XOXO Thinking of you often!!!

    • Thanks a million, Leslie!
      Your comment lifted my spirits – I hope you have a wonderful Friday/weekend!

  1. Dyane/ As your mama may I say that you are looking wonderful and I am indeed very proud of your accomplishments. Great photos of then and now. But…please make sure that you keep track of your tongue situation with your Doc if it doesn’t approve. Hey…. remember I am a mom. Your sense of humor has always been part of your personality kiddo and I love reading your blogs. HI LUCY!!!!

    • Thank you Mom! It made me so happy to read that you enjoy reading my wacky posts!
      Lucy (and the rest of us) sends you our love!
      talk/text soon,

    • Thank you so much, Kitt!

      While I admit to being vain (you can take the girl out of West L.A., but not the West L.A. out of the girl!)
      I love feeling healthier. I no longer feel guilty about what I eat. Because of that (and let me tell you, my beautiful friend, it’s still a novelty!) my mental state has improved.

      I’m still a stresser 😱 with a PhD in Worrywortology, & I still have social anxiety, but the absence of my “unhealthy food inhalation/binging” guilt is wonderful. The confidence I have from feeling stronger and fitting back into my clothes is better than, well, chocolate!

      I know you have different issues, but I want you to experience feeling good from getting back in shape – and I know you will do it, because you amaze me with your strength and perseverance! ❤️

      p.s. Girl, you looked SOOOOOOOO gorgeous in those headshots. I spent 20 minutes looking at them on the deck with Lucy!!!!!!!! I could have spent more time, LOL.

      And because I know you’d want me to do it, I’ll mention the talented photographer:
      Rebecca Thacher Photography, 949-290-2492 http://charmingphoto.com
      On Facebook too

      • I promise you….you won’t regret it! It has been easier for me to improve the food as opposed to working out, thus I’m only doing a very small amount of exercise. I tried using the trampoline the other day, and to my chagrin, I almost passed out, while the girls can stay on that thing for an hour and not lose energy! Amazing!

        Craig has taken over using the elliptical known as Lady K, and for now, I’m 100% fine with this arrangement! 😉

      • According to Weight Watchers (which I’ve done in the past and lost weight), weight loss is best done through diet, maintaining the loss, through exercise. Obviously, both diet and exercise have health benefits.

  2. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo all the way thru the scientology house to my Lady’s new self hurray. How proud and even near lunatically envious I am. Ha if I knew that Lose It stuff was for this real… (please oh am procastinating and trying not to feel so guilty that I was personally invited and found sluggish reasons why I couldn’t keep logs and tracks of what I ate). Lady, aren’t you a real inspiration to Lucy and her Sisters? Come flaunt it, even the ss belly took a hit, not to talk of the arms and even hair colour 🙂

    • You always make me laugh, Fairy G! It’s a good thing! 😛

      No need to be envious – you’ve been working out over the years, you ALWAYS look amazing and you’ve even been known to glow through those photos that I’ve seen on your blog back in the day! Please, don’t feel guilty – the Lose It! resource is always there for you to try out. Give me a holler when inspiration strikes…even if that’s in two years. 😜

      Lucy and her Sisters are happy for me! I’m walking Lucy (it’s usually Craig’s “thing”) because walking is relatively easy and good for both of us. 🐶 We only go about 15-20 minutes, but that’s plenty!

      I hope with all my heart that this finds you & your family doing well.
      Sending you love always, lovely Marie!

  3. That is a HUGE fish! I’m so so proud of you Dyane. You’ve inspired me to get back into working out and eating healthy. Hopefully I’ll get there one day. Take care! XOXOXO

    • Isn’t that fish ginormous?
      And the look on the guy’s face is creepy, but proud….his expression is almost loving but
      I just realized that photo might offend those who eschew fish/meat, so I feel kinda bad.
      Oh well.
      I ask for forgiveness practically every day from my kids and dog and Craig, so I’m used to doing that! 😉

      I’m honored I’ve inspired you about eating better and working out – I know you’ll feel better.
      It helps out our brains/psyche when everything else is hard, you know?
      But it’s difficult to do it – some days are much easier for me than others.
      If I’m busy, that helps.

      Of course you’ll get there one day – you can do ANYTHING!!!!!!!! Which reminds me….

    • Many thanks, my fellow successful Lose It! group member!

      I’m thrilled that I could share this resource with you. Knowing you’re out there and reading your comments of support via Lose It! has been a gift and helped me reach my goal.

      I meant to check in with you over the past few days on Lose It! and, of course, over at your new blog post, but surprise, surprise, I got sidetracked. You’ll see me making an appearance in both places soon!

      and in the meantime, keep up your great routines!

  4. Wow Dyane, looking healthy and beautiful. I have to get back into exercising too. Don’t know why it’s gotten so hard 😏 Inspired by you! Love and hugs.

    • Thanks Lady S!
      Sometimes it’s easy to work out, sometimes not so much! I get it! 😜
      I know you love Zumba – what about that? 💃 (they only had a fancy dancer emoji!)
      Sending love and hugs right back at you – you’ll achieve whatever you want to do, I know it in my 💖!

    • Thanks from the bottom of my 💖 for your kind words!
      I hope this finds you doing well, and I wish you a great weekend….it’s almost here! 👍

    • Thanks dear Van! 🚐

      Here’s a 🌷 for you for your comment that made me feel so great!

      As you know, this kind of journey resembles a marathon (a lifelong one, gulp!) more than a sprint 🏃🏽
      The real work starts now, but I’m happy to say that I’m 100% pumped up! 💪🏽
      It helps me to no end to enjoy encouragement from kindred spirits like *you*! 😇

      Thanks again! 💕 Have a wonderful weekend! 🌞

  5. Good for you Dyane! A big ol’ high five to you for sticking with it and doing so well!

    • Many, many thanks, Vic! Thinking of you lots after reading your post last night.
      I’ll return to comment and see what others wrote…I’m sure you’ll get some helpful insights as you always do from so many of your followers!

      Sending you strength as always, my remarkable, resilient friend.

    • You’re so awesome, Sharon….yes, that’s our deck that looks out on the redwoods.
      I *love* the view!! I like to sit out there with Lucy and “chillax” together. She loves sitting in the sun until she gets so toasty that she retreats. I’m more careful about the sun these days, especially since I’ve had two friends get skin cancer.

      Back to that view…it’s why we bought the house. It lured us…..seduced us!
      Now, if I knew about how our road to get here is what I call the “death road”, which our realtor didn’t discuss, imagine that? I wouldn’t have bought the house no matter how gorgeous the view.
      That’s life, right?

      Gotta be grateful for the good stuff and work around or through the yucky muck!

      Thanks a million for the sweet compliment – it’s so nice to feel strong again, and you made me smile!
      Sending you my 💟! I’m looking forward to your book very much!!!! ✏️📖

  6. I’m happy for you, Dyane! You look terrific. I’m struggling to get back into my gym routine; this spring/summer has wreaked havoc on my body, what with the Vitamin D issues and the chronic fatigue and now my family being sick. Ditto for the writing routine. Sigh. And summer is almost halfway over! The kids start back to school August 3rd, so I might or might not get into a summer routine by the time school starts. Ah well.

    • Thanks, Laura!

      You & your family have been going through such a hard time – I understand that because you know I’ve been through similar situations such as our family sickness of walking pneumonia and my fatigue issues related to meds. (It’s not CFS per se, but I can relate to the crushing fatigue all the same!)

      Some years are so %*&^*&^ tough, and if you don’t get into a summer routine by August 3rd, go easy on yourself. You’ll begin again when the time is right – I know you will!

      I don’t belong to a gym, so apart from doing my little weights every other day for 10 minutes, what I’ve started doing over the past week is to walk outside for a whopping 10 minutes. I go up and down our stairs (verrrrrrrry carefully so I don’t trip and wind up in the ER) for five minutes. Then I walk around the remaining five minutes on flat ground. This is so small compared to my former 30-45 minute elliptical workouts, but that’s what I can do nowadays and it’s good enough for now.

      I tried using my new jump rope, but that was WAY too hard. I lasted 30 seconds!
      Another sobering thing that happened recently was when I got on the trampoline with my girls.
      I couldn’t believe how hard it was; I remember when it was effortless!!!!!
      My girls hopped on it for a long time while their exhuasted mommy said no way!

      take care, and thanks for stopping by here – it’s always a pleasure to hear from you!!!!!!
      💖 Dyane

    • Girl, you’ve been writing up a storm! I’m gonna catch up this weekend – you know it!!!!
      And thank YOU!!!!! You’re super-gorgeous even when you’re tired!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m so so SO happy for you reaching your goal! Now comes the next challenge, as well you know: KEEPING it off. I’m still gettin’ there, but I am drinking the water, per your recommendation. For a while I had successfully rewired myself to not eat so many carbs and dairy and stuff but last year I started succumbing more often. It’s going to feel like tracing old steps, rewiring myself again, but I know it’s something I need to do. Did you celebrate with your family? I bet cake was not involved…or was it?
    mmmm….sheet cake, my achilles heel! 😛

    • Thank you, thank you very much….(I couldn’t help that!) I’m SUPER-thrilled you’re drinking water! Woo hoo! It’s a powerful step and I promise you, while you may curse me for the more frequent visits to Ye Might Throne, you will thank me later!

      I didn’t celebrate with my family yet – I like the idea, sans sheet cake, your weakness, ha ha! But I’ll go for a double espresso at that super-yummy Italian bakery I mentioned to you – here’s the website if you want to see what I’m talkin’ about!


      The gelato there is first-rate and local – it’s made in Watsonville (a town 20 minutes away) by an Italian fellow named Mossimo. He sells his delectable, low-fat gelatos to OPRAH! Yep. Not sure if she’s eating gelato now as she’s losing weight again according to what I’ve seen trending on Facebook. (I try not to look at that stuff but you can’t get rid of it, can you?)

      • These folks look like makers of the delectable. I’m glad you were able to celebrate! I don’t mind all the potty visits–I’m still used to it from pregnancy days. 🙂 I’m going to get these pounds off me no matter what! xxx

    • It’s hard because that demon hides in EVERYTHING!!!!! But I ****know***** you can do it, you fiery ‘lil miracle!!!!! 💗😻

      • I just read an article on Binge Eating Disorder (not Binge/Purge, just Binge) and how sugar is as addictive as cocaine, and I think I have a serious sugar addiction and bingeing problem. OK but I already knew that. I just need to quit the sugar.

  8. Dyane you look absolutely fantastic. You’ve inspired me to at least THINK about exercising/losing weight. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure you do lose some weight just by THINKING about exercising…. or is that a delusion? Or my altered sense of reality. Oh who cares, I’ll definitely think about it 😎

    • Thanks so much!!! Your comment abouyt losing weight through thinking abou tit made me laugh – it’s great! I actually think there’s truth to it!!!! So please let me know if you want to go for it – I’ll be around! 😉 Take care & (((hugs)))

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