Vlog Ramble & The Ketogenic Diet’s Bipolar Buzz

Once in a blue moon I record a vlog.







After watching mental health advocate/blogger Kitt O’Malley’s insightful vlogs yesterday I was fired up to get in front of Photo Booth and yap away.

With my canine muse Lucy by my side, I report on how I haven’t reverted to my daily pint of gelato, and I share my weight loss progress with you. (Hint: I’ve lost the equivalent weight of this massive walleye caught in Washington’s Columbia River!)


Other points I touch upon:

• The ketogenic diet, which purportedly alleviates bipolar disorder symptoms. I ask for your take on this low-carbohydrate/high-protein style of eating.

These two brief articles about ketogenic diets and bipolar disorder are the most credible ones I’ve read so far, but I’m sure there are better ones out there.

Examiner.com’s Ketogenic Diet Fights Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Aids Weight Loss

Healthline’s Can A Ketogenic Diet Help Treat Bipolar Disorder?

And there’s more!

You get to watch me say “um” way too many times, lisp, and struggle to turn off Photo Booth.

I hope you find it worthwhile listening to my chatter. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, and take good care of yourselves!




p.s. Weight Loss Memoir of the Week:

Frances Kuffel’s Eating Ice Cream With My Dog: A True Story of Food, Friendship, and Losing Weight…Again


“A wake-up call to anyone who believes that weight management is a quick and easy feat. It’s not. And Frances Kuffel’s greatest gift is a blast of hopeful reality for any brave reader ready to take herself on and honestly face her own food and weight demons.”
-Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP, Chief Medical Correspondent for Discovery Health Channel, and author of Fight Fat After Forty

I’ve only read the first few pages, but I’m intrigued. While yes, she hooked me in with the dog on the cover, I’ve read Kuffel’s acclaimed book Passing for Thin years ago, and it was good.


p.p.s. Join my Wondrous Writers Weight Loss Group on the website/app Lose It! Award-winning blogger Bradley of Insights From A Bipolar Bear is my fellow group member. Bradley’s encouragement has helped me so much!  If you join us, we’ll encourage you. I’ll send you an invite if you include your email in a comment. You can also sign up for free at www.loseit.com and find us under Groups.


Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder will be published by Post Hill Press in 2017.


39 thoughts on “Vlog Ramble & The Ketogenic Diet’s Bipolar Buzz

  1. Great blog and video. Inspiration! Proud of my daughter. That be you!👵🏼

  2. Love the vlog post, especially how Lucy gave you so much love at the end. Congrats on 20 lb weight loss. That takes work! The pic of the walleye really brought that home. I’ve researched ketogenic diet years ago, but not in relation to bipolar. It’s high FAT, adequate protein, low carb. Used for seizure disorders. Obviously, not good for your heart, triglicerides, cholesterol. As we age, those issues become more important, especially for us who are middle aged.

    • When I was looking for an equivalent of 20 lbs, I was going to use a picture of a 2-year-old because I learned that the average toddler weights that amount, but I thought the walleye was much more interesting! 😉

      I’m glad you liked the vlog post – Lucy was a tad jealous I was giving the laptop attention instead of her!

      I’m ****terrible*** when it comes to fully understanding the various diets. I’ve always been that way – I’m great when it comes to exercise analysis, but throw a nutrition book or the latest diet info. in front of me and my eyes glaze over. Perhaps I could read a keto book before bedtime to induce sleep! Speaking of that, I’m glad you clarified that the ketogenic diet advocates high fat in addition to the protein and low carb specs. That sucks that the keto way is high in fat because as much as I deny it, I’m middle aged @ 46. I still feel 14.

      • Just keep eating healthy. All things in moderation, right? You’re doing well. I’m a big proponent of fish oil. Good stuff. Good oils (olive oil, etc).

      • Yes, and yes! Thank you! And I’m a major fish oil gal; I live near Nordic Naturals, which is one of the top manufacturers in Watsonville. I used to call them up for advice. Now I can’t afford their pricey, high-quality fish oil so Craig gets me Nature Made fish oil capsules @ Costco. Some people say it’s not purified of mercury despite the bottle’s claims that they use a “state-of-the-art purification process..”, but at this point I have to have faith that I’m not becoming a human thermometer! Mind over matter counts sometimes. At least I like to think so!

  3. Awwwwww My audio and visual are still messed up (thought I got them fixed yesterday.) Hopefully I’ll get it fixed soon so I don’t miss out.

    • I hope you get the audio & visual fixed pronto, my Lose It! pal! That’s gotta be frustrating.
      Thanks for stopping by….hope you’re having a good one!
      Don’t forget to keep on keepin’ on…

    • Thanks so much, dear Merry!

      I’m still seeking true dietary wisdom, but at least I’m finally sticking to the non-GMO route as much as humanly possible and I’m buying organic. What convinced me to stop buying GMO products was this documentary that was recommended to me by one of my best friends:


      On a sidenote, Avonlea & I went to the Scotts Valley Farmer’s Market the other day to buy some glorious organic food. We spotted a Honey Lady vendor! But it was such a bummer of an experience. We stood in front of her booth and there was one woman ahead of us. She was chatting with the Honey Lady, going on and on and on and on about what, I have no idea, while Avi & I waited patiently. I had money in my hand, and it was obvious we were there ready to buy something! (honey sticks, if you must know!)

      The Honey Lady didn’t even acknowledge us with a “hi” or “I’ll be with you soon!”. You know this scenario, right? Instead of being assertive, I had become too frustrated, it was hot, I was grumpy, etc. and I thought it was best for us to bail, which we did. Poor Avi. She took it well. But the Honey Lady lost a sale and she lost a potential loyal customer….the kind of customer she now could only dream about having….
      the one & only Ms. Honey Pot!!!!!!

  4. Admire your receptivity to Kitt’s response to your latest VLOG. You are such an intelligent woman and I personally know that you use good judgement when it comes to major changes in your lifestyle. Could I be prejudiced!!! No. Maybe just a bit!!!

  5. Great vlog. It’s always a treat to see and hear you. You look amazing! And your skin is radiant — must be all that water! I have done loads of research on various diets in the past. My initial college major was nutrition. But alas, I’ve sort of lost my enthusiasm for nutritional research. Mostly, I’m a proponent of all things in moderation, BUT I definitely feel better when I limit carbs and sugar. I don’t know much about the Ketogenic diet specifically. I’ve done a good bit of research on paleo. I notice a big difference in my mood when I eat slightly higher protein, higher fat and lower carbs. I don’t have any research on hand at the moment, BUT I worked with many clients whose cholesterol and blood pressure improved by reducing sugar and simple carbs. There is a lot of research to support that a big key in improving heart health is managing blood sugar.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you if you have looked into the work of psychiatrist Kelly Brogan. I skimmed her book, A Mind of Your Own, and was intrigued. My brother has bipolar, and I know he has had good results with a higher protein diet. I’ve considered following the plan that Brogan provides in the book — it’s relatively balanced and seems good for overall health with the mind health being a bonus. It’s a lot to think about, though. I honestly feel that I do best eating something every 3-4 hours and drinking lots of water and eating very little sugar but not completely depriving myself. You obviously have found something that’s working well for you. Keep up the good work!

    • And I adore Lucy!!! She is amazing and I can see how she instantly puts you in a good mood. My sweet girls, Bella and Molly, do the same for me. Dogs are THE best!!!

    • Your comment about my skin made me float on air…..to give you a bit of an idea why that was the case, I was called “pizza face” by some very mean people in junior high!

      It sounds like Keto & Paleo have things in common, but I couldn’t tell you the differences between the two and I feel pretty dumb about that – I’ll need to read up a bit. That’s awesome that when you eat higher protein, higher fat & lower carbs your mood improves!!!

      I used to receive Dr. Brogan’s e-letter, and I sampled her book on my Kindle as soon as it came out. I loved the title and her premise. I was all fired up to read it, but before I did, I made the mistake of reading some negative reviews and they freaked me out. Believe me, I know it’s not fair to believe any negative review, even the intelligent-sounding ones (I have a story about that for later***), but there was a consensus that she was very anti-medication, and it turned me off because I’m so damn dependent on my meds I didn’t want to read anything that was against them. 😦

      What do you think of those naysayers? Should I give her book a chance?

      ***Yesterday my husband Craig’s book got the first 2-star review on Goodreads. I got so mad about her asinine “review”; Craig has the total opposite personality and he’s usually super-mellow. His book,, which he co-authored with Gary Fogel has won numerous awards and received many great reviews on Amazon and elsewhere, and Craig had the right attitude about Ms. 2-Star. But yours truly wanted to reply to her, and I held back because Craig wanted me to look the other way. Please indulge me in sharing the link and her review. God knows I need to cool it about negative reviews because my book will be getting them too!


      Here it is:

      “Barbara” a.k.a. Not The Sharpest Knife In The Drawer
      (Dyane’s comments are in ALL-CAPS)
      Rated it it was ok
      It’s unfair of me to give this a 2-star rating. (THEN YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE IT, BABS! WHY DON’T YOU TRY TO WRITE A BOOK AND GET IT PUBLISHED?) It was probably a much better book than that, but I simply wasn’t that interested in the dawn of aviation and the descriptions of how and why flight works.(THEN WHY ON EARTH DID YOU READ IT?) I read it because it was by a local author and much of the story took place in San Jose and Santa Cruz. (THAT’S NOT A GOOD ENOUGH REASON!) I very much enjoyed reading about Santa Clara College (a friend’s alma mater), the San Francisco earthquake, Fred Swanton, mentions of Mt Hamilton and Aptos. It was interesting too to read about the patent struggles and animosity of the Wright brothers. The author (UM, BARBARA, I HATE TO TELL YOU THIS, BUT THERE ARE TWO AUTHORS, NOT ONE. DID YOU EVEN READ ALL OF THE BOOK? DOUBT IT!) certainly made the case that John Montgomery hasn’t been given his due by history, and this book is his attempt to set the record straight. (WHATEVER!)

      • Ok. First I HAVE to comment on the shitty review (please excuse my profanity, but I feel it’s warranted here). Why in the beJEEZUS would you give a bad review when you said yourself you weren’t even interested in the damn subject? Just as you said…Babs has likely never written a book & tried to get it published. Craig has the right attitude, but I don’t blame you for being upset. Super annoying!!!

        As for Dr. Brogan’s book. I have no doubt that she gets some negative press for her less-than-mainstream approach. Honestly, though, I would encourage people to give the book a chance. You absolutely would find value in it, I think. But here’s the thing for me: if I had read her book 5-10 years ago, I might have been tempted to go off my meds — not because she pushes doing so — but because I was convinced I didn’t need medication. I am finally to a point where I know that I do and most likely always will. I spent so many years having bad side effects and being the oh-so-impulsive person that I am, thought stopping my meds was the only solution. I have since learned that stopping altogether is the worst thing I or anyone can do. Brogan actually is very firm about this in the book — and btw, the book I’m referring to is mostly about uni-polar depression & anxiety — as you know, a very different beast than bipolar. She does touch on bipolar, ADHD, and a few others in the book & I’m pretty sure she delves in further on her website.The book is very detailed and as someone who takes lifestyle factors into account when managing my mental health, I loved that it was so well-researched and written by someone trained as a mainstream psychiatrist. Personally, I think the problem is that people like Brogan are reduced to sound bites and click-bait in our instant everything world. I can absolutely see how her message could come across as anti-med when her work is watered down for articles across social media. I think that’s why I really wanted to read the entire book. I had heard of her but wasn’t at all familiar with her work. I actually have the audio copy of the book but would love to get a printed copy. All that said — I completely understand your hesitancy on reading anything that could come across as anti-medication. If you’re anything like me, that kind of stuff tends to make me feel hopeless and less-than — I mean, I can barely keep my head above water when I am medicated. I certainly don’t need anything shaming me for taking them. I think more than anything, I was intrigued by the nutritional part and more specifically her meal plan. That said…I feel that for me, at this stage, any diet that takes major effort to stick to is only going to make me more frustrated. I eat pretty well anyway and stick with whole, non-processed foods and very little sugar. That’s about all I can manage, and I have to remember I’m eating for the long haul.

        Glad the skin comment made you smile. Isn’t middle school the worst? I still have a complex about my flat chest and chicken legs thanks to some not-so-kind classmates. Sigh. Okay, I’m rambling. Just got back from the beach and I am spent!

  6. Nice to see you, Dyane, and you, by the way, have a great voice for broadcasting. Just saying. Lucy…cute beyond words. Great vlog post. 🌌 🌠 🎇 🎆 You are a star.

    • Wow, you completely made my day!!! I’ll take ANY compliment you hand out, dear Van! 🚐❤️

      Lucy tells me she’d like to pursue a broadcasting career, so maybe we could pitch ourselves to local stations as a dynamic duo specializing in human/canine interest stories. The concept has potential!
      😉 🐕💜 Thanks again for making me feel awesome!!! 😀 Have a wonderful weekend – it’s almost here….

  7. Congrats on keeping up with your weight loss plan! I need to follow your lead but I’m not motivated enough right now, I guess. You talk about cravings – that’s what gets me. I can eat healthy, low carb, low fat, high protein, high omega foods all day. But at night…that’s when those sugar cravings kick in *sigh* (esp when I take certain medicine, esp Seroquel – I’ll find myself “sleep-eating” haha).

    Keep drinking that H20 and eating that healthy food and exercising and encouraging us. You let us know that it is possible to lose weight even on medication and despite our diagnosis!

    • Thanks my darlin’!

      You have so much going on with your beautiful kids, with working on your husband’s legal paperwork (a big, big deal, to say the least!) etc. – the last thing you need is to add another challenge/lifestyle change to the to-do list. It’s not quite time yet….

      I hear you on the Seroquel and the “sleep-eating”; I would wake up aroud midnight and eat, so I was alert, but I was in a trancy state and of course inhaled all kinds of food.)

      When life settles down a bit, your motivation will come. We can figure out how to deal with the nightly sugar cravings…in any case, I’ll be there to encourage you!

      Thanks so much for your support ever since we first connected. It’s a beautiful gift. I’m grateful to you for your compassion, for inspiring me with your strength and for your creativity and humor in your fantastic blog! 💓

  8. Ahhhhh!!! You look SO GOOD!! Congratulations on your 20+lb weight-loss!! That’s so good that you are sticking with it and are eating healthy and enjoying it. I have yet to reach the stage of not craving bad foods. Hopefully one of these days I can rearrange my taste buds.

    And Lucy is such a doll!!🐶 Thanks for sharing your vlog. Do more!!!

    • Thanks a zillion, my sweet Lady J! 💞

      If I didn’t like what I’m doing, there’s no way I could stick it out. I need to add more variety to what I eat; that’s my weak point. I’m so, so bad at all the nutrition guidelines and trends and all that jazz. 🎼 But I’ll figure it out.

      You’ll reach a point where you don’t crave quite as much icky stuff, and then it can lessen from there,etc. You can still have treats, of course! I don’t do treats yet except for my wacky 🍏 apple & almond butter nightly dessert (I’m still in ❤️ with it – it’s bizarre, but hey, it’s my happy time – that’s fine with me!) because of my binge history.

      Oh well, we’re all works in progress, right?

      I told Lucy you said she’s a doll and she was stoked! She knows how cute she is, to be honest, but that’s okay. She gets away with it because she casts a magical spell on anyone in her midst!

      I’ll comment @ your new BP blog post & at your BP Hope blog too!!!
      In spite of it being such a tough time, you’re doing a supercalifragilisticexpialidociously GREAT job!
      (say that ten times fast!)

      Sending you lots of 💖!

  9. LOL I ramble every time I teach. I’m amazed my students learn anything. 🙂 ANYway, this idea of diet’s impact on the brain seems sound; after all, a child can certainly be affected by dramatic increases or decreases of sugar…an experiment I would love to carry out on my nephew, the juice-fruit snack-soda sucking toddler…ANYway. 🙂
    I’m trying to rewire myself again to help finally knock off these stubborn fifteen pounds. When I was on Weight Watchers I taught myself to keep away from dairy like butter and cheese, but lately…gah, cheese is so GOOD! And it doesn’t help we have to have ample supplies of both in the house for the kids, blast it…
    ANYway. 🙂 Happy Friday to you, friend! xxx

    • The only thing that kept me away from cheese was having to take my MAOI, which forbids aged cheeses!
      I don’t expect you to do that, LOL! I love cheese and so does my older daughter, who had a phase in which she inhaled my fatty faves blue cheese & brie of all things! There’s a company that makes adorable “baby bries” one can pack for lunch, which I did. Crying all the way….(kidding!)

      Anyway, sigh….I hear from everyone (myself included) the last 10-15 pounds are difficult to shed. Have you tried upping your water to at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day (I like to use the Mayo Clinic guidelines) and drinking green tea?

      As hocus pocus as that sounds, I suspect the water/green tea combo might shift one’s weight plateau, although I realize you can’t bolt out to the loo while you’re teaching unless it’s an emergency.

      I just found this “Gettng Past A Weight Loss Plateau” on Mayo Clinic’s site – it might be of help to us:


      As you know, what I do (and it sounds very, um, anal is what comes to mind but I prefer to use “dedicated”) is every hour starting from 7AM I drink a glass of water *or* green tea, specifically this Yogi tea when I can find it at a health food store or Target- I like the taste and what it claims to do!


      until 6:00 p.m.

      – At first I did have to visit my Throne often, but my body got used to the liquid increase, and I didn’t need to do that task as much.T.M.I., I know, but it could be far worse, LOL!

      I don’t know when you teach, but you could hold off drinking your water/tea during that time…

      In any case you could try this…….let me know if you do :)))))))

      • I will! I JUST got that tea, as recommended. The water intake–um, does water heated and run through ground beans count? Hmm? 😉

        But you know what–you’re right about the fluids. I will likely hold off until next week, since we’ve got a road trip coming up this weekend, and frequent trips to the potty aren’t exactly convenient for that. 🙂 But I will at least start the green tea, and up my water intake to…lots of ounces. Math is hard with a headache. 🙂
        You ARE dedicated. 🙂 I’ve gotten that eye roll and “anal” snooty comment before. Those meanies can call it whatever they want–if it works, then why SHOULDN’T you be dedicated?
        So, hold me to that! Starting tea today, and water on…June 16th. Don’t let me budge on that, I’m counting on you! 🙂

    • I’m getting around to replying to your post in which you wrote, “So, hold me to that! Starting tea today, and water on…June 16th. Don’t let me budge on that, I’m counting on you!” Okay, my friend – June 16th. I just wrote it on my calendar & you’ll be getting a Facebook private message from me about that one….

      And I hope you have a fantsatic road trip – I think you’re very wise to hold off on upping H20 during that time, ha ha! I’ve made that mistake, and as you can imagine, it’s not fun.

      p.s. the latest news about coffee that I’ve read is that it doesn’t dehydate as was once thought; it can contribute *some* of one’s daily H20 intake, but I’m not sure how much !I’ll let you know if I find out anything worthwhile. Speaking of coffee, my mug beckons….yum yum!

      • Thanks! It’s bad enough when we have to stop the car at ALL; Biff and Bash get angry when we have to stop for a red light (I can only wonder how they’re going to be with their own licenses (crosses self twice)). So to stop for Mommy to use the potty *yet again* would NOT go over well. But I’ve started the tea (warming water for it now, actually) and like it a lot! Thanks for the rec.!
        Ooo, let me know how much coffee counts, but don’t tell me right away–I need to MAKE myself drink more water and not justify the two-pots a day with “well I’m REALLY drinking a chunk of my water intake.” 😛 Catch you on the 16th! xxx

      • I’ll wait about letting you know about the coffee ☕️ info. – no worries, and I’ve got June 16th marked down…it’s coming up quick! 😉 So happy you like the tea!😜

  10. Dear Dyane and Lucy: A great video! You looked and sounded so natural, and without self-consciousness It is said that people with BP are often super intelligent, and never (rarely?) below average. You certainly fall into the former category. My daughter, too, and personality plus! She has just turned 36, the age at which I was when I had her, and for the first time in her life she has gone onto a healthy diet, (no smoking/little alcohol), taking vitamins and fish oil, exercising, attracted a supportive partner, and she’s begun to take care of her own life. Perhaps there’s a universal energy happening. I won’t mention medication, because it’s up to the individual, and where they’re at. Suffice it to say, that I’ve been searching for years to find one example of a person who has healed from BP, and it looks like I’ve found her. Early days, however…and I’m still there for her every step of the way… Love

    • Dear Anne,

      Please forgive me for the tardy reply. You’ve written such lovely comments, and I appreciate them so much! You totally made my day with your last comment. :)))) I was just about walking on air so thank you!
      (I wasn’t planning on doing the video. It was a last-minute decision, but it works out better that way for me because I just talk off the top of my head, as you saw, LOL!)
      I’m absolutely THRILLED that your daughter is doing so much better with a healthy diet, vitamins, fish oil, working out, being with a supportive partner , etc.- WOW! That is so awesome! 36 is *young* too; it’s a perfect time to have a new lease on life.

      Happy belated birthday to her! She’s incredibly lucky to have you there for her as her devoted, loving, level-headed mom, and I’m sure she knows it. I will keep you both in my thoughts – I hope with all my heart that you’re right about the positive universal energy going on, and please take extra-special care of yourself because you deserve it!

      Lots of love, 💜

      • Didn’t even read the article lol I just saw the picture! That might be the biggest one I have ever seen!!! I live in northwest Ohio so I fish for them in the spring when they come up the Maumee river from Lake Erie to spawn

    • My head is now twice as big after reading such wonderful comments, LOL! 😉

      Losing the weight was relatively easy compared to maintaining my wt. I haven’t gained it back, but I’m scared I will since I’ve been a yo-yo dieter in the past.😨 I’ll post an update soon…& I’ll check out your blog! 👍

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