I Want to Tell The World

Tell The World by Dave Dobbyn, one of my favorite singers

(Of course he’s from New Zealand!)

Dear Friends,

I want to tell the world about two memoirs I loved reading…

I want to tell the world about my new favorite dessert…

and it’s not chocolate! 



(Be grateful for my restraint – I resisted posting 10 more pictures of adorable animals!)

I want to tell the world that since I started using the free Lose It! app I’ve lost over twenty pounds! 

I’m no longer carrying the equivalent of this barbell around & that definitely agrees with me.


When I was diagnosed with postpartum bipolar disorder at thirty-seven, I began compulsive overeating to self-medicate. I went up and down with my weight depending on whether I was depressed or manic.

Medications played a part in my weight gain as well – I tried 25+ meds and some of them played havoc with my metabolism. Repeatedly losing weight and gaining weight is a vicious pattern, but I’m trying harder than ever before to break that cycle.

I have a unique combination of reasons motivating me – some are old, but others are new. They are:

1. To feel better about myself

2. To serve as a positive role model to my children

3. To have more energy 

4. To be kinder to my knee joints. Lugging around the equivalent of a toddler every day has taken a serious toll on my right knee. I had ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction done in 1991 after ripping my ACL playing  basketball at the tender age of 16. I had a 2nd surgery in 2007 only a few months after Rilla was born to repair torn cartilage. 

5. I’d also like to show that it’s *possible* to maintain a healthy weight despite taking meds that get a bad rap for weight gain: i.e. lithium and my  MAOI. I’ve heard of people who won’t try a medication if it means weight gain, even if the med could lift bipolar depression. Of course weight gain can be a totally legit side effect (God knows I found that out with Seroquel!) but it’s not always the case. 

And I’ll admit there’s a superficial reason lurking beneath the nobler ones:

6. I want to feel great when I take my author photo next year! Perhaps I’ll emulate this saucy unicorn’s expression.


Strike a pose 


The power of bibliotherapy has strengthened my resolve. Two new weight loss memoirs inspired me, and I want to share them with you, even if you’re not out to lose weight. Anyone could benefit from reading about these extraordinary women’s journeys.

These well-written books have depth; they are much more than about weight loss. The authors’ intentions are clear: they want to help others along the same agonizing road. (There are no nice, neat, saccharine happy endings either!) 

Memoir #1

The Latte Years: A Story About Losses, Gains and Life Beyond the After Photo 

by Philippa Moore

Twitter: @philippa_moore Websitephilippamoore.net


Book Description: At twenty-four Philippa Moore is overweight, unhappily married, and still living in her hometown of Hobart, Tasmania. After a wake-up call in a department-store changing room (DYANE RELATES TO THAT! 😉 Phil suddenly realises that she is on the wrong path. With determination she starts to shed the kilos, and makes a confronting discovery: she is in charge of her own life.

Starting over again in Melbourne, she launches an award-winning health and fitness blog, Skinny Latte, and finds the courage to leave her marriage. She then sets out on an international odyssey, travelling the length and breadth of North America and throwing herself into every new experience she encounters. An intuitive friend predicts that true love is in her future but, still scarred from her failed relationship, she can scarcely bring herself to believe it. When she arrives in London, though, she finds the life she has always been looking for, coming to realise that excuses for not doing the things you dream of doing are just that: excuses.

The Latte Years is the brave story of a life restarted, of the battles still to be won once the ‘after’ photo has been taken. Told with humour, insight and a great deal of coffee, it shows that we have the power to change anything, and inspires us to live our best, most authentic life.

Read Dyane’s Amazon review here.


Memoir #2

Fat Girl, Skinny

by Amye Archer  

Twitter:@AmyeArcher  Website: www.amyearcher.com

Amye lets loose where other authors would hold back, but not for sensationalistic reasons. Her writing rings true and her candor is compelling. I admire her for “showing us the warts” the way she does. I discovered Amye’s book through a National Association of Memoir Writers (NAMW) tweet. She’ll be speaking about writing and her memoir on June 9th for free at the NAMW Roundtable:


“Inventing the Memoir: Truth Can Be Stronger Than Fiction” 


Amye explains, “When I first started writing my memoir, I was nervous that it wasn’t interesting enough. After all, I was only 33. What life experience could I possibly cobble together to create a memoir? Mine was a story about being unhappily married and divorced and fat, and nothing else really.  There’s no big plot twist, no tragic deaths. So when a publisher showed interest and asked me to change my story to fiction, I didn’t hesitate…What I realized was this: people stopped relating to the material as strongly as they did when it was memoir. As memoir, when I would read excerpts, I would have women and men approach me afterwards and tell me that they too have felt the heft of Fat Girl, Skinnyweight on their chest, the worm of self-loathing in their brains. As memoir, I was embracing the reader. As fiction, I was holding the reader at arms length.”

*You are never too young to write a memoir; everyone has a story buried somewhere inside.
*The strength of memoir lies in our ability to tap into the universal truth that connects us.
*Tips for writing that universal truth, finding truth in identity.
*Why memoir is different than fiction.

Book Description: After her husband leaves her for a skinnier, blonder, younger woman, Amye is forced to confront the food addiction that has been holding her back for most of her life and has left her weighing two hundred and sixty-five pounds. With the help of the gang of girls of Weight Watchers, and their fearless leader —former fatty and community college dropout—Pantsuit Pam, Amye spends the next year losing weight and learning to live in a skinny (er) woman’s body. Only being skinny is not as easy as it looks, especially when inside, she will always be a fat girl. Fat Girl, Skinny is Amye’s story, but it’s also the story of anyone who has ever been told: “You’d be pretty…if”.

Thanks for reading this lengthy post!

I appreciate your support and comments so much. Oh yes – that new favorite dessert? Slices of an organic Granny Smith green apple dipped in almond butter. Heaven. If you told me I’d fall in love with such a treat, even preferring it over my typical pint of double chocolate gelato, I would’ve scoffed at you. However, life is very mysterious. And on that note…

I wish you a great day!

lots of love, & see you next week,



p.s. I’ll keep posting this blurb in hopes that some of you will join us if you’re interested. I started a  Lose It! Wondrous Writers Weight Loss Group.  The intrepid blogger Bradley of Insights From A Bipolar Bear is a group member. His encouragement has helped me more than I expected it would – it’s far better than going it alone! I’ll send you an invite if you include your email in a comment, or you can sign up for free at www.loseit.com and find us under Groups. 


Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder will be published by Post Hill Press in 2017.


47 thoughts on “I Want to Tell The World

    • Yay! I do too – I don’t have a problem being a memoir addict! 😉 Take care and thanks so much for stopping by. Let me know what you think of the memoirs. Also, I’ll be writing about a totally different memoir genre soon, and I’ll be curious to see what you think of that. Stay tuned….

  1. I have to be one of the few people who hasn’t had weight gain issues with any of my meds. (That includes Seroquel.) I don’t know why, though. Genetically, I should have an easy time gaining weight; both paternal grandparents were diabetic and severely overweight. Both my parents have had weight issues, and I wasn’t a particularly skinny or athletic person until I was in my early 20s.

    I’m not sharing this to gloat over anyone who has weight issues. But I hate it that some folks won’t try certain meds because of the possibility of weight-gain, so I just want to encourage anyone who is on the fence to give them a try. They might find that they’re one of the fortunate few who, like me, doesn’t struggle. If it helps their moods stabilize, it’s worth a try. 🙂

      • Thanks so much! I already feel better, although my energy & anxiety levels aren’t where I want them to be. There’s always something, isn’t there? But I’m grateful for the good – I got on GoFundMe the other day to give $10 to a family that had their home destroyed by a fire and two of their dogs died. :(((( Out of curiosity, I looking at the other campaigns people in my area are going through, i.e. cancer treatments, funeral costs, and worse, if you can believe it, and that made me *really* thankful for what I have.

        I’m working on being less negative & angry, which are big challenges, let me tell you. I’ll let you know how that goes….I’m always open to *your* advice/perspective, and I’m craving a Laura blog post – hope you blog soon!

    • Hello, dear Laura! I didn’t think you were gloating at all!
      And what you wrote about encouraging anyone who might be on the fence about trying a med because they might not gain weight is ***perfect***! If anyone reads this, please don’t flame me, but before I took Seroquel I always wondered if people were blaming weight gain on a med rather than make the (admittedly very difficult) lifestyle changes they needed to make regardless of what medications they took. But now I get it!

      I also found out something I thought you’d appreciate – it’s just a general observation. You may know I make it a habit of checking certain tags to see what’s out there, i.e. “bipolar”, “pospartum depression”, “memoir” etc. Well, for grins, I checked out the tag “weight loss” and WOW – there are an ENORMOUS amount of bloggers who struggle with weight. Seeing all those blogs reminded me how rampant obesity is in our society.

      A while back I watched a documentary about sugar in all its forms, i.e. high fructose corn syrup. It’s called “Fed Up”, and it was a disturbing, excellent wake-up call about how detrimental sugar is for the human body, especially our youth.

      “Fed Up” showed how our society is gaining so much weight from sugar, which is in almost everything, and how those forms of sugar are messing up our metabolisms.I wonder how many people who have serious illness eat tons of sugar (like I did) & drink lots of soda with HFCS and the other forms of sugar, i.e. Sucralose.

      Again, I’m not saying that people aren’t really struggling with med weight gain side effects; of course some are, but this is an area that could use some well-executed studies. And people who eat lots of sugar and take meds, well, it’s worth cutting down that sugar no matter what. Lecture over!
      Thanks so much for commenting, by the way. :)))

      • I’ve heard of Fed Up (from my psychiatrist!) and I try very hard to monitor the amount of added sugar in my family’s diet. And you’ve heard my saga about ditching Diet Coke, of course, and how I got to ditch one medicine (of three) after I had been off Diet Coke for several months. Sugar and artificial sweeteners definitely affect my moods, and I’d encourage anybody to try cutting them. It might help both weight and mood. At the very least, even if it doesn’t help weight or mood, you can say you tried! We definitely need more studies on this topic.

  2. Ever since you said that about lugging around the extra dumbbell of weight, that’s all that’s been on my mind when I look at myself in the mirror. I want to get rid of my 20lb dumbbell. I’ve started exercises on days when I’m not depressed. HIIT always seemed to work so well for me. And I’m starting to eat only when I’m hungry and slow down on the wine. I feel a lot more in control. Slowly but surely I’m getting back into it. Thank you so much for the inspiration! And congratulations on your weight loss! That’s fantastic. I wish you all the luck as you continue on your weight loss journey. You’ve been such an inspiration to me. Love you Fryane and happy Hump Day!!! XOXOXO😄

    • I was so stoked that the dumbbell image stayed with you!!!!!!
      Oh my God, now you need to PICK UP something that weighs around 20 lbs – that’s a whole other reality check!!

      I’m not familiar with HIIT, but I’ve heard about it….that’s super-cool that it was useful for you!
      Eating only when hungry and cutting back on wine are two AMAZINGLY stellar improvements –
      if you can do that, well, you can do anything – maybe even fly a jet with minimal training, girl!

      I’m honored to inspire you, & I’d be honored to cause you to perspire (!!!!!)
      I’m in a silly mood, what more can I say?????
      I’m feeling so freaking jolly about wearing my jeans again, and feeling good about myself – I ain’t no Cindy Crawford, and I don’t want to be her anymore (go 80’s!,) but I feel really good about the direction your old buddy Fryane is taking.

      It’s wonderful to have your support!!!!!!!
      Love you too, my rock star prodigy – keep reaching for the stars! (Even though I no longer like the radio host Casey Kasem who was known for saying that, I like that phrase!)
      Sorry to all those Casey Kasem fans out there – he was mean!


  3. Well written and inspiring. Wish that I had read it in my earlier yrs but now at 80 I am happy just to get out of bed and open the door of my 19 year old refrig. Congratulations Dyane on your new lifestyle.

  4. Congratulations on your new lifestyle and regime. Enjoyed reading your comments on the two books you read. WIsh that I could have read your blog when I was younger but now it is an accomplishment just to open the door of my 19 year old frig. Just kidding????U look wonderful!!!!

    • Thanks my dear 🚐 – you got a laugh out of me for findin those scales! I loved your thoughtfulness & inventiveness! Since I’m a Pisces perhaps that could also work too – fish *scales* LOL? this symbol doesn’t look like fish very much, though does it? ♓️

  5. I’m definitely going to buy The Latte Years. It sounds wonderful. It will go on my extensive list of books yet to read. Ha! You thanked me, but I must thank you. Thank you for convincing me to join Lose It and you’re support has been invaluable.

    • I really think you’ll enjoy “The Latte Years”, Bradley! I’ve had quite a few new books in my Kindle that have been waiting to be read for a while, but when I decided to get serious about losing weight & started Lose It!, “The Latte Years” cut ahead of them! 😉 I’m glad I read it when I did!

      Your support has been a total delight and it’s helping me reach my goal much faster than I expected – plus it’s calorie-free and of course non-GMO & organic to boot. What’s not to love????

    • I have to admit I chuckled when I read about your lunch! 😉
      There’s nothing wrong with sourdough toast & Nutella – unless you’re like me, and you eat an entire loaf of that scrumptious sourdough toast & the whole jar of Nutella at one sitting! Restraint? Moderation?
      What do those words mean when it comes to Nutella?

  6. LOL That unicorn pic…very nice. 😛
    I know, I KNOW, I need to get on that Lose It! thingeymadinger. My meds have mucked up my metabolism a little, too, so I’m trying to watch what I eat, and, um, not doin’ so hot. I hate wasting food, so I often eat their leftovers, but then I get hungry pretty fast and eat more, and UGH. I’ll have to check out those memoirs and see if I can find some inspiration. Thanks for the recs! 🙂

    • I’m pleased you like the sophisticated unicorn! 😉

      The novelist Bradley & I will welcome you to Lose It! with open arms when the time is right for *you*!
      No pressure – just know we are waiting…..waiting…..waiting……waiting some more….waiting for s’mores?
      WAIT! Don’t eat the s’mores!!!!!
      (Hope I didn’t scare you too much – I had coffee late in the day, and I’m blaming the poor, innocent cup of French roast for my silly state!)

      I’ve done the “eating the kids’ leftovers” routine hundreds, probably thousands of times.
      It’s so hard to resist food when it’s right there in front of you and you’re ravenous.
      Hopefully one of the memoirs will motivate you to go for it and join our special club- keep me posted about that, pretty please. (Caffeine makes me bossy as well. Actually, that’s a lie. I’m always bossy.)

      • LOL! Coffee + Motherhood = bossy lady. Pretty sure this equation proves true in every case. 🙂
        Yes, I have to stop that leftover diet. I was doing so darn well for a long while, but then last spring I kinda fell off the wagon…(sigh) Gotta pick back up, right? Right!

  7. Love your post, as always. I especially love that you are highlighting the terrible problem of psychotropic medications causing weight gain. We tell people to accept their mental illness, but the medications that help manage the symptoms cause a whole new problem that is hard to accept. Good for you for taking charge and proving it can all be manageable. You are an inspiration!

    • I LOVED reading your newest post about coming out as a size 14!!! 💜
      And I’m honored you follow this blog – it makes me feel awesome, Sharon!

      Re: The horrid med weight gain dilemma
      While I don’t want to provide false hope (imagine my saying in a used car salesman-style voice,
      “Folks, I guarantee you’ll be able to manage your weight while you’re taking notorious weight gainers
      or your money back!”!) I don’t feel bad about sharing my own experience.

      On a related note, here’s something I wrote to my blogging friend Laura Droege that you might find interesting:

      “A while back I watched a documentary about sugar in all its forms, i.e. high fructose corn syrup. It’s called “Fed Up”, and it was a disturbing, excellent wake-up call about how detrimental sugar is for the human body, especially our youth.

      “Fed Up” showed how our society is gaining so much weight from sugar, which is in almost everything, and how those forms of sugar are messing up our metabolisms.I wonder how many people who have serious illness eat tons of sugar (like I did) & drink lots of soda with HFCS and the other forms of sugar, i.e. Sucralose.

      Again, I’m not saying that people aren’t truly struggling with legitimate med-associated weight gain/side effects; of course some of them are…. people who eat lots of sugar and take meds, well, it’s worth cutting down that sugar no matter what.

      Lecture over!” 😜

      Thanks again, Sharon, for your support. I love it and I feel very lucky to be connected with such a remarkable, amazing woman. 👍

  8. Whoop whoop whoop: Tell it girl; flaunt it girl; brave it girl; oh my I envy you. I am coming up with such lame excuses like I don’t have a scale, I don’t know how to calorie count etc Your new desert is exotically appetising. I’ll check out the first memoir u mention especially. Your review is great. I can’t wait for yours though. Whoop whoop whoop pretty woman…

    • It’s GREAT to hear from you, Lady Marie!!!!! 💕

      You should’ve seen my smile that was like a double rainbow spanning from ear to ear 🌈
      when I saw you stopped by here. The blogosphere isn’t the same without you, but I totally understand your reason for the break! I’ve taken six-year-long breaks from blogging!

      So yes, I’m going to tell it like you say, because I’m truly happy about this new direction I’m taking, and I want others who face the same struggle to be inspired and join me. This is going to be a lifelong challenge. I’m planning to reach my goal in early July and that’s when it’s going to get hard. But I’m in it to win it!

      Please try that yummy dessert – I love savoring it every single night.🍏 I don’t want to change it up, but eventually I will since variety is the spice of life, isn’t it?

      You were exercising so recently and doing a fine job! I saw those pictures, I read your blog!!!!
      Something new I’ve learned from reading various articles about health and weight loss is this:
      what a person eats accounts much more for weight loss than I thought it did compared to exercise.
      I was shocked! I’ve read percentages like weight loss is 85% diet and 15% exercise!!! In the past I focused mainly on working out hard to lose weight, and the food part took a back seat. Anyway, it’s something to read up on if that interests you…….what matters the most is to treat everything as being connected. Eat as well as you can, drink your water (!) and do some exercise. And laugh!!!!

      Sending you and your handsome, brilliant sons my love always……Lady Dy

      p.s I’m happy you’re going to check out “The Latte Years” – let me know what you think! And I can’t wait for you to read my memoir – you know it!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOOO

      • Lady oh, ha where do I start? it’s been two good weeks since you left this full reply to my comment and am just seeing this now? Lady your friend’s schedule is becoming ‘terrific’ giving that ‘hectic’ was already so much in application.
        At least the good news is am replying on the day the US made history by having its first female nomination for a major party. Bravo to you all and I sincerely hope she makes it back to that House.
        Back to us, I knew for a long while now that what I ate contributed more to my size than what I did with my body. Meaning if I wanted to lose it, I had to tone it down the munching and munching crap, and step up what I did with that body which could facilitate the exile of the greasy crap all that ‘uncensored’ munching had saggishly left on poor me. Hope some humour can be found in there yeah 🙂
        Inshort lady, let me even check out the Latte Years right now on the Amazon.
        I was contacted by some vip to review a vip memoir (forget the vip thing cause it’s me just wanting to feel vip) because they were impressed by the review of President Ellen Johnson’s memoir on my blog. Wow you see how you never can tell who spots out? So, I am considering some sporadic come backs especially when I send the boys off to someplace like I just did a few days ago – and that for two whole weeks.
        The other thing however is that I’m now a guest lecturer at the Pan African Institute for Developement and this one is another feat oh especially with a class of 99 masters students!!!

        Lady just leave me like that I am really trying to juggle and exercises will resume tomorrow 5 am unfailingly. As for munching, glad my appetite left on a world tour two years ago and I hear the cruise almost sank to the depths of the titanic.
        Ok there you go and much much love to all esp Miss Lucy and her kid sister 🙂

    • I read your most recent, incredible comment, Lady Marie – I loved every word, you are too funny, and it WOWED me!

      Re: “I was contacted by some vip to review a vip memoir (forget the vip thing cause it’s me just wanting to feel vip) because they were impressed by the review of President Ellen Johnson’s memoir on my blog. Wow you see how you never can tell who spots out?”

      That’s right – you never know, and I’m thrilled that you got contacted by the VIP and in that way!!! Woo hoo

      You also wrote, “So, I am considering some sporadic come backs especially when I send the boys off to someplace like I just did a few days ago – and that for two whole weeks.”

      YES PLEASE! Lucy agrees!

      Finally, you mentioned this: “The other thing however is that I’m now a guest lecturer at the Pan African Institute for Developement and this one is another feat oh especially with a class of 99 masters students!!!”

      What will you do next? I am SO PROUD of you! We need YOU for Woman President! While I’m happy we have a female nominee in H.C. (I voted for her!) I was sad to learn that she’s partially funded by evil, evil pro-GMO greedy (^*&)(& Monsanto.

      My gut tells me that every high-level politician has skeletons in the closet of their campaign, even Bernie Sanders. I wish you got citizenship here and that YOU ran, honey!

      Anyway, sending you love and let me know when you blog again, eh? And keep in touch!

      • At least lady only 6 days since you wrote this comment and here’s my reply. I am coming and if only for Lucy and Yourself – Yes Yes Yes 🙂

    • Thank you SO MUCH for noticing! about the cover image!!! No one else wrote anything about the new cover (I might be wrong, but I don’t think so since I’m always right, LOL!) I might post a fresh new photo of the girls and Lucy, and maybe even me and Craig which I hope we’ll take later this summer! 😉 💞

  9. Reblogged this on Trichy Insights and commented:
    Thanks for this great post about bipolar disorder and weight loss. Both of these books are now on my summer reading list. Between 4 babies, medication that caused weight gain, and an extremely sluggish metabolism due to hypothyroidism caused by the lithium I took for bipolar disorder 😳, I have an extra 15-20 pounds that needs to go. Also a clean diet with ‘good foods’ under the John Kender diet help reduce my pulling and urges and exercise help my moods. It’s all interconnected. Healthy body, mind, soul. ❤️😊🌹

    • Thanks again for reblogging & for your kind works – that made my day! 🌞
      I hope that you find “The Latte Years” and “Fat Girl, Skinny” as fascinating and inspiring as I did.

      I have tremendous, ginormous respect for you for being a parent of four children; I have enough challenges with my two girls. Give yourself a LOT of credit for beinga busy mom. I’m so so so so sorry that lithium caused hypothyroidism & a sluggish metabolism – ugh. 👎🏼”Sorry” doesn’t even begin to cut it.

      You’re very close to your goal with 15-20 pounds to go, especially since you’re doing the John Kender diet (I need to familiarize myself with that one; I’m curious!) and exercise. That’s awesome! And yes, you’re absolutely right that it’s all interconnected. 🌈

      Something I have a feeling that you may already be doing is drinking plenty of water & also some green tea. I’ve been singing the praises of green tea & water on this blog in my last few posts, driving away some followers I’m sure. 😜 In one or two of those posts I included links to the Mayo Clinic guidelines for safe amounts of daily H20 intake (of course there are other good sources) plus a link to an article or two about green tea’s benefits for both depression (wow!) & weight loss, among other maladies. I love reading about all those topics and appreciate holistic add-ons since I can’t go natural by relinquishing meds. I found that out the hard way.😨

      Wishing you the best with your health, your family & everything dear to you! 💞I’m off to check out the John Kender info.

      hope you have a great day, and take care,

      • Thank you for the encouraging word! Also I wanted to comment on the John Kender diet. It is a list of good and bad foods for people with trichotillomania. The bad foods increase irritation and the urge to pull, while good foods actually reduce urges. Unfortunately tuna, eggs, nuts, seeds, and many veggies are on the bad foods list. It’s worth it for me because it helps me fight the urge to pull.

  10. I envy your resolve. The twins are almost two and I have accepted the fact that I may never lose all the baby weight! But I love that you’re really fighting for it and it’s encouraging to see you following through. God Bless!!!

    • ****Gorgeous***** Mommy Michelle, no need to envy me one bit!
      I don’t have adorable twins and a stunning seven-year-old!
      As you know, my kids are way older – almost 9 and almost 12!
      What I’m trying to explain while totally out of it (what else is new, right?) is that I had the baby weight clinging to me most of the time since they were born. So never say never when it comes to losing the baby weight or some of it, that’s all. 😜

      But you are lovely now!!!! I know your sister Starla is a gifted photographer, and I’ve seen her amazing photos of you, but also I know she doesn’t “doctor” them, LOL!!!!

      Sending you my love; you truly are a beautiful soul inside and out. 💕😇

  11. I am so proud of you!!!! And I love weight-loss memoirs — did I ever tell you I used to be a weight-loss consultant? I swear I’ve had so many jobs. Anyway, I know you feel better and I’m certain your joints are thanking you. I also think it’s amazing that you want to show people that you CAN take certain meds and not gain weight. Keep up the good work! You’re an inspiration.

    • That’s so cool you enjoy weight-loss memoirs! :))))
      I’m still searching for a few more great ones, so I’ll let you know if I find anything else….
      I think you have mentioned that weight consultant job! 😉

      I fully intend on reading your latest post & I’m looking forward to it. Today is catch-up day. Craig is taking the girls to see the live action “Jungle Book” film, and I’m being a homebody. Hurrah, hurrah.

      Thanks for your encouragement, by the way; it means a lot coming from *you*. XoXo

  12. I think I would pay money to see you in a “saucy unicorn” pose! 😉

    • You made me laugh out loud with this one, Vic – that’s much appreciated! p.s. There’s a commercial for a new ‘The Rock” movie preview, but I didn’t see it closely (I could hear it going on) so I have no idea what it’s about….I wonder if you’ve seen it yet?

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