These Boots Are Made for Walkin’…Pneumonia


I started getting sick late last week with what seemed like a standard cold. Both my girls had recently suffered bouts of walking pneumonia, so to rule that out, I went to see my doctor on Monday.

She’s a great, down-to-earth physician and she has the perfect doctor name: Dr. Riddle. True to her name, she solved the riddle of what ailed me...

Lo and behold, I had walking pneumonia too!

My type wasn’t nearly as bad as Marilla’s. The poor thing had high fevers and was bedridden for days. Avonlea’s was a mild case, thank goodness. I was in between – I had a cough and fatigue, but I was able to function. While I obviously wasn’t going at full speed, I was able to take the girls to school, stop by the market, and care for Lucy and the chickens.

That was a good thing because my husband came down with walking pneumonia on Monday night, and he was bedridden. He usually does a million things a day, so it was unnerving to see him that way. When I was diagnosed with postpartum bipolar disorder in 2007, I was the helpless, bedridden one, and he was the caregiver. Talk about a role reversal…


The silver lining out of this was that I was reminded how capable I could be even when I was under the weather. Bipolar depression no longer ruled my life. But I’m no fool (Well, some people think I am, but that’s for a different post.)

What I’m trying to say is that if I needed to reach out to others for help, I would’ve done it, but I didn’t feel it was necessary in this case.

To decimate the bug, I immediately went on azithromycin. As long as I took it easy and didn’t run any ultra marathons, I wasn’t going to get worse.  

While the girls were at school, I did a lot of this:


I didn’t binge my frusrations away with daily and/or nightly pints of gelato as I usually would’ve done when sick. I continued eating well even though my appetite diminished because I wanted to keep my energy up. I continued my routine of drinking lots of green tea and water each day. 

When I read Dr. Riddle’s online summary of my visit, I saw that my weight dropped down from 166 lbs in March to 149 lbs! This wouldn’t be the case without my Lose It! plan. I wrote about my new commitment in the last few posts. I’m back to wearing my Target Denizen jeans, which were hidden away in a drawer the past year, and that feels really good.

Today is the first day I’m feeling my strength come back, and I’ll be catching on responding to some of your comments, blog posts, emails etc. over the next few days. Please forgive me for dropping the ball – now you know why!

Wishing you a healthy week!



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The groovy, inspiring blogger Bradley of Insights From A Bipolar Bear is a group member, and his constant encouragement has helped me  – it’s far better than going it alone!

These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ was featured in the film Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. If you haven’t seen this clip before, please note it’s on the wild side & not “appropriate” for your tater tots. 😉

Want to join our fledgling Lose It! group Wondrous Writers Weight Loss Group? You can try it and if it’s not for you, no worries. Please include your email in a comment and I’ll send you an invite, or you can sign up for free at and find us under Groups. The awesome blogger Bradley of Insights From A Bipolar Bear is a group member, and his encouragement has been a joy.




Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder will be published by Post Hill Press in 2017.


23 thoughts on “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’…Pneumonia

  1. That’s great to hear you’re feeling better Dyane!!! It makes me happy to know that your case wasn’t as severe. Sorry about Craig. That dude must’ve gotten it BAD if he became so immobilized. But the thing is he has a physical illness that requires a lot of attention just like you have a mental illness that requires a lot of attention. People really need to see the similarities! It’s not his fault that he is fatigued and coughing and sneezing. Neither should it be your fault that you are feeling depressed and unmotivated. I would love to live in a world where people understand that. I feel awful for the things I did and said when I was manic but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have an illness. I feel like this whole ordeal I’m going through could be prevented with a little more understanding and a little less stigma. It’s just my opinion though. I digress. Awesome job on your weight loss. Don’t think you needed it but Kudos anyways. I’m slowly working on appetite control right now until I’m mentally back on my feet. Then off to the HIIT. Love you so much. XOXO

    • Digress anytime, sweet one!

      I wrote a comment at your latest BP (Bipolar) Magazine blog post, which was awesome as usual. Ironically it was longer than the comment I left at your own blog, LOL! (And I digressed big-time there – I can’t even blame it on the codeine!)

      I’m so proud of you for keeping up your writing when life gets extra-hard. That shows what you’re made of!

      I appreciate your kindness so much about liking who I am no matter what weight I’m hauling around. There’s a big difference between 166-170 pounds, what I was carryng over the past year +, and my typical 140 that seems to be my set-point weight.

      I’ve writtena about this before, but please humor me (I’ll pay you….in good karma?!! hee hee – yep, I’m loopy today!) When I was a certified personal trainer, I used to ask members at the gym to hold up a 10 lb weight and see how heavy it was to carry for one minute. Most of them said something to the effect of, “Wow!” It seemed that example changed their perspective. Now, imagine lifting up 30 lbs and you see how that would affect one’s energy level alone (see how excited I get about this stuff?? 😉 – So forget about being able to wear jeans; carrying around the equivalent of a toddler every day is a pain in the…everythang! I really feel good about my progress so far – I just wish it would translate into better quality writing, but healthy weight loss/eating/drinking water can only do so much. :))))))))))))))))))

      Love you too and I know you can get your appetitie control where you want it – all in good time; yu have a lot going on right now — a million thanks for stopping by and for writing – it always, always makes me feel good, Lady J!
      XOXOXOXO Love you back, Dy/Fryane

    • Thanks, Kitt! I’m so grateful that we live in a time where azithromycin and codeine exist (not to mention bipolar meds!) I’m so glad you liked Lucy’s foot therapy – it makes me feel better whenever she does it. I never had a dog do that before.

      Xo to you and hope you had a lovely anniversary!

    • Thanks so much, Leslie! There’s something about the word “pneumonia” that’s really scary, even if it’s the walking type instead the regular kind. I’m incredibly relieved that we got through it, and I’m grateful that dogs & chickens don’t get walking pneumonia! (Well, as far as I know….) 🙂
      Hope this finds you well! take good care, Dy 🌻

  2. OH my, your family has been through the wringer, haven’t they? I’m glad that you’re starting to feel better. I hope everyone recovers fully and quickly!!

    • Thanks so much, Laura – I grew up very close to my Jewish grandmother and she always told me, “Health is wealth”, and of course she was right! 😉

  3. LOL I love that song! Anyway, it’s great to hear you’re on the up’n’up–and especially that your girls are feeling better, too. It IS really weird when the role reversal happens; usually my husband is the one who gets sick, and I’m the caretaker. When I was pregnant with Blondie I came down with a virus so nasty I couldn’t even hold water down. He was the one who tried to feed me jello, cleaned up when I couldn’t reach the toilet in time…ugh, what a time. It’s bad enough to be super-pregnant and worried about the baby, but we were both REALLY on edge when I got that sick with a wee one in me. Of course everything’s fine, seeing as the kid is 6 now 🙂 but still, those moments are gross and anti-fun. Cheers to you for holding onto your diet despite the nastiness of sickitude! (yay new word!) 🙂

    • Yeah, the song “These Boots Are Made for Walkin” can weave itself into one’s brain pretty easily! She “talk-sings” it much in the way that Rex Harrison talk-sings in “My Fair Lady”, come to think of it! 😉

      Your husband sounds like a good egg! Sorry to throw that cliche at you – I can’t help it today!
      Actually, if I wanted to give him very high praise for taking such good care of you when you came down with that mean, horrific-sounding virus while you were pregnant, I’d call him a
      “Granny Smith organic apple with 3 tablespoons of almond butter”! I prefer that to eggs these days…

      Most importantly, I’m so glad that everything turned out fine, but that must have been incredibly harrowing.

      I read a compelling memoir last night by Amye Archer called “Fat Girl, Skinny”. I learned about her and her book through the National Memoir Writers Association feed I follow on Twitter. (Yes, they made the cut too!) It’s definitely worth reading if the subject matter interests you; she’s a fine writer and has an MFA, teaches, etc. The reason I bring it up is that there’s a section where she discusses how “fat girls want to get sick”, and they deliberately try to come down with all kinds of serious illnesses” so they lose weight, I find this profoundly SO sad. She goes into fascinating, yet very disturbing detail of her own experience doing that and includes anecdotes about other women. When I had walking pneumonia it would’ve been easy to skip a meal, or fairly easy to skip all three. But I did have a bit of an appetite, and I didn’t want to do that. I want to lose weight in a healthy way; starvation is not the answer.

      (I’ll confess, I just had one more cup of coffee. My last cup was right before I replied to you at length this morning. I’m a caffeine sinner! Please forgive me….)

      • Um, I usually have two pots of coffee a day. You’re fine. 🙂
        When you talk about your daughters having walking pneumonia, I cannot fathom that kind of illness in my little ones. My daughter was never really ill until after her little brothers were born, and everyone got ear infections and stomach viruses. That was horrifying enough for me.
        I have heard about the illness to lose weight–my sister-in-law went through a phase of that. I’m still trying to balance out my diet, because you’re right–you can’t just kill your caloric intake or slash it. You just have to be smart about it.
        And YOU, Dyane, are precisely that. 🙂

  4. Ug, I feel for ya Dyane. My son has been to the doctor quite a few times last week and this week, as we thought he might have pneumonia too. We lucked out and he doesn’t but he has been hacking pretty bad and has had to have some major antibiotics + doing a nebulizer to try to kick it.

    Hang in there and take care!

    • Thanks, Vic – I’m so sorry about your poor son! By now hopefully he’s much better with the power of those antibiotics and nebulizer. I’m much better now although I’m still coughing a bit, but it lessens each day. I’m incredibly thankful for antibiotics and codeine and doctors who paid attention in med school! 😉

      Hope today is going well for you (it’s Sunday afternoon) & I’ll see you over at your blog for the latest and the greatest! :))))

  5. I’m sorry to hear you caught it too, but you’re such a trooper! It’s awesome you were able to get through sickness and take care of your family at the same time.

    • I’m finally better this weekend, lovely Michelle!
      Thanks for the “props” (is that a word? I’m too lazy to look it up – I’m terrible!
      Actually I couldn’t let go of the guilt, so I did look it up – can you say “neurotic Dyane”? I can!
      Here’s the definition:
      Props: noun respect or credit due to a person.
      “Erika gets props for the great work she did on the music”

      Anyway, I’m still waiting to hear about your next Chia Pet design……I really think you could make $ from an entire SuperMommy of twins Chia Pet collection! 😉

  6. Dyane–I love that you are willing to blog about your weight…with numbers even. You rock! I am actually working right now on a post about weight for my new blog. It is a relevant topic for me these days…

    • Ohhh, I can’t wait to read your weight-related post, Sharon! I hit the 20 lb mark today – I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to release the weight. The gain was a wake-up call, and now that I feel good about what I eat, I can let go of those litttle pangs of guilt (and big ones) that I had every day when I mindlessl shoveled in sh*t.

      I’m grateful that I’m on this path; my daughters are really proud of me too. That’s the icing on the cak…, I mean the purple organic carrot! 😉

      great to hear from you as always,
      💜 Dyane
      p.s. I’ll catch up over at your awesome blog this week!)

      p.p.s. Re: desserts —I absolutely LOVE Granny Smith apple slices with a couple tablespoons of almond butter. A friend turned me onto it. I measure the almond butter because each tablespoon is about 100 calories. It amazes me how much I enjoy this treat, and I feel healthy afterwards….no remorse at all. I never saw an apple as dessert coming!)

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