Trampolines & Jump Ropes & Green Tea – Oh My!


The girls are great role models for how to use the trampoline for fun & exercise. Malena the chicken was hanging out with them until she started decorating the trampoline with chicken poop. 

(She wasn’t harmed in any way – she’s showered with more love than you can shake a stick at! She’s not destined for a stew.)


The trampoline is also a great place to stretch and chill after your workout. 

But it has been surprisingly hard for me to jump on the trampoline for more than a couple minutes. At that point I’m huffing and puffing. Meanwhile, my girls can jump effortlessly for a long time. Talk about humbling. I’m going to jump on it for a few minutes at a time and get used to it – that’s all I can do.

I bought a jump rope last weekend because I used to do a jump rope workout when I worked at the gym (um, twenty years ago), but until I can jump on the trampoline for five minutes without wanting to pass out, I’m holding off on jump rope antics.

Lose It! has been such a help. The website & app have given me an awareness of what I’ve been mindlessly eating. At long last, I’m feeling better about my health and my body, and my self-esteem is rising. I no longer hold in my Seroquel Spider belly because it’s shrinking! I breathe better because I got rid of that nasty habit.

If I sound a bit too unicorn farty, life hasn’t been easy since I began my plan. Over a period of three weeks both my girls took turns having walking pneumonia. Now, regular walking pneumonia is bad enough, but Rilla’s case was so severe that she baffled two pediatricians. (They’re 100% fine now, Mom!)

Normally I would’ve binged like mad due to my stress over seeing my little ones so ill, but I didn’t do it this time. This is huge progress for a compulsive eater like me.

In other profound news…I’ve been drinking Yogi Tea’s Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life, although I still drink a cup of coffee in the morning. I love the taste of this tea because the blueberry and organic hibiscus flower make it sweet. Yum!

I’m keeping up with my water habit (a glass every hour until I reach 70 or so ounces.) I love water, so it’s not a chore, but I know for some of you it is. It really is worth it, bathroom breaks and all, especially if you take lithium like I do and you want to feel better and perhaps lose some weight. If you’re not sure how much water is a safe amount for you to drink, visit this Mayo Clinic link.

Guess who just got a bath & smells like heavenly lavender & mint courtesy of Cloud Star Buddy Wash?

Not grubby ‘ol me!


As always, sending you all my love,


p.s. Want to join our fledgling Lose It! group Wondrous Writers Weight Loss Group? C’mon, we’d love to have you. Please include your email in a comment and I’ll send you an invite, or you can sign up for free at and find us under Groups. The awesome blogger Bradley of Insights From A Bipolar Bear is a member, and his steady encouragement has been a joy.

p.p.s. Please let me know how you like to exercise or tell me your healthy tips in the comment section! Anyone who comments will receive a check, a Richard Simmons Chia Pet (designed by the creative blogger/mom of twins SuperMomMentality), a Susan Powter Chia Pet and Susan Powter DVD. Remember her?


Visit my latest Huffington Post article: “Why This Bipolar Mom Exercises  for Mood Stability” because you know you want to read it!

Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder will be published by Post Hill Press in 2017.

36 thoughts on “Trampolines & Jump Ropes & Green Tea – Oh My!

  1. Congrats indeed! You’re movin’ on up, woman! 🙂 And yes, I know, I KNOW, I’ll get to Lose It! at some point, I will, I promise, more rambling and so on!
    One thing I WILL do over the next 24 hours without a doubt is look up that tea. I’ve been making that shift to drinking water more often, but I keep brewing two pots a day because I like hot drinks even in hot weather. I’m going to see if introducing tea can get me down to one pot of coffee a day. Won’t know until I try, right? 🙂

    PS–Trampolines scare me. Seriously! My brother’s friend broke his arm on one, and I’ve avoided them ever since. And yet, I let my kids remove the cushions on the couch to bounce away. Suppose I can’t fit myself on there….dagnabit.

  2. Love this. We could all learn a lot from the way our children stay active. ☺ And, I’d forgotten about Susan Powter. We never did “stop the insanity”, did we ??? ❤️ 💛 💙 💜

    • I laughed over “We never did ‘stop the insanity’, did we?'” – that’s a good one, dear 🚐!
      I’ll admit I bought her book and I even liked it, although I couldn’t tell you anything about it now
      so I guess it wasn’t earth-shattering info. 🌍
      I’m so happy you enjoyed reading this post! Hope you have a fabulous Friday & weekend! 💗💕🌷😜

    • I’m drinking a ton of green tea, but it has a lot less caffeine than coffee.
      You made me chuckle because you know me….you know how hardcore I am with those espresso shots.
      Remember the time I had 5 of them and got online.
      The shots will come back into my life, though. I’m not shunning them forever.
      There’s an amazing Italian bakery two minutes away and they have stellar espresso and coffee.

      thanks for the kind words, my dear! 💗 Lucy is sitting on my foot as I write this and said to tell you she wants to go for a third degree. So far she’s an M.D. and has a J.D. Suggestions?

  3. I drink chrysanthemum pearls and two sencha teabags to keep sugar cravings and post prandial hyperinsulinemia away. That’s just when your blood sugar spikes and starts dropping at same time, sending a horrible starvation message to your brain and body. l

    • Wow girl, I’m impressed and you sound like you live in Santa Cruz!!!!! (the yoga granola crew are into things like sencha and chrysanthemum pearls) If anyone reading this loves yoga and/or granola, I give you permission to make lots of fun of me. 😉

    • I will keep it up, I’m on a mission…you know if I can go cold-turkey it with quitting chocolate (not a bit for over a month now, and not missing it either – that’s the shocker) humans can truly do anything!

      I will return to chocolate at some point, just not yet…..thanks for your kind support, as always and for the groovy retweet. (((((hugs))))) to you!

  4. Thank you for convincing me to join Lose It. I’m still adapting to it, but getting better every day. For my exercise I walk a lot. If I go to the beach I think I walk twice as far without batting an eye.

    • Thank *you* for being my fearless teammate! I realized after I wrote this post this early a.m. that I wanted to do a shout-out link to you and your blog & let folks know you’re in the Lose It! Wondrous Writers (and Brady Bunch fans, LOL) group . I can change it later on & add that info. and also do it again next week if ok with you! p.s. I do remember the Bobby hair color episode but I had no idea that it angered Robert Reed so much! I love all that lore……finally, that’s great you’re getting better at using Lose It! every day – I know you already have things going on with Weight Watchers and don’t want you to burn out. I need my buddy! And congrats on your beach walk increases….wooooooo hooooo!

      • You can do a shout out any time. I could use the traffic. LOL. If I start to get burned out by anything, I’ll back off, but right now I’m doing fine.

  5. So proud of you! I’m taking baby steps. Real small ones. Still working on drinking enough water and take my meds on time. Signed up for a PiYo (Pilates and Yoga) challenge group and very slowly getting used to incorporating it in my routine (everybody is doing week 4, I’m still stuck in week one).

    • Thanks so much, Penelope! It’s all about the baby steps! 🍼
      I’m stoked you’re working on drinking H20 and taking your meds on time.

      The PiYo challenge group sounds impressive – heck, I’m super-impressed! I’ve never tried Pilates, but I have taken different kinds of yoga classes. I’ve heard good buzz about PiYo, and I’m really proud of you for giving the group a go. What matters is that you started it – it’s okay if you’re in week one; you’re where you need to be right now. Keep it up and let me know how it goes….👍😊

    • Thanks sweetness! Thanks for the mention on your latest blog post – I was tickled pink. When you’re famous don’t forget me!!! 🙀💖💜😜💟👽✏️📖 Can you tell I love emojis!?

  6. Wow, you look amazing and so happy! Go Dyane and thank you for all the inspiration! I went to the gym yesterday and I’m going to Zumba in about 50 minutes. Xxxxoooo

    • Hey gorgeous! I’m SO glad you went to Zumba – you’re getting back into it now that you don’t have the huge workload of the play! You have what it takes to do anything – if you can be Lidia (Lydia? that’s how I spell my middle name and I’m blanking on your character’s spelling!) you can seriously achieve your fitness goals with your eyes closed! 💃💃💃💃💃🎼🎼🎼

      Thanks for the wonderful compliment – I took that photo with unwashed, skanky hair & minimal makeup, plus the loungewear, LOL! The next photo I take I want to dress up. As for Lucy, she’s perfect, isn’t she? 💝💖💗💓💜❤️💙

      • Thank you my dear Dyane! Come her and we’ll dress up as Lidia and Lyddy in the party scene of my play and take pictures! You are such a ray of sunshine, all your positive comments and your positive attitude! Thank you my dear, and lots and lots of love to you and your three beautiful girls, soooo glad both the little ones are over the pneumonia, so scary!

  7. Glad you’re doing so good, Dyane! Trampolines are fun for young and old. I decided not to do Lose It because it seemed to want me to pay and I already have the My Fitness Pal app which does the same thing. Of course, neither is any good if I do not use them (duh!). I am thinking about reducing my food intake but with my birthday this weekend and going out to dinner last night and having a Pina colada, it is OF COURSE easier said than done. I think I will have to revisit this whole issue when I am more motivated but thanks for the inspiration!

    PS I do not need any prizes (:

    • don’t pay for the extra, I think it is called “premium” lose it. The app is free they just want to tack stuff on that you don’t need. 😉

      • I was a sucker and bought the Premium package thingy on sale for $29 for the year, LOL!
        But that’s okay! The Lose It! folks claim they’re going to add lots of features “soon”. I used to spend $20-24 at Coffee Nine for junk food without blinking. (Terrible, I know!) And I won’t tell you how much I’ve spent at Ben Lomond Bakery in one trip.

        I agree with you that anyone trying Lose It! should go with the regular free program – it has everything one needs. 💞 to you, my stunning fitness rock star! You’re one of my role models. You and John Cena! (just kidding. Only YOU!)

    • Martha, I thought I answered this comment, but alas, I didn’t! Please forgive me.

      No worries about Lose It! My Fitness Pal looks like it can be just as effective from what I’ve seen.
      That’s great that you have it!

      I hope you had an absolutely wonderful birthday!

      When the time is right, you’ll figure out what you want to do as far as revisiting using My Fitness Pal (or not) etc.. Thanks for giving me a “pass” on the prize, LOL! You deserve one, but I’m lazy! Someday I may surprise you….

      Perhaps this weekend maybe you could continue tocelebrate your birthday. I know someone who used the entire month to celebrate hers, ha ha! Why not, eh?

      take care & have a great day, Martha! 🙂 Dyane

  8. I have to find a way to use “unicorn farty” in a sentence at work just to get that WTF look!! 😉

    • It was originally unicorn fart-ish – I give you my blessing to use both!!! ✨🌈

      Watch this clip, Vic….it will change your life. It’s experimental music known as “Fart Trance” – yes, for the intelluctual in us all!

  9. Hahaha, “designed by” You got me laughing this morning! Thanks for the shout-out!

    I have a tiny exercise trampoline that I never use but I won’t let my hubby get rid of. I was thinking about getting (with a cage) for my little ones for their birthday. After reading this, I think I’m gonna go for it. Having them around will (hopefully) encourage me to jump with them and burn some “fun” calories.

    Love, Love, Love the pics of your beautiful girls and you with Lucy! I’m so sorry they were sick (Thank God they’re better now) but so proud of you for sticking with your plan regardless of the situation!

    • So happy you got a kick out of that shout-out; I was hoping you would!

      My girls were on the trampoline yesterday for *at least* 45 minutes devising dance routines – I couldn’t believe it! They had tons of energy. It was a really hot day and they rigged up a light spray on the edge of the trampoline to keep them cool, which was so smart (proud mama!) &they put on bathing suits. I was so tired that just watching them felt like exercise, LOL!

      But yes, your kids will love one and it’ll be good for you!

      Thanks for the kind words about the pics of the girls & Lucy – I still can’t get over how gorgeous Mica’s photo is, girl. It looks professional and it’s simply gorgeous. If you had nothing to do (ha ha ha ha ha!) I’d submit it to an agent and/or contests, but something tells me you don’t want to be a stage mom. And you don’t want your daugher unaffected by all that stuff. But it’s the kid of photo that could bring all that sorta kookieness into your life because it’s that stunning! XOXOXOXO

      Thanks for the encouragement – I love it! Now, you need to work on your next Chia Pet design! What could it be???????

  10. Inspiring post Dyane. I must get up and go join Lose It. I was given an interesting perspective on exercise by my therapist on Thursday. Having lived a personally out-of-control life, and always being controlled by men, I’m striving towards a more peaceful, balanced existence. The therapist suggested exercise is a form of me being in control. It’s something I and I alone choose to do. Whenever, wherever and for however long. I have found this perspective comes with a sense of freedom. And inspiration. It has changed my outlook on exercise from being a chore into being an activity I want to ENJOY. Haven’t started yet. Been plagued by insomnia and just too damn tired. But I will soon begin to exercise 🙂

    • A belated thanks to you, Ms. Pieces, and when you’re ready, our Lose It! group is here for you! No rush, no pressure – those 2 things will foil any stirrings of one wanting to make a change.

      I like how your therapist thinks! Control can be positive – we hear so much about it’s negative side, but I really found it cool & inspiring that your therapist re-framed what control can be given your history. I love how you’re are viewing exercise as something you want to enjoy and not dread….it’s definitely possible!

      I reallly hope that the insomnia and tiredness have begun to lift for you. That’s my world right now, but I’m crossing fingers & toes that it will get better really soon for both of us! :))))

      Thanks so much for writing and sharing such cool information too. 🙂

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