Feeling Better…Why Not Join Me?


My “Before” Seroquel Spider Belly picture with Coach Lucy, J.D.

(I am not with child…I’m pushing 50!)  

Then again, age is relative, right? While surfing memoirs on Amazon, I saw  Dr. Frieda Birnbaum’s book. She had twin boys at age sixty! 


I wish her all the happiness in the world, but I must admit that upon learning why her life began at sixty, my first thought was:



Back to business…

In the past 3 weeks I stopped binging, I started using the free Lose It! app (described in my last post), and I started drinking water every day. I’ve lost about 7 pounds and feel much healthier!

If you’re tempted to join me, here are some ways to psych yourself up:

Pick up a ten pound weight or something that weighs around that much. Now imagine carrying that around all day long….or if you’re where I’m at weight-wise, imagine carrying three of them!

I suggest you visit Target’s dressing room, take off your clothes, and look at the full-length mirror. (I’m not kidding.) That was my wake-up call.



Before I got sick at Christmas, I followed “Dr. Alsuwaidan-style” exercise. If you’re ready to bring exercise into your life, get the okay from your doctor. Next, please take a look at my post about this awesome psychiatrist’s suggestions for working out for your mood, not just your bod. I plan on returning to Dr. A’s style of exercise in May.


Psychiatrist Dr. Mohammad Alsuwaidan practices what he preaches!

Daily Water Intake

Of course you should talk with your psychiatrist before doing something new on the dietary front. When you start increasing your water intake, do it safely because you can mess up your electrolyte balance if you don’t. Keep in mind that if you take lithium like I do, you need to be extra cautious when it comes to how much water you drink. I know you know that!

I liked these Mayo Clinic & LIVESTRONG‘s links. They have 1-page (very) general guides suggesting safe daily H20 amounts, but they aren’t geared for those who take psych meds. So put your pdoc to good use and ask him/her about it!




Lose It! worked for me before in 2012. It was awesome until I made the ginormous mistake of tapering off meds & relapsing. It wasn’t Lose It’s fault that I gained back the weight. Anyway, the good news is that it’s working again and it’s easy (and dare I say it?) fun & educational to use.

If you want to lighten up what you carry around, c’mon, join me! (I’m not being paid by Lose It! to write this. I wish!)

I created a Lose It! group called “Wondrous Writers Weight Loss Group” and I really want some company there. Visit https://www.loseit.com to sign up – it’s free. Once you sign up, look for the group by that title.

You can also write your email in the comments, and I can send you a Lose It! invite. 


So true

To be clear, I won’t be switching this blog to a weight-loss blog anytime soon. 😉 I wanted to share my good news with you, and double-check if anyone else wants to participate with me.

I’ll see you next week, and as always, thanks for reading!!!!




Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder will be published by Post Hill Press in 2017.

34 thoughts on “Feeling Better…Why Not Join Me?

  1. That’s quite a great start, Dy, good for you. I kept a food log for several months and it really does wake you up to all those small calories that we don’t consider. (I use sugar and heavy cream in my coffee…just one example). Butter on popcorn, honey in tea, saltines with your salad, and that mini Reese cup that you grab as you pass the kitchen counter. Yikes.

    I have reached a plateau, and have come to peace with it. ☮
    I saw your last post on Lose It, and it looks like a good one. 💕 But honestly, go easy on yourself…you look good in that pic already. ☺

    • Thank you sweet Van! 🚐💜I had NO idea what I was eating….I really didn’t. Nutrition has never been my strong point, although I find it interesting. That’s great you kept a food log to get a sense of the big picture. I’m glad you’re at peace with the plateau as well! ☮ And thanks for the compliment – I’m going easier on myself now. Cutting out 90 or so % of the sugar I was inhaling has made me feel more positive, empowered and clear-minded. I’m trying to be more compassionate towards my body with where I’m at now. I’m also reading an interesting book called “The Latte Years: A story of losses, gains and life beyond the after photo” by Australian-born writer/award-winning blogger Philippa Moore.

      Reading her memoir is a great reality-check because Moore examines how reaching her goal weight didn’t cause the heavens to part, etc. and that’s when the hard work began. I’m enjoying her writing and it was well-worth the cost of a, well, double latte! 😉 💜

      • I don’t know this author, but I’ve heard countless stories of tragedy after weight loss. Especially if folks don’t examine why they put on that weight in the first place…way more complex than what you put in your mouth. Disillusionment, loss of friends, divorce, infidelity…so many outcomes, and many lead to putting the lbs. back on in the end. I’m glad you’re being kind to yourself. ☺Take care. ❤️ 💛 💙 💜

    • I believe you! After going to my health food store and seeing that EVERY single organic brand of soup had sugar in it, I realized that I’m going to have to make what I want. Hopefully I can recruit Craig and my girls to help me! XoXoXo

      • Yep, there is much to be said for rediscovering the art of cooking. Doing things as a family is a brilliant idea. When you concoct your own food, you know exactly what goes into it, how it was prepared, etc. It gives you an enormous sense of satisfaction as well as a priceless health benefit!

  2. I am so very proud of you Dyane!!!! Wish I had that motivation right now even though I am a feisty 80. Congratulations!!!!!MOM

    • Thanks Mom!!! You helped me get started (well, actually, your bathroom mirrors did before I had my Target epiphany ! 😉 You sound like you’re getting motivated again by cutting down sugar – you can do it! Love you! 💗

  3. I love the lose it app. Recommend it to all my clients! Love that you can print out the reports and get your fat, fiber, sodium, calcium whatever you are tracking numbers. Great to be able to take your doctor and show exactly what you are doing!

    • The fact that *you* like the Lose It! app makes me feel awesome about using it! I absolutely trust you when it comes to fitness-anything – I have for, oh, a “few” years now, right? I remember how you loved “Cooking Light” – remember, LOL??? And you brought copies into the gym with you? I’ll have to try printing out the reports as you mentioned – my girls would get a kick out of seeing that info. too. (((Hugs))) to you, dear Mary! I’m so glad you commented! XOXOXOXXO

  4. Oh, those spider tummies…I still have mine. 🙂 I shall consider your Lose It! group, to be sure. I just got a FitBit, and I’m trying to work out all its bells and whistles. I always feel like such a curmudgeon when trying to figure out new software. What’s that new button? They want what now? Gah, these kids are their app-whatzits and loud music, grumble grumble…

    • Yes, please consider the Lose It! “Wondrous Writers” group, which is very fitting for you. I finally started using my FitBit; my eleven-year-old daughter set it up for me! I’m overwhelmed by all the options etc. So far I like it best as a good, ‘ol watch. My daily step count is far, far away below the 10,000 steps I keep hearing is supposed to be the ideal amount. I hope you’re getting the hang of yours! I wish my FitBit had “Kraken-repellant” as one of its bells & whistles – wouldn’t that be nice?

      • LOL Yes! I’d happily invest in some Kraken repellant. I’m still trying to understand the bells and whistles m’self, and I’M supposed to be the techno-savvy one in this family unit. Oy.

    • Thanks, Vic!!!!! You can just call me “The Rock #2” from now on! 😉 (and yes, I bet The Rock’s memoir will be great! I love the fact he has opened up about his struggle with depression and I’m sure he & his co-author will cover that.)

  5. I completely forgot about it so I’m glad you had a reminder today. I’ve signed up and joined the group. I’m a Weight Watchers member and I plan to stay with them, but I saw nothing incompatible between the two. I was excited to see I can reach my goal by May 11, 2017. It’s over a year from now, but I have a lot to lose.

    A heads up, when I put in “Wondrous Writers Weight Loss Group” the search didn’t work because it said the name is too long. I changed it to search just “Wondrous Writers” and it popped right now.

    Thank you!

    • I’m THRILLED you signed up!!! I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be okay to combien with WW either…a year goes by so fast, and I know you can do this. Thanks for the heads-up about the search, by the way. I’ll be catching up on your Throwback Thursday post etc. this weekend. Thanks so much, you Wondrous Writer! If you keep a calm head when it comes to the lure of glorious peanut butter, I promise to do the same with gelato! 😉

    • Thanks so much, Kitt. If nothing else, I feel better about cutting down about 95% of my sugar. I’m also saving between $20-25/week by no longer buying all that Talenti gelato! :0

  6. Wow, Dyane, so much weight loss in such a short time! Love your post, a fun journey into eating right, benefits if water and exercise. Can’t you get Dr. Al S to come here for an interview and can I be a guest on the program, pleeease? Love and hugs,
    I joined Lose It too!

    • Thanks for your lovely encouragement!??? I wish I could get Dr. Alsuwaidan over here but I think he’s a little scared of me, LOL! Hope the play is going well! I sent you an invite to the Wondrous Writers group on Lose It! Did you see it? Let me know if not and I can try try again! XOXOXOXO

  7. Loved this post, Dyane! As a fat anorexic I certainly will be reading the Lose It link and will sincerely consider joining you in the weight loss. Especially as I look back at my nutrition intake this week. I think I need some structure. Don’t know for sure if I’ll commit, but here’s my email piecesofbipolar@yahoo.com in case I feel motivated 😉

    • Hey Pieces – sorry for the late reply! I had a very sick little girl on my hands for the past 10 days but she finally got better yesterday!

      I sent you at least one invite to Lose It! (sorry if I sent you two or three, LOL!) I know so many people put down calorie counting, but for a binger like me it helps so much! Would love to see you there, if not now maybe later on this spring or summer?…..thanks a million for reading this post and for your kind words. XOXOXO

  8. Congrats on the weight loss my dear! You’ve inspired me to revisit MyFitnessPal and my FitBit and actually use them for a change!! Wish me luck in the weight loss department!!! FYI LOOKING GOOD!!! Don’t worry about your weight. Just focus on being healthy to start. HUGS XOXOXOXOX

    • Awesome!!! I just started using my FitBit (had it unopened for a year!). I’ve heard good buzz about MyFitness Pal too. You don’t need luck, girl because you can do it! We both can…and will! 💟😜👍😀🏃

  9. You look fabulous, my friend! Glad you’re feeling good and making healthy changes. I don’t need to lose weight, but I gotta get back to better consistency with exercise. It sure is easy to fall out of the habit now. I used to do so well. April was full of lots of sick days, so I’m recommitting to MORE exercise in May. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • I meant to write you back, oh…..on April 30th! 😉 Forgive the late reply as usual! I used to be so good and write everyone back within 24 hours. I want to get back to that because I liked the immediacy of it, if that makes any sense. (Probably not….I woke up at 4 AM with a massive allergy attack!)

      Anyway, you’ll get back to exercising more consistently & at least you don’t have to shed fat! 🙂 You’ve had a LOT to deal with, right? 😉 I hope that May has had 0 sick days so far!

      Really looking forward to reading Part 2 on your awesome blog!!!!! XOXOXO

      • I know I don’t have to say it…but YOU KNOW you don’t have to apologize. I’ve been super late with comments and replies lately. Sending you so much love!!!!!

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