Close Encounter with The Kraken Lady!



After my controversial electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) post was published on April Fool’s Day, it received quite a few scathing comments, so I felt some levity was needed today.

Although this post isn’t 100% hoot, nor is it politcally correct, I hope you’ll cut me a little slack for being opprobrious (your new vocabulary word for the day)!


Get ready to Kraken


Last Thursday afternoon, life got weird.

A couple days after that weird cycle began, I read a fascinating post by blogger Andrea at Bipolar Phoenix Andrea – My Bipolar Life and How I Deal With It that our moon may have been partially responsible.

Andrea’s awesome post explained a lot about what took place during what I’ve come to call The Kraken Lady incident. (The Kraken is a legendary sea monster – for a complete description please visit here.)




Last Thursday afternoon, my life was going well. I received a beautiful gift from my Mom. She sent me a long, flowy green dress, and I tried it on. I usually wear super-grungy, hand-me-down clothes, so it was a novelty to wear something new and clean! In honor of wearing my dress, I put on some makeup and brushed my hair!

The QVC Halston High-low dress

I finished getting ready to take Rilla to her ballet class and Avonlea joined us for the ride.

Before running out the door, I checked my email and spotted a message from the acclaimed psychiatrist/Huffington Post blogger Dr. Carly Snyder who shared my postpartum bipolar disorder post on her blog. Dr. Snyder’s email invited me to be a guest on her new radio show this spring.

WOW! I did a little happy dance. That didn’t happen every day!

I was feeling pretty good, something as many of you know I never take for granted. 

Although I rarely bring Lucy with me when driving the girls to ballet because she barks in the car, she gave me that look – the look that said, “Mommy (yes, I’m her mom) please take me with you!”

High on my new dress smell, Dr. Snyder’s invite, and the warm feel of spring in the air, I decided to bring Lucy with us for the ten-minute drive up to Boulder Creek.

Lucy Soul

Little did we know that The Kraken Lady was about to do a major buzz kill!


When arrived at the church where ballet took place, I parked my old Suburu on the street alongside the church. Rilla hopped out of the car to join her best friend who was in her class. Her BFF’s dad would take Rilla home so that Avi and I didn’t have to wait an hour.

Before Avi, Lucy and I left, I got out of my car for a moment. I didn’t see anyone near us, neither human nor animal, so I opened the trunk door so Lucy could get out and briefly stretch her legs.

My sweet Scottish collie walked over to the sidewalk onto a patch of dirt. The corner where she stood was partially covered with a few straggly plants that looked like weeds. Lucy just hung out there – no pee, no poo, nothing. Happy as a clam.

A woman in her late fifties pulled up in a big, shiny white truck and stopped in front of my car. 

She looked at me with disdain and said in a nasal tone, “Why is your dog in my flower bed?”

Within five seconds, I went from confident to a quivering, fearful little girl who was caught with her hand in the cookie jar. 

I pulled Lucy’s leash so she was next to me and I began apologizing profusely along the lines of “I’m so sorry, I’ll never let it happen again…”and at first I meant it.

Avi sat in the car with all the windows rolled down, and she watched the proceedings with a “What the hell is that lady’s problem?” look on her face.

Of course Lucy didn’t make a peep. And this is a dog who barks like a freak!

I allowed this woman to go off at me for at least five minutes, which is a long, long time. She just wouldn’t stop. I tried to keep my cool, but finally I snapped, and interrupted her mono-sentence with,

“I’ve apologized to you, like twenty times! JESUS!”

At that, clearly satisfied that she upset me to that degree, she drove off in her $50,000 Toyota and pulled into a long driveway, out of sight.

I was shaking. Why on Earth did I allow this stranger to speak to me that way, and for so long? I was allowed to make one mistake. She was obviously not well. Of course I knew I needed to be compassionate to her odd mental state, but still, that’s no excuse for what she did to me.

I thought I had come further in my assertiveness than becoming a puddle of jelly. 

The following day I had my standing session with my counselor. She used to take her daughter to ballet on the same street and she had an interaction with another resident. (What a neighborhood, eh?)

My therapist was walking her sweet black lab Luna at the opposite end of the street where I met The Kraken Lady. It was the first time she walked there and she reached a cul-de-sac. At that point, a woman came out and started yelling at the top of her lungs at my therapist about how she couldn’t be there.

My counselor, a stunning blonde German who’s six feet tall, took one look at this person and said in a loud, commanding voice,

Hold it right there!”  

The woman stopped her bellowing.

Then my therapist told her, “You can’t talk to me like that!”

The woman scurried off.

How I wish I said something like that, not just for myself, but as a role model for my girl.

The silver lining to this ridiculous fiasco is that Avi and I drove away thinking of wacky things I could have done in this situation. Avi loved our brainstorm, and while I’d never do any of the following, it felt good to let it out.

Most importantly, I learned my lesson: I’ll never again allow myself to be a verbal doormat to anyone. It’s so passé! When I’m tested again (my therapist said it’s a matter of when, not if!) I’ll let my inner Daenerys Targaryen out and fly!



Things I Wish I Had Done When The Kraken Lady Attacked

NUDITY: Perhaps I could have stopped her yell-fest if I had simply disrobed. Sudden bouts of nudity could potentially throw anyone off guard.

ROMANCE: Ask her out on a date. Licking my lips lasicviously, I could’ve said in a sultry tone, “You know, lady, you’re kind of cute. Wanna go out to Scopazzi’s after I drop off the rug rats and get to know each other?

THE SUPER IMMATURE METHOD: A few weeks ago I took the girls to Bookshop Santa Cruz as a special treat. After they picked up some bestsellers, we walked through the novelties section. They asked for this, and I caved and actually bought it.   


I wish I had the container of fake poo with me during my tête-à-tête with The Kraken Lady. As she ranted, I could’ve opened the container, help myself to a bit of “poo” and rub it on my face, explaining  “This is my afternoon beauty treatment – my dog Lucy has extraordinary poo and it makes my skin sily smooth! Want some?”


WHEN IN GRATEFUL DEAD COUNTRY….I could’ve started doing a trance dance like this….

THE AMERICAN IDOL AUDITION METHOD: I could’ve burst into song. Here’s a personal favorite:


HOLA! COMO ESTAS, SENORA KRAKEN? There’s my high school Spanish option – I could’ve spoken to her at length in Spanish, and pretend I had no idea what she was saying!

“Tu madre es una vaca!”


ZOO RADIO QUESTIONNAIRE: I could’ve asked her a bunch of absolutely unrelated questions, “Zoo Radio Style”-  listen to this for a ridiculous giggle:


MIDSOMER MURDERS: Despite hating murder shows, I’ve become a big fan of the long-running British hit television show Midsomer Murders which first chronicles the investigations of Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby. I love the way he confidently flashes his police badge at unsuspecting yahoos.

Midsomer Murders inspired this complex idea:

Extensive prep is needed, but it could work. I’d have a very official-looking police “badge” created. In the Case of The Kraken Lady, I would’ve whipped out my badge, showed it to her and said I was investigating a murder near her home and explained that Lucy was my official police dog.



Shifting from side to side with a perplexed look, I could’ve explained that I had uncontrollable bowel syndrome and crouch down, yelling to Avi to please find me my bucket!



Finally, I could’ve offered her two of my emergency Seroquel pills that I carry with me.

Extremely immature? Bad karma magnets?


But apart from healthier activities (therapy, exercise, etc.) I truly believe that sometimes you need to fantasize about doing things like this to let out repressed anger.

Catharsis = good 

Actually doing unethical stuff = tempting…but bad. Very bad. 😉

Love to all of you, & I’ll be back next week!



Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder will be published by Post Hill Press in 2017.



51 thoughts on “Close Encounter with The Kraken Lady!

  1. Hi.
    As I realize more and more….how diplomatic, secretive an noncombative I need to be regarding someone’s treatment of me, I have more and more of these ‘Evil’ fantasies. I think they’re a hoot! Here’s my latest….when bphope posts the ‘Bipolar Strong: Listomania” piece, to ask her, when they get to my reference about the publisher who has stonewalled me, to ask her to out bound link to that very publication! Soooo vindictive and comic. I think, Madame Dyane, you are a good influence on me. Without you to talk things out with, how we get hurt out there and have to ‘suck it up’ or become more of a pariah and a known “High Maintentance” writer…..We can’t always speak our inner hurts or truths because we have truiths of a more important, beneficial to others with bipolar disorder to hear.
    The rest of it has to be processed in our blogs and emails and maybe physical exercise.

    • I want YOU to write a post about ‘Evil’ fantasies!!!!!
      (Perhaps not for BP Magazine’s blog? Oh, I don’t know – why not! Ha ha ha!)

      Speaking of blog posts, your BP Magazine/BP Hope Blog “Bipolar Strong” Listomania piece rocks, Allison!
      You did such a great job – you saw my comment there, right?

      It makes me VERY happy to know that I’m a good influence on you – I’m super-honored!

      It’s a privilege to be able to hash things out with you. Thanks for being there for me in all sorts of ways: talks, email, and through your gracious reblogging, generous retweets and comments galore.

      I hope that whatever you and your other half are up to tonight, you’re having a good one!

      p.s. Sorry I’ve been lagging with the emails – I’ll get to them, I always try, right?

  2. Well done re the radio show, you’re really getting the message out there. I’m feeling proud of you. Also, total lol at your kraken strategies. Xox

    • Thanks, darling – I knew you’d approve. There are more ideas I had to leave out….they are even weirder and might make me seem even more warped than I already am! XOXOXO p.s. I have one more idea – I’d tell The Kraken Lady that I was about to attend a SCIENTOLOGY meeting & invite her!

  3. Actually, listening quietly is a mature response. Not as good as assertively enforcing boundaries, but way better than going off on her, which I’ve done before. The Kraken Lady reminds me of my across the street neighbor. He goes on rants for the littlest thing. He’s threatened to shoot my dog for barking. Once he refused to leave my yard while he yelled. I threatened him physically and he left. Fast. Not too mature. Pretty risky too since I’m a complete physical wimp. Fortunately my appearance is the opposite of that. 🙂 I yell at him right back most of the time, which just makes it worse. I think your just listening was amazing restraint and probably the second best thing you could have done, and what you said was fine too.

    • When I’m around other people who go off on me, I blow them out of the water with yells and screams that are off the decibel charts. So yes, I did feel that I was being mature given my usual behavior! I appreciate your recognizing that….But yeah, I felt so frustrated and angry for repressing too much…you understand!

      How *dare* your neighbor threaten to shoot your dog for barking and how dare the fool trespass in your yardl! I’m glad you scared him off that one time, and I’m also glad that you have an intimidating appearance!

      If I lived near you I’d be happy to pay your neighbor a little visit and show him my Inner Kraken Lady! 😉 Believe me, I could scare him, but I know that would stoop to his level – darn it! I hope that he never, ever comes into your yard again – better yet, I hope he suddenly moves to somewhere far away like Siberia!!!

      take care & thanks for writing and for your support!

  4. Wow, the nerve of that women to treat someone like that! This post made me laugh out loud. We all have those moments where we come up with 1 million ways we could’ve responded AFTER the situation. Good for you for taking it as an opportunity for growth!

    • Hey there Cassie! I’m so, so happy this post made you laugh out loud – that’s wonderful to read! I had even more ideas but they were kind of at the bottom of the barrel and a bit more warped than the others (if you can imagine that, i.e. the poo one!) so I held back.

      Who knows, though – there may be a Part Two to this tale!
      I very well might run into The Kraken Lady again.
      Hell, a tiny part of me wants to see her and do all those things to her! I’m terrible, aren’t I?😈

      all my best to ya! 😜

  5. I LOVE the “Hold it right there!” strategy that your therapist employed!! It’s so authoritative!! I am going to pack that away for future use 😉 that, or poo. Poo is always good! 😀

    • My therapist said “Hold it right there” with such authority, plus remember she has the intimidating German accent going! I loved how she said it, and you would have gotten a big kick out of her tone.

      As you wisely noted, poo is good too – the “Magically Melting Poo” brand comes in a cute ‘lil container.
      It really would be hilarious to listen to The Kraken Lady rant and rave (with a totally serious look on my face) while I’d whip it out and coat my nose with it!

      Too bad the stuff isn’t edible. Then it could be a truly “Divine” moment! (Ever see “Pink Flamingos”?)

  6. Woohoo on the radio show!!!! You are so adept at promoting yourself!

    And boohoo on the Kraken lady! You’re such a kind and gentle soul. Guess you were just provided an opportunity by the universe to figure out ways to be strong. – I wonder what would have happened if you would have just fingered her? (I wouldn’t have the nerve to do it either, and totally inappropriate for your daughter to see, but it’s fun to think about).


    • Thanks so much, Brenda!

      I’ve been a radio show guest a whopping twenty years ago – I can’t believe it! It happened when I worked as an A.C.E.-certified personal trainer at Toadal Fitness in Santa Cruz.

      One of our members was the charming British host of “Talk of the Bay” on one of our local radio stations. He invited me to discuss fitness and take calls!!!! I was a nervous freak so I lined up some friends to call in with questions, which eased my anxiety. A couple of my pals’ calls got through with silly questions we campe up with like “I want to build up my breasts, how do I work out for that?”

      Everything went smoothly, thank goodness. I think radio is relatively easy compared to television. I’ve done a television segment before as well, but that was also before I was diagnosed with bipolar and before my confidence was affected! I think I could do a tv interview in a couple months — I have a chance with a local tv station, so we shall see! I’ll let you know…..🙀


      p.s. I used to give the finger often while driving in the car with both kids behind me, but I stopped doing it. That’s a minor miracle, let me tell you! Now if I absolutely must do it, I give the finger below the dashboard so no one sees! It gets out the anger!😈👍

      • You go, girl!!!! I am soo excited for you! When your book comes out, you are going to be even busier with that kind of stuff. Your confidence will get a BIG boost! Yay!

        Have a great weekend!!!

  7. First I’m sorry to hear that you are getting negative feedback about your ECT article. Even though my experience was different I still think it’s an extremely useful tool. If I had to do it again I would check out the place it was being done more thoroughly. I am horrible at confrontation! I either cry or run and hide. It does build up inside me until I explode at the wrong person. It takes a lot for that to happen but when it does I can ruin relationships with people. I recently did that with my brother in law. But he deserved it. My sister didn’t. I still fantasize about things I could’ve said in situations from 15 years ago! lol

    • Hi there Darie!

      Thanks so much for writing. I wish with all my heart that you had a much better ECT experience. I’m glad you still think it can be useful!!

      Confrontation is up therre with some of the worst experiences in life. What makes confrontation extra- confusing for me is that if I absolutely have to confront someone, then I usually get really mad. I freak that person out and sometimes I even wind up getting my way, but then I feel terrible.

      The whole thing sucks, as you can imagine!

      I’m sorry about what happened with your brother-in-law, but since he blew it, plase try not to feel guilty – ever. As far as your sister goes, maybe at some point you can salvage what happened with her? Life is so crazy, you never know….

      take good care, and thanks again for reading and taking time to comment! 💕 Dyane

  8. I love all of those ideas!! I think you should have done them all in sequence to really scare the fake poo out of her! That would’ve been funny. No really. What you should’ve done is called me and put me on speaker. I’d have her shaking in her boots and tell her if she bothers you again I’ll take a dirty rusty chainsaw to her precious flowerbed! Oh well. Next time you’ll remember. Don’t worry I forgive you. Take care XOXOXOXO

    • I agree with you that I should’ve done every idea in front of her! How cool would that be? If someone filmed my performance, then it could go on YouTube!!!!!!

      Here’s one idea I didn’t post:
      I’m in charge of doing my precious hound’s poop patrol, and I have a big bag of stinky nuggets! (Yes, GROSS!)

      Jess, being the immature person that I can be,
      I was seriously tempted to take the bag up to The Kraken Lady’s precious “flowerbed” and leave it there. One reason I held back is that I need to return to that area quite often, and I’m sure karma would bite me in the ass. Although I’d make sure she had no *proof* that I was the poo culprit! I’d dress in black and do the drop off at night, of course!

      Thanks for your offer to have a little chat with her! I won’t forget it! 🙀😈

  9. Wow what a weirdo, the kraken monster lady! And your fantasy responses are hilarious 😂😂😂😂 In my ideal world I would have told her that bunch of straggly weeds does not constitute a garden and then turned around gotten in my car and slammed the door. Taking abuse from others, even now is something I struggle with and is something I need to learn to work on. We have to speak up for ourselves and not let anyone treat us like real or fake poo 😄 Good luck to both of us. And isn’t it funny that when they have upset you, they are satisfied and leave? Gawd!! Gawd awful people. Lots of love for you and last but not least, huge CONGRATULATIONS for the radio show!!!!

    • Thanks my darling one!

      You would have been GREAT with The Kraken Lady! I could see you giving her an icy look and going off Lady Crawley-style! I’m sure you have a couple other characters you’ve played that you could tap into for fun!

      I 💗 your idea to tell her that a bunch of straggly weeds do not make a garden!!!!!!
      Avonlea wondered if she was lying to me – for all we know it could’ve been someone else’s little patch of dirt. Who knows, right?

      She must be miserable to be that way. But it’s hard to feel compassion for someone like that – it just is.

      Good luck to both of us, for real!

    • Leslie, you made me laugh!!! That’s actually one of the more “do-able” (or “poo-able”) possibilities!
      I’m going to bring it with me next time I head that way….just in case. 😉

  10. Congrats to you for getting reblogged by Dr. Carly Snyder. Look forward to your upcoming interview on her show. Your therapist’s response to the Kracken Lady was perfect. Great role model!

    • Thanks so much, Kitt! Yes, my therapist’s response was short and clear -“Hold it right there!” is easy to memorize for real life situations! Although I’d be so freaked out I’d stutter through it! I remain baffled as to why Lucy, who barks when a leaf moves, didn’t bark at her. Avonlea said she must have been intimidated by the woman too! 🙀

  11. Thank you for the big laugh today. I’ve met the Kraken lady many times, no matter where I live, Reminds me of something that a friend said to me almost 30 years ago, “You can’t be a doormat if you don’t lie down.” I’m glad to see you say you’re not lying down anymore.

    Congratulations on the radio show. That’s a big, big deal

    • I was totally thrilled, Bradley, that this post made you laugh!
      I ❤️ your friend’s saying “You can’t be a doormat if you don’t lie down.”
      Well, I did lay down for Ms. Kraken, but I never will again! She ain’t getting a second chance!

      And thanks for your kind congratulations about the radio show! 😀

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for getting my wacky sense of humor! I hope to share more of it soon!😜

  12. I got some moral support here for ya. Next time the kraken lady come out of her lair, let me know and I will sort that right out for ya!


    • We’ll need to fly you out from Florida, right?
      Hey, I’ll pay the airfare if we could get you to sort The Kraken Lady 👿 out!!!
      I’ll even throw in a free Thai lunch or two and some donuts!!!! 🍜 🍩 👍

  13. Sorry you had to put up with the Kraken lady! I’ve met many of those types I’m my life — people who guilt you into child-like submission and then dish out horrendous abuse. Definitely something to be aware of so you’re not taken off guard, although I am ALWAYS taken off guard.
    A big congratations on the radio interview!!!!! You’re going to be famous soon. 🙂

    • Thanks Lisa!!!
      You inspired me so much by introducing me to my new favorite word “kraken”!

      I’ll be forever grateful! 😉

      At least the sting of The Kraken Lady’s verbal abuse has evaporated.
      I can only hope I don’t run into her again anytime soon, preferably never! However, I’m going to carry my little container of “Magic Melting Poo” just in case….hey, I’m immature, but at least I admit it! 😼

  14. Congrats on the radio invite!!! I couldn’t help but laugh over kraken lady – kraken is the name of the PR firm I co-founded. Not all Krakens are bad 😃

    As for standing up for yourself, you did eventually tell her to bugger off. Maybe not as soon as you’d like, but you did it!

    • Thanks, Bee! I can’t believe that kraken is the name of your PR firm – too funny!!!!!!! I no longer will think all Krakens are bad, I promise you! 💕

      I’m so glad that you pointed out that I ***wasn’t*** 100% sweetness and light during her spiel,
      but yes, I wish I showed her my dark side within the first 30 seconds of her “performance”. 👿😱😼

  15. Hola, come estas! (I just got back from Mexico, bear with me my one line of Spanish). First of all, you have a daughter named Avonlea???? I’m so jealous I didn’t think of that first! That is an amazing name. I’m a postpartum nurse, and I hear all the names all the time, and that’s one I haven’t heard yet. And second, congrats on your radio speaking engagement! Great things are happening for you, and I am so happy for you. I continue to follow your successes. As for crazy Kraken lady….pfffttt…I don’t think you can ever win with people like that….well, maybe the disrobing thing…but poo on your face would probably only provoke her even more. My psychologist keeps giving me booklets on assertiveness training. Clearly I should be taking the hint. Again congrats Dyane. You and Jess are like, the people I look to for good information regarding mental illness, more specifically bipolar broohahas (word?)

    • Hola, Sandra! Creo que ahora estoy muy bien. Welcome back – & hey, that one line of yours is pretty good! 😉 I’ve never met another Avonlea (and did you see I have a Marilla too – it’s a bad case of L.M. Montgomery-itis) but I know they’re out there from doing some online searches. I still can’t believe my husband didn’t oppose their archaic names!

      Thanks for the congratulations! In another reply to Brenda, I shared that I was a guest a radio show 20 years ago when I worked as a certified personal trainer. The topic was fitness, and the radio host wanted to take some live calls. To take the edge off my anxiety, I previously asked some friends to call in with questions we cooked up; their questions were a bit juvenile – i.e. “What kind of weight training can I do to increase my breast size?” But the experience went well, so I’m hoping that when I speak with Dr. Snyder, I’ll do a decent job and not accidentally let out a bunch of curse words. (I could see that happen!) 😉 You’re right that if I did any wild things with The Kraken Lady, she’d flip out even worse. It’s not worth it to be around someone like that for more than one second! Jess is awesome – I’m so glad you look to her, and I’m honord you to look to me for info. too!
      At least your psychologist is looking out for you! I could use some assertiveness training too, and maybe even my dog Lucy!

      I have my site telling me it’s “brouhaha” & it means “a noisy and overexcited reaction or response to something.” – I like it! 😉
      Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by, muy bonita Senora Sandra!

  16. I laughed out loud at the nudity one… That was my favourite 😉 I still call car park lady (the first one, from two years ago) “Philli-Bitch”, and occasionally tell my children I think she cooks meth. LOL! Thank goodness my children KNOW I’m only joking – oh how we laugh 🙂 I always resort to “ultra-immature” when I’m thinking of ways I could have handled a situation…

    • I’m SO happy you liked the nudity one! 💗 Avonlea really doesn’t like seeing me naked ’round our house (she’s a little prude, my girl!) and if I did that, it would embarrass her enormously and bum her out, but it would have been such a precious sight to see the look on The Kraken Lady’s face…
      I’ll admit that one of things I really wanted to do (which I left off the list in shame) was this one: in the dark of the night I’d bring up a big bag of Lucy’s overpoweringly pungent droppings (I usually throw those bags out – I don’t collect them, LOL!!!!!!!)and leave it on that spot as a little “I was here!” gift. But that’s seriously illin’. My brain was playing tricks on me….at the end of the day, I have my high falutin standards! 💩😜

  17. 1. I love MIDSOMER MURDERS! It’s been a while since I watched it, but I enjoyed the show immensely. So sad when Barnaby left… 😦 You know, maybe she didn’t want your dog near the flowerbed because something was in there…duhn duhn DUUUUUUHN!
    2. My husband and I are having a daytime date at the art museum. I intend on saying “opprobrious” multiple times over the course of our conversations, loudly, within earshot of Milwaukee art-snobs.
    3. There’s a Kraken in every community. I’ve got at least five in my church, and one always, ALWAYS sits among the children. Her glare’s a hex–it withers adults while it winds up the kids more. Evil person, EVIL!
    4. Your post made me smile. Have a happy Sunday! 🙂

    • Sorry to take so long to reply – I can’t tell you how happy I was to read that you also love “Midsomer Murders”!!!!! Where I’m at in the series, Barnaby hasn’t left (although I knew he would) but we were very sad when D.I. Gavin Troy took off!! Avonlea and I enjoyed the chemistry between him and his mentor. We’re watching episodes with Troy’s replacement right now. He’s the “smooth with the ladies” D.I. Scott,
      but Avi let the cat out of the bag and she told me she found out that he’ll go. I didn’t want to know! 😉

      Anyway, I hope you were able to say “opprobrious” at least 3 or 4 times at the museum in that loud tone, ha ha ha!!!! I’d pay money to see that!

      I’m sorry you too have to deal with the Church Kraken. That is VERY scary!

      So happy you enjoyed this post! I hope you get a chance to read the Troll one I published this morning. Between the Kraken and the trolls, life hasn’t been boring, but I prefer nice people any day of the week!

      Can’t wait to read your Peter Gabriel music post ASAP!!!!!!

      • Yay! I can’t wait to read about your trolls…well I mean it might have to wait until tomorrow, but I eagerly look forward to it. 🙂 Yes, it’s a bummer when Gavin leaves, and Scott’s kind of a…hmm. Not a doof, but his slickness is eh. The guy after him is nice, don’t worry. 🙂
        I DID, actually, and got a few head turns! Unfortunately they were the heads of theater hippies, who went back to studying the blue plank leaning the wall, or the empty plastic box labeled “Untitled.”
        Art: it is a conundrum. 🙂

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  19. Dyane, just reading this; OMGosh! First, congrats on the radio interview.
    Second, two responses to Kraken occur to me:
    1. Whip out your phone and begin taking photos of her.
    2. Start laughing hysterically.

    I’m certain your doc’s response is the best, but these two could also be kinda fun. 😉

    • Hi Susan! I love your ideas!

      You inspired me to come up with yet another idea. I could go up there to the Kraken Lady’s lair with a few friends. We’d carry signs and do a protest. On the publically owned sidewalk we’d stand displaying our signs that would say things like “Verbal abuse is abuse” and “Don’t harrass innocent citizens” or “Give peace a chance” — whatever!

      I’d call the local media, of course, to showcase it. Even if she wasn’t there, I could point out the dirt corner that she claimed was her precious flower bed. It’s just a fantasy, of course, but it’s fun to think about for a fleeting moment.

      Hope you are doing *great* and I send you my love!!!! XOXOXO

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