Lucy & I Celebrate Our Birthdays Today!


Lucy Soul

The birthday girl – I call this shot “Soulful Lucy” 

Two years ago on March 18th, a gorgeous, loving Scottish Collie was born!

Forty-six years ago on March 18th, I made my Earthly debut. 

Chillin’ with my Dad

Dy two

The words of Toni Childs (one of my favorite musicians) come to mind: 

Let me welcome you to this world

And let me tell you of my world

How it is and how it is

You want to know now?

I want to say that it’s a bad world

And tell you that it’s so, so bad

I don’t want to disappoint you my child

But this world is gonna take you gonna take you by storm, child

You will be hurt and there will be pain, yeah

But there will be love just the same, yeah

Welcome to the world, my boy and girl

Welcome to the world, welcome to the world

Toni Childs, Welcome to the World  

This song is from Toni’s amazing album The Woman’s Boat. The video of Welcome to the World is mega-surreal, to say the very least! Directed by the famous Italian Stefano Salivati, I guarantee you’ve never seen anything quite like it.


As a child I had some memorable birthday parties…


When I was five my parents hired “Archie”, a creepy clown who was a big hit!


I look a tad perplexed, don’t I?


When I turned twelve, I invited my closest friends to come over to my house for chocolate cake. On a whim, everyone except for latecomer Tina dressed up in my Mom’s eccentric 70’s outfits. We slathered on grease paint makeup left over from Halloween. Since we lived in Southern California, naturally we went to the beach. Along the edge of the Pacific Ocean we played in the sand like toddlers, and built sandcastles. It was one of my best, most carefree birthdays.




My alter ego…I’m not sure what look I was going for, exactly, but I sure liked those black dots!


My sixteenth birthday was a mess. It was 1986, the year I was a spoiled brat. I demanded that my parents throw me a birthday party at an expensive restaurant.

I bullied Mom and Dad into shelling out far too much money for mediocre Mexican food at Santa Monica’s Huntley Hotel. The management failed to tell us they were in the process of redecorating the dining room, so it was super-shabby instead of its usual state of super-sleek.  

FiveIf you stare hard you’ll note the blotchy walls; at that point I didn’t care what the room looked like; I wanted the excruciating thing over!

Single and lonely like many sixteen-year-olds, the one person I wanted to attend my shindig was nowhere to be seen. “Red”, my first real love, had dumped me a few weeks before my birthday. He decided to date one of my closest friends and she had no problem with it.

To top things off, my parents surprised me with what appeared to be a singing gigolo named “Mr Wonderful”. Mr. Wonderful was anything but wonderful. I would’ve preferred a singing gorilla, a singing banana slug, or even a singing clown.  


Gotta sing! Mr. Wonderful, the singing telegram



Then there was my manic birthday party: March 18, 2013. While slowly tapering off meds (something I DO NOT recommend to anyone!) I dropped from 155 to 120 pounds. I couldn’t see that I had become almost skeletal. There’s a lot more I could add about this time in my life, but in a nutshell, I had taken my weight loss way too far. 

Here I am during the hypomanic phase of my tapering experiment. Four months later I’d be hospitalized for bipolar depression and ask for electroconvulsive therapy yet again.

Dyane H


Lesson learned! I never demonize my meds!

It’s going to be hard to top this year’s birthday after what happened on my 45th birthdaybut I’m going to enjoy it. I’m going to forget about making comparisons, those odious things. 

And who knows what might happen?

***Awesome St. Patrick’s Day Update***

I received a fantastic gift this morning. I was notified by Huffington Post that my first article was published!

If you could visit this link to my article “Postpartum Bipolar: The Invisible Postpartum Mood Disorder” and comment/like/share/“Become A Fan”, that would be FANTASTIC!

(Not to sound greedy, but the more comments etc. I receive, the better.)

The article was chosen as a Featured Blog Post!



As long as it’s a relatively drama-free day, there’s chocolate for me, and a dog treat for Lucy, I’ll be extremely grateful. 


Great show, catchy song, hip band…but what do you think of that dress???


Thanks Mom for your encouragement & love!

Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder will be published by Post Hill Press in Fall, 2017.


53 thoughts on “Lucy & I Celebrate Our Birthdays Today!

      • I had all but given up on not bothering which number my comment was, but u know that shaggy stubborn mental mind some of us have right? It can sometimes lure you subconscious to a near obsession resulting in your hanging on and even stalking. Am serious about this, I first noticed this in my brother. And this is especially for relationships, just like the one am building with my lady. Ok now don’t get me wrong dear, am not stalking you at least physically not, nor feasible. But really, I pounce at any notification of activity on your blog – out of love oh… And so to sum it all, making it 1st place to comment on your special day, which in a way reminds me of mine, is simply specifically soothing… I stop at this, I know my lady understand… No more worrying over my comment’s position henceforth 🙂

  1. Ok Lady, I posted my first comment hastily because I wanted to be the first to post one especially on this day. What a special one for Lulu and your gorgeous self. Glad u don’t look anything near to that picture of u at 43 again. Ah this life really, that song is worth each stanza. So glad for that your article on Arianna’s huff. Once I manage to get on a laptop, I will sure go fanatic and do to a double measure what you expect of one like me…

    • You’re hilarious! I’m the same way – I’d want to post first too! wish you were here with us today to celebrate. I gave Lucy a dried pig ear – I know that is GROSS but she loves them so much, so I did it. I didn’t eat one though – I’ve had gelato ice cream and a coconut chocolate cookie that was SO good! I was feeling very grateful for the timing of the article – first I thought it would be rejected, because the editors can turn down whatever we submit, of course…..but I tried to have faith…..and then it came out just in time for today! :)))) Thanks for your lyrical post, you’re so poetic – I’d like to be more like that! Can you send some poetry talent to me in an email that I could download into my brain? XOXOOXOXX

      • Now lady, let me thank you heartily for sparking my typing prowess, brought to a near halt by the structural adjustment Is have been a part of for the one week since I had my boys living with me permanently. Yesterday all three were back home for the easter recess, I did a lot of juggling around, you know much about upping and going for dem kids huh…

        Now, this poetic prowess (twice used already, for lack of a more befitting word u know…) I hear of being attributed to my modest person by two people already, would I think is polite form of flattery or some genuine encouragement at my amateurish ramblings towards rhythm and rhymes?

        Whatever, the deal is it’s ur special day and sure u can give special girl Lu whatever dry ear 👂 u want provided it’s no human ear 🙂 and sure u can have whatever you want and even damn the scale and shoe size you know – that elliptical you have has magic functions hahaha

  2. Woke up at 2:00 AM and just read your birthday blog. Laughed and cried at the same time. Never saw some of those photos.
    Sorry you didn’t enjoy your Sweet 16 Birthday Party. Never knew that except Mr. Wonderful had a bad cold and I told him not to kiss anyone.
    Hey… Happy Birthday to you my Darlin Daughter. The best is yet to come….. Mom

    • Thanks, Mom and I’m sorry I didn’t like the party or Mr. Wonderful – but I appreciated what you did for me; sorry to sound ungrateful! 😉 I’m so happy you liked looking at the photos! Love you very much and I’ll talk to you this weekend! XOXOXO

  3. And yes, because I was also born on the 18th, well in January so as to herald you in 3 months later, I dare leave a third comment. I just wanna say seeing you and hugging Lucy are on my bucket list:)

    • The 18th is a magical day!!!! I love the 18th!!!!! Seeing YOU with Lucy and getting that hug are on my bucket list now too – I didn’t have a list until today, but you’ve inspired me to create one! I LOVE that!

      • Lady, just as I have been so inspired in my life, so too do I still to be an inspiration. Just as I have been motivated in my life, so too do I work – stumble – rise to be a motivation… I have started saving for my 40th bday treat and u sure can guess where… Wait up now, instead of all this typing here like a cat 😻 just let out of the bag, let me go turn on that 💻 and do that article of yours on Arianna’s huff the justice and sharing love it deserves…

  4. Happy Birthday to you and Lucy! This was a great post and those pictures took me back to my 80’s hey-days too!

    Ahh the memories. Cheers to the memories that made you the awesome person you are today and best wishes in hoping you have a ton more opportunities to make other great memories!


    • Thanks for a great comment and emoticons, Vic! Go 80’s!!!

      You made my “birthday eve” special by posting about my request for you to take pictures of your lunch, LOL!!!! I wish you could’ve seen the look on my face as I scrolled through my WordPress Reader, ho hum… and SUDDENLY I spotted your blog post with MY NAME in the title!!!! My jaw dropped and I could’ve easily caught the big, icky fly that was buzzing around the room! 😉 It was great! I felt special and still do. And I’m really looking forward to reading about the better restaurant and no mentions of fat in the soup. Gross! 😉 Take care and have a magnificent weekend. Big (((hugs)))) to you! Xo, Dy

  5. Happy Birthday Dyane and Lucy!!! I hope it’s a wonderful day for you both. What a wonderful present to be featured blog on the Huffington Post!!! Congratulations to you! On my way over to read your post now and you can be sure I will share share share.

    • I shared your blog from Huffpost on my Facebook page and one of my friends from high school messaged me. This happened to her! She commented on your blog. She’s so relieved to not feel alone anymore!

      • Thanks ***so*** much for sharing the post, Leslie! I saw her comment & replied – I was very affected by her comment. (In a good way!!!!) I really validated what I wanted to do, which was to do just that – help someone not feel so alone with this &^%**^&(. Thanks again!!!!! XOXOXOXO Dyane

      • It’s been shared around my facebook group a few times, so yay!!!! I was really surprised by what she had to say. She lives on the other side of the country and I had NO idea she had been going through all of this. Just goes to show what sharing something like this can do to help people. ❤

    • thanks again, Lovely Leslie!!!! I hope whatever you’re up to right now, you’re having a good evening! XOXOX

    • Thanks so much, my dear Merry!!! I’m so thrilled about your new column, and I’m thankful to be your Honey Pot always!!!!! Love you too and I look forward to your next column – maybe I’ll be able to comment at that one with ease! 😉 💓😸😻🐱✌🏽😽

      • Thanks right back to you! I expect the next column to run today or tomorrow. I shall post! The comments “button” is at the very top, before the actual column text, along with other identifying info. Be well and happy, Honey Pot! I’m so proud of you! ❤

  6. 🎉🎂 🎈 🎆 The Happiest of Birthdays to you both. 🎉🎂 🎈 🎆 Celebrate your special day, and your special “you”. 😀 😂 😃 😄 😅 😉 😊

    • I think there needs to be MORE EMOTICONS!!!! 😉 Ha ha ha ha!!!
      I love what you cooked up for me, sweet Van! 🚐
      Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. 🎉
      It has been a good day and I haven’t even had dessert yet. 🎂 Craig bought me one of my favorite gelatos at the market – it’s dark chocolate. 🍦 This is no ordinary gelato; it’s made by an Italian man in this county named Massimo, and it’s SO good that Oprah orders it personally from him!!!!
      I could write more about Massimo’s Gelato, but you have a life to live LOL, so please know I’m thinking of you with a smile & lots of 💖, my Emoticon Queen! 👑

  7. Happy Birthday, Dyane! Love you. Thanks for sharing the birthday photos and memories of yesteryear. Weird surreal video, though I love the song. Loved the green plaid mini-dress, but then I’m a fan of green and plaid. Maybe it’s the Irish in me! Loved the HuffPo piece.

  8. Happy Birthday!!!! I could say a lot about this post, it contains so much information…first of all, beautiful baby pic of you and your dad (and the latter one with your mom). Nice walk down memory lane, I love seeing the pictures! We were all snobs at age 16, and why is it that teenage boys break up with us right before our most important moments? I’ve been tapering down (not off) meds, maybe I’ll drop a few (healthy) pounds – wishful thinking, and my babies LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba, so, yeah, great song choice! Lastly, congrats on the Huffington Post article, I’m so proud of you!!!

    • I loved reading your comment!!! ❤️ I’m looking forward to reading your latest post this weekend! I’m glad you’re not going 100% off the meds, but tapering.Yes, wouldn’t it be nice to shed a little ####?? (You can & will do it!) I used to watch “Yo Gabba Gabba” with the girls a lot, ha ha! I like Jack Black and they had him on, right? Plus the singer from Devo! Those costumes and wacky songs really cracked me up too. Thanks for your kind congrats and for always being encouraging. XOXO

  9. Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE HuffPost Blogger!! YEAHHHH!!! So much to celebrate this year, DyDy!! I am so happy for you!! I hope it’s an enchanted day full of chocolate and doggy love <—— no that is not a sexual reference! Have fun, lovely!!!!

    • Doggy love, ha ha ha ha!!!🐶 I wish for some of that doggy love, girlfriend! And we’re NOT talkin’ Lucy or any other canine, ok? It’s a bit, um, slow in that dept. Yes, your Queen of TMI must keep the TMI going, always! No one gets me laughing like you do….thank God you’re out there, my friend! Or Thank Zod -considering I’m agnostic, I like that better! Plus I’m a huge Terence Stamp fan! Remember this?

    • Thanks so much from the dynamic duo of Fryane and Lady Lucy!!! :)))) Love those hearts. I don’t have those, but I have these for *you*: 💕💗💖

    • Dyane, I can’t figure out how to comment on your blog without replying to a comment! Sorry to co-opt this thread. Your blog is great. I am on the board of Postpartum Support International and in charge of the PSI blog. I’d love to talk to you about blogging for us or reblogging one of your posts (I saw you on Huff Post!). My email is Please reach out!

      • It was thrilling to read this comment! Thank you!

        I just sent you a long email and I can’t wait to hear back! 🙂 Also, I’m always on the lookout for special blogs & yours fit the bill – count me in as your newest follower over at Spiralwoman! 🙂

  10. A lovely birthday to you both! I hope yesterday was full of adventure and happiness and lots of bacon (for Lucy…and you, if you dig bacon 🙂

  11. Better late than never!!! I want to wish you a happy belated birthday!! Everyone is right when they say you are a sweet and talented person and you deserve that awesome HuffPost birthday present. Much more than a terrifying clown or getting dumped (who the f*** does that before someone’s 16th birthday?). Anyways. I texted you like a creeper yesterday hope that didn’t freak you out. Take care my dear. Off to read your article.

    • I’m so out of it – I TOTALLY meant to thank you for that text and of course it didn’t creep me out!!!!!! I’m still getting over the evil sinus infection!!! Text me ANYTIME, friend!!! Love you!!!!! Thanks for your support too – it is HUGE – you get it!!!!!!!

  12. I LOVE Lucy! Sorry I’m late, Dyane, always a bit behind. But happy, happy birthday to you. I know the year will have much in store for you and you will celebrate good health and happiness ❤

    • You never, ever have to apologize for being late – I’m totally happy to hear from you!!!!! Thanks for your well wishes and big hugs to you, my dear!! XOXOXOXO Love your blog today!

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