NEW T.V. SHOW!!! BIPOLAR HOUSE: Rapid Cyclers Edition

 Hosted by Adam Ant, Musical Superstar/Author of Stand & Deliver 



Bold Adam Ant becomes an icon! 



Adam Ant, a mental health advocate still cutting albums, looks fab at 61!


Join Bipolar House Leaders Carrie Fisher and Tom Cruise on a one-of-a-kind adventure you’ll never forget!


What’s it like to be a fly on the wall in a small West Hollywood home occupied by ten celebrities who have bipolar disorder?

Bipolar House’s intrepid participants have been given the challenge to plan a benefit concert. Their goal: create a special event with the spirit of the seminal Live Aid Concerts to fight mental illness stigma!

Don’t miss the Solitary Confinement episode in which celebs who break the House Rules spend eight hours in a bathroom as the Enya catalogue is played in high-fidelity stereo!!!

Watch each house guest’s reactions to being placed on a vegan diet/detox cleanse made famous by Gywneth Paltrow!!!

Enjoy Carrie Fisher’s performances of her critically acclaimed one-woman shows to the housemates. She’ll also recite chapters from her upcoming book The Princess Diarist!!!


Throughout the series, Carrie explains what it was really like working on the Star Wars movies, providing plenty of juicy details. Viewers are in for a treat as she falls in love with a special guest during the eight weeks of shooting, and has a new lease on life!

And in a truly stunning and moving revelation, Tom Cruise comes out to the world that he has bipolar disorder and takes fifteen psychiatric medications!!!


In the bonus Scientology episode, Tom discusses how being a Thetan and signing a billion-year-long contract with his fellow Scientologists has helped him cope with bipolar disorder.  He closes this episode with a reprise of the song that made him famous in the film Risky Business: “Old Time Rock ‘N Roll” complete with his original costume.  (Or lack thereof.)

Guest Appearances by:

Russell Brand, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Demi Lovato, Jim Carrey and Jean-Claude Van Damme singing whatever their mood swings tell them to sing!

The Bipolar House finale includes a spirited group singalong of hits including “We Are the World”, the Captain and Tennille’s “Muskrat Love” and the entire Frozen soundtrack! 

Prepare yourself for evenings in front of your television where you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll laugh, and maybe you’ll cry again!!!

But that’s okay.

We’ll still love you because you’re…


(* Dyane’s original song – she wishes Adam Ant would cover it! Click this link to hear it.)

 While Bipolar House is a figment of my imagination, I wish this show was a reality, because if it was I’d go work on it!

Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder will be published by Post Hill Press in 2017, unless Bipolar House gets picked up by Bravo: Watch What Happens. 


42 thoughts on “NEW T.V. SHOW!!! BIPOLAR HOUSE: Rapid Cyclers Edition

    • Thanks so much, Brenda & you are so kind for the retweet too – I stressed out that it might offend people, but so far, so good! And I ***LOVED*** writing it! :)))))))

    • I think it would be awesome!!! I just forgot to include Demi Lovato in the singalong! You could suggest it on Bravo’s website, ha ha!!!!! Or any other reality channel that isn’t too gross. 😉

    • I have an old friend who works in TV – I just tweeted him this post’s link & asked him if it’s viable. 😉 Hey, why not! But we all know Tom Cruise would pass, LOL! Adam Ant & Carrie Fisher are plenty, though! Love them!

      • I’m ok with Goddard or Fisher if they’re willing to do the show. Hell, put me on a show, except I’ve a slow cycle. It’ll be about a struggling writer dealing with family, failure, panic attacks, work stress, too much housework, a crippling fear of rejection, and slow mood swings. Not interesting enough? I thought as much. “Oh well. Whatever. Nevermind.”

      • We could have you on the show doing the voiceover commentary – something chill! I’m with you in terms of being on slow cycle for most of the 9 years since I got dx’d. I’m very impressed you know Stuart’s last name. 😉 I just splurged on a documentary that was done about him and there’s a free YouTube documentary about him & bipolar as well that I want to see. Links to follow. Maybe you’ve seen them? Thanks for writing, by the way!!! XO

        The Madness of Prince Charming (YouTube) I couldn’t find Part 1 but it’s there!

        and the newer doc that I own but haven’t watched yet – here’s the preview:

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, Bradley! Yes, I could see a network doing something like this, since some of them aim for controversy, insensitivity and tastelessness galore…..

      I was worried about offending some of our fellow tribe members, but in my last post I wrote about needing to worry less about other people, and be myself more, here at my blog, and elsewhere in my life. It drew comments like “go for it” and “don’t worry, it’s your blog” so I charged ahead! 😉

      Your sweet comment made my morning extra-bright – wishing you a great weekend!!!

      • I agree with them. It is your blog. I use to dance around calling myself crazy, but finally chose to wear the label proudly even though others may not like it. It’s a serious disease that we sometimes take too seriously. I need to laugh and you gave it to me today.

      • I’m honored. Whenever I laugh, a part of my brain recognizes how big a deal that is since I went for many years without laughing. Sending you a big (((hug))) and many more joyful laughs in the years to come!

    • I’m sooooo glad you liked it, honey peach!!!! A friend of mine works in Hokeywood so I’m waiting to see if he likes it.

      Dammit – guess who I forgot?
      DEMI LOVATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      (By the way, I can’t help but tell you this. Demi featured my friend bipolar advocate/bestselling author/”Two Bipolar Chicks” gal/glorious mentor Wendy K. Williamson’s quote on her Instagram yesterday – I was so happy and proud of Wendy!

      Then I read some comments and there are some MEAN Demi haters who wrote evil, insipid stuff that had absolutely nothing to do with Wendy’s astute quote about bravery!!!!!!! So sad!

      But back to Demi and this show – here’s the concept. Demi gives us a revelatory, up-close-and-reallllly personal one-on-one interview in which she explains why she has no…….

      READ THIS FOR THE 411, my friends!!!!

      • HAHAHAHAHA that’s one of the most popular posts I’ve ever done!! Apparently a lot of people Google “Demi Lovato asshole” and up comes my post. THANK YOU DEMI, AND YOUR ABSENT ASSHOLE!!!

    • Hi Laura, and thanks for your comment. I’m not sure if you have bipolar – I hope not! I feel it’s a curse, and I’ve made no secret of that here. This post was written for people who have bipolar disorder more than anyone else. I’m sure you have seen the horrific effects of bipolar upon your clients and their loved ones during your internship and that’s no laughing matter. That said….

      In my last post I stated that I wanted to worry less about being p.c. in this blog. So far every person who has commented today is a longtime follower except for Bradley, who wrote a delightful comment about humor. They all have bipolar and it seems they got a kick out of it.

      I know not everyone who reads this post will feel that way, but I can’t please everyone. As I approach having 1000 followers, I know from reading some of these bloggers’ beautiful, heartfelt and encouraging comments that my posts are helpful, and I’m honored to be able to do that.

  1. Hey Dyane, you had me fooled too (until I saw Tom Cruise in drag)! I really like your song. I have started working with NAMI giving presentations in high school health classes for LETS (Lets Eliminate The Stigma). We have a young man who raps about having bipolar something like your song. We receive a stipend of $30 per class. I can check to see if they need more presenters if you’re interested. Next week I have to be at Soquel High at 8:20am, not always easy, but rewarding!

    • Isn’t that picture of Tom Cruise funny? There’s something about that long, luxuriant hair that makes me laugh…
      That’s SO cool you work with NAMI’s LETS program – I’m super-impressed. 🙂
      My husband went to Soquel High and I hope your talk goes really well!

      I founded the Santa Cruz County Chapter of DBSA (Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance) and run free support groups for women with mood disorders. We meet at Ease Mountain Yoga in Ben Lomond. You can always refer women to me for that if they want info.! Between that, taking care of the girls, and trying to hasten the slow-as-molasses “progress” of my book, my plate is pretty full.

      Thanks for your support here and on Facebook, etc. It means so much to me!!!!!
      XOXOX 💜

      P.S. Here’s the Amazon link to your excellent book “Nothing Like Normal: Surviving a Sibling’s Schizophrenia”, with my new review ,in case anyone reading these comments wants to get it!

  2. Okay I got a good chuckle out of it but I have to admit, no way in hell I would watch that show. Too much drama packed into a small space!

    • Did you see Van By The River’s suggestion to have Trump in the house??? 😉
      Then the house would truly become something that could be in “Nightmare on Elm Street” or “The Amityville Horror”!!!!

  3. I love love LOVE this! I might cry and laugh at the same time, like I did this week doing my ‘crab walk’ with crab hands… Stay tuned

    • I’m so, so happy you had fun with this post!!!!!
      I want to know more about that crab walk…..gotta get up to speed on your latest post!!!!!

      • Yes I will have to post about my physio soon cause it has impacted my well-being so much being able to walk more than 10 minutes.

    • I’m seriously thrilled you liked the post, Sharon! Your comment is like a warm hug from someone I adore; it truly made my evening much better! I know you’ve been going through sheer hell, & you’re in my thoughts and prayers!!!! Big hugs to you, & when your book comes out I’m going to buy a few for my loved ones and put it on a resource list I’d like to create for this blog! XOXO

    • Thanks, my dear. Here I was, so worried about offending someone, and that didn’t happen!
      Even if it does, I know I truly need to go with my gut. I can always delete comments, LOL!!!
      (And believe me, I will delete any negative comments. I’m glad WordPress allows us to do that. There’s enough negativity in this world…)
      It’s such a blessing to have you on my side.
      Much love!
      Welcome home!

      • I understand what you mean. I always worry about my posts being too crazy or offending someone too. But then I think I’m going to post what I want to, after all it is my blog! And yes good point about being able to delete negative comments. I once had a troll, kept making fun of anything I said, so I unapproved their comments and when they saw the comments weren’t appearing on the post anymore, they stopped. Always love what you write. Love and hugs for you! Thank you 😊💞😊💞😊💞

  4. You had me fooled, but lack of sleep may be a factor… at least I didn’t yet Google the title of this ‘series’ to find out more 😛
    All I can add is that there’s been alot of worse shows than this could end up being.

    • You are too funny! Yes, there are many shows that are far worse than this concept! 😉 I call it “Bottom of the Barrel” programming!! (The only show I’ll admit to watching that falls in this category is “Lottery Changed My Life”. That’s nothing compared to some others I’ve heard about….)

  5. I’ve been missing your posts b/c they were in my email spam! Damn gmail. Took them out.

    Hilarious post! Good to laugh at ourselves every now and again. Lightens the load.

    • I’m so glad you caught the posts in spam! You might vaguely, vaguely recall I wrote a similar post, but it included Robin Williams and I published it when he was still alive 😦 and I wanted to update it.

      I’m very happy you enjoyed it! I keep waiting for someone, perhaps a Scientologist, to write that it’s offensive, but so far, so good. :)))

      I love your comments more than ever since I know you’re super-busy & they are precious to me. Thanks for taking time to write and give me a much-needed dose of “Kitt O’Malley”! No co-pays and no side effects except good ones!

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