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Friends, how are you?

I’m doing much better thanks to your support! Thank you!

As far as this recent flurry of blog posts goes, I try to stick to sharing one post a week, and I avoid reblogging. However, I’m publishing posts a whopping three times this week, and two of those posts are reblogs, LOL!

During 2014 I published a daily post for several months, but that’ll never happen again, I promise you. I’m still not sure how I was able to do it! I’m dead- serious. It might have been mild hypomania due to starting 100 mg of Seroquel a night, but I’ll never really know. Snooze-O-Quel certainly no longer has that affect on me anymore- I get groggy and sluggy when I take 25 mg PRN. 😦 Boo.

So, why another reblog within a few days?

Two words: Blahpolar Linkdump

Blahpolar is my favorite blogger. She’s brilliant, funny, heartbreaking at times. She shares all kinds of resources that will help you grapple with bipolarland.

She regularly features the linkdump in which she compiles all kinds of recent bipolar-related articles she has gathered from every corner of the world. I always find at least couple links I want to explore and that has been very satisfying and illuminating.

So please, do yourself a favor and start following Blahpolar. Enjoy this latest linkdump. Try not to let that grisly image of Charlie Sheen make you lose your appetite.

I promise Friday’s post will be short – i.e. under 500 words. Anyone want to bet me $1 that I can do it???

Be well,


Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder will be published by Post Hill Press in Fall, 2017 unless she gets hit by a giant asteroid or eaten by Bigfoot.



It was fair to call it depression. She felt like shit, all the time. If that was depression, she had it. It must have been contagious. She’d caught it from the world. Lev Grossman – The Magician’s Land

(Just a note about the quote – the Magicians trilogy has some interesting mental illness angles woven into it, in various minor ways. Not a reason to read the books necessarily, but a cool aspect of them.)

Okaaay… Nice quote, nice song… Now letsgosmackabitch!

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