A Polish Mother’s Stern Warning



I’m thrilled that my friend, mentor and former editor Greg Archer has moved his blog on over to WordPress!

I encourage you to give yourself ten minutes to sit back, relax, and take Greg’s latest post A Polish Mother’s Stern Warning in fully.

Greg’s writing style, like his personality, is warm, immediate, profound and oftentimes hilarious. A prolific writer for decades, he held down one of the toughest writing jobs I could possibly imagine: being the editor of a high-profile, award-winning weekly paper. This paper isn’t some backwoods three-pager; it has a huge circulation and cult-like following. Greg was editor-in-chief at that publication for a whopping fourteen years!

I shiver thinking of the pressure he must have been under all that time, yet he never once complained to me about it. (If you watch Greg’s video he made about gratitude on his blog’s “About” page, you’ll get a glimpse about why he’s wired that why…also, look for that big clock tower that’s behind him in the opening shot. I worked two minutes away from it at the State Parks-related job I wrote about last week! 😉  

Greg boldly left his editorial position to complete his memoir Grace Revealed which received rave reviews. Plus both my Mom and my husband Craig loved it – for those of you who know me, their endorsements speaks volumes.

Since his memoir’s publication, Greg has been searching for his true home. His travels have taken him from Chi-town all the way to Maui and he’s not sure where he’s landing yet.

Through his blog Greg shares his quest with us. The highs and the lows. Even if you’re not looking for your new home at the moment, Greg’s writing will entertain you (there are several laugh-out-loud lines in this piece alone, and I’ll never think of one’s first menstrual period or pickled pigs feet the same way again!). His insights will apply to different areas of your own life – I know it.

Enjoy this amazing writer’s post – and don’t be fooled by the bits of self-deprecation. He’s way too humble about his talent and his wisdom.

Please spread the word about my wonderful friend Greg Archer’s blog

KNOW PLACE LIKE HOME. Thanks so much and I send you all my love.

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Worthwhile journeys toward finding the true essence of home and place within (and without) us requires grit. For it is not as if you can call ahead to Starbucks or Gino’s Pizza and place a to-go order for Authenticity. (Extra-large, please. And with a side salad and deep-fried cheese sticks of Courage.) Inevitably, we must turn inward, locate and then befriend our inner GPS. Maybe that is the only way home.

That is not to say this is an easy journey on which to embark.

All this comes to mind, as I glide—OK, fine, occasionally stumble—through another excursion back in my birth home of Chicago before and during the holidays. Truth is, at times, I feel as if I have devolved into a 5-year-old. I’m a wilting flower here—emotionally speaking. I crave fertilizer for my soul, something which felt readily available during my 90 days on Maui. (and Darlings…

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9 thoughts on “A Polish Mother’s Stern Warning

    • Hear, hear!
      Still in Tahoe and wish you were
      here, here, Kitt!
      Seriously – it’s your special place. We’d have a blast together. I’d drag you to my favorite sushi and chocolate places in Snob, I mean Squaw Valley, and we could go dog sledding together!!!

      Love you and want to catch up when we return. My cough is STILL quite bad – I probably should see a doctor here. Rilla hurt her wrist yesterday while ice skating and it still bugs her so we’ll see a doctor today @ Truckee – maybe I’ll join her and see if there’s a heavy-duty cough medicine I can take with the MAOI – there must be, right? XOXOXOXO *YOU*!!!!!!

      • So sorry you are still sick and that Rilla hurt her wrist. I’m still sick, too, but just post-nasal drip. Nothing severe. Resting in bed while my son and his three cousins squared (my sister’s kids) play video/computer games. We are all in Waldport, Oregon at the coast near my in-laws’ house. My sister and her husband are in Portland house-hunting. They will be relocating from Benicia (near Vallejo) to Portland. That leaves me in California with my parents. If it’s cheaper to care for my parents in Oregon, we may move them close to my sister some time down the road. But, real estate looks to be about just as expensive as real estate in the North Bay.

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