Snow Therapy


My girls with their new friend – and yes, Rilla is licking him, but she lived to tell the tale!


I’m writing this post from the snowy shores of West Lake Tahoe. It’s a spectacular area – if you haven’t had a chance to visit Lake Tahoe, I hope that someday that you’lll have the opportunity.

Yesterday we left our Santa Cruz Mountains home and drove five hours to reach Tahoma. It usually takes us only three hours, but the stormy weather forced us to slow down. While making the journey we experienced three “seasons” in one day. I was reminded of one of my favorite Crowded House songs Four Seasons In One Day. We drove through sunshine, rain, sleet and snow.

We’re staying at a friend’s cabin who rented it to us for a song, so we’re able to afford this trip. I didn’t think we’d have internet, but I figured out how to access it, and voila! I’m stoked! 🙂 It’s very healthy to unplug, but it’s also frustrating if you’re like me and used to keeping up with your blogosphere family. I wrote about that last year when we stayed in Alpine Valley without internet access.

So….ever since I wrote my last two posts, I’ve been thinking a lot about mortality. My vibrant friend “N” died a little over a week ago, and his son wrote something very beautiful that moved me:

“During his lifetime, my father soaked up the good will, compassion and kindness from many people like yourselves, to the point that the love in his heart could no longer fit inside of one mortal body. And now that love will have the freedom to be shared boundlessly and eternally…”

These weren’t empty words; they rang true for this remarkable man I knew for a decade, and who I trusted to take care of my little girls. After reading his son’s tribute I thought, If I could have my children write that about me when I’m gone, then I’ll be the luckiest person in the world.

Anyway, this afternoon I took a vigorous snowy walk. Lucy accompanied me and that hound was blissed out – she was so cute, with snow sprinkling her sweet furry face like powdered sugar. I walked with confidence on the snowy streets because I had Yaktrax on the soles of my boots, ensuring traction for a much safer walk.

Last year at Alpine Meadows I fell twice during my walks. I was so foolish – I could have easily hurt myself, and I must have had a guardian angel watching over me. I didn’t know about Yaktrax back then, but after seeing a guy jog by me one day, I knew he must have had something special on his shoes. I asked around and found out there are devices you can attach to your boot soles to cut down on spills. After having three friends experience fall-related head injuries over the past month, there was no way I was going walking here without Yaktrax!

While on our trek, I breathed in the amazing-smelling, icy air. I looked at all the different cabins lit up with Christmas lights as Lucy stopped every few feet to sniff at a snow bank. Being in such a different environment and getting my heart rate up was so good for my mental state. I was in a crappy mood when I started out. The rest of the family were squabbling and I had cabin fever. When I returned from my walk I felt much better. I’ll be walking every day I’m here because it’s not daunting exercise – it’s the very best kind. I wish you could join us! 🙂

If history repeats itself, as I’ve done during prior Lake Tahoe trips, I’ll be blogging a bit more than my usual 1x/week. I hope to write about any alpine adventures that come my way. I’ll let you know if I spot Tahoe Tessie, Lake Tahoe’s version of the Loch Ness Monster, or any Yetis when I go for my jaunts in the woods! (Mom, if you’re reading this, don’t worry. I’ll be extremely careful this time!) 

Take care of yourselves and have a great beginning to your week!




Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder with a foreword by Dr. Walker Karraa (author of Transformed by Postpartum Depression: Women’s Stories of Trauma and Growth) will be published by Post Hill Press in 2017.


29 thoughts on “Snow Therapy

    • Thanks so much, sweet Tessa! Wish I could grab you to go walking in the snow with me and Lucy! Take care and happy holidays to you!

      • You are welcome and I do care about your loss. It is so hard. Love, and Happy Holidays to you and your family and Lucy. ❤ ❤

  1. What a great way to refresh and reframe some things in your life. I truly believe that nature can have such regenerative properties, especially emotionally and spiritually.

    I am a bit jealous of the snow!! 😉

  2. Oh my at last I got it, it was Laje Tahoe hohoho Lucy woof woof woof. Please take care of our last right? Because even with that yagtrax etc, no super guarantee. Anyway you guys have fun… I never missed snow 🙂

    • You’re right my dear – I did slip a teeny bit at one point wearing my mighty Yaktrax and nothing is 100% foolproof when it comes to snow & ice! Lucy LOVES snow and her paws have such sharp claws (and many of them) that they are natural Yaktrax! And I think they are slip-proof! 😉 Thanks for swinging by – I always love your comments – they make me smile! :)) “Woof woof” barked Lucy!

  3. So glad you are renting a place with Internet access! No need to go through web-withdrawal. I found myself writing more when on vacation, when give the chance to unwind and relax. Those snowy walks with Lucy sound wonderful. Enjoy. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy New Year. Love, Kitt

    • Thanks so much, Kitt! Hope you’re feeling better today! Guess who got a mild cold? 😦

      Oh well, at least I can stay cozy in the cabin and there’s the glorious internet – and plenty of food so Lucy isn’t in danger of my cooking up a tasty Lucy Stew! 😱

      We *are* near Donner State Park and I’m familiar with tales of the gruesome fate of the Donner Party (Craig knows the history in detail, and recites it when we drive up here) so I can’t help thinking of options in case the pantry runs empty. 🙈

      • Yikes! Men! Why do they do that? I guess it’s like campfire ghost stories, part of the allure. The Donner Party story does loom when you are up in the area. We married in North Lake Tahoe at the Cal Neva, so I’m familiar.

  4. hey
    I love Tahoe. When I was a kid one summer we flew up there in a Cessna and the pilot flipped his plane for an upside down ride. WE got off and swam in the lake.

    • UPSIDE down ride??? Ahhhh! That sounds exciting, but I would freak out!!! It’s snowing right now and the forecast is a foot today – the Homewood Ski Resort staff is might happy! And my oldest is learning how to ski for the first time today while I stay cabin-bound with my dog and my other girl. But I hope we’ll get outside to build an igloo! Hope your Monday is going well and I still plan on replying to 2 of your messages! Got ’em up on my email in-box at the top – that way I won’t forget! You know I can be spacey….. 👽

  5. I’m so glad to hear that you are relaxing/walking it out in the snows of Tahoe, Dyane. And that tribute to your friend is remarkable and heartwarming. I too, would be so proud to have family describe me as one whose love outgrew their mortal body….wow, I mean WOW !
    Have a great time, be inspired. I always write volumes while on a getaway. 💕 ❄️ ☃️

    • Thanks so much, Van! It’s snowing a foot today so the plan is to try building a “dog-glop” for Lucy!!! I’ll be sure to take pictures and post if our venture works out….or not. LOL ❄️❄️🚐

  6. What a beautiful and moving tribute! I hope you continue to have a wonderful vacation, enjoy and stay safe in the snow, and have a very Merry Christmas! PS – love the pic!

  7. Lady Dy you are STILL too far away from me. Come down to Big Bear or at least Mammoth! We need to hang out. Either way. You deserve this break to refresh and have fun with your family. Take care my dear XOXOXOXO!!

    • I lOVE Mammoth, Jess! We honeymooned there with our 2 dogs Tara & Shera! But long before that, when I was only a few years old, my parents took me there. I took my baby Avonlea (7 weeks old) there in the winter to carry on the tradition. It’s such a special place in my heart, although now it has become too gentrified. Oh well, the big money movers & shakers couldn’t mess up all of the mountains, thank God!

      Sorry…..Big Bear – I never went there, but a classmate of mine named Norman was in a small plane with his Dad flying in that area, and they crashed on the mountain.. Norman survived and wrote this bestseller:

      How’s that for another digression??? I just had 2 mochas. Whoops.

      Much love, sweetie!
      And I’m sending you lots of good juju after reading your latest riveting post…

  8. Oh Dyane, it sounds like you’re in snowy heaven! Enjoy! And your walk sounds wonderful! Wish I could accompany you. Love to you the girls and Miss Lucy. ⛄️⛷💕💕💕

  9. There is just something about the snow. It is pure and beautiful, the way it lays on the ground gently and blankets the world in this glossy white. It seems to have a way to make someone reflect on everything and inspire as well. It has the gift of fun as well, such as making a snowman, a snowball fight, or even a simple snow angel. I wish I had the snow.

    • I love what you wrote so much, Sentinel. I wish I could send you a few acres, heck, an entire forest’s worth of your very own powder snow to make snow angels in and throw snow balls! You capture all of its best features so perfectly in your lovely comment. I hope that you enjoy a snowfall in the year to come!!!Thanks for stopping by….❄️❄️❄️

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