#FeatureFriday: Dyane Leshin-Harwood on POSTPARTUM BIPOLAR

1440169719398I’m very honored that my story of postpartum bipolar (a.k.a. bipolar, peripartum onset) has been selected as the first #FeatureFriday post for South Africa’s cutting-edge site Our Lived Experience. Thanks to OLE founder/writer Yvette Hess of Yve’s Corner for thinking of me, and please be sure to follow OLE  which publishes a variety of amazing posts/resources! 🙂

Our Lived Experience

We’re kicking off our new Feature Friday slot with a great friend of ours and a topic that is her particular field of expertise.



I live with a form of severe mental illness that few people know about. It’s called postpartum bipolar (PPBD), or bipolar, peripartum onset as listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the DSM-5, which is used by psychiatrists everywhere to asses their patients.

This perinatal mood and anxiety disorder (PMAD) is often ignored, dismissed, or misunderstood by both the postpartum and bipolar support and advocacy communities. It’s the only form of bipolar disorder that’s triggered by childbirth, and medical professionals often miss the signs of PPBD when it first manifests in women for a variety of significant

I was diagnosed with PPBD in October, 2007, six weeks after my second baby was born. Within twenty-four hours…

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4 thoughts on “#FeatureFriday: Dyane Leshin-Harwood on POSTPARTUM BIPOLAR

  1. Keep up the good work and research on PPBD Dyane. I personally am so very proud of you.
    Granny Phia
    From the Bronx/ not Brooklyn.

    • Thanks so much, Mom! Loved seeing “Brooklyn” with you yesterday at the Nick – it was great to do our old pastime and see a beautifully done film.

      • I love that you have your mom’s support!!! ❤️❤️❤️ You are doing great work Fry-Fry! I heart you long time xoxox

      • I want to see Brooklyn too. Today is Sunday New York Times day, I go to the gym and do elliptical for a limited amt of time, then ride recumbent bike and then stretching. It’s helping with the pain. It’s escapism for me. I read the entire paper except I laid the Book Review into an accumulating ‘later’ pile. I am reading three books presently, Strunk & White, Diary Mad Housewife, WordPress for Dummies.

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