This will be a rather short post.

Instead of my typical 1500+ rambling word slush pile, I’m aiming for half of that. It’s good, I guess, because I’m sure you’re busy. Additionally I’ve read that it’s best to keep blog posts around 600 words to attract the most readers. While I’ve completely ignored that dictum, I have no delusions of this becoming a mega-popular blog. 


Last Saturday morning I felt healthy as a horse.

Wait a minute. Why do we silly humans say that phrase?

“Healthy as a horse” comes from a time when health was equated with strength. Presumably, anyone who’s strong is healthy (unless you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger – hope I don’t offend any A.S. fans!) and in olden times a horse was an excellent example of a large, strong animal.

Therefore, one who hoped to be as “healthy” as a horse was; i.e. to be able to pull one’s own weight, endure rough conditions, and ride all day and night. 

As you know, horses were often used as idioms for other signs of strength or largeness. (You’ll note I’m leaving out a raunchy example.)

There are: 

“Eat like a horse” (which I do) and “Work like a horse” (which I don’t). 

Last Saturday morn it was a sunshiny day, and I was feeling fine and dandy and equine-ish. I had fun recording my vlog with Miss Lucy. Together we conjured up names for phantom Big Pharma meds. The post received some creative replies that were a hoot! You can read it here:

But then, woe was me. That same evening I went from being healthy as a horse to sick as a…I don’t want to write “dog” because that has been overdone and my dog is very healthy, knock on wood, thank you very much! – how about sick as Donald Trump?!

I was befallen by my first creeping crud cold of the fall season. I usually get a cold each Halloween. (That’s a big bummer since Halloween is my favorite day of the year.) But I got my cold early and I’ve felt inhuman for the past three days.

I’m coming out of the snot/cough-fest now, but I’m wiped out.

Because of that, I’m resting. Ahhh yes.

I’m so grateful I’ve been able to rest.

Thank God Craig drove the kids to school the past two mornings to help me out. I call the elementary school parking lot the 10th Circle of Dante’s Inferno; it’s where the other parent drivers are off-the-hook rude/aggressive/mean/zombie-like. If you enter that zone, you need to be on it in terms of driving agility. 

Apart from my cold affecting me, guess who chose last Friday night to go off Seroquel again? (with her psychiatrist’s blessing, of course.) Me! Lucky me!

Here’s an equation to express my current state:

Seroquel withdrawal + a nasty cold = you wouldn’t want to be near me today

Those of us who have bipolar know that things could be MUCH worse. That fact never escapes me. But having a cold, feeling drained, and not being able to take my nightly 15mg “golden handcuff” pill has made me one helluva  whiny baby. To cheer myself up, I’ve been watching some television programs that I want to share with you.

They are:

1) The entire four seasons of BBC’s Scott and Bailey series (This is episode one) This is a show created by women featuring two high-ranking female police detectives in jolly good Manchester, England. Scott and Bailey rocks. This kind of show isn’t usually my cup of tea, but it’s SO good in heaps of ways that I’m hooked! It can be gory, though, so be warned, but it’s not nearly as gross as the U.S. police dramas.

2) Ridiculous pranks that have made my girls laugh incredibly hard – these videos have also served to give us some “educational moments”, i.e., “Girls, don’t do that!” The link to some of that silliness is here

That’s it. I hope you enjoy listening to “Resting”, one of my favorite Tim Finn songs. The New Zealand-born Tim Finn co-founded Split Enz and sang in Crowded House with his brother Neil Finn. “Resting”, from Tim’s solo album Imaginary Kingdom, is a truly soothing song and I love it!

take care, take your vitamin C etc., and I’ll be back next week with a follow-up to the Hawaii post.


p.s. On a totally unrelated note, after publishing 300 posts I discovered that if one lists more than 15 tags (including categories) on a post, then the tags won’t work on WordPress. Big whoops! Did all of you know that but me? Well, better late than never, right? Ever since I figured this out I’ve gotten a flurry of followers who were able to find me.

Dyane Leshin-Harwood’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder will be published by Post Hill Press next year.

42 thoughts on “Resting

    • I’m glad you & I got a chuckle out of that line! Some people might not feel the same way, but then again, if they don’t like it then they can move to a pro-Trump blog, just as I’d want! 😉

  1. wow lady, wh÷asadawdsddddddwasdawdadawwadddwddaawwwwwwwswwwwwdwawdwdwswwwwwwdwawwawwwwwwddwddwwwwwwwswddsadwssasawsa excuse me for I can’t understand why a single tap will get my fone typing awat all that crap.

    so I was saying wow I didn’t know about the word limit dictum or reasonable one ,I didn’t know about the tags either and em what again… ok well I know now about the reverse of Stressed being Desserts to be eaten in abundance when spelt in reverse.
    Me making any sense? guess no, guess tired, hope to write a few words in that book and then etc

    • You are making me giggle, F.G.!!!!! I’ve heard about desserts being stressed and of course there’s GOD and DOG!!! (Lucy said “Amen!” to that!) I just created a “Marie Abanga” folder in my email – you’re special! And happy to retweet you…thanks for your sweet message. My coffee buzz is gone so I’m gonna be a slug and then write in my book too – maybe we’ll be doing that at the same time across the miles, eh? XOXO

    • I just put it on my Netflix list! I LOVE the concept: “former police officer becomes disheartened and becomes a maternity ward midwife!” awesome. Thanks for letting me know about this show!

    • Thanks, Kerril – I’m glad to tell you I’m feeling better – I just have a lame cough, but that always signals the end of my cold. Hope you’re doing well and that you had a great day! (Night?) I get the time changes mixed-up as you can see!

      • That’s good to hear! Where in the world are you and I can tell you if its day or night here. PS Its Kerri, L is the first letter of my second name 🙂

      • I’m in Northern California – apologies for writing your name incorrectly. I liked “Kerril” – I thought it was a cool way to write “Carol”, ha ha! 😉 But I’ll get it right – you’ll see!

  2. Oh no poor you! I’m so sorry! My husband has “man fllu” at the moment and is bravely battling his way into work every day just to get home and go thud on the couch when he gets home. I suspect the prospect of being asked to finish any of his 10001 DIY projects is making him “worse” and video games seem to be making him feel “less ill.”

    Wow I learnt so much from this post! I had no idea shorter posts were better – I always thought long would be best!! Shows what I know! And I had no idea about the tags either – that’s odd. So to take away from this post, I’m going to split posts into smaller posts and divide the tags between them equally. Thank you for all this helpful information. 🙂

    • Your comment made me SO happy, Jasmine, because you learned something from my ramble!!!! It was thrilling! I wish someone had told me this stuff before…it’s not obvious, and what’s strange is that WordPress allows you to tag up to 30 topics, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. They should build in the limit.

      I remember you mentioned your husband wasn’t feeling well in your post about the evil job; I hope he feels tons better by now! I also hope you’re getting some well-deserved support about the noisy cretins – I had several RT’s of your tweet from surprising sources – you really touched a nerve. Well, so did my mention of the adorable bunnies.

      Please keep us posted and remember you have people around the world on your side! XO

      • Yes thank you so much for retweeting I was amazed by how many people retweeted. My husband is in bed now instead of at work so maybe it’s serious after all…. or maybe it’s because I have an appointment with the evil psychiatrist (the one that got everything wrong) this afternoon, and my husband’s hoping for a pass? I wish I could pass on it.

  3. I read that Google doesn’t like more than 14 total categories and tags, so I count them before I publish. Hope you are feeling better. I’m wiped out. Chilling on the couch after trying to help my son update his computer. Thumper trampled mud (I hope) in yesterday – all the way upstairs, up and down the hall, in to Matthew’s bedroom and into ours. So I had to clean up the floors yesterday afternoon. Actually, I just vacuumed. I still need to wash them – once I recuperate. Tech support and maid. Plus I made dinner last night. Need to go follow your links now. Thanks for the music.

    • You and I are the Couch Potato Queens today. Updating a computer sounds so awful, but you’re a techhie so I bet it went well. (I hope it did!)

      That ***SUCKS*** that Thumper trampled in mud everywhere – that’s the kind of thing that makes me screech in fury. It’s a seemingly “little” incident that, nevertheless, is incredibly draining and frustrating all the same.

      Good to know about the Google rule, by the way.

      I haven’t heard from my friend A. about DOTerra vs. Young Living yet, but I say hold back from buying Y.L. if you can. Between my friend and another nice mom I buy DOTerra from, my intuition says go for D. However, I did a little online research today about those two companies and I found some freaky stuff putting down both companies! I didn’t dig all that deep, and I don’t believe everything I read on the internet (really! 😉 so……..I’m not sure what the truthiness of it is. Have you made a decision yet?

      I’m wiped out too from the coughing phase of this blasted cold. I just pray I don’t get a Halloween bug, which is what usually happens every year. It has since I was a little girl! I need to start taking some hippie Santa Cruz herbs (that are compatible with my MAOI) and perhaps some banana slug juice!

      XOXOXO rest up!!!!!!

      • Banana slug juice – yum! Too bad so few of your readers know what a huge and vibrantly yellow slug it is.

        The computer fix was a failure. I changed the registry too aggressively. Now it’s time to take the machine to see the Geek Squad in person.

        My son’s new laptop is due next week. He had one custom made to his specifications, being the gaming geek that he is. In the meantime, I told him he could use mine for his schoolwork (not gaming)

  4. I hope you better soon. As an FYI i’d rather be as healthy as a Dragon but perhaps as awesome as an Unicorn! 😛

    • I think Blahpolar would appreciate your fine comment, Vic!
      While I wish I felt like a Dragon or Unicorn, I’m feeling like a Banana Slug.
      Hoping that tomorrow is much better, and I think it will be because I’m on the home stretch of this cold, hurrah! Take care and stay healthy, my friend!

    • It was coffee energy (and I know it wasn’t the greatest idea to blog) but I crashed afterwards and rested in bed a looning time. And it was good! 🙂 XOXOX Thanks for the well wishes!

  5. 1) Favorite line — “sick as Donald Trump. ” Bahahahaha. You are quite ill, my dear friend. Perhaps we should call in the family…

    2) This time of year is brutal, plus you’ve had a tough couple of months. Sending you love and wishes for good health. Keep up the Netflix Binge!

    Feel better soon!

    • I ***loved*** your kind, funny comment! It really lifted up my weary spirits…& I’m glad we can still be friends after the Trump remark. 😉

      I’ll be sure to catch up with your Wed. blog post soon, and I promise not to whine. Much!


      • Awww, I’m sorry you’re sick. I’ve stolen your line and reduced it to “Sick as the Donald!” Gil and I were joking this morning that if he had an employee call in and say they were sick as the Donald, he’d send an ambulance over immediately! Feel better , dear!

      • LOVE IT!!! “Sick as the Donald”!!! Laughter is definitely one of THE best medicines! Perhaps I’ll be the Donald in drag for Halloween????

  6. I know you’ve probably had loads of awards by now, but I greatly appreciated your support of my blog in the first days and I think you have done good work in the bipolar blogging community. So, I have nominated you for a Bloggers’ Recognition Award. There are some hoops to jump through, if you fancy the award, and you can see exactly what those hoops are here:
    Thanks again for your support of my blog and for your own blogging!

    • You are such a sweetie!!!!! Thank you for the Bloggers’ Recognition Award! I haven’t gotten loads of awards, hee hee. Who do you think I am, The Bloggess? 😉 Just kidding!! (This cold is definitely affecting me, let me tell you. :0 )

      On a serious note, your comment really meant a lot to me, especially since I feel so crappy this week with my snot/cough-o-rama-drama. I can’t work out & my sleep, in a word, sucks. Itmade me feel awesome to read that you appreciated my support of your new blog. And for you to add that you think I’ve done good work in the bp community-at-large…..well, that made me feel packed with gratitude and warm fuzzies.

      So while I’m passing on jumping through those hoops, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Comments like yours keep me going, and I hope that you’re doing well.


      p.s. i went to the link and it didn’t work – maybe it was a temporary glitch?
      p.p.s. Thanks again!

  7. Love your humour. I have an adult bp daughter, who thinks seroquel has saved her. I also think it’s taking the full doesage of her other medications for 6 months now (first time in her life).

    • Thanks very much, Anne, for your comment! That’s wonderful news that your daughter is doing well; I think you’re right that it’s the combination of (full-dosed) meds over a period of time that helps create mood stability. Of course I’m not a doctor, but that’s my guess.

      Good luck to you both! 🙂 You sound like a wonderful & loving mother…take care, Dyane

  8. I take a supplement (liquid) called “Kick-Ass Immune” that I absolutely SWEAR by. It has stopped a cold dead in its tracks more than once, when it’s just at the beginning, scratchy throat phase. Additionally, I had a cold last week, and I kept going with the Kick Ass, and the cold only lasted about three days. So, I’m doubly sold.

    Sorry you’ve been unwell, dearheart ❤

    • I wonder if I could take it? Because I take an MAOI I can’t take any over-the-counter medicine that works…I like the name, ha ha ha! I’ll have to look into that – thanks! Sending you (germ-free) kick-ass hugs honey!!!! Will catch up on your blog this weekend!!!!

  9. My shrink is totally trying to have me committed I swear! 15 mg of Seroquel! He told me that I was on a very low dose…ahem…50mg…and then I wonder why I’m a zombie. I don’t take it, but for the longest time I did. Anyway, I’m sorry you’re feeling sick as Donald Trump (lol!) Happy to have found your blog. Always on the lookout for new bipolar buddies. One can never learn too much, ie. I was taking way too much Seroquel!

    • Hey there Sandra! Everyone has such a different reaction to Seroquel – it’s truly ridiculous. I’ve known people who take 800 mg a day and function for the most part. As far as your shrink goes…..well, this, i.e. having a shrink wanting to commit you, is why I fear shrinks a lot (although my current one is truly amazing.) The reality is that our docs do have the authority to 5150 us if they think we’re a “danger to ourself and others”. This “power” frankly scares the shit out of me.

      Don’t get me wrong – I asked to be committed to the psych ward numerous times because I knew if I didn’t, I’d be leaving for good. It’s one thing to ask for being hospitalized; it’s another thing to have the psych unit thrust upon you when it’s not needed. In any case, I hope you have some loving people close to you who can support you no matter what is going in.

      Thanks for commenting – I’m happy you found my blog too! I just post once a week so I won’t be bombarding you with too much bloggin’ – although if I drink espresso shots that rules changes (It has happened before :0 )

      I hope your day is going well and I’ll stop by your blog to check it out. Take care and thanks again!

    • Thanks, my dear! I’m doing better today although the evil cough still likes to strike in the morning and middle of the night for a few minutes. Boo!

      I like “sick as politicians” too!! :))))) Hope you like the wacky vlog!

      • Oh, I want to pass along watching TEDx or TED talks ( many are on you tube) while you are on the mend…unless you already know of them! They are fantastic! Xoxo

    • Thanks so much! 😉 Yeah, I love that song – just listening to it slows down my heartbeat. I bet you anything the tags will help – give it a shot! (You’re a magnificent writer so it’s not because of *that*!!)

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