NEW CONTEST! Your Suggestions for Big Pharma Med Names!

Please listen to Dyane & Lucy explain this new contest. All will make sense to you shortly!

Thanks to my #1 favorite blog Blahpolar Diaries and to the new blog Psych Roundup for inspiration (@PsychRoundup). I also want to thank the HBO television series Silicon Valley for making me laugh.

After you watch me & Lucy, please check out the Silicon Valley clip below; the scenes made me ponder how marketing departments truly come up with such ridiculous med names.  (TW for salty language and psilocybin use.)



Photo on 9-26-15 at 2.17 PM

The following medications are not yet available to the public and are currently undergoing extensive clinical trials


This revolutionary 3-in-1 medication is an antipsychotic, mood stabilizer and benzodiazepine. To date the only drawback is one side effect: the consumer grows an additional toe and/or finger; the formula team is currently working on this issue to eradicate the digits.


This powerful antipsychotic has a threefold benefit; it not only acts as a traditional antipsychotic; Synapislaphappyquel™ increases the consumer’s intelligence by one-tenth of the previous quotient, and it specifically decreases road rage.


An element, Cf, this medication’s classification is Rare Earth – watch out lithium, Californium™ is the groovy, hot, new mood stabilizer!


This benzodiazepine will relax any muscle in the body 100 times faster and stronger than diazepam’s effect, especially in one’s nether regions.

A mood elevator also helpful for PTSD, the medication can also be used to increase the amount of eggs laid by chickens two thousand percent.


A mild antidepressant targeted for parents of young children; the marketing team is designing a label geared for those wary of pharmaceuticals. Prototypes include this image:



This antidepressant is even more effective than ketamine; it’s to be injected into one’s ear canal and works within two seconds.

*This is a fictitious post and is meant for humorous purposes only…because life is hard enough as it is.*

Silicon Valley Clip: “How to Come Up With a Company Name”: caution: language/psilocybin use

Dyane Leshin-Harwood’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder will be published by Post Hill Press next year.

32 thoughts on “NEW CONTEST! Your Suggestions for Big Pharma Med Names!

  1. I have one very funny daughter. With all due or undue modesty she is not just beautiful but highly intelligent. Hmm… The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Words spoken to me by Zubin Mehta many yrs ago when Dyane was about 6 years old!🎼🎼

  2. Ideally my pill would be taken just one time and be called, Every Problem is Now Gone Forever, Fuck Yeah Science! The CVS worker and I would share a deep moment and we would take our pills together.

  3. Ha Lady, how am I even supposed to read or better still pronounce the names of some of those meds? especially the one which may very well do the ‘trick’? ok Lucy just has to keep helping, but from every indication, even she’s needs cuddling after this ‘exercise’. Look dear, take this inspiration and motivation into your book right? Go lady, go 🙂

    • Hee hee – you can do practically anything, Fairy Godmother – you could pronounce these names backwards!!!

      Lucy was tired and bored and feeling the heat, but she’s doing better. Craig gives her a walk each night, which she loves, and yours truly hugs and kisses her (but not on the mouth!) all day long!

      I do need to pour this energy into Ye Olde Book. Trouble is, writing this blog/doing blogs (especially for goofy posts like this one) is eeeeeeaaassssyyyyy, writing the book, not-so-much! So yeah, I’ve been cheating on my book, so to speak. I need to turn that around, like, yesterday.

      I wish I was as prolific and as amazing as you! XOXOXOXOX

  4. Gezzligopherene. A powerful anti depressant and mood stabilizer from the Netherlands. Feelings reported include calm, a feeling of zen, relaxation, social ease, and general happiness. Users report a 98% increase in ability to avoid depressive cycles. Side effects include smiling and a growing sense of socialism in action.

    • This entry is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
      (Hey, could that be a med name???????Julie Andrews could do a promotional commercial for it!)

      No, really, it’s great – and your comment made me smile when I read it – I *love* that this med comes from the peaceful Netherlands (isn’t the Netherlands supposed to have the best quality of life on Earth or something like that?)

      I especially love the side effects!

      We might have a winner…..Lucy will be rather envious! 😉
      have a great Sunday & thanks for stopping by!

      • lol! 😀 Glad you enjoyed it. The Netherlands isn’t top of the heap for quality of life; that’s Denmark, I think. But NL is pretty f***ing great, let me tell you! I am HAPPY to pay taxes here. Happy. That should say it all. 😉

    • Thanks so much, Kerril!!!

      I’ve been sick with an evil cold for 2 days, so I’m out of touch with my lovely blogs and just spotted your message. Due to time, I stopped accepting awards; I guess I should post that somewhere; my apologies. But I’m VERY honored and happy you nominated me, and I don’t mean to sound ungrateful!

      I’ll happily nominate you if I see any cool awards, by the way.

      Take care and hope your day is going well!

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  6. Hello, you’re a wonderful blogger. And I am not sure if you remember but I was once ‘Your Inner Happiness’ but I’ve formed a new blog. With a new look at mental illness. I look forward to catching up on your blog and I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Thanks so much – I love the look of your new blog and started following it. Thanks for the follow too – I love your positive attitude and your timing is perfect! :))) We can encourage & promote one another! be well, Dyane

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