Too Tired to Write…Here’s A Video Check-In!

My Catamaran Writers Conference creative nonfiction class. We were taught by Frances Lefkowitz, an extraordinary instructor/author. Her memoir To Have Not, about growing up poor in San Francisco, is amazing. I’ll be sharing some of my talented classmates’ websites with you next week.



Dyane’s book Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder with a foreword by Dr. Walker Karraa (Transformed by Postpartum Depression: Women’s Stories of Trauma and Growth) will be published by Post Hill Press in 2016.

20 thoughts on “Too Tired to Write…Here’s A Video Check-In!

  1. Rest my fair lady, hurray you did go and thrive fairly well throughout. I so loved your poem Enough. And em well I think you wrote a mini blog post already with just the tags alone 🙂

  2. Tomorrow I’ll be at NAMI CA conference in Newport Beach. I’ll watch the video later. Nick says I’ve been more manic since volunteering. Not sure if I can do whole conference.

    • I hope you have a wonderful, not-too-hectic time at the conference.

      My Mom sang very high praises of you last night – she thinks your comments are full of terrific advice/perspective. She’s a big fan of yours – I’m sure she will start reading your blog soon.

      So now it’s time for you to follow your own advice. As I was explaining to Craig last night, even folks without bipolar or other mood disorders become easily overstimulated at these types of events and act in hypomanic ways.

      Our conference also offered alcohol at times…luckily yours truly steered clear. Anyway, my point is that it’s great you’re aware of how you’re easily overstimulated by the social contact and other elements.

      What I should have done was “do less” – it’s NOT easy to do that when one is in the thick of a special event. However, if anyone can pull back, it’s you. Let me know how it goes, no rush on the video – it’s not going anywhere, and I love you!

      • Just got back from conference. Paced myself. Volunteered a little, then attended a session, then out to lunch, then session, then chatted with volunteer coordinator and staffer. Just sort of offered myself as a presence. I mean, that’s enough, right?

        Watched your video. You look great! (as always) Love how your focus is honing more and more on writing your book. I can feel your book incubating, taking form, as you blog about the conference and about writing. LOVE that you are blogging about your writing journey. LOVE, too, that you will be taking that writing class taught by a master successful published book author. I’m absolutely thrilled with your direction. Keep it up.

      • I am so proud of you for pacing yourself so well, Kitt. Yes, what you did was more than enough! Give yourself credit for your awareness going into the conference, and for “practicing what you preach”!

        I can’t begin to tell you how much your comment cheered me up, Kitt. Found out a few days before the conference that my brother-in-law had terminal illness….my husband is devastated. I have been sad, angry,numb.

        My brother-in-law’s liver is destroyed; he was told he needed dialysis for his kidneys and he turned that down. Wants to let nature take its course.He doesn’t want to fight it even though he is in his late 50’s, has a loving wife, three grown children and he hasn’t held his first grandchild.

        I met with Ina today, and we spoke of my hospital PTSD. She validated it, yet still strongly encouraged me to go visit him. I know I must, but I don’t want to do it. I told Craig I will accompany him and the girls this Sunday. This will be the second person I visit at a hospital who is dying due to alcoholism; the last one was 2013. My mother-in-law. I was manic when I visited her so it was easy, if you can believe that. This time I am just past hypomania and it won’t be easy. Please, dear friend, say a prayer for me and Craig’s family Sunday afternoon.

        Love you.

      • I just commented on this on your next blog post. The visit may help you work through some of your residual issues from the past deaths. It’s okay to feel resentment and anger over someone destroying their lives and the lives of their loved ones due to alcoholism. You have every reason and right to feel as you do. Sometimes to get to compassion, we must work through anger and resentment, through our own pain. I’m not suggesting that you express those feelings to Craig or his family. Therapy and blogging suffices for that. Support Craig. Defend yourself emotionally while at the hospital itself. Process afterwards. Remember Craig needs you. You have needs, too, but he will be distraught. Luckily you have us, and you have your therapeutic team.

      • Here’s a long overdue thanks for the last comment, Kitt. I’m so very lucky indeed to have you and my treatment team – I’m blessed. Your comments have helped me a great, great deal. Much love to you & your family. xoxoxoxoxox

    • Thank you so much Annie! I’m honored you took the time to watch it. I want to have Lucy be in the next one much more so you get a sense of her personality – my baby!

      • Pets that are loving are wonderful therapy. My bunny is very cuddly and it is calming to pet and kiss him. Our pets do not judge us.

        We do not have to worry how we look or if we are saying the “right thing”. It is a special relationship that you cannot really get anywhere else. I am glad you have her.

        I look forward to seeing her with you again.


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