StalePressed & A Reprise of My Song “More Than Bipolar”



I read online that bloggers who maintain their blogging habit for more than a year are likely to stay at it for the long-term. (I believe everything I read on the internet – just kidding!) Seriously, today’s post is short; it’s not necessarily sweet, but I’d rather keep up my blogging momentum and publish this “StalePressed” post than skip a week.  If you want something brilliant, go see my friend Blahpolar Diaries. (I have many other blogs I could refer you to, but hey – it’s 7AM and I’m not awake yet! I’ll share those links in future posts.)

Blogging/writing is kind of like an exercise routine. (I was an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer for several years, so I can’t help but use an exercise/writing analogy.) Once you start playing hooky here and there from your workouts/writing time, hooky becomes every other day, and then every day. Before you know it, your routine that you worked so hard to get off the ground melts away.  

Writing, at least for me, seems to work the same way as exercise – I need to keep it going – even if it’s “only” blogging once a week or working out for a few minutes instead of thirty-sixty minutes. 

On a separate (musical) note, I’m re-posting my song “More Than Bipolar” just in case any of you missed it last week.  I promise next time (and there will be a next time – I’ve written four other mushy love songs that have nothing to do with bipolar. ) Lucy will have a stunning solo.

Lastly, I’d like to share a relatively new blog.  It was created by my former writing boss at Good Times/acclaimed author Greg Archer. (His latest book Grace Revealed  deserves to be on the New York Times Bestseller list, but sadly its rightful place is taken over by a Wrong Brothers I mean Wright Brothers-themed book that’s full of cliches and lies. Please see my husband’s book Quest for Flight – John J. Montgomery and the Dawn of Aviation in the West for a true take on aviation history.) 


I digress. Sorry! Greg Archer’s writing is hilarious, insightful, hopeful, sometimes a little bit profane (which I love) and so much more.  Greg had the guts to upheave his life and move to the hideous  island of Maui for three months to babysit an olive grove. Sadly I couldn’t convert Greg to WordPress, so his blog “Know Place Like Home” is on Blogger. That’s okay. It’s worth the trip to this link – check it out:


Be good to yourselves, eh? See you next week, my dears!

Much love,




“More Than Bipolar” by Dyane Leshin-Harwood

I don’t know – why should I care? 

About all the times that life was unfair

It’s so different now, I need to let it all go

Or else I’m gonna blow

So don’t call me bipolar ’cause it’s not my name

Can’t you see I’m a person –  there is no shame

And we have stigma that’s to blame…

I’m more than bipolar 

I’m more than bipolar

It hurts sometimes

And I feel all alone

What can I do?

Don’t want to pick up the phone

Time to break a sweat, cause this mood’s not over yet

And all you need to know…

Don’t call me bipolar ’cause it’s not my name

Can’t you see I’m a person, there is no shame

And we have stigma that’s to blame

I’m more than bipolar

I’m more than bipolar

Dyane’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder with a foreword by Dr. Walker Karraa (Transformed by Postpartum Depression: Women’s Stories of Trauma and Growth) will be, fingers & toes crossed, published by Post Hill Press in Fall, 2016.

23 thoughts on “StalePressed & A Reprise of My Song “More Than Bipolar”

  1. So…now I have to publish something!

    I’ve been so swamped lately that I haven’t even had a chance to finish anything I’ve started. But I think you’re right, best to keep up momentum 🙂

    • sorry, distracted, what I mean is, you have inspired me today to write! And I love the exercise analogy! Exercising is always easier when you have a partner, and reading this post makes me feel like I have a partner with whom to exercise / write. So thanks posting today!

      • Think of me as your partner in crime! 😉 Just kidding!!!! I totally support you and you’ll be in my thoughts today! You can and will do anything you set your mind to do – c’mon, you’re SUPERMOMMY!!!!

    • You have a LOT on your plate, my dear! (Try thinking of a word that begins with T, like twins, or toddler! 😉 But I support you even if you write just one paragraph. I have a very talented/uber-popular blogging friend (kit who sometimes will post one paragraph and I get so much out of what she writes. Seriously! I think you know her! XOXO

    • Happy one-year anniversary (in advance!) That’s a tremendous accomplishment! I encourage you to be very proud of yourself for keeping it up!

      I think it’s a sign of mental health to keep up a blogging habit as long as it doesn’t become too stressful. I used to blog daily, and while I got more views/comments etc. (which I loved, I won’t lie) it became too much.

      By switching to a less frequent output I didn’t do my typical “all or nothing” pattern and kick blogging to the curb. I wish you many years of happy blogging!

      • I try to post something twice a week. This might be an archive or a link party or whatever. I limit myself to six “fresh” posts a month. That’s about what I can do.

  2. I loved your blog this morning as usual. Your writing is so expressive and honest. Your poem/ song was enchanting . There must be music in your family genes. Or could it be that you grew up in the room next to where your dad practiced every day???? Ah yes. ! T’is moi. Mama Phis🎵🎵🎼

    • I don’t think Dad would have liked my guitar playing & howling, but he would’ve appreciate the lyrics! 🙂 Thanks for a lovely comment d- it made my day! Much love…

  3. Let’s see… I’ve been blogging since 2000. It took me until about 2009 to get to a point where I was blogging regularly. I might not be as regular on my public blogs right now, but at least my private writing continues on the daily. 😀 Which is to say, lots of admiration for people who get with and stick with the habit more quickly!

    • Wow, Raeyn, that puts things into perspective for me! I think that’s wonderful that your private writing is so consistent, and that’s amazing you’ve been blogging for almost 16 years. Not many could lay claim to that accomplishment, plus you some significant things to help promote & support other bloggers such as having created the popular Bipolar Bloggers Network. (thanks again for that!)

      • Lol! I think that is why I re-blogged that last week I was traveling. I wanted to stay “fresh” in the minds of my followers and keep them looking for my posts.

  4. I totally agree with you that keeping a consistent blogging schedule is helpful. I hope you keep it up because you have important things to share. I have two blogs and post on them every week on Sunday. I’ve been blogging since last January with only a two-month break last fall. (BTW, nice back formation on “upheave”!)

    • Hi Janet, thanks so much for your kind words about having something important to share – that made me feel great! As you may know, I started following your blog and look forward to reading your Sunday posts! I’ll be a little late in reading a week from this Sunday as I’ll be driving back from my first writers conference, but I’ll eventually read ’em! 🙂 take care and all my best! Dyane

    • p.s. Thanks also for noticing my back formation – I didn’t realize I did that; for that matter I didn’t know what a back formation was. Now I do & as a logophile, it’s very cool to learn this new info.! (I guess I should give a little credit to Wikipedia!)

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  6. My dogs came into the room when you turned your camera on Lucy. Apparently they could hear something I could not, because the screen was pointing in my direction, not theirs. Amazing.

    Love the song, by the way.

    • Thanks so much – that’s pretty amazing that your dogs tuned into whatever Lucy was doing!

      Craig was willing to play guitar (he’s an incredible guitarist) but I was in a hurry and (what a surpise…) I didn’t have the patience for him to learn my song.

      I’m going to have him join me on my favorite song that I wrote sometime ths fall. Lucy will serve as our faithful audience. Thanks again for commenting, you busy bee – it means a lot to me, especially now.

      p.s. Big congrats on volunteering to do social media for NAMI – you’ll do a fine job!!!!

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