Please Help Me This Thursday! (My Video Blog)



I know the freeze frame makes me look scary & under the influence of something, but it’s just endorphins!

Please give this vlog a listen – I’d be extremely grateful to each of you.

I value your readership & support so much.

Thanks, my friends!




55 thoughts on “Please Help Me This Thursday! (My Video Blog)

  1. I understood part of it. You are so eloquent and sincere and beautiful. I am indeed proud of you. Mama

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  2. So even though you not on Facebook can I share your blog on my wall? Easy link for me to clickypoo?

      • Hey beautiful Mary!!! Yeah, I took a “Facebreak”, but I’ll return to it early next year to promote my book!

        Of course you can share it on your wall or the side of your car! πŸ˜‰
        XXOO Thank you SO SO much!

      • To further ask a stupid question! Used to chat (albeit rarely!) Facebook message! uh…..and now to get ahold of you? Don’t have your contact info I don’t think! How to get……throwing my email publicly out here! – shoot me yours and a cell? (unless you off Facebook hiding from me!!!!!!!!EEEEKKKK! the thought!!!!!!)

      • I’ll email you! I deactivated my Facebook account!! Will return to it next year, maybe… πŸ˜‰ XOXO

  3. Lady, I wish I could hear more clearly what you were sharing. I raised my volume to max and maybe it’s my ears getting worse but even wearing a headset didn’t help much. Atleast I see Lucy in the background and get some glimpse of what you share. Let me go try to find the transcript on youtube because reading is better for me. And oh, thanks for warning about looking at your face πŸ™‚ I didn’t you know, just thought about the you in my mental album πŸ™‚

  4. I read the transcripts in a rap kind of way and it flowed to my understanding. I wish you all the best lady and write on your fairy GM is towering above your roof with love πŸ™‚

    • Thanks a million, Van! You rock!

      Perhaps I’ll create a mental health awareness vlog so I could be a motivational speaker in the style of Mr. Chris Farley, perhaps? πŸ˜‰ I could even tape it down by the river! (The San Lorenzo)

  5. YES! Sick to death of websites with “bipolar” in the url that look all official (and even call themselves national bodies such as Bipolar UK) getting it wrong, half the time it sounds like they think we need the key throwing away (“lost touch with reality” or “incapable of love” were two I read recently, what bull$#!t), the other half of the time it sounds like people think there’s nothing wrong, and we’re expected to get some pills and return to work and be fine (sorry, slightly ranting at the internet in general, as I’ve just spent all morning wading through loads of misinformation to try and write my latest article). I will of course share on Twitter and reblog, thanks for letting us all know in advance so I don’t write an article on Thursday; the floor shall be yours. πŸ™‚
    BTW, have you had this at all? Since I got my diagnosis, most people have been like “well everyone’s getting diagnosed with it, it’s meaningless” and I’m like NO. It’s NOT a non-diagnosis, it’s a very significant thing in my life that’s affecting how (or if) I live, and most people in my life just don’t get that, they think it’s just nothing. Bizarre??

    • Jasmine, I’ve been thinking about you lots. Hoping you’re doing better….thanks so much for your comment, as always. I’ve been embarrassingly lazy in terms of replying promptly; please forgive me.

      Thanks a ton for sharing anything of mine, ever, via Twitter & if you want to reblog my Thursday post, woo hoo, that would be icing on the cake!

      I haven’t had anyone say anything to my face about the bipolar diagnosis being ubiquitous and meaningless – if anyone did say that to me, honestly, just thinking of it right now I start to feel bona fide rage. I’m SO sorry you’re getting that kind of reaction from ignoramuses! (not sure if that’s a word but you get my meaning!) It’s bizarre, yes, it is! May anyone who minimizes our agony of bipolar grow warts on his/her anus.


      • Thank-you, it’s mostly been relatives at my dad’s funeral, plus a few distant friends. I wish they would all grow anal warts only I suspect these are the sort of people who use “oh he’s bipolar” as a buzzword meaning unreliable or indecisive. I am at large again now, or possibly at small, and I’ve written more on your comment on my article. I’ve reblogged both parts (one on each of my blogs) as I’m never sure which of them sends more external traffic to places. Hopefully I’m going to get some Seroquel on Wednesday as they’ve said I can finally see a psychiatrist πŸ˜€ that is my best case scenario (worst case scenario is that he turns out to be pill happy and goes “YESSS!! KILL IT WITH 10x YOUR BODY WEIGHT IN LITHIUM AND HALOPERIDOL UNTIL IT’S DEAD MWAHAHA” (I hope he’s not like this but I’m pretty scared after being apparently “observed” for 2 days to be told they can’t keep me any longer without sectioning me and they won’t have an available psychiatrist to do medication until next week – still a result as I was previously told I’d have to wait 8 weeks to see a psychiatrist even though I’m supposed to have had access since April). That was too long, sorry. Thank you so much for your support it means so much to me right now, I can’t convey that very well through typing but thank you.

    • I finnnnaly read your very witty July 11th comment. I know the subject matter is serious (your father etc.) but you are too funny! I love your sense of humor!

      Again, I hope sooooooooo much that this Wed. appt. goes well & that you get some Seroquel. That stuff really can help a great deal despite its notorious side effects & negative comments you hear from people. (I used to be anti-psych med so you can see I’ve come a long way in how I feel about psych. medication – Seroquel is super-powerful!)

      Hope the pdoc is not too pill happy, of course. I’m crossing fingers and toes that you get an excellent one! Let us know, okay?

  6. Dyane, put a post-it on my monitor to remind myself.
    Love you, sweetie, and sorry I haven’t been here in a while. Will remedy that. πŸ™‚
    Catching up with some of your posts today. ❀

    • Thanks so, so much! I will totally check out your vlog – that’s truly amazing you did it – most people don’t, ya know? – bear with me; I’m so out of it today as I had a very vivid nightmare about two hamsters from hell! When I finally got back to sleep, Lucy threw up all over the floor and then ate it back up so loudly – gross!! (she’s fine now)

      On a brighter note, I’m super-proud of you for doing the vlog. I had a bit of blog remorse this morning, but I reminded myself that I did the right thing and I have to stop with the negative carpool!!! XO

    • YOU are suuuuuuuccccccch a catch! Speaking of catches, I’ll catch up with your New FAB FAB blog post today! Had to work on my booky wooky this morning. Hey – maybe I’ll ask Russell Brand to endorse it? I’ve forgiven him for hurting Katy Perry at long last, especially for making her cry in her documentary! πŸ˜‰ XOXOXOXO Love you!

    • Thanks gorgeous one, and I’ll catch up with all your posts by the weekend. I’m very curious about them all, but especially about the one with the beautiful, stunning blue dress you wear…..and the controversy! XOXOXOXOXOXO p.s. You should share your singing with us from your upcoming play!!

  7. I’m now following you via email rather than WordPress Reader. Seem to be getting lost in the shuffle on both ends – from my Reader short list and having my comments sent to Spam by Askimet. Luckily, I just saw Greg Archer’s tweet of your post. Shared video to Google+. Will now share on Twitter & Facebook.

    • I’m glad you spotted Greg Archer’s tweet of my post!

      Thanks heaps for sharing it to Google+, Twitter & Freakbook! I really do appreciate it – you and Lisa Henderson have been incredibly supportive. I consider you to be my human bras.

      That’s annoying having comments sent to Spam by Askimet. I’ve complained directly to Askimet staff before when my comments suddenly weren’t showing up on blogs, & they were quite helpful – let me know if you need the email address I used to do that.

      I’m publishing Part Two of my postpartum bipolar novella tomorrow – You’re high up on my thank you/acknowledgements paragraph. (Yep, I decided to create a “thanks blurb” to honor everyone who tweeted Part One)

      • Thanks! I did contact Askimet via their online contact form. I removed some links from my home page, too. I’m something of a link freak at times. I do a lot of sharing which can be seen as spam, but I have good reasons to share the stuff I share. Too much great content out there.

  8. I know this is late… I went out of town for some r&r. Let me know if I can help!

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